YSL Spring Look 2016 Boho Stone collection swatched

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Pink and green. What can be more spring like than these two shades? More pastel? More girly in a good way? These two shades, put together, provide for a beautiful little flower with pretty green stem and leaves and shy and cute rose petals. Romantic, huh? Well, these two shades became the signature shades dominating this season makeup collection by YSL. Now let’s think about it – YSL. Uh-huh. Something’s telling me, even when they do green and pink, it’s not going to be all this girly and this romantic. Especially as their Spring Look 2016 collection is called Boho Stone. So, shall we add some Bohemian chic and some rock’n’roll to green and pink, and THEN see what we’ve got? Why not? This spring is bolder in spirit than the usual perception of spring is, so all stated above – this new twist and new edge added to traditional spring pastels – is very trendy right now.


There was a time, when if you asked me, whether green and pink go together, I’d tell you – no, they don’t. I mean, pink is a shade of red, so how it can correspond with green other than in Christmas elves costumes, was pretty much beyond my understanding. Well, guess what, things change. If I still see red and green more like a Christmas kind of thing and match, I admitted long time ago, that green and pink can work quite well together. Like in spring flowers. Or princess outfits. Or fairy home design. Ok, Ok, those two pastel shades can be combined in a nice look. And as green is my favourite colour period, I can’t wait to see what YSL has in store in their Boho Stone collection. Summer is coming. Warmth is coming. So, these shades – green and pink – seem to be getting more and more appropriate every day now. They can also help to create spring mood, if you aren’t in it just yet.


This collection is not too big in terms of how many items there are in it, but it has all the essentials ready for you. We’re going to go our usual way and start with the face. And for the face we have something special this season.



Couleurs sublimatrices. Effet grand air

Enhancing colors. Fresh-kissed finish




Have you noticed the ‘gypsy’ word in the name of this face palette? Boho theme is well realized in the very first product in the collection name. I like that.



Black velvet case.



I wonder what fresh-kissed finish might be. But you know what, I stop wondering when I pull the palette out and see this pink wonder. I mean, talk about Boho, talk about stone, talk about gypsy, talk about opal. Wow. I mean, wow.



It’s just so beautiful. And so spring like. And so pink in a good way. And so lush in a Boho way. When I get over the initial admiration attack, I decide to look inside.



O-oh. It does look like opal kind of. Cute. And those wavy lines bring us back to the Boho theme. Nice.


So, I swatch this beauty, and it’s not really glowy. And it’s pretty light in shade. Whitish almost with a distant pink undertone.



I know, they’re going to say this shade is universal. I think it’s more flattering and appropriate for those of us who are fair skinned. Everyone else could only use it as a highlighter. Or, maybe, you could add it to your powder. As a touch up thing to add a pretty sheen strategically in those areas on your face, where you need it.



But boy, is this thing pretty. On the outside. And on the inside.


I’m going to move on to eye makeup products now.


The first one to see here is an eye shadow palette. You know, one of those five shade things by YSL.




5 couleurs pret-a-porter

5-color ready-to-wear




But, just like the powder we’ve just talked about, it’s a limited edition, so I’m hoping for the very best here. I pull it out of the box and…



You’re killing me here, YSL. You really are.



It’s a matching thing for all the powder design glory we’ve seen, only it comes in green. I love green. It’s stunning.



I want spring. I want Boho chic. I want to see this palette. Now.



Five shades.



Ok, I already can see how clever YSL is. The shades here are not all pastel pinks and greens. They are more complex than that. The pinks are very coralish. And the greens are very khakish. So, let’s take a closer look.



Satiny coral with a little bit of a pink undertone to it. It’s nice. An extremely flattering shade. Universally flattering. In any life situation you’ll look gorgeous with this shade. It can be everyday like shade, business like shade, special occasion like shade. You can apply it in the morning and get all through the day and night with it. It’s one of those shades that will light up your look from within. Making you look special. And bringing out the best in your eye colour and skin tone and everything in you. A truly great one.

IMG_3897 2IMG_3913 2


An ever so light satiny coral leaning to golden yellow. If this shade were more orange, there would be nothing special about it. Instead YSL chooses to make it yellowish. And that changes everything. Remember I told you, how lighter yellow is so rare but looks so good on so many people. Well, this is a coral variation of this yellow. It’s warm, it’s womanly, it has golden sheen to it. Not too gold, not too shimmery, just a glow that is so charming. What can I say? This shade is as beautiful as the first one. The two will go well together 🙂

IMG_3895 3IMG_3913 3


In the square in the centre, where we usually get a dark matt eyeliner shade… there’s a sparkly medium leaning to light silver. Oh my God. YSL surprises me yet again. It’s such a counterpoint to the two warm coral shades we’ve just seen. Counterpoint in a good way. It’s a nice fresh touch to the whole look. You know, eye corners, eyeliner, highlighter kind of thing. It will look ever so good and spring like with those greens and, yes, with those corals too. And make you look really fresh.

IMG_3895 4IMG_3913 4


Deep satiny marshy in a way, but still radiant green. A beauty. Not your bud green that you’d expect to see in a spring collection. Instead we get this hot and exquisite green. I just love the fact that it’s not too dark. It will go well with green eyes, brown eyes and blue eyes too. It’s more than an eyeliner shade. And it can be combined so easily and go so well with this silver green and this warm and glowy yellowish coral. And with the other coral too, the brighter one. Whichever combination you choose, it will be a perfect match.

IMG_3895 5IMG_3913 5


Finally, there’s this lighter pearly green. It’s in between bud green and emerald green. Depending on the light, it leans one way or the other. This shade is super spring like. It’s just so nice and so full of light and joy and everything new. Will look great on everyone. It’s another shade that we don’t see released that often. This green is light enough and flattering enough for you to try it, if green is not your thing most of the time. Don’t be afraid of it, it’s not too romantic, it’s more chic and Boho.

IMG_3897 5IMG_3913 6


This palette is awesome. It’s sophisticated. It’s not just Bohemian, it’s Boho chic for sure. If your eyes are brown or green, this palette will be one of the best colour combinations you’ll ever wear. You can try it, if your eyes are blue too. It’s elegant. Not all princess and pastel. Also, you know how I’m not a big fan of oranges and corals in makeup. It’s just not my thing. Well, this is the second time YSL manages to make the kind of corals and oranges I do like. The two ones here in this palette are great. They are leaning to pink a little bit which makes them very very appealing. Good job, YSL.




We’re going to keep talking about eyes now, because we have two limited edition mascara shades in this collection that are going to add a zest to the whole mix.






Bohemian Pink



Is it really that pink?



I guess so. That’s very pink. Very very pink for a mascara. I mean, it’s more of a fun and edgy thing than a full on mascara. This is not for everyone. A lot of people will shun it.



Well, the way to wear this kind of bright mascara shades is to add just a little bit of them on top of your usual black mascara. You could add just a bit of pink glow in the middle or on your lashes edges.


This mascara is very artsy. If you dare, this might be a one time experiment. Also, this mascara requires the right kind of occasion, I mean, you aren’t probably wearing it to a business meeting, right? But guess what, we all want to play sometimes, all want to change something, so this might be your chance to try it. Either you’ll hate it at the first glance, or you’ll discover a whole new Bohemian side of yourself 🙂






Hippie Green



Just like in the case of Bohemian Pink, this green is very hippie and very green. Super bright. It might be a little more wearable than pink mascara, just because pink mascara is totally out there, but… It’s still very artsy. This green is as bright as it gets. This is not what you picture, when you think green mascara.



Everything said above about the pink mascara, will work here. You can use it as a top coat for black mascara. You don’t have to apply it all over your lashes. It’s not suitable for formal occasions. It’s more of a torn jeans hippie style stuff.



But you can use it to, say impress people at a disco with your new edgy look. If you pick your clothes right, you’ll look awesome. Try a green top. And you know what, this mascara might prove to look very special on you, if your eyes are of a certain blue shade. And work well as a top coat for your blue mascara too.


Yes, I know, both mascara shades are very hippie, but I do like them under the category – it’s not boring, it’s not something we see all the time and just everywhere.



And, hey, spring is the time to try everything new, right? Who knows, maybe, you’ll discover your inner hippie with these shades.

IMG_3781 2


We’re going to get back to a more wearable and less artsy territory now and talk about the two lip shades we have left to discuss in this collection to complete the Boho Stone look. Oh, well, we have nail colour too 🙂


Lip colour by YSL comes in lip stain texture this spring. I’m no big fan of lip stains, but YSL’s formula is a good one, I’ll give them that. I just hope the shades are as stunning as the rest of the collection is.





42 Tangerine Boho



Tangerine, huh? Neon orange? Luckily, not.



It’s a complex and beautiful orange shade. Darker, womanly, mixed with pink and red in its heart. I’ve told you already, orange is not my thing in makeup, but this orange lip shade is ever so nice. It’s so womanly. So flattering. Boho girl goes vamp, that’s what it is.



I love this orange, and that tells you everything you need to know about it, because it almost never happens 🙂 It’s a coral shade done right. You’ll look stunning wearing it. It’s brighter without being too bright. An exciting spring lip colour option.






43 Rose Folk



I was expecting rose, but what I see is actually another coral.



To tell you the truth, despite there being ‘rose’ in this shade name, it’s less pink than, ironically, Tangerine Boho. Rose Folk is a true coral. It’s lighter than Tangerine Boho. More natural looking rather than going all out. It has some pink in it too, or rose, maybe, but it’s very well hidden.



I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I like this coral shade too. It’s a good mix of all the right things. And comes in the right texture with a shine to it that makes it even better. Try it, you won’t be sorry.



Here are both lip shades swatched side by side:



Tangerine Boho is on the left, Rose Folk is on the right.



The two last things we’re going to see are two shades of nail polish. I’m excited. And apprehensive. The collection has been so good I want it to wrap really nice. So, I keep my fingers crossed and look at the two nail shades.



Vernis a ongles

Nail lacquer

69 Love Pink



Love Pink. Back to hippie and Bohemian. You’ve got to love that they’re sticking to their theme till the end here.



Oh. Oh. And oh again. Look at this.



Amazing. It’s a pearly medium pink with a… green glow to it.



I just can’t get over it. This collection rocks. This nail shade rocks.



This is what limited edition shades should be. I mean, when else are you getting a pink nail colour with green pearl? It’s crazy in the best way possible.



So Bohemian. Everyone will turn Bohemian with this shade.



It’s modern romantic too. It’s a combination of pastel pink and pastel green, all wrapped in one nail shade.



They got me. They so got me here. It’s something worth trying to sure. It’s subtle enough, where you can wear it anywhere you usually wear your pink nail colour too. Love it.

IMG_3701 2



Vernis a ongles

Nail lacquer

70 Peace Green



Peace Green. If this green is going to be as great as the pink one, I’ll be so happy with this collection, so happy, I haven’t been this happy with a makeup collection for a while now.



Just look at this.



It’s the opposite of the other shade. It’s a pastel green shade with a rosy sheen to it.



Romantic and hippie, it’s all here.



This shade is so tender. And so cool at the same time.



Once again, it’s a true limited edition. I wish it weren’t though 🙂 I want this shade. More of it. Please.



Whatever you are, romantic or trendy in a hip way, if you do wear green on your nails in principle, try this shade. It’s special. It’s charming. It’s fresh. And mild in a way. Not crazy bright.



You know what? I want to combine these two nail shades in one manicure. It’s going to look splendid. Love it as much as I love the pink one.

IMG_3731 2


Boho Stone by YSL rocks. If modern romance is the trend, they nailed it better than anyone else has in the makeup world. They revamped romance – the romantic pink and green – and turned it into a whole new and exciting affair. It’s like a romantic girl who usually wears all those dresses with fluffy skirts goes wild all of a sudden, throws on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and goes around the world partying staying true to her romantic nature deep down. I’m in awe. I just can’t believe I loved every single piece in a makeup collection. Almost never happens 🙂 Boho Stone is by far the best collection I’ve seen this spring. I look at it, and I think – I wish every makeup collection were the same in terms of its message, shade combinations and design. And just think about it – they worked with two shades only and turned it into such a ball. I’m in love. Let’s go spring with Boho Stone. It’s definitely worth it.



IMG_3773IMG_3763IMG_3781 2






P.S. You think the whole Boho and hippie thing is so not your style? Well, how about those favourite torn jeans of yours? Or flower pattern shirts? Or platform shoes? Or flared pants, maybe? Uh-huh. There might be a Bohemian in you deep down you don’t even know exists. And there definitely are some interesting looks in it for you. Because you know, you don’t have to go all the way Bohemian, you can just play around with some elements of this trend to brighten up your spring.


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