Wrap and Tie Shoe spring trend… and Guerlain lipstick

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Under the category of more myself than makeup – what do you think of the whole wrap and tie shoe trend? You know, right, that all kind of shoes with strings on them that you wrap around you ankles and tie are ever so hot this spring? Just as sandals made of a bunch of thin straps. That’s a variation of the same trend.



Anyway, I’m so happy this trend kicked in so big this season. I’ve always had a thing for shoes with strings. It can be anything, really – sandals, ballet shoes, high heeled shoes. I just really like this idea of wrapping those strings and tying them any way I want. There are so many options there of how to wrap and tie. It’s great.



I remember my first shoes of the kind. They were brighter pink in colour and pretty much made of a bunch of interwoven thin straps, so they’d fit into the current trend just perfectly, not that I still have them 🙂 They had heels, not too high. Very pretty 🙂



Now I have different wrap and tie kind of shoes – flats, high heels, sandals, and I’m happy. Those shoes remind me of ballet and all good things. There’s just something so girly about them. And hot at the same time. So cute.



Those kind of shoes can be tribal in style too, if they are suede and decorated with fringe. And of course, shoes have to match the whole look, which involves makeup 🙂 Here’s a great match, for one – two reds. Red velvety pumps that… right, wrap and tie. And shiny red Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire lipstick in 003 Red Heels. You can see swatches and my review of this lipstick here, if you like it 🙂 And a matching nail shade.  Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir makeup collection – lipstick, nail base, top coat and nail polish – swatched



These shoes and lipstick and so womanly. And elegant. With a little bit of a twist. My favourite kind of look 🙂

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