Dolce & Gabbana Rosa collection spring 2016 swatched

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When we think spring – we think bloom and blosssom. When we think bloom and blossom – we think flowers. When we think flowers – we think roses. I guess, that’s how Dolce & Gabbana went about their spring collection concept this year. Well, why not? Spring is the season when we do get a lot of flowers. And rose is the an iconic flower almost. Well, and from rose we easily get to the dominating colour of this collection. Pink. It’s a classically spring colour, no question about that. So, the whole concept seems to work quite well. To add a little edge to the whole thing, Dolce & Gabbana added some black to their rosa look. Black is obviously designed to emphasize and frame pink to let it show its essence to the full. If we see pink in lip colour and nail shades here and blush, we see black in eyeliner part of the look and in nail colour too, which you could use along with all the pinks there, if you want to go a little artsy about this spring of your life.


To tell you the truth, several years back, if you asked me, I’d be very doubtful about the combination of pink and black. I started with thinking the two don’t go together at all, which is what the classic and intial interpretation of colour combinations used to tell us. But things change, times change, and I gradually softened up to the point where I accepted pink and black and admitted they can be a match. What helped me get there are the looks I’ve seen over the years where pink and black actually work together. Where I got out with those two colours is somewhere in the middle. I wouldn’t wear a black skirt and a pink shirt or vice versa, but would I wear a black dress with small pink flower pattern? Yeah, I would. And I think this makeup collection with pink as the main tone and black as a framing highlighting accent colour makes sense and looks good.


So, let’s get started and see all the beauty and all the roses 🙂


For the face we have only one product in this collection. One blush – one shade.


Dolce & Gabbana

The Blush

Luminous Cheek Colour



Fard a Joues Eclat et Lumiere

The shade called is Bacio 50.



It’s good quality and texture, as Dolce & Gabbana classic blush texture generally is.




Great brush, even if it’s a compact.



Remember how I told you back in fall and then around holidays last year that a little brighter but still natural feeling pink blush, oftentimes with a mauve or purple undertone to it is getting ever so hot? Well, here we go 🙂 Dolce & Gabbana decides to do their version of it.



The thing to know about Bacio is this – it’s not really a natural look blush. It’s too bright for that and too full in terms of coverage. It’s not sheer enough and light pink enough. It’s rather matt and has a lot, hear me, please, a lot of purple in it. So, if anything, it’s a very pretty and madeup look blush. I read a lot about it being natural in feel and look, and well, the thing is, it’s just so not 🙂



It’s a very intense matt purple pink, bright, uncompromisingly so. It’s not that it’s a bad thing, it just makes it less universal than other takes on this shade by other brands. So, beware and try before you buy. It won’t look good on everyone out there. If it does look good on you though, lucky you, because it’s a yummy bright blush shade.

IMG_4325IMG_4347 2


Also, to be able to operate this shade successfully, you really should know how to work with blush. Personally, I can’t honestly say I’m a big expert in it. I mean, I can do something, but have I mastered all the blush tricks and all the contouring tricks that are so hot now in makeup world? No, I haven’t. I just don’t have enough patience for that, and there’s too much makeup in the world for me to get stuck so long on one or two, Ok, on three products to do all the contouring and highlighting. Also, I just happen not to like the madeup cheeks look, when it comes to myself. This look can be great, I like it on other people, I’m just not a fan of it, when it’s about me 🙂


That’s all we have for the face in Rosa collection by Dolce & Gabbana. Moving on. Eyes.


For our eyes this season we have an eye quad and one cream eye colour shade.


We’ll start with the quad.


The packaging is what we’ve come to expect from Dolce & Gabbana eye quads.


Dolce & Gabbana

The Eyeshadow

Smooth Eye Colour Quad



Ombres a Paupieres Quatuor Douceur

This spring season it comes in Miss Dolce 143



What did I tell you about pink and black combo in this collection, huh? 🙂 It’s coming right up.



In terms of quality, the thing to know about Dolce & Gabbana eyeshadow in quads is this – it’s ever so soft. So, if you like soft, you’re all good. To me it’s almost too soft. You know what I mean, if you aren’t that keen on super soft eyeshadow.



Two sponges.



Anyway, here are the four shades. What can I say? It’s pink and black again.



Let’s look into each and every shade here.


White, and it’s not just a matt base white, luckily. It’s pearly, not too pearly, just satiny pearly white that can be so appealing, even on its own. And in combinations it works even better. I’m happy. When I saw it, I thought – oh, matt white again, minus one shade in the quad. Proved to be plus one though. Very nice.

IMG_4260 2IMG_4266 2


Matt, shy and delicate leaning to cooler pink. It’s just a touch of pink, really. Looks like all those pink desserts – marshamallow, merengues, frosting, well, you know. Very romantic and very light. If you think pink on the lids is too daring, this might be your chance to try it, because it’s such a nice little pink thing.

IMG_4260 4IMG_4266 3


An ever so light matt pink. I mean, it’s so light it’s whitish, very whitish in fact. Just when I was happy that white in the quad is not a full on base shade, this shade proves to be almost base. I mean, where’s the shade here? And why do we need it, as long as we already have white? To have another one, only not pearly in finish? Ugh.

IMG_4260 5IMG_4266 4


Matt black or, else, charcoal, because it’s not a dead on black. This is definitely an eyeliner shade in this batch of cute and subtle pinks. Otherwise, why is it here? 🙂 Can it be a good background shade and a good dramatic counterpoint to all the pinks? Yes, it can. Would it be my personal choice? No. I’d just grab a black eye pencil and draw a thin line on my upper lid and then blend it some with pinks for it not to stand out too starkly. But that’s just me.

IMG_4260 3IMG_4266 5


Here are all four shades swatched side by side.




And then, believe it or not, we have eyeshadow again. Only this one is cream in texture. I love cream eyeshadow so much. It’s feels so nice and is so sparing on our eye lids that are the most sensitive part of our face. Dolce & Gabbana cream eye shadow is Ok in terms of quality. It’s not as good as Chanel, but it’s good enough, that’s for sure. I have a problem with it though that has nothing to do with the product itself 🙂 Let’s get to the photo, and then I’ll show you.


Dolce & Gabbana

Perfect Mono

Cream Eye Colour



Ombre a Paupieres Crème

And the shade is called Royal 118.



Uh, here it is.



See how small the jar ‘neck’ is?



I mean, I like cream eyeshadow, because I can apply it with my finger tips, which works much better for me than with brushes. It just comes out intuitively right then. Here’s a question for you though – how can I get in and get enough product on my finger tip through such a narrow jar neck? Uh-huh. That’s why other cream eye shadow jars of the kind hav a wider and more round neck. To help get to the product. This jar looks fancy, but it’s not practical. At all.


Ok, now that I’ve shared my concern about the jar with you 🙂 , it’s time to talk about the shade.

IMG_4296 2


The same thing kind of happened here that happened to me in case of Bacio blush, this cream eyeshadow shade was prepitched to us as khaki. Well, is there any khaki there? Yeah. Can I say in all honesty it’s khaki? No. Definitely not. It’s too complex for that. I’ll tell you what though, this shade is so beautiful, so lush and so stunning, it’s for the better that it’s not just khaki. Instead it’s a very clever mix of beige, greige and gold and a touch of khaki green, loaded with golden and silver satiny sheen and sparkle. This is a very rare and very festive kind of shade that is pretty much universally becoming. It’s very shiny though, so you probably wanna wear it, when you go out. In everyday life and work life you might want to use it as an eyeliner or as a highlighting accent in your eye corners. Boy, what a nice shade though. Sultry. Hot. Dress up. Special occasion. Vampy. Elegant. Womanly. Everything.



And that’s all we have for the eyes in this collection. Please, see all the eye shades swatched here.



Now we’re getting to the most interesting part of it all. Lip shades. Why is this the most interesting part? Because this season Dolce & Gabbana releases eleven new shades of their matt lipstick Dolce. The shades are mostly pinks and some nudes. Their Dolce lipstick range only had reds in it before. Well, now there are all those pinks. And a handful of nudes. To support this new release, four new lip liner shades came along. Let’s see the four signature lip shades and the four lip liners to match. We’ll start with the lipstick.


Dolce lipstick has such a strong powdery old fashioned makeupey scent to it, I feel it even when swatching it on my arm. I’m scent sensitive, so to me, it’s a drawback. Maybe, you’ll like it. But if you’re scent sensitive too, you have to be careful with Dolce and try it out to make sure it’s wearable for you. If you like it though, enjoy 🙂

Копия IMG_4356IMG_4367


If you want to know more about Dolce lipstick formula and Dolce nail polish formula and see some of the red, please, see my post here Dolce & Gabbana matts – Dolce Desire, Dolce Lover, Dolce Flirt nail colour and Dolce Flirt lipstick swatched


Now let’s go for those four Dolce lipstick shades and four lip pencil shades. Lipstick first.



Dolce & Gabbana

Matte Lipstick



Rouge a Levres Mat



Dolce Dolcezza 212



Dolcezza. Ugh.

IMG_4369 2


This matt nude is just so… nude. And that’s a problem. Nudes were pretty much designed to come in matt texture to imitate the natural look. I find though that a lot of nudes don’t look that great, unless they have some sheen to them, even if just distant and satiny, but give me something there.



Well, this shade suffers from the same thing. It’s too matt, because that’s what Dolce lipstick is all about, and too nude. It has some pink in it, some beige and some coral. It’s warm. And I just feel that it won’t look that good on many people. On some, yes, it will, but on most it just won’t. This shade is warm and can be very appealing to a lot of us, but beware and make sure Dolcezza looks good on you. Do yourself a favour and tell yourself the truth about this shade before you buy and actually wear it.




Dolce & Gabbana

Matte Lipstick



Rouge a Levres Mat



Dolce Rosa 222



Rosa Now we’re talking.

IMG_4378 2


It’s a warm shade too. But it’s not really nude, although it’s natural. It’s pink. A very nice and easy warmer pink that is very appealing and that we can all wear. This kind of pink works in any finish, so matt finish becomes it as much as gloss and mirror shine would.



Very spring like. Very easy. Very happy in its essence. It’s a girly shade in a good way. This natural pink can be a great substitute for pink nude shades that are oftentimes too light be very flattering. I like this shade. A good one. A classic pink and a classically romantic one.




Dolce & Gabbana

Matte Lipstick



Rouge a Levres Mat



Dolce Mamma 229



Mamma Another pink, only brighter and cooler than Rosa.

IMG_4387 2


This shade is actually closer to the kind of pink I like most. This pink to me is natural looking. It’s not too bright. It’s nice and appealing. I’d say, if Rosa is a good natural pink for blondes and fair skinned beauties, Mamma is a good natural pink for dark haired and dark eyed girls.



This pink is not too bright, so it can still be interpreted as a romantic pink. Or if you choose to go with bolder eye makeup, this pink will look as a brighter lip shade. That’s what I love about it. It’s on the verge of natural and brighter. So, it’s up to you how to play it.




Dolce & Gabbana

Matte Lipstick



Rouge a Levres Mat



Dolce Bacio 641



Bacio Here we go again, remember what I told you about the blush? Well, a lot of it applies here too.

IMG_4399 2


This pink is definitely too bright to be natural looking. It’s a madeup kind of pink. Which is fine, you just need to know it. It’s very cool and has some purple in it, although – you hear that, right – less than there is in the blush.



It’s the kind of bright pink, where if you added a little bit more purple to it, it would switch to fuchsia, but it stopped right before it and remained a bright vibrant pink, even if cool and having a purple undertone to it. I don’t mind this shade at all. It’s a good one to have, if you like bright pinks in principle.



That’s the four Dolce shades.



Left to right: Dolcezza, Rosa, Mamma, Bacio.



And now the four eye pencils that have the same names as the four Dolce lipstick shades above. Dolce & Gabbana lip pencil is nice and soft, which is what I’m looking for in lip pencil. I hate it, when it’s too harsh and unpleasant to drag along my lips. At the same time, it’s not too soft, where it all falls apart and hinders the precision of application. So, all good. The four shades are such perfect matches for the four lipstick shades, it makes no sense describing the shades again. I have to give Dolce & Gabbana credit, they matched these shades beautifully. They nailed it. Dead on. These lip pencil shades are exactly what Dolce lipstick shades are. Here, let me show you the lip pencil shades. First on their own And then in pairs – a lip pencil and a matching lipstick shade.


Dolce & Gabbana

the lipliner

Копия IMG_4420


Precision Lipliner



Crayon Contour des Levres

Haute Precision



15 Dolcezza



And here’s Dolcezza lipstick and Dolcezza lipliner swatched side by side. See what I mean about a perfect match?



Next shade.

Dolce & Gabbana

the lipliner

Копия IMG_4420


Precision Lipliner



Crayon Contour des Levres

Haute Precision



16 Rosa



And our pair here is Rosa lipstick and Rosa lipliner.



Shade three.

Dolce & Gabbana

the lipliner

Копия IMG_4420


Precision Lipliner



Crayon Contour des Levres

Haute Precision



17 Mamma

IMG_4485IMG_4503IMG_4497IMG_4556 2


And here we go: Mamma lipstick and Mamma lipliner. It’s just so well matched.



And the last one of the four.

Dolce & Gabbana

the lipliner

Копия IMG_4420


Precision Lipliner



Crayon Contour des Levres

Haute Precision



18 Bacio



And Bacio lipstick and Bacio lipliner together.



In case you’re more interested in lipliners than in lipstick here, I’m also posting a swatch of all lipliners on their own. Left to right: Dolcezza, Rosa, Mamma, Bacio.



And now let’s take a final look at all the lip shades in the collection in pairs (lipliner + lipstick in every pair)

IMG_4556 2


And at all the lip shades in the collection period 🙂



To round up the whole Rosa look for spring 2016, Dolce & Gabbana offers three nail shades. Wanna take a guess at what they are? Pink and black. That was an easy one to crack, wasn’t it? 🙂


Dolce & Gabbana

The Nail Lacquer

Intense Nail Lacquer

Vernis a Ongles

Brillance Intense



227 Bonbon



When I saw this shade in the promo photos, I went like – oh, good, another baby pink, I’m so bored I’m about to fall asleep here.



Well, I was wrong. This is such an awesome warm light pink without any pearl or sparkle in it.



The key element that makes it so great is that it’s warm pink as opposed to cold pink.



The name of this shade is so well picked, it’s truly like a bonbon. Warm and appealing and pink in an unintrusive way.



Candy like. Womanly. Romantic. Perfect spring like shade. Cream like pink. One of those rare treasures that don’t get to be part of permanent ranges.



If you like pinks, you might want to have this shade, and the chances are you don’t have it in your collection yet.



Among other reasons, this shade is so great, because it can go well with any looks, any colours, any styles almost.

IMG_4007 2


Next nail shade.

Dolce & Gabbana

The Nail Lacquer

Intense Nail Lacquer

Vernis a Ongles

Brillance Intense



233 Bacio



Another pink. But it’s very different than Bonbon. It’s much brighter and it’s cool. Fuchsia like.



This shade is not as rare as Bonbon. You can find a version of this shade in luxury brand permanent nail colour ranges.



And there’s a reason for it. It’s a very popular shade, the kind of shade that a lot of us like to wear.



It’s bolder than the cute and light Bonbon, but it’s still pink, so it’s not too vampy, you can wear it to work even.



It’s a happy shade, it’s bright enough where it can lift your mood, if need be.



It’s modern. It’s not a good old red, it’s more up-to-date than that.



Spring and summer that’s coming up are good seasons to wear this shade on your nails. Just like Bonbon, it’s pretty much universal, you can wear it with any outfit you like, which is always a good thing.

IMG_3987 2


Done with pinks. Next…

Dolce & Gabbana

The Nail Lacquer

Intense Nail Lacquer

Vernis a Ongles

Brillance Intense



735 Lava



Uh-huh. Now that we’ve pushed through two pinks, pink being the signature shade of this collection, we get a big counterpoint.



And this counterpoint is as black as it gets. It makes total sense after we’ve seen the eye palette.



We’ve already discussed black and pink combination, so, I’m just going to say here, that it’s nice to have this shade in case you want to go more artsy than pink.



Or in case you prefer darker nail shades.



Or in case you wear dark clothes and decide that black nail colour will go better with them than pink.



Just like the two pinks above, black is the kind of shade that will be a good match for a whole bunch of looks.



And maybe, you’re just too rock’n’roll in your spirit and style to wear all the candy pinks. Then go for Lava.

IMG_4115 2


These are the three nail shades:  Bonbon, Bacio and Lava.



As the lip colour part of this collection is all lush and matt, Dolce & Gabbana suggests we wear the two pink nail shades with a matt top coat to give them a matt finish. Makes sense to me, although why not make the nail shades satin or matt to begin with, if that’s what you’re going for? On the other hand, the way it is, we have two options here. Wear these shades in a classically glossy finish. Or make them flat by topping them with a matt finish top coat. I like it. I like to have choices.


I don’t have Dolce & Gabbana matt top coat. To tell you the truth, I don’t like their new (or old 🙂 , in fact) nail colour formula that much, so I haven’t tried their new base and top coat either. And I just don’t like matt top coats period. If you have to go with this texture, I’d say go for the nail shades that are designed to be matt. You can learn more about why I think so from my post called Matt nail polish top coat versus matt nail polish. Still, I try to wear the shades as suggested by Dolce & Gabbana, that is, I top them with a matt top coat by Chanel (if you want to learn more about Chanel matt top coat, please, see here Chanel Les Automnales collection fall 2015 swatched.


Here it is.



And here’s what I get with the three shades.









To tell you the truth, I don’t like the way flat top coat changes the colour of Bonbon, even if slightly. It’s just such a great shade I don’t want it to change and lose its coziness, you know.









I don’t like the way matt top coat changes Bacio shade either. It mutes its bright and vibrant pink side and brings out the purple side, to me, it makes it less fun.


Me being me, that is ever so curious, when it comes to makeup, I don’t stop at pinks that Dolce & Gabbana presupposed to be worn with matt top coat. I go on and try it with Lava too.







And believe it or not, I love matt finish on black Lava. It makes it so interesting, so posh and so sexy in a way. I couldn’t even tell you why exactly, I’m just recounting my impressions here. Hm. Who would have thought that black looks so exciting and so posh with this flat satiny finish? Wow.


Let’s take a quick look at how three shades change, once they are topped with a flat finish top coat. On top here I have here Bonbon, Bacio and Lava proper, on the bottom – the three + Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet.



IMG_4007 2

IMG_4081 2



IMG_3987 2

IMG_4074 2



IMG_4115 2

IMG_4151 2


That’s Rosa spring 2016 collection by Dolce & Gabbana. It’s a good one. Not the best one out there this spring though. It’s well thought through and well put together. Although some products proved to be not my kind of thing or not quite what I expected them to be. Also, all the pinks are a good and classic thing, I wish though, Dolce & Gabbana gave it a little bit of a twist. Black and pink is not enough of a twist, doesn’t do it for me. I prefer more artsy pinks from YSL Boho Stone collection YSL Spring Look 2016 Boho Stone collection swatched.


Although, I have to say, those matt pinks by Dolce & Gabbana are nice and might be exciting for some people out there. Also, this collection is definitely a place to go for those of us, who like classic romance as opposed to the whole ‘modern romance’ which is artsier and bolder and is all around us this season. This collection with all its pinks and roses is a more traditionally romantic spring. And this softer romantic feel about it is what many people like spring collections for, so here’s where Rosa by Dolce & Gabbana can come in handy.


  1. Nav says

    Thank you so much for this thorough review! I genuinely appreciate it as I couldn’t find anything about the new spring collection, I’m olive toned with dark hair and I think Bacio as a lipstick will work well, although it might be best to go and have a look in store.


    • Hi, Nav. You’re ever so welcome. You know, it took me ever so much effort to find Bacio blush that seemed to get sold out in most places in a flash 🙂 to put this post together. And I always try to write about the whole collection, not just about some products I’ve picked, because they can be not the ones you’d pick 🙂 I agree, I think Bacio lipstick will look great with your dark hair and olive skin tone. It’s a very flattering shade. And I think it goes really well with darker hair. You know, it’s not red or anything like that, not too bright, still it’s a brighter lip shade. If you like matt texture, it’s a way to go 🙂


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