Chanel Rouge Coco Shine more shades swatched

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We’ve talked about Rouge Coco Shine initial permanent range shades already. If you missed it but are interested, please, see here  Chanel Rouge Coco Shine all shades swatched


I’ve already professed my love for Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel more than once 🙂 I love its texture and formula and feel. Notice how it was released long before the whole colour & care trend in lip colour world kicked in, but to me it does have all those qualities. It feels soothing and nice on the lips. And this wet shine… Oh, this shine. It’s great. My favourite in lip colour. It can be delicate, can be romantic, can be hot, it’s up to you and how you play it. You can play it up or play it down. Make it stand out or be all subdued and quiet. Whisper your statement or scream it to the world. All this is right here in front of you in Rouge Coco Shine.



Last time we talked about Chanel Rouge Coco Shine shades that are or were part of their permanent shade range. There’s a bunch of shades in addition to those that were released within seasonal collections and that aren’t labeled as limited editions on Chanel website. I honestly don’t know, whether they are limited editions or not. But as they aren’t said to be that, I’m presuming they aren’t 🙂 and swatching them and trying them all here.


53 Premice is a warm coral beige with a delicate golden sheen to it and a handful of golden sparkle.



A great shade. Universally flattering, I’d say.



The kind of shade that you apply and look great no matter what. A rare shade that can easily transfer you from the office to the red carpet and be appropriate all around. Sounds good?



If you like and wear warm shades, take a closer look at this one. If you like bright and bold oranges, this might be a more sophisticated way for you to wear your favourite lip colour.



68 Candeur is an ever so pearly and light warmish pinkish beige. There’s a lot of pinkish here.



It’s an interesting shade. Rare.



And there’s a reason why it’s so rare. It might be not too flattering on some people, as any very light pearly shades might be. You have to be very careful with this shade.



Is there a chance it will look good on you? Yes. But that will mean you’re one of the few. So, try on carefully before you wear it out in public.



69 Flirt is a medium bright orange.



If you have to do orange, this is the way to do it. It’s not dark and at the same time it’s wet and shiny.



A great shade. I rarely say that about orange shades, as you know. This orange is nice though. It is Flirty indeed. It’s young in a very good sense.



It’s the kind of shade that can be fun or romantic. One of the few lip colours that have the power to lift your spirits right up in a matter of seconds it takes you to apply them.



79 Saga is a warm natural pink with some mauve in it.



I LOVE this shade.



It’s so comfortable, like your favourite sweater. I put it on in any situation for any occasion to match any outfit… and I feel like I’m at home. Like I’m me. Like I’m not really made up and don’t need to be, but rather that I’m well groomed and exquisite.



A go out and about or a very important in your life occasion kind of shade all wrapped in one. Stunning.



81 Fiction is a deep plum with a lot of purple in it, more so than pink.



A very vampy shade.



Also, it looks so strict and elegant and stuff, but it has a whole world of tiny sparkle hidden in it that shines when light hits it at certain angles.



Femme fatale like plum shade with a shiny twist to it that might allow you to try darker lip colour, the kind that you’d never go for otherwise.



Please, see the first five shades swatched side by side. Left to right I have here: Premice, Candeur, Flirt, Saga and Fiction.

IMG_6351 2


84 Dialogue is a hot and sultry deep red.



I love reds in wet shine texture. Almost no one does it in beauty world. We’re too stuck on the stereotype of – if it’s red, it’s matt or satin – well, you know, that’s what it is, that’s the way it’s done, shine on red would be too much, etc.



Well, that’s just a stereotype. I totally disagree. I think reds look amazing when they are paired up with shine.



This red is bright and sexy, not even vibrant and fun kind, but more mature in a way, still it’s gorgeous with all the wet shine to it.



87 Rendez-vous is a not too cool, not too warm, not too bright not too light, a perfect kind of pink.



One of my favourites in this range.



It’s just such a well balanced pink I can’t resist coming back to it again and again.



It’s one of those shades that can come in handy a lot. Going out with your friends for a casual Sunday branch? Going on a date? It’s spring and you feel like something romantic? Go right at Rendez-vous. You’ll love it 🙂



88 Esprit is a medium purple shade.



It’s not really plum and not as deep and dark as Fiction.



Esprit is a brighter bolder purple shade revealing all its purple essence in a very happy kind of way.



If you like purples, you might want to try it. If you’ve never tried purples, you probably have to build up to this vibrant representation of this colour. Start with shy lilacs, then once you’re ready, you’ll feel like Esprit and appreciate it.



91 Boheme is a wet and shiny raspberry.



It might be a little lighter than your good old and classical raspberry, still it’s definitely part of the family.



Raspberry is another shade that we’re more used to seeing in crème colour texture, although not quite as much red.



This shiny raspberry is very upbeat. Is it Bohemian? It might be, depends on how you build your look that you wear this shade with. Also, by all means, it’s a good red carpet / high end occasion option.



93 Intime is a cool and shiny beige shade with a rosy undertone lingering in the background.



Intime is a good name for it.



It’s nude. And if this shade in particular happens to be your perfect nude, then it’s very intimate.



Like you aren’t even wearing lipstick at all. More like it’s part or continuation of your own lips and lip colour. Another one I love.



Here are the five shades we’ve just gone through swatched. Left to right: Dialogue, Rendez-vous, Esprit, Boheme and Intime.

IMG_6351 3


And here are the ten shades swatched. Left to right: Premice, Candeur, Flirt, Saga, Fiction, Dialogue, Rendez-vous, Esprit, Boheme and Intime.



And off we go to more shades of Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel.


95 Viva



Boy, is this shade happy or what. It’s a version of the happy Flirt, only not in orange but in purple.



It’s a bright purple pink loaded with positive energy. A mood lifter for sure. If you like bright pinks, bright purples or both you might like this shade to the point of no return.



Also, this shade is full of energy. So, not only it’s a mood lifter, it’s an energy booster too.

IMG_6377IMG_6541 2


96 Aura



Now, that’s the kind of shade that seemingly can not be part of any lip colour permanent range.



It’s purple. Not plum. It’s not diluted with pink. It’s almost ink purple. Aura? Yeah, I guess so. A very atmosphere like shade. Very special.



If you nail it, that is, if you can make friends with it, then you’re in for a treat, because this is a new level of a dark lip shade, more sophisticated than vampy reds and plums. It’s hard to make this shade work though. It will require to build your whole makeup and your whole look around it to support it.

IMG_6395IMG_6541 2


97 Desinvoltee



Here we go with another wet shiny orange.



This one is bright. It’s not coral. It’s orange in all its power. But not all the way orange. It has some pink to it. And some red. But more orange. A big statement orange.



If you aren’t that well acquainted with corals, this shade is not the one to start with. You want to be able to operate corals well before you go for this orange, pink and red explosion of colour. But… this shade can be a great accent in your makep and even your look in general. Yes, it’s that bright.

IMG_6411IMG_6541 2


98 Etourdie is a nice sparkly medium pink with a good deal of purple in it. Very sparkly.



It’s a version of Saga. Personally, I like the calm Saga better. Although… Etourdie is different. It’s a romantic shade, much more so than natural Saga. I’d wear Etourdie, just as I’d wear Saga. And I do wear it.



Etourdie is an easy and lighter pink purple or purple pink – depends how you look at it 🙂



To be more precise, it’s a lilac pink. An everyday kind of shade that doesn’t stand out too much, but makes you look nice. Pretty.

IMG_6431IMG_6541 2


99 Melancolie



I have no idea, why this shade is called Melancolie. It’s a warm golden beige, copperish, kind of, not too light, so that it can be very flattering for most.



It’s like sun. There’s nothing melancholic about it.



This warm medium beige with golden sheen to it is a very becoming and very dressed up kind of shade. In a sophisticated way. An understated chic kind of shade. Calling for special occasions and celebrations and going out and everything. Another one I love. Pretty rare too.

IMG_6447IMG_6541 2


Let’s see the five shades above swatched side by side left to right: Viva, Aura, Desinvoltee, Etourdie and Melancolie.

IMG_6541 2


More shade? Yes, more 🙂


112 Temeraire is something we don’t see that often.



And that would be a darker red without purple.



Somehow, once red is dark and vampy, it has a tendency to slide right into plum. Well, I don’t know why it happens. I prefer to have my plums and reds separately, not mixed together 🙂



And by the way, darker plums seem to be more common than darker reds. Why? I don’t know. I like dark reds. They are sexy. Womanly. That’s exactly what Temeraire is. A gorgeous red with all the trimmings. And a good way to sample darker lip colour and come to like it.



477 Reveuse is a warm beige.



A nice flattering nude softened up by all the shine.



If you wear warm beiges, you know how becoming they can be. How they match just anything. How they can be everyday and businesslike or party like, depending on the eye makeup you choose to wear with them.



I’m not a huge fan of nudes, but even I have to admit this is nude done well. And I do like brighter eye makeup, so this nude lipstick can be put to good use.



487 Amorosa is a medium super cool beige.



Wow, this shade is almost as freaky – in a good way – as Aura.



It’s the kind of shade that’s very rare and that won’t become most people as it is. You’ll have to work hard and match stuff carefully to make it work on you.



But once it clicks, you’ll have something very special for yourself, because you’ll be one of the few. A very interesting beige shade, almost greige, actually. It’s artsy, but, in my opinion, it’s worth trying and trying for.



497 Intrepide is a very light warm pink.



Another nude, only this one is a pink nude. A shiny one too. Just a touch of pink and sheen on your lips.



It’s probably light enough, where there are some people this shade won’t work on. So, be sure to try this shade very carefully and define, whether it becomes you or not.



Such nude pinks are cool in tone most of the time. The good thing about Intrepide is that it’s warm, so, not as common 🙂



507 Insoumise is yet another orange, which proves that so many people love this warm sunny lip shade that it gets released again and again in all kind of variations.



This one is bright and vibrant and energized.



Not coral but orange.



Summer is stepping on our toes here, and this shade belongs in summer. But guess what, you can shake up winter big time, if you choose to wear Insoumise in the middle of it.



And the latest five shades are (left to right): Temeraire,  Reveuse, Amorosa,  Intrepide and Insoumise.

IMG_6541 3


Here’s a swatch for the ten shades all together. Here we have left to right: Viva, Aura, Desinvoltee, Etourdie, Melancolie, Temeraire, Reveuse, Amorosa, Intrepide  and Insoumise.



All the shades of Rouge Coco Shine here – there are 20 of them – can be easily divided into pinks, corals, reds, purples and beiges.


Pinks are:  Intrepide, Etourdie,  Boheme, Rendez-vous and  Saga.



Coral are: Insoumise, Desinvoltee, Flirt and Premice.



Reds are: Temeraire and Dialogue.



Purples are: Aura, Viva, Esprit and Fiction.



And beiges are:  Amorosa, Reveuse, Melancolie, Intime and  Candeur.



These are the shades of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine that might be limited editions or not 🙂 Some of them are nice, and I’d like them to be permanent. So, hopefully, they are. Personally, I love Chanel Rouge Coco Shine to the point, where the more shades there are – permanent or limited – the better. I’m always ready to try them and enjoy them. So, bring it on, Chanel. And you know what, Rouge Coco Shine, you’re the best 🙂




P.S. Just looked at Chanel website and see that some of the shades from this post did wind up with ‘limited edition’ labels on them. So, I guess Chanel is still on the fence here – maybe, limited, maybe, not 🙂 We’ll see where they come out with that.


    • The same here. I wish I could always have Saga 🙂 It’s just such a perfect permanent range shade. I don’t know why it’s not. Maybe, something like Saga will come along and be permanent, although it’s not as good as having Saga itself, of course 🙂


    • It’s funny how there are all those lipstick shades in the world. And it seems, among all the variety you have to be able to find your perfect shade. But somehow the shades out there are always a little bit too orange, too purple, too red, too pink, too light, too bright, too sheer, too matt, too something to be your own and personal perfect shade. So, you just keep looking. At least, I do 🙂


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