Dior Glowing Gardens spring 2016 swatched

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Dior gardens with all the precious plants giving power and magic to their famous skin care and makeup and perfume are a legend. It’s no surprise that Dior team keeps coming back to them in their collections. Also, when we’re talking gardens, we’re talking flowers, which always provides for a nice design. And flowers are a very spring thing to begin with. We’ve already seen this year Dolce & Gabbana makeup collection, which turned into an ode to the queen of all flowers – rose. Let’s see what Dior’s take on the garden theme is.


The one thing I have to say up front is – it’s a big collection. Really big. With a lot of stuff in it. That’s the way Dior usually makes ‘em 🙂


For the face this year Dior has two powder shades and one blush shade.


Powder first.


We have a typically Dior navy blue boxing here.



A velvet case folded and wrapped in plastic.



A shiny silver plastic box that looks like it’s metal, but is plastic instead, because it’s so light in my hand.



And a good enough mini kabuki brush.



Here we go.



The first shade is called


Diorskin Nude Air

Glowing Gardens

001 Glowing Pink



Glowing pink? I’m intrigued. I like pink base and powder products. A nice touch of pink is generally very flattering, unless your skin is very pale. Then you should be careful with it.


Oh, here are all the gardens. And Dior Nude logo. That’s a great print they have on the powder. It’s exquisite and noble and high end. Very Dior like. I love that. This powder doesn’t really look that pink though. Am I wrong?



Nope. I’m not. It’s very light and glowy, almost whitish beige with a distant light pink undertone, maybe, but just maybe. I have two thoughts here. Number one – can I have more pink in my pink, please? And number two – you call this finish nude? There’s nothing nude about it. It’s very shiny and highlightery. Glowing Gardens, remember? So, all the glow is here, don’t get deceived into thinking this powder is nude. It’s so not. It’s more of a highlighter than a powder. Shiny and glowy and pearly. More so than sparkly. It’s not an all over powder, it’s more of an accent kind of thing.



Let’s see the next shade.



Diorskin Nude Air

Glowing Gardens

002 Glowing Nude



The same beautiful – beautiful – print etched on the powder. This beige looks much warmer than the first shade.



Yep. It is much warmer. It’s beige, that is very golden for a beige. Super glowy too. A pretty shade. To me this here is sun kissed. As opposed to all the darker bronzer shades that are usually said to be sun kissed. This will just give a touch of golden glow to your skin as opposed to strangling it in embrace. The fact that it’s so glowy to me means it’s a highlighter too. And I still don’t get why it’s called Nude Air. It’s not Nude. It’s either an emphasis thing or a finish touch thing.

IMG_4868 2IMG_4903


Please, see both shades swatched side by side: 001 Glowing Pink on the left and 002 Glowing Nude on the right.



That’s the powder. To the blush now.



Glowing Gardens

844 Floral Pink



Nothing new in terms of packaging. Navy blue boxing.



Black velvety case.



Navy blue plastic box.



Mini angled blush brush.



And here it is.



Oh, these flowers and the logo are all so cute. And this blush looks very bright. Much brighter than what we’re used to seeing in spring. I’ll wait and see though, till I try it.


Pretty woman – pretty blush.


Hm. This shade looks like it’s pink with a good deal of orange and even red, maybe, in it. But it swatches more pink and cooler than that. The way it swatches, it looks more natural, matt, no glow, no shine, no sparkle here.

IMG_4920 2IMG_4928


I like such pink blush shades. Don’t go too heavy on it, so that it doesn’t look too doll like. It’s just the kind of shade though that can give you this rosy blush on the cheeks, even if you don’t naturally have it at the moment.


I like it, keep in mind though, that it looks quite different from what it looks like in the box.


Anyway, let’s look at all the face shades by Dior this spring swatched together. Left to right here I have: Diorblush Glowing Gardens 844 Floral Pink, Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens 001 Glowing Pink, Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens 002 Glowing Nude.



A lot of eye shades in this collection. And that’s me talking 🙂 So, it’s really a lot.


For starters there are two eye quads.


Dior 5 couleurs

Glowing Gardens

031 Blue Garden



All traditional in terms of packaging.



Black velvet case.



Navy blue box.



Two dual ended brushes.

IMG_4968 3


One is s big sponge and a narrow tip sponge.



The other one is big sponge and an angled eyeshadow brush.

IMG_4968 2


They are fine to use on the go. I prefer full size brushes and even more so my fingers though 🙂 to do my eye makeup from scratch.


Ok, here we go. Oh, the beauty. The gardens. The flowers. No logo this time woven in. Just flowers.



It’s just so spring like and so pretty. I’m impressed. Very pretty. And the shades look fresh.

IMG_4979 2


Once I swatch the first shade, I see the romantic part of the palette kick in in terms of shades and finish, not just design. The shades swatch very loose and washed in terms of colour. It’s more of a hint of colour than colour itself. It’s flower petal colour.


A very tender coral. Very very tender. A breath of coral. I don’t even like coral, but this coral is nice. Flattering. Because it’s so light.

IMG_4979 3IMG_5020 2


White. Shiny. So cool and shiny it’s almost leaning to blue. Very crisp. The kind of white I like because it can turn you in a matter of seconds from a tired wreck into a fresh and well rested beauty after a sleepless night.

IMG_4979 6IMG_5020 3


A very delicate blue. Almost a reflection of blue rather than blue proper. Perfect to try, if you’ve always wanted to try blue, but never dared, because your eyes are not blue. This blue has a satin shine to it that makes it very becoming.

IMG_4979 8IMG_5020 4


Light pearly silver. I love this kind of silver. It’s very appealing. And nice. And versatile. Can be everyday or special occasion. To me, it’s the best silver in the world.

IMG_4979 4IMG_5020 5


Pearly and shiny grey. Silver grey, you could say. It’s a little darker with splatters of lighter shine deep down. If your eyes are grey or blue, this grey and this silver will be a killer of a combination. You’ll love it.

IMG_4979 7IMG_5020 6


This is a very nice quad. Womanly and romantic and spring like all at the same time. A fall back on kind of quad. A reliable thing that might not be too artsy or too original, but always works. A good quad to bring along, if you’re going on a short trip. Like a business trip or a weekend vacation trip. The looks you can create with this palette will match any outfits you might pick and always keep you looking elegant and sophisticated and fun too, if that’s what you’re going for.



Next eye quad.



Dior 5 couleurs

Glowing Gardens

451 Rose Garden



Again we have a black velvet case.



And a navy blue box.



And the same two brushes.

IMG_4968 3


Uh-huh. Gorgeous. And obviously warmer. See what they are doing here? They covered blue and grey eyes in the first quad. Here they are covering green and brown eyes.



The flowery print looks as stunning in these colours as it did in blue, white and silver. Only these flowers seem to be more tropical 🙂

IMG_5043 2


Lime green. This is a bolder shade than what we generally get in spring. It’s usually bud green. So, it’s interesting. I like to see this lime green here. And remember, the texture and finish is pretty washed, so it’s not going to be too bright.

IMG_5043 3IMG_5070 2


Mustard yellow. Sunny. Very warm. Not golden but actually yellow. Very rare. Satiny in finish. If you pair it up with that lime green, you’ll get an incredible look. A very special one too.

IMG_5043 4IMG_5070 3


A very tender pink. Just a whisper of pink. A rose petal like pink. Whitish almost in its core, but not quite. A very shy shade that compliments the other four just perfectly.

IMG_5043 8IMG_5070 4


A pretty and rosy in a way beige. Balancing on the tip of cool and warm, leaning to warm, in the end. A beautiful nude shade. Almost never shows up in makeup palettes. If you like nudes, do try this. It’s great.

IMG_5043 5IMG_5070 5


A gorgeous satiny greige. The darkest one in the palette, but not too dark. With tiny silver sparkle. A beautiful shade calling for a special occasion smoky eye look, paired up with the rosy beige above.

IMG_5043 6IMG_5070 6


That’s some palette we have here. Edgy in a good way, but wearable because the shades are so diluted in a way. Warm to the point where it gets really really hot. I know, it’s a spring palette, but to me this palette is the ultimate summer. Summer all year round. A truly perfect palette for green eyed and brown eyed beauties. A very hot palette in a way. The opposite of the blue silver one in terms of it being so special you can’t wear it every day. You’ll wear it several times, probably, but each of those times will be very memorable to you.



Both palettes are nice. And so different. It’s a good thing they are that different. Creates a multitude of looks.


Moving on to the one cream eye colour shade we have in this collection by Dior.




Fusion Mono

541 Equinoxe



A glass round jar. Heavy in my hand. Good heavy.



I look at the back and see that the shade forecast, so to say, looks warm beige like with golden sparkle.



A two part brush



with a high precision tip is fine, if you have to use it.



And here’s the shade. It’s beige infused with gold. With golden glow. With golden sparkle. There’s more golden sparkle there than a warm beige background. Beige seems to blend right in with you skin tone and leave an explosion of golden sparkle behind.



Interesting. This shade is one step into hot summer, because it’s just so warm, and one step into holidays, because it’s so sparkly in a golden way. At the same time, it’s a spring shade. 🙂



I like this shade, because it’s the right cream eye shadow shade, that is – swipe and go kind of shade. One swipe on your lids, and you look sophisticated. In a matter of seconds. Isn’t that great?



Here’s something truly limited edition.


Five dual ended pencil kind of things that have eyeliner shade on one side and cream eyeshadow kind of shade on the other side. There are five shades, which is a lot. And the fact that this thing is new and limited edition like is exciting to me. Let’s take a closer look at this new thing in Dior world.



Colour & Contour



157 Iris



Ok, so, we have two caps on two sides.



On the eye liner side we have a sharper high definition eye liner tip.



On the other side we have a cream eyeshadow stick like blunt tip.



All good. Having tried the first shade (or else, two shades 🙂 ), I’ve concluded that the eyeliner side is just too soft. To the point where it breaks too easily. I don‘t like that. It’s Dior, so nothing should break and snap off. Everything should be smooth and easy here. And it’s not, unfortunately. Ugh, well. The cream eyeshadow stylo part, so to say, seems fine in terms of quality.





The eyeliner in Iris is matt navy blue. I’m not sure this matt navy blue will look good on anyone out there other than blue eyed beauties. It’s like a dark blue night. So, green eyes, brown eyes, even grey eyes – all more of a miss in terms of this eyeliner shade. So, if your eyes are blue, enjoy 🙂

IMG_5377 2


The cream eyeshadow styli is a sparkly darker silver. I don’t know about the navy blue eyeliner. It’s more for blue eyed beauties. But the sparkly darker silver cream eyeshadow side is more universal and sultry. Dress up kind of shade. Special occasion. Elegant in its core. I think, it’s totally worth it.

IMG_5377 3


That’s Iris.





Colour & Contour



457 Water Lily



Both sides are green.



That’s a pleasant surprise to someone who likes green as much as I do.





The eyeliner side proves to be disappointing though. It’s a dead on matt super bright salad like green. I really can’t believe I’m saying it, but Dior seemed to have nailed the one shade of green I don’t really like that much or find becoming. To say the least, it’s a very bold shade. It’s not universally flattering, and the makeup and look has to be built very carefully to make this eyeliner shade work.

IMG_5253IMG_5377 2


I look at the other, cream eyeshadow side… now we’re talking 🙂 This green is softer, it’s pearly, it’s still vibrant. And it’s appealing. And almost everyone can try it and make it work. This shade is very spring like and very fresh. A nice vibrant touch for your eye makeup, if you shun bright shades in general. You don’t need to cover your lids with it. Use it as an eyeliner instead.

IMG_5258IMG_5377 3


That’s Water Lily.





Colour & Contour



557 Twig



This is all warm here.








A warm and nice and not too dark brown. With a touch of yellow to it. This eyeliner shade is awesome. Very flattering. And very lush. If you swap your black eyeliner for this one here, at least, sometimes, you’ll see how great it will work for you bringing out your natural eye colour, as opposed to making you look cat like with black arrows. Although sometimes cat like look is a good thing, no doubt about that.

IMG_5291IMG_5377 2


On the cream eyeshadow stylo side we have this very special shade. It’s greige, which in essence is a mix of cool beige and grey, but this greige is loaded with golden sparkle making it so special and so exquisite. Red carpet like. Pearly, shiny, sparkly. The kind of thing that will let you turn your day makeup into evening makeup in a matter of seconds.

IMG_5296IMG_5377 3


That’s Twig.





Colour & Contour



757 Orchid



It’s hot



and getting hotter 🙂





The eyeliner here is chestnut. That is, brown with a marked red undertone to it. A fiery brown. A vibrant brown. A warm brown. But there’s so much more to it than just warm. I like chestnut brown, and I’m surprised we don’t see it more often in makeup world. We seem to be getting chocolate brown more. More universal and more boring in a way. While this chestnut brown is exciting.

IMG_5327IMG_5377 2


The cream eyeshadow stylo is a pearly coral. With some sparkle to it. It’s a nice medium coral, not too delicate, not too bright. This shade is loved by so many people out there. I’m no big fan, but here’s what I’ll tell you. This shade paired up with the chestnut eyeliner will be a killer. So hot. And if your hair is red, it will be really something. You’ll be surprised how awesome it will look on you.

IMG_5328IMG_5377 3


That’s Orchid.



And the last one in the collection.


Colour & Contour



957 Hortensia



Hm. Ok.



This is an interesting combination.





On the eyeliner side we have this deep deep purple. Not plum. But more like a super matt and intense violet. Violet can work miracles as an eyeliner, if your eyes are brown or blue. If you’ve never tried this combination, do try it. This shade will be a good match for green eyes too. This is a good shade, because it’s not plum, it’s more rare than that.

IMG_5364IMG_5377 2


On the cream eyeshadow stylo side we have an obvious contrast to the deep violet. What we have here is a very very cool lilac with a pink undertone to it. It’s pearly and has a handful of sparkle in it. It’s very light compared to the eyeliner, which will provide a very stark and sexy contrast. Can be artsy too, if you play it up a little bit. This cream eyeshadow stick shade is gorgeous. It’s one of those shades that’s ever so exquisite and can give you everything you want in one simple swipe over your lids. A very rare thing. Love it.

IMG_5371IMG_5377 3


That’s Orchid.



The thing to know about Colour & Contour by Dior is that the shades of eyeliner and eyeshadow here are intentionally paired up in such a way as to create a contrast. The shades are a good match, but they are rather on the opposite end of spectre. If you’re looking for a striking eye look, go for it. If you’re into milder stuff, make it easier on yourself and remember that you don’t have to pair up the shades as ‘prescribed’ by Dior. You can wear any of the shades in these duo sticks with any of your favourite eye shades in your stash to provide for a more smooth transition between the eyeliner and the eyeshadow.



Please, see all Colour & Contour shades swatched side by side. Left to right here I have: 157 Iris, 457 Water Lily, 557 Twig, 757 Orchid and 957 Hortensia.



No, we aren’t done with eye makeup products in Dior Glowing Gardens collection yet 🙂


There’s still a mascara and an… eyeliner to see, believe it or not.


This season Dior Addict It-Lash mascara,



which is not my favourite mascara by Dior by a long shot, but it’s fine, comes in 062 It-Platine.



The packaging of this mascara is just so hot. I can’t tell you why exactly, but it is.




The shade is not really platinum though. It’s actually a silvery greige. I love this mascara shade. It’s so soft and so luxurious in a way. So sexy and so subtle. It’s that very zest we’re all looking for in eye makeup and in life in general 🙂



To match this beautiful mascara shade, there’s one shade of Diorshow Pro Liner Waterproof.



072 Pro Taupe



Let’s see this taupe. I can only hope it’s as good as the mascara.



I’ve already written a post about Diorshow Pro Liner. If you’re interested, please, see here New Diorshow Pro Liner.  I think this liner is quite good. And the concept of turn it and get a different width line or arrow is impressive. In practice in doesn’t work as perfectly as in concept, but it’s fine.



The shade is greige. Unlike mascara, it’s not silvery greige, it’s just greige. Very exquisite. I’ve come to love greige in makeup. It looks good on everyone. And it’s understated in a very sophisticated way. Very lush. The kind of eyeliner that emphasizes your natural eye colour as opposed to distracting from it and being all about the eyeliner.



And these two things together – the mascara and the eyeliner are going to work ever so great. You need just a touch of glow on your eyelids to go with the two, and you’ll look absolutely gorgeous. The mascara is on the left here, the eyeliner is on the right.



That’s that for the eyeshades that are obviously the highlight of this collection, because there are just so many of them. And we still have lip shades to see 🙂 Oh, the joy. I love makeup. I love makeup collections.


We’ll start with one and only shade of Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm we get this spring.



005 Lilac



I like lilac lip shades a lot, so I’m excited 🙂 I can’t say though that Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm is my favourite kind of lip balm. It’s fine, but it’s not my first choice by far. In fact, I don’t really like wearing it and do it only rarely.



I would expect a cooler shade, as long as it’s called ‘lilac’, but it’s a matter of taste. Here it is though.



It’s lilacey, that is, it’s a mixture of pink and purple. A nice shade. I’ll give them that. Remember, that this lip balm by Dior is designed to merge with your natural lip colour, so it will look different on you and everyone, actually. The shade will be in the area, but it will change on your lips. It’s a highly personalized kind of lip colour.



And now let’s see the shades that don’t change depending on your lip colour, but change your look, when you wear them 🙂


Dior was gracious enough to come up with lip shades in all kind of textures this season, so there’s something to fit every taste.


First we have a timeless classic. Cream formula lipstick. Or else, Dior’s take on it.


Rouge Dior

417 Souffle Nude



I don’t know about you, I have a huge sweet tooth, so I love this shade name.


All navy blue here. The packaging. And the tubing.



Oh, this shade looks shy and romantic. Or nude, if you like.



Indeed. And a very pretty nude. My favourite. Beige with a good deal of pink. The most flattering nude of all. And the pink that’s mixed into it is very cool. Very nice. I like this shade a lot. It’s any time any place kind of shade. You can always look great wearing it. And create a whole panoply of looks with this lip shade.



Rouge Dior

667 Rouge Pimpant



Rouge? Red? For spring? Really?



Wow, that’s bright. It’s like a different planet compared to the rosy beige. Ok. Let’s see it.



It’s a very bright and vibrant pink with red and coral mixed into it and getting revealed depending on what light you’re in. It’s one of those multi layer shades. But it’s really bright. This shade is rare, which I like. There’s a catch here though. It won’t look good on everyone. You have to work to make friends with it, matching it carefully with proper eyeshades and outfits. I’m sure you can do it, if you love this shade and are eager to try 🙂



Here are the two shades side by side.



417 Souffle Nude is on the left and 667 Rouge Pimpant is on the right.

IMG_5501 2


Going lighter in texture here and adding care to colour. Rouge Dior Baume. It’s a great formula. It wasn’t love at first sight, but once it was love, it was big time love for me. It’s hard to combine colour and care, but Dior pulled it.


This season Rouge Dior Baume comes in two shades.


Rouge Dior Baume

520 Rosee



Navy blue boxing



and tube.



I love those slim tubes in lipstick. They are the best, as far as I’m concerned.



The shade is, surprisingly, not pink. Although it’s called Rosee. It’s more of a warm pink beige. Another pretty nude. With maybe, just a touch of coral. Warm and nice and cute. The second nude lip shade in one collection I actually like. What are you doing to me, Dior? 🙂 If warm nudes become you, this shade will look awesome on you. And go with any eye makeup your heart might desire. Mine, for one, desires a lot of different ones 🙂

IMG_5527IMG_5551 2


Rouge Dior Baume



750 Rosebud



How very cute and spring like.



Rosebud is a true romantic pink. Cool in tone and tender. Rose bud or rose petal like. Very womanly in essence. Very classy in a way, because it brings us back to what lipstick was initially. And mind that Rouge Dior Baume is sheer and shiny in texture, and this kind of shade looks best, when it’s sheer and shiny. If you like pinks and wear them, this shade can easily get to be your favourite.

IMG_5545IMG_5551 3


Here are the two shades of Rouge Dior Baume.



520 Rosee is on the left, 750 Rosebud is on the right.



Going lighter yet in texture and getting to the lip gloss. Not just lip gloss though. Another care and colour thing that actually works, which is a rare case, when it comes to care and colour. Rouge Dior Brilliant. Not my personal absolute favourite, but definitely one of the greats. It’s all there, sheer colour, mirror shine and soothing feel.


This season it comes in three shades.


Rouge Dior Brilliant

458 Fine Fleur



Navy blue boxing,



square tube and navy blue cap.



Fine Fleur is a pretty shy cool pink. It’s a version of a romantic Rosebud we’ve seen in Rouge Dior Baume, only this one is even more sheer and glossy. This shade is really cool and leaning even more to lilac, so that it almost gets there. A lot of people will call it lilac, in fact. If it looks pink to you, mind that there’s a lot of lilac in this one. A solid everyday like shade that you can wear just anywhere and be sure you look great.



Rouge Dior Brilliant



548 Flora



Flora it a very warm pink coral beige.



It’s a nude shade with a bonus, so to say. There’s a lot of pink and coral here and some beige in the background, and it’s all mixed really well together, so that there’s a very pleasant balance. If you like warm lip shades better than cool lip shades, you’ll like Flora better than Fine Fleur. By the way, I like the name of this shade – Flora. It fits in perfectly with the whole Glowing Gardens bigger picture 🙂



Rouge Dior Brilliant



668 Brise Bise



Another great shade name 🙂 Yummy.



Just like the shade itself. It’s bright, vibrant, full of life. Remember the bright pink with red and coral in it we’ve seen in Rouge Dior classic crème lip colour texture? Uh-huh. Well, that’s a version of it, only it’s more sheer and more shiny. Wet shiny like. If you shun bright shades in crème colour texture, you can try it here, because the shade is diluted by all the gloss. Mind though that just like with Rouge Dior in Rouge Pimpant, this shade is a tough one to pull, and you have to really pick and choose other makeup products and outfits to make it work on you. If you can do it though, it’s worth it, because the shade is pretty rare.



Here are the three Rouge Dior Brilliant shades from the collection.



Left to right here we have: 458 Fine Fleur, 548 Flora, 668 Brise Bise.

IMG_5605 2


And here are all the lip shades we’ve seen in Glowing Gardens by Dior.


Left to right: Rouge Dior 417 Souffle Nude, Rouge Dior 667 Rouge Pimpant, Rouge Dior Baume 750 Rosebud, Rouge Dior Baume 520 Rosee, Rouge Dior Brilliant 458 Fine Fleur, Rouge Dior Brilliant 548 Flora, Rouge Dior Brilliant 668 Brise Bise.

IMG_5609 2


To round up the whole Glowing Gardens look, we have four nail polish shades to look at, pick from and wear.


Dior Vernis



301 Bleuette



Looks like your good old cute little blue.



Baby boy like blue.



It looked very pale in the bottle, so I almost got upset.



But on the nails it looks a little brighter kind of blue.



This blue is a nice manicure colour to wear in spring.



It’s the safest pastel in the world after pink and lilac.

IMG_4735 2


You’ve never worn it before? Go for it. Why not now?




Dior Vernis



302 Garden



Garden? Of course 🙂



It’s green which makes me like it already.



But it’s not that simple.



It’s not the kind of pastel green we expect to see in spring.



It’s brighter, it’s more intense, it’s different.



It’s more of a yellow green, lime green that went all pastel and nice and girly.



Weird. Great.



I’m all for wearing this shade this spring.

this2IMG_4756 2


Next. Dior Vernis



491 Lilac



Told you lilac is one of the biggest pastel shades out there 🙂



This lilac is pinkish.



That is, it’s a mix of pink and purple, done almost in even proportion.



So that some people will say it’s lilac, others will say it’s pink.



The good news about it, it’s always a safe bet.



Because it’s pink with a little spring twist.

IMG_4776 2


Nothing too edgy about it.



And last. Dior Vernis



650 Pivoine



Here we go again. Bright pink with red and coral in it.



This shade is not too common in makeup world.



It’s the brightest in the batch, which makes it by all means the hottest too.



If you’re tired of all the pastels and like brighter nail shades, that’s you thing.



If you usually wear reds or bright pinks or corals, you’ll probably like it.



This shade is a good way to go, if you want to shake it up a little bit this spring and go bright and intense in manicure.

IMG_4798 2


Then Pivoine will come in handy.



These are the four nail colour shades we’ve got. They are nice. And round up the looks wrapped in the collection nicely.





IMG_4979 2thisIMG_5377



IMG_5043 2thisIMG_5377





Bright pink with red and coral







And then there are all the other products there to build your own looks 🙂

IMG_4844IMG_4920 2IMG_4868 2


That’s Glowing Gardens by Dior. This collection is fresh and vibrant, sometimes romantic, sometimes modern. It’s in tune with modern romance trend that calls for tender but more intense and edgier at the same time. The flowery design and theme are executed well. There were several things in the collection that caught my attention. All in all, it’s a good one. It’s worth getting something here. What you get, is up to you. These Gardens are very Glowing and very Dior, which is the goal of any luxury brand makeup collection. So, we’re all good here 🙂


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