Summer 2016 makeup trends

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Ok, so as long as we got the whole summer light thing this spring, I was excited to see what’s going to come this summer. I mean, you know, in spring we got not just pastel and stuff, we got more intense eye shades, gem stone shades, and we got sometimes more intense lip shades, like all the corals, that are usually a summer thing. So, I was thinking that this summer will be different, instead… it’s pretty much what it usually is.


It’s like spring trends smoothly continued and evolved and got to be summer trends. We still get all the greens and blues and lilacs and stuff for the eyes, only they are more intense now. Corals for the lips are still here. Pinks got brighter. Bronzers are all over the place as they always are in summer. Natural shades are on again.


So, if I had to describe this season, I’d just say – it’s summer. If you follow luxury brands summer collections, you know what I’m talking about. Summer always brings a splash of colour, vibrant nail shades, eye shades, lip shades, but not reds, natural and artificial tan in all kind of forms and shapes. The one typical thing I don’t see that much this summer is all the turquoise. You know, in eye shadow and nail polish department. I kind of miss it, to tell you the truth 🙂

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