OPI New Orleans collection spring 2016

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OPI teaches us some geography lessons here. In recent times only we’ve seen San Francisco collection, we’ve seen Venice collection and here we go with New Orleans collection. Ok. New Orleans is artsy, free spirited and jazzy. All good things, so I’m interested to see what OPI has in stock for us this spring. There are twelve shades. Wow 🙂 Before we get to the shades though, let me say that all twelve are great quality. I had no issues with them whatsoever. No streaking, even in metallics, no clumping, all shades applied easily, shone, looked good and lasted. And when there are twelve shades in the collection, that tells you a lot. OPI has done a great job here. Given I applied all twelve on Chanel Base, maybe, that helped it, still, OPI, I’ve got to tell you, it’s awesome, really.


Twelve shades, remember? So, brace yourselves 🙂 Are you ready? Sure? Let’s go.


Pinks first.



NL N56 She’s a Bad Muffuletta! is an ever so bright warm pink.



The brightest pink in the batch. Almost neon, but luckily, doesn’t really go all the way there.



A very energizing shade. An edgier take on pink classic. I seem to see this shade a lot in this year spring collections, so on top of everything else, it’s trendy.



It’s a good pink substitute for reds.



Let’s leave classic reds in fall and winter and go for this kind of pink with a reddish and coral touch to it instead. It’s a good idea. Then we’ll be able to happily get back to all the reds, when seasons change.



This hot pink is a great accent shade.



And guess what, the chances are you’ve never tried this shade in lip colour, so, it’s going to be a new and interesting experience for you, hopefully.

IMG_7228 2


Dior has this kind of shade both in cream colour lipstick and lip gloss in their spring 2016 Glowing Gardens collection. See here, if you’d like Dior Glowing Gardens spring 2016 swatched.

IMG_7136IMG_7228 3


NL N53 Suzy Nails New Orleans is a medium warm pink, although it’s probably actually somewhere in between warm and cool.



No sparkle no pearl in this shade. Just pink. So, pink fans will probably exalt on seeing it and be eager to wear it.



It’s not quite a baby girl pink. It’s a little brighter than that. Like pastel that wants to go out and gets ready to do just that.



A gorgeous pink for spring and summer.



I’m a little tired of pinks, to tell you the truth, but this one is ever so cute.



If you only wear nude pinks generally, this might be your chance to step it up a little bit. And as this shade is not pearly, it looks very up-to-date.



And romantic at the same time. But it’s a markedly new interpretation of romance, which is what this season is all about.



So, this pink will help you catch up with fashion, that as we all know, usually tends to slide off and away and evaporate changing and transforming ever so fast, at the same time you’ll be able to stay true to yourself.

IMG_7568IMG_7636 2


Next. Corals.



NL N58 Crawfishin’ for a Compliment is a pastel coral.



Very warm, very shy in a way, because it’s so mild, as opposed to all the summer corals that almost turn orange once applied. Yes, those corals are coming very soon 🙂



I’m not into corals, generally speaking, but I find this shade cute and nice. Easy.



A good nude substitute, because it’s so pale in a good way.



Very romantic too and very spring like for sure.



If you’re, by any chance, as tired of pinks as I am at this point, this coral can be a great way out.



It’s as universal as pink, will match almost anything you wear, any style you go for, at the same time, it’s not pink, which means, it’ll look more fresh and interesting, maybe.



The thing I like about this coral is that it’s pale and soft and everything, still, it’s definitely coral. You know, not off white, not beige, not pink, but coral. So, there will be colour on your nails, if that’s what you’re looking for.

IMG_7162IMG_7248 2


NL N57 Got Myself into a Jam-balaya is a medium coral shade with a strong pink undertone.



It’s one of those shades, you know, where pink and coral are mixed in almost equal proportion, so that it will look coral to some of us and pink to others.



I’ve already seen a shade like that in Orly Melrose collection this spring Orly Melrose collection spring 2016, and I love it.



It’s nice, it’s fresh, it’s pretty.



A great option for spring and summer.



A modern classic and a pleasant way to shake up your pink and coral manicure routine by mixing them into a cocktail.



You know what, this shade is totally different, but to me, it does have something distantly in common with that hot pink She’s a Bad Muffuletta!



It’s a mix of pink and coral too, only this one is tender, desserty almost, baby doll like in a good sophisticated way – yeah, I know, it’s almost impossible, but here it is. So, enjoy. I definitely will.

IMG_7390IMG_7464 2


And purples.



NL N55   Spare Me a French Quarter?



is a bright purple shade with a good deal of pink in it,



that OPI must love, because there doesn’t seem to be a collection by this brand without this shade or some version of it.



Well, there are a lot of people out there who like this daring purple, so, it’s for the better, probably, that there’s never lack of it in OPI world 🙂



This shade is not uncommon, there are versions of it in several luxury brands permanent ranges, like, Dior and Michael Kors.



It’s a great way to go for those who love plums and enjoy those rich plum shades in fall, winter and during holiday season,



but want a little bit of a brighter artsier approach to their beloved shade in spring and summer. This shade is just what they are looking for.



I, for one, feel there’s just a little bit too much pink in this purple for me. It’s a matter of taste and a matter of choice though.

IMG_7280IMG_7346 2


NL N54 I Manicure for Beads is an intense purple.



It’s bright. And there’s no pink mixed into it. It’s just purple.



And I love that. Makes it so much more appealing to me than just plum or this bright purple with pink that makes it warm and that’s all over the place, that is, all kind of brands and nail colour ranges have it.



This shade here is not as easy to find, and it’s just so beautiful.



It’s bright, but as it’s purple, it’s not as artsy as, say, green or blue, so it’s more wearable for more people.



There’s something really special about this shade. I’ll have fun wearing it for sure. Maybe, you will too, who knows.



I mean, vampy girls who like purple ink and off black purple should have spring and summer too right? And they’d never go for those cute little spring lilacs. Not for the life of them.



So, this vibrant purple shade, so refreshingly cool in its core, is just right for them and for you, should you want to try something new this spring.

IMG_7594IMG_7652 2





NL N52 Humidi-Tea is a very interesting pearly warm beige.



This shade is so warm it’s quite rare. I don’t know why, but when beige is released in metallic finish, which is definitely the finish here, it’s almost always cool.



Maybe, it’s because of the whole silver thing, pearly cool beige is naturally associated with silver, and that’s where it usually goes, pretty much.



Well, this shade is different. It’s so warm and comfy and sophisticated, sort of, because it’s so pearly, good pearly.



It’s elegant. It deserves close attention and beautiful outfits and shoes to be worn with.



The quality of this metallic shade is very very good. It almost didn’t streak, maybe, just a tiny bit.



I mean, I don’t know about you, to me it matters. When a metallic shade is too streaky, it really bothers me, and the shade has to be superb for me to even bother to go through the whole application commotion again.



The best thing about this shade is it gets released so rarely, so, it’s truly a find.

IMG_7038IMG_7099 2


NL N59 Take a Right on Bourbon is a cool pearly beige with a silvery undertone.



It’s beige, but it’s the opposite of Humidi-Tea, because it’s so cool.



It’s a metallic too, and guess what, it applies so-o easily and doesn’t streak at all. It’s stunning.



Who would have thought one could achieve that in metallic. Well, OPI has, and it’s a new quality standard to me.



This shade is very dress up like. Upscale in a way. Due to all the pearl in it.



At the same time you could easily pull a jean look with it. It’s that versatile. If you like metallics, it’s worth looking at.



Also, it will look good with white outfits. This cool beige pearl and shine will bring out the best in snow white clothes. And in nobly pale complexion and blonde hair.



This beige is very flattering and, if you come to like it, it will bring you a lot of pleasant moments. Oh, and I like wearing such cool shiny shades, when it’s hot. It gives me a natural cool wave at a single glance at my manicure 🙂

IMG_7486IMG_7518 2





NL N61 Rich Girls & Po-Boys is a bright cool blue, not aqua, not turquoise, there’s no green it is, it’s uncompromisingly blue and very bright. I like that. A lot of people won’t 🙂



Let me tell you something that will sound like a little bit of a paradox to you, if you don’t really wear bright blues.



If I had to break someone into the blue manicure world, I’d say, go for navy blue first, then go for this shade.



I know, I know, it’s bright, but this kind of blue is just so clear, clean in a way, that it makes it easier to wear.



Also, it makes it highly flattering.



Obviously, it’s a great jean accent.



If you wear any kind of blue jean clothes, could be jeans proper, could be a denim dress, which is ever so hot and trendy this spring, this blue will look awesome as a manicure option.



Another thing which isn’t that obvious, but in my experience always works, is if you wear this shade with a black dress or an elegant black skirt and jacket. Yep. Trust me.

IMG_7067IMG_7116 2


NL N62 Show Us Your Tips! is a cool frosted blue.



An interesting and rare kind of blue with a bunch of sparkle in it.



The thing to know about this blue is it’s kind of sheer, when applied in two coats. Which means, it’s more tender and not dead on blue, so it might be a good alternative for those who do not wear bright blues or bright nail shades period. If you like bold blues, go for three coats, the application is good and easy and it allows it. Then you’ll see all the blue beauty of this shade realized to the full. I love the fact that this blue is softened up in such a great way, so that it’s bright, still it’s snowqueenish to the point, where it almost gets to be romantic, girly, pretty, delicate and easy to wear. Once again, I love blues on my nails, so this rare specimen is very appealing to me. I’d easily swap baby blues that are traditionally flooding luxury market this spring for this gorgeous shade here.


Please, see here how two coats of this shade (on the left) look different than three coats (on the right).












IMG_7561 2IMG_7610 2


And here’s the shade that could be categorized as pink, but you’ll see now, why I’m putting it in its own category.


NL N51 Let Me Bayou a Drink is an off white shade with a milky pearly finish to it and a touch of pink.



Some people out there will say it’s pink, that is, those of us who love very tender and delicate and shy little pinks in manicure department.



To me this shade looks more white, in all honestly. Or else, off white, of course.



I can’t believe I’m saying that but I enjoy this shade very much. And I almost never like white shades, or off white shades, for that matter.



I guess this one is white but not quite white enough to turn me off, so it’s in the area where it appeals to me.



It’s relaxed, it’s elegant, it’s sophisticated and chic.



The kind of shade you can wear just anywhere you like. Evening gown level shade, no doubt about that.



The kind of shade that you can apply and go on for several days changing outfits and styles and look well groomed all along without taking too much effort. And as modern world is so quick, we all need this from time to time.

IMG_7382IMG_7435 2


And something that always warms my heart. Green.


NL N60 I’m Sooo Swamped! is a bold darker lime green.



It being darker makes it bright but not neon, which is good for those who shun neons in manicure.



It’s very very green though, so unless you like green nail colour, the chances are it’s not your thing. You’ll have to move through several green shades going more daring each time to get here.



Personally, I happen to love green nail shades, so to me, this green colour is a beauty.



Rare too. Because it’s leaning in the opposite direction from all the aqua shades, that we see so much in nail colour world.



Especially in summer – forget it, before we blink, they are going to be invading like all the counters.



This shade is fresh like a mojito. And very bold. I think, it’s great that OPI formulated it just like that, without trying to dilute it with some kind of pearl or sparkle.



This is one of the three best green nail polish shades that got released this spring. The other two are by Dior – Vernis 302 Garden – and by Orly – 20867 Vintage. From the two collections I’ve already mentioned in this post – Dior Glowing Gardens spring 2016 swatched  and  Orly Melrose collection spring 2016.  Love it.

IMG_7308IMG_7364 2


Given that the quality of New Orleans by OPI is so good this time around, I get all kind of positive emotions looking at this collection and wearing it. There are just so many shades. So many choices. So much variety. So many options. Everything I like. Do I get New Orleans feel from this collection? I guess so. I have my own image of New Orleans, but I can see how OPI decided to go along with these shades here.


Also, I have to tell you, now that I came back to using OPI nail shades and swatched several collections, I can see a pattern here, that is, I can see how those collections are tailored. Some pinks, some reds or corals, some whites and beiges, some blues and greens or yellows, some purples, some dark shades, like black or brown, sometimes top coats, sometimes glitters, depending on the season. There’s some good thinking behind these choices by OPI and how they are matched to form a collection.


In New Orleans collection I like corals, surprisingly 🙂 , I like this hot pink that’s ever so trendy this spring, as we’ve seen already a version of it by Dior and Orly. I do like both blues. I find green exciting to the point of no return almost 🙂 I like that cool beige metallic and bright cool purple. That’s my taste. Let’s see what yours is 🙂





P.S. Oh, and as usual, OPI, I adore some of those shade names. They are just so much fun added to the whole package.

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