From Lancome with Love spring 2016 swatched

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Lancome is sending us something with love, which means we can’t miss it 🙂 We have to take a peak at it, at least. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do right now. There’s a whole May and most of June in front of me to wear these shades, if I happen to love them back. At first glance, this collection looks very fresh, very girly, very spring like, very fun, very Paris in style. All good stuff. The second thing that strikes me up front is that there’s a lot of items in this collection. I’m used to seeing less items in Lancome collections, generally speaking. And I’m always happy to see a lot of makeup. So, I’m going to take a closer look at each and every thing in this collection right now.


If you have to get your customers’ attention, you’d better do it up front, or they might get distracted and switch to other brands and collections, because there are so many of them in the market. That’s exactly what Lancome is doing here. Because they start with this amazing product



called My Parisian Pastels

All-Over Illuminating Powdery Cubes



Huh? Illuminating powdery cubes? That’s new. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I mean, on them. But before I do, I duly look at the back of the box for more information.



And I see that it’s not just a face product. It’s eye makeup product too 🙂 Because it says here that all cubes can be used for face makeup. And cubes number 1-2-3-7-8-9 are for eye makeup too. Ok, now I’m even more interested. Lancome, what are you doing to me here? 🙂



This is just so cute and so Parisian. This little metal candy like box. Only candy boxes of the kind are mostly round, while this one is square. Which makes total sense, given these are cubes. 🙂


On the back of the box there’s the same instruction with shades usage.



God, this is beautiful. Amazing. It does look like a dessert, which makes it even more appealing to me, because I’m so into sweets. I mean, like crazy about sweets. This is truly a limited edition. It does look like dessert. Like candy. And like one of the cutest makeup products I’ve ever seen. I mean, it’s like every girl’s dream cute. Anyway, time to see it in action, I say.



Each cube is in a separate tiny plastic box, which is a very good thing, because this way it doesn’t get all beaten and worn inside the box.


Cube # 1



It’s a cool pearly lilac shade with a handful of fine silver sparkle. And guess what, it feels so soft and nice to the touch.



Why I like this shade, mainly, is because it’s so cool. In modern day we mostly get purples with a certain degree of pink mixed into them. I don’t know why, we just do 🙂 This shade is different. You want a cool lilac? You’ve got it here.



Cube # 2



A golden yellow, nicely pearly and kind of sparkly. This shade is not really golden, it’s yellow, but there’s so much golden pearl wrapped into it, it acquires a markedly golden finish.



A pretty, dress up, going out kind of shade. A good highlighting shade too, because it’s not really too gold, just a little.

IMG_7948 2IMG_8026


Cube # 3



A warmer lilac shade. It’s not too warm though. It’s definitely another lilac, not purple, not a mix of lilac and pink. This lilac is pearly and sparkly too.



This shade might be actually more universal, easier to make your own than the cool lilac. And if you’re asking yourselves, whether lilacs can actually be used as highlighting shades for your face, yes, they can, if used properly.

IMG_7959 2IMG_8026


Cube # 4



A reddish pink. Which I guess, brings us pretty close to raspberry 🙂 So far, it’s the brightest and the warmest of the whole batch.



Pearly and sparkly, but not too sparkly concept in these cubes holds true. This shade will be very flattering on your cheeks as kind of a highlighting sculpting blush shade.

IMG_7968 2IMG_8026


Cube # 5



A very warm coral shade. With a golden sheen and sparkle. A very summery shade. The kind of shade that looks great on tanned skin.



Or can come in handy, if you actually want to create a tanned sun kissed look. Which is more than doable now all year round with the kind of makeup we have. You know, all the bronzers and stuff.

IMG_7977 2IMG_8026


Cube # 6



A bright pink. A cool pink. Almost fuchsia like, but not quite. Pearl and sparkle dilutes it nicely to make it all pink and pretty as opposed to ever so bright.



This shade can be a magic wand, when it’s all about blushed cheeks for you. Also, it can easily bring some glow and rosy colour to your foundation products.

IMG_7984 2IMG_8026


Cube # 7



A light yellow. All pearly and sparkly. I adore light yellow. I’d make it even lighter though, but that’s me, doesn’t mean you should agree with me here. This light pearly yellow – with sparkle or without – can work miracles on your eyelids. Can light up your whole look and give you the kind of sophistication you’re looking for in makeup, when you’re going to some big event.



Be careful with yellow shades though, when using them as a face highlighter. If there’s any sallow in your skin tone, it’s pretty much a no go for you.

IMG_7994 2IMG_8026


Cube # 8



A cooler and lighter coral than the one we’ve seen already in this box. It does look like some kind of dessert, doesn’t it? Definitely does.



This shade is pretty, and among all the sparkle and pearl there, it seems, there’s a pink sheen note introduced to this shade, which makes it even better.

IMG_8007 2IMG_8026


Cube # 9



This shade looks plum, looks dark, proves to be darker, but not as dark as it looks in the box though. It’s that purple mixed with pink kind of thing. All the pearl and sparkle here also helps to lighten it up.



This shade looks universal to me. Eye lids or cheeks, it will work everywhere, if you like this shade in principle.

IMG_8015 2IMG_8026


That’s it. The cubes. The box. I love it. I have to say though, that to use it as a highlighter one has to be good with this stuff. With highlighting and contouring and strobing. But anyone can play with these cubes applying them as blush and eyeshadow. I mean, just think about it – how many looks are hidden in this small candy box? Tons.




And this pattern with a Parisian girl on the rooftop with a doggie and colourful balloons… it’s great. Have you noticed, by the way, how even on the rooftop the girl is wearing heels? Yeah. That’s what a real woman is. Fearless 🙂



These Parisian Pastels made me so happy. I can’t tell you how much. Just holding them in my hand is enough of an attraction almost. But there’s more makeup out there. So, I’ve got to move on. I can’t believe there can be something that equals this beautiful thing here, but I’ll keep hoping.




The second part of our face makeup adventure in this spring collection sent to us From Lancome with Love is blush. Cream blush. There are two shades.


My Parisian Blush

Colored Cheek Cream



01 Corail de Ville



Oh, the joy. Here’s another metal dessert box of the kind. Told ya, those are usually round 🙂



And here’s the same pattern. The girl with the dog and balloons on the rooftop. Romantic and edgy at the same time. Like Paris itself.



Ok, so I open it and see an intense coral colour in there. Creamy texture by the look of it.



Gosh, this is honestly the softest and the most luxurious texture in makeup I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s just so good. I can’t believe it feels this way. I wish skin care had the same texture, it’s that good.


Despite the shade looking so bright in the box, the texture is so gorgeous, it can be layered or evened out any way you want. Seriously, any way.

IMG_8058 2IMG_8152


It’s a great thing for those who aren’t like genius at contouring. I’m definitely not genius at that. So, I equally welcome this stunning design and texture here. It’s a beauty.


And there’s still another shade to see.


My Parisian Blush



Colored Cheek Cream



02 Rose Haussmann



This shade is a cool purplish pink. Just like the coral, it looks very bright in the pot, but can be layered very thinly, like a veil on your cheeks, should you so desire.



It’s a pretty shade, not really natural, it’s more of a dolled up shade, but not in a bad way. Romantic and spring like.



I mean, we all like to look even better sometimes, so there’s nothing wrong with looking a little bit blushed.

IMG_8603 2IMG_8152


The texture here is as brilliant as in Corail de Ville. Soft and nice.


The two blush shades are satin like. Love this texture. I wish all makeup had the same kind of texture. Corail de Ville is obviously on the left here, Rose Haussmann is on the right.



That’s what we’ve got for the face here, and that’s, honestly, more than I could dream of getting in this spring makeup collection. It’s truly made by Lancome with love. I’m more than happy. And given how big this collection is, it’s just the beginning.


Let’s see the eye liner now. Khol Hypnose. Here we have two shades again.


Khol Hypnose




Bleu Ciel





Blue sky? Nice.



Wow, this shade looks very blue and very bright.



Looks like it’s not aqua at all.



No green here. Just blue.



You know what? This is a perfect eyeliner of the kind texture. It’s soft on the lid, but not too soft to snap and break off and go all over the place. Of late I’ve come across too soft eye liners too often, so this formula by Lancome promises me a lot of joyous moments to come 🙂



And I do like this bold blue for spring and summer. And no, my eyes aren’t blue. This shade is bright but clever, so that you can try it on and come to like it, if your eyes are green or brown too. Not just grey and blue 🙂


And if this shade seems too bright to you, pair it up with a more neutral or natural colour eyeshadow.


I can’t wait to see the next shade.


Khol Hypnose




Brun Metropolitan




This shade is a lighter brown. With a bronze and golden sheen to it.



Very becoming. And less daring than the blue ciel one.



It’s more of a natural shade. Especially for those of us whose eyes are brown.



But just like the blue shade, it’s very clever. So that whatever colour your eyes are, you can wear it.



It’s an easier spring option, as opposed to classic black vampy arrows. Great shade.



Please, see the two Khol Hypnose shades swatched side by side. Bleu Ciel Parisien 10 is on the left here,  Brun Metropolitan 11 is on the right.



I wonder, whether the eyeshadow from this collection will match them.


And there’s a lot of eyeshadow here. That is, two Hypnose Palettes, 5 shades each.


Hypnose Palette

Effortless 5 Eyeshadow Palette



DO12 Paris Merveilleux



This palette is so vibrant. You’ll see.



There’s a manual here teaching us to create three different looks.



And two brushes.



One is a dual ended sponge.

IMG_8203 2


One sponge there is a classic.



The other one is flat.



The second brush is a brush proper.

IMG_8203 3





And here are the shades. Let’s see what they are all about.



A very warm coral, brighter, with a pink undertone to it. An unusual colour. It’s satiny to the touch, so no need to worry, it’s going to be more muted than that on your lids. This shade feels like summer. Or a very fun spring 🙂 It’s full of joy and life and all good things. A very happy shade that can help you to feel carefree like the girl on those boxes with the dog and balloons. This shade will be a great match for brown eyes. You’ll discover new depths there.



A matt warm brown. Reminds me of something. Does it remind you of anything? Right, that warm brown eyeliner infused with gold and bronze. It’s a match. This lighter brown shade is very calm, womanly, classy and elegant. Can be definitely used as an eyeliner shade or languid smoky eye shade. The great thing about it is it’s not dark. Most browns in most palettes are usually dark. Well, this one is not. It’s brown in all its glory.



A pretty satiny and warm beige with a pink undertone. The shade is rather matt, but surprisingly, it has a bunch of sparkle hidden in its depth. A super appealing beige. The kind that will look good on almost everyone out there. A great basic makeup shade. You know, when you’re in a hurry, and you need to make up in one swipe and to look awesome as a result. This shade can be very sophisticated too. Jeans and sandals or a cocktail dress and high heels – this shade will work with both sets.



An ever so tender pearly and sparkly coral. A shy coral ready to go out tonight. The shade is very pastel, but it’s loaded with all this shine. Very spring like. I don’t love corals, but this one here is coral done right for sure. You’ll see, when you apply it. When we transition from spring into summer, this shade will be a winner. When and if you start tanning, this shade will look just perfect on your sun kissed skin. Very pretty. The kind of shade you want to have in your stash.



An ever so light and matt yellow. Almost an off white shade, really. I mean, there’s just a hint of yellow in all this lightness. I can’t in all honesty say it’s a base shade or an off white shade. There is some yellow there, but not much. It’s more of a supportive shade for the rest of the shades in this eye palette than an independent eye colour, really. On the other hand, if this yellow were very bright, it wouldn’t really fit into the palette or the whole spring collection, so I guess, it makes sense, that it’s so pale.



This is a great shade combo, I must say. The kind of palette that can come in handy on a bunch of occasions. Whether you’re going out with your friends, to the office or out on the red carpet.

IMG_8201 2



And my instinct was definitely right up front – that eye liner shade Brun Metropolitan 11 is a match for this palette. It was obviously designed this way by Lancome.

Копия IMG_8156


Here’s a question. Does that mean that the second eye palette is going to be blue? 🙂 We’ll see.


Hypnose Palette

Effortless 5 Eyeshadow Palette



DO13 Paris en Reve



Very nice. Let’s look at it in more detail.



This blue is lighter, matt and pretty bright at the same time. It’s romantic. A very spring like shade. It’s a different shade of blue, than the eye liner shade, not as bright, still it will work with all eye colours, not just blue. A nice fresh makeup shade. You know, when you want to look all upbeat, all vigorous, all lively. And sometimes we all do. A little bit of colour always looks good in spring. So, I totally get, why this shade is here in this palette.



Greige with more grey in it than beige. With some silver pearl and sparkle. This is a complex and interesting shade. You can’t find it in makeup palettes too often. It’s a great shade for going out. In fact, I think that for spring and summer, you want to swap your usual black and charcoal in your smoky eye look for the shade like this one here. Go with lighter grey or greige for smoky eye. It will look stunning.



A matt off white base shade. You know, I’m always sorry, when one shade out of five in a palette is wasted on an off white matt one. I mean, it’s useful, I just want to see a shade here, colour, and not just base. Because you know, I can just get a mono off white shadow and use it as a base shade with all those palettes 🙂 On the second thought, it’s handy, when this shade is right here, and I don’t need to pull it out separately every time.



A coral shade which consists, pretty much, of a bunch of loose coral sparkle and just a touch of pearl underneath it. Very ephemeral. Very airy in essence. One could make an argument – there’s not enough colour in this colour 🙂 Such sparkly shades can be a great thing to make you look well rested though, when you need it. Also, they are easy, just run a brush over your lids, and you have your special occasion eye makeup mostly done, just a touch of mascara, and you’ll be able to get going.



A very light pearly greige with a lilac undertone to it and a big handful of sparkle in it. This is probably the lightest greige I’ve ever seen. Fairy like. Made me think of tutu skirts. This shade is so delicate, so romantic, so subtle. It can be very exquisite too, if you wear a darker greige evening gown and use it as an accent in your makeup. This shade is rare, very special. And the combination of this shade and that first blue one is so exciting. It’s not something we see too often. To me, it’s a good thing. Means I’m not bored with it and ready to try it and enjoy.



This palette is different. It’s cool, while the first one was very warm in essence. This palette is very romantic and elegant at the same time. It’s like a fairy has to look businessy all of a sudden 🙂 Then she goes for this palette.




And that blue eyeliner – Bleu Ciel Parisien 10 – is clearly a perfect match for it.



Before we move on, let me tell you something. I’m so fed up with trying to open those makeup boxes. A lot of them are just so hard to open, even when it’s about luxury brands, you know. Well, Lancome is obviously trying to make my life easier here, and I’m ever so grateful to them. Look what they are doing here.



See these two dents on the box flap? They make all the difference, when you open those boxes. And guess what, those dents are on their lipstick package too, not just eyeshadow package.



It’s not the first time I see that in makeup packaging. Shiseido had it too. But every time I see it, it warms my heart, because so much thinking went into it, and that on top of thinking about the shades, textures and design. Thank you, Lancome.


And that’s all we have for the eyes this season. Let’s see what we have for the lips.


Three shades of Rouge in Love.


It’s just so tiny. I kind of like the good old lipstick tubing. But Rouge in Love is so small it’s actually cute. With kind of an edge to its design.



And Lancome rose logo on its cap is cute too.



The first shade.


Rouge in Love

High Shine






de Printemps




Featherlike texture. Yes, this lipstick has that. The texture is ever so light. I like that a lot. I don’t like to feel lipstick on my lips. I just want colour 🙂


The shade is a very light and very natural nude. It’s beige with a pinkish undertone to it. Kind of sheer too. I’m no big fan of nudes, but this shade is nice. It’s a true nude. And it’s very tender. Like a flower bud.



And if you’re vampy in your style and thinking that this shade is way too romantic for you, let me tell you something. Imagine how awesome this shade will look like with the darkest possible smoky eye look? Huh? See where I’m going with that? Yeah. This shade can be hot. It can be romantic. It can be natural. There’s a whole world in it. And I love that.



Next shade.


Rouge in Love

High Shine






de Ville




Coral it is. Medium coral. Nice coral. Middle of the road in terms of brightness. Kind of on the sheer side, but not quite as sheer as Aube de Printemps. It’s a warmer shade. Pretty and not too bright. Soothing in a way. Not quite nude, but will go well with probably just anything. With that warmer eye palette for sure 🙂



This shade can easily transfer you from your work place to the dance floor without you having to go through the motions of stopping at your place and redoing your whole makeup. You know that I’m not that into corals, I kind of like corals in this collection though. And that tells you a lot 🙂



And the third shade.


Rouge in Love

High Shine










We’ve seen Rose Haussmann blush already in this collection, so, we can take a guess at what this shade will be like. It’s pink with a strong purple undertone to it. You could say it’s a very cool pink. Not fuchsia though. Just pink with purple underneath it.



This pink is brighter and seems to be the fullest in terms of coverage. Not full coverage though. It’s still sheer to a certain degree. Romantic but not too romantic due to all the purple in the pink. A very modern shade. Will look great in spring. If you like pinks, you might want to swap your usual pinks for this shade this season.



These are the three Rouge in Love shades we have this spring From Lancome with Love. Left to right: Aube de Printemps 406, Corail de Ville 407, Rose Haussmann 408.

this one


Do you like lip gloss? I love lip gloss. Do you like colour & care kind of lip gloss? I do, and my favourite one is by all means Lip Lover. It feels so great on the lips. You can learn more of what I think about it here Lancome Lip Lover all shades swatched.


In this collection Lancome released three shades of Lip Lover. Wanna take a guess at what these shades are?


Lip lover




de Printemps




Yes, this shade is very much like that Rouge in Love shade. They can obviously be worn together. Or separately, if you prefer one texture to the other.



It’s an ever so light beige pink or pink beige. Depends on how you look at it. It’s very shy and cute. Can be nude too. I like versatile shades, where you can choose your look, as opposed to the shade choosing it for you. With this shade you can go natural, sporty, romantic and vampy. Remember we talked about it, when we talked about Rouge in Love? This shade can always be paired up with intense and hot eye makeup and turn into a dangerous weapon of seduction.



Lip lover




de Ville




Yep. We are going to get here Rouge in Love counterparts. I don’t mind that. It’s very classy, in fact. So, here it is. Medium coral. Only this one has mirror shine to it. It’s a nice alternative to pink, if you’ve worn pinks to the point, where you wouldn’t mind taking a break. Another universal shade that you can wear anywhere you go.



Such corals always look good with tan. And guess what, summer is coming in a couple of months, even less, so, if you can’t picture yourself on the beach now, you might wind up there pretty soon. I mean, who knows 🙂 Well, if you have this shade in your purse, you’re ready for it.



Lip lover








This shade seems to have even more purple in it than its counterpart in Rouge in Love. It’s more lilac than pink almost. Which brings us back to the whole modern concept. You know, it’s not an old fashioned romantic pink, it’s lilac. It’s bolder. It’s up-to-date. There’s a modern feel about this shade. Faster rhythm feel.



Also, this shade is cool in tone. And I like to wear cooler shades in warmer weather sometimes. I mean, I couldn’t last a summer with just corals and hot pinks. I’d be bored out of my mind. So, I welcome this cool lilac shade in my makeup wardrobe this spring.



Let’s take another look at all three Lip Lover shades. Left to right: Aube de Printemps 406, Corail de Ville 407, Rose Haussmann 408.



And now let’s compare them to the three Rouge in Love shades: 🙂 Aube de Printemps 406, Corail de Ville 407, Rose Haussmann 408.



Good matching.


The last part of the collection to discuss is nail colour.


This season we have four shades by Lancome. And I love that. That’s a lot of shades.


Vernis in Love



Rose Haussmann 146



We kind of know what Rose Haussmann is by now, right? It’s a purple pink. Or else a lilac pink.



This kind of lilac pink seems to be reemerging in spring collections again and again. Dior has the shade of the kind in their Glowing Gardens collection Dior Glowing Gardens spring 2016 swatched. And now here we go with Lancome.



I like this pink with a lilac twist.



It’s a pink classic with something that’s different about it.



Once again, summer is coming soon, and then we’ll probably get all the warm shades we usually get.



So, it’s nice to have a cool pink distraction here.



This lilac pink shade is definitely pretty and worth trying on and wearing.

IMG_6739IMG_7687 2


Vernis in Love



Corail de Ville 148



The same here. We know by now what Lancome probably means, when they say Corail de Ville. It’s sort of a pastel coral.



A romantic coral. A spring coral. A girly coral. A lighter coral.



There are so many people out there, who like coral lip shades, this nail colour is a good thing to have at hand, probably.



I mean, it’s still stylish and classy, when your lips and tips are painted the same colour.



And coral is always a way to go, when pinks are not an option for some reason, still you want some calm and nice nail colour.



That’s not a nude nail colour at the same time.



This coral is very cute in a way. There’s this nice and airy feel about it. And that’s a good kind of feel.

IMG_6751IMG_7704 2


Vernis in Love



Jaune Grands Boulevards 149



That’s something new 🙂 Yellow boulevard, huh? Ok. Yellow nail shade makes total sense in the context of those Parisian Pastels and that warm eyeshadow palette. And yellow nail colour happens to be my second favourite after green nail colour 🙂



Anyway, here it is, and it’s a medium bright yellow.



It’s not really a pastel yellow. It’s definitely brighter than that. On the other hand, it’s not a neon yellow.



You know what it is? It’s a happy yellow.



Yes, very happy.



Happy to see all the sun in spring. Happy to support all the corals and pinks or beiges, for that matter, in your makeup. Happy all the way.



Still, I have to tell you, that if you’ve never worn yellow nail shades, this one in particular might be a little too bright for you to start with.

IMG_6760IMG_7723 2


Vernis in Love



Bleu Ciel Parisien 153



Oh, we’re back to the blue sky here, huh? Nice. I like blue nail shades. And blue sky is something I want to see in spring, so I’ll appreciate this colour on my nails. Also, it will match that eye palette 🙂



Oh, this shade is beautiful. It’s not baby blue. It’s closer to that eye liner shade.



It’s cool like a breeze and so stunning. Spring becomes this shade. Summer becomes it. Any season becomes it.



A magnificent spring nail colour. It will work so well this season.



And just imagine how great it will look with blue jeans. I mean, it will be really something.



This shade is a great vacation shade, cruise shade or weekend getaway shade.



It’s not turquoise, that I’m a little tired of, although I do like it. It’s a pretty rare blue shade that’s not overused and overproduced. I want to wear this shade so much.

IMG_6777IMG_7748 2


These are the four nail shades that round up this beautiful collection by Lancome.

IMG_6739IMG_7687 2IMG_6751IMG_7704 2

IMG_6760IMG_7723 2IMG_6777IMG_7748 2


The first thing that comes to mind, when I look back at all the beauty in this collection is how well rounded it is, how well put together, how well matched. These shades perfectly come together in looks. And you can easily make those looks your own by switching out a shade or two and picking different ones instead.


Here’s the coral-yellow look.




And the blue-pink look.




And then we have several universal items here that will match both looks, if you so choose.



And those looks that Lancome offers us here are ultimately spring looks. They reflect the new, modern, edgy romance trend. This trend is huge, so it’s nice to be able to weave it into our makeup routine. These looks by Lancome reimagine and reinstate romance and give us a new perspective of what romance is today. It might have changed, but it’s still there.


Also Lancome stayed true to the Parisian theme they established in the name of this collection. And to the desserty, macaroon and marshmallowy feel I got up front on seeing the pastel cubes. All these shades – yellow, pink, lilac, blue, coral – in lip, nail and eye products are like a panoply of desserts. All pretty and yummy. From Lancome with Love proved to be just wonderful and ever so sweet.


The last conclusion I have to draw here is what a good job Lancome has done in terms of design in this collection.


I mean, those Parisian Pastels and blush with their gorgeous packaging remind us what luxury makeup is all about. It’s about experience, not only about makeup proper. Although, that too 🙂

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