Sally Hansen Nudes collection swatched

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Nudes. Nude shades. Nude makeup. Nude manicure. We’re back to you. There’s just no escape, pretty much. This time around we’re seeing here nudes interpreted by Sally Hansen. In their view and in their world, that is, in their collection called Nudes there are six of those. Six nude nail polish shades.


I’ve already told you how my relationship with nudes was never an easy one. But I can see why so many people all around the globe like this concept. Why it can be so appealing. It’s a very interesting combination of ‘back to the basics’ idea and ‘chic’ idea.


Bare elegance, that’s what it is. No frills, no trimmings. Just you and what you are. And it’s always nice to have that sometimes. I mean, I, for one, can’t help but want to dress up and make up rather than down at times in a girly way.


But, hey, naturally, there are days, when we want to look and feel natural. And that not even mentioning sporty girls and followers of a bunch of other styles, where nude makeup is a must and sometimes an only or the best way to go, for that matter.


Well, if you fall into any of those categories, if you travel a lot and need something in manicure that matches just anything, or if you’re just in the mood for nudes, Sally Hansen has you covered here. Let’s see their six shades.


240 Pink Pong



Pink Pong. Isn’t it cute? A cute name. I like that. Wow. I like the shade too. It’s probably my favourite nude shade ever. It’s just so flattering. It looks good on anyone. Seriously.



Pinkish beige. The key word here is pinkish. We get a lot of nude beiges all over the place. They are light and dark. Cool and warm. Bold and shy. But, in my opinion, pink beige is the winner.



And surprisingly, very rare. I can’t honestly say I can recall a pink beige shade in any luxury brand permanent range. Or professional brand range, for that matter.



There’s just something so sophisticated and elevated in a way about pinkish beige, that makes it truly becoming. It’s calm and womanly and special.



I’ll tell you what, if I had to have one nude shade, I’d go for pink beige. And this thing here – Pink Pong – is a good representative of its species.



Unfortunately, of all the shades in this collection this one in particular proved to be clumpy. Not too clumpy, but still. Alas.

IMG_7770IMG_8692 2


265 Brown Nose



Brown Nose. Huh. I love this naming policy. Whatever it is 🙂



Here we go. It’s a more classic beige. No pink in it. Just beige.



The thing which is kind of surprising to me is that it’s kind of darker, actually. I mean, it’s like diluted milk and coffee almost rather than just beige.



So, it’s not just nude. It’s nude with a bonus. In fact, I think that milk and coffee is another great shade. It’s very elegant and cozy at the same time. Very appealing. Looks good on a lot of people.



I’d say this here is not the most traditional nude beige shade ever. A more traditional approach to nudes would call for this shade to be lighter, so that it looked even more natural. I’m happy though that Sally Hansen chooses to go their own way here.



So far it’s the second nude shade in the collection I like a lot. And it takes effort to achieve this result, trust me on that. Anyway, here it is, this milk and coffeeish Brown Nose. And it’s gorgeous. No question about that.

IMG_7778IMG_8651 2


307 Branch Out



Branch Out? Oh, Ok. I get it now. It’s a rich chocolate brown.



I can’t say I’m a huge fan of brown nail colour. I honestly and truly prefer milk and coffee.



But this brown here is just so warm and so beautiful, like a cup of hot coffee that promises you all the good things in the morning. Or before going to bed – I know, I know, caffeine doesn’t get me that way though. Especially if you add a plate of cookies to it and a jug of milk and a sugar bowl on the table, I’ll be very happy.



This brown is very very nice. It’s stylish, like all dark nail shades are.



I mean, you know, you’ve got to have it, this special something, a little artsy twist to your whole look and style to be able to pull those dark nail colours. Or be ever so vampy.



I can’t say I’m naturally any of the two. But I can put together a good look occasionally, when I’m in the mood, to make dark nail shades work. And this brown here will by all means be one of my favourites.

IMG_8821IMG_8771 2


310 Almost Almond



You’re just killing me here with these shade names, Sally Hansen. It’s some sort of a linguistic feast. Almost Almond is white. White had to show up in nude nail colour collection. It had to, and it did.



As much as I’m not a fan of white on my nails… You know what, makes me think, maybe, part of the reason I don’t like nudes is not just that I actually want my nails to look manicured and coloured as opposed to non-coloured…



Maybe, it’s just that I don’t really love any of the shades separately that pretty much comprise your usual nude manicure fan kit? Never thought of it.



Anyway, this white is very pretty. It’s kind of pearly, but not too pearly. It just has this pearl touch lingering in the background, helping it to go on your nails in such a smooth and sleek way.



And this smooth and sleek finish manicure is very hot, by the way, even when it’s nude.



It’s the shade that gives you the ultimate nude manicure look – well groomed but not really coloured. Two coats will get you to kind of sheer, but not quite sheer result.

IMG_8817IMG_8727 2


And here’s what you get when you go with three coats (on the left). Two coats on the right for comparison sake.



And I did go for three coats, of course. Because as you know, I just don’t like sheer manicure.



If you’re going to give me colour, bring it on. No half measures for me in manicure, please.



I’d say, it works really well in three coats too.



And still retains the nude feel about it.




So, we’re all good here. It’s up to you, which way you wanna go.

IMG_8817IMG_8807 2IMG_8727 2


315 Camelflage



Camelflage. Oh, boy. No, really. What’s going on here? Sally Hansen got hold of a list of things that I would find cute in nail shades names and followed it closely or something?



It’s an awesome shade name. And it renders the essence of what this shade is well.



Is there some camel there? Yes. If you have a classic camel coat, you know what it’s all about.

IMG_8845 2


The ‘camelflage’ part is there too though. That is, if you took a camel coat and sprayed a good deal of whipped cream on it and then mixed it in – which you can’t really do, because coat is not liquid 🙂 – then you’d get this shade.



It’s camel goes tender, believe it or not. Never thought it could do that? Me either. But here it is. I’m looking at it.



Tender camel. Delicate camel. By Sally Hansen. It’s great. Thanks to them I discovered pastel camel colour. What can I say? So many new discoveries in this world still to be made 🙂 Hopefully, they’ll all be as pleasant.

IMG_8825IMG_8853 2


340 Sweet Talker



Yes, this Talker is very Sweet indeed. It’s pink too. Not beige pink. Pure pink. But it’s rather shy. Shy and pretty. And romantic in a way.



Yet again Sally Hansen totally gets me here. If you have to do pink nude, this here is the way to do it.



Although yet again, I’ve got to tell you, it’s not quite a traditional nude pink shade. It’s not just a light pink. Or a pale pink. It’s a little sheer in its core and glowy and glossy. I love it.



It’s nude as nude can be. Hot and sophisticated. It’s pink, so it’s, probably, one of the most often worn nail shades in the whole wide world. And one of the most universally loves ones.



‘Sweet’ in its name is the right way to describe it. But there’s more to it than just sweet. There’s chic and elegance to it that easily makes this nude shade suitable for any high end special occasion. Black tie or white tie, this shade can get you there. To the level of manicure that you want to be on.

IMG_8927 2


This modern and fresh pink nude is the best pink nude I’ve seen in a long time. Love it.



This collection of nudes by Sally Hansen is amazing. It’s only six shades, but all these shades are so well picked and so beautiful. Sally Hansen did a great job here. Instead of just doing a dreary and boring bunch of nude shades that everyone’s done to the point where it’s almost too much, they took the concept of nude manicure shades, processed this concept and created a whole new world by interpreting them, making them their own and transferring them into today as opposed to repeating the past. That’s what a collection is all about to me. That’s the essence of creating a collection. Every time a new collection shows up, something new is born. Some idea, some vision, some trend. Nudes by Sally Hansen might actually make me like nude manicure. And can probably make you like nude nail shades even more, if you like them already.



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