My Big Burberry Catch Up (face and eyes): Lip & Cheek Bloom, Cashmere Concealer, Eye Colour Cream, Eye Colour Contour, Eye Colour Glow swatched

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Yes, I haven’t written about Burberry makeup for a while. In the meantime, Burberry came up with a whole bunch of not so new and all new things. So, today I just want to do a major catch up on their makeup here. I’ll go with face and eyes products first. And then write a separate post about Burberry new editions to their lip colour range, because we have some new things there too 🙂


To me, Burberry is somewhere in the middle in my own hierarchy of luxury makeup brands. It’s not the best, not the worst, it’s solid good. That is, to me it’s more of a hit and miss thing, where sometimes I do find products that I truly love, but it doesn’t happen too often. I do like Burberry though. It’s nice to watch them reinvent makeup, because they are pretty new in this world, and it’s always fun to come up with your own range, you own story in a field that’s new to you, but has certain rules and guidelines to follows established in the years it’s already existed. And I do think that Burberry stays true to its DNA, which is the most important thing for brands with history, as far as I am concerned.


Now let’s see those new launches.



Lip & Cheek Bloom

Blushing Colours



Peony № 05



Multi purpose makeup products usually don’t work that well for me. As I’ve already said before, it’s hard enough to make a great product in one category. When brands try to do something that has more than one purpose to it or more than one possible usage, it rarely comes out great in all of those. So, I’m apprehensive, not sure if this lip & cheek thing is going to cover both equally well, but as usual I’m ready to try.



For starters, this Lip & Cheek Bloom is ever so hard to apply. I mean, like majorly hard. It just doesn’t want to go on evenly and, actually, go on period 🙂 The shade gets diluted big time, that is, it looks very bright in the pot, but it’s much lighter once applied. But somehow, this much lighter is achieved by it being ever so reluctant to actually get on wherever you’re trying to apply it.



The shade is an ever so bright warm pink by the look of it in the pot. Once you try to actually apply it on your face – cheeks or lips – it gets to be a brighter warm pink, but not as bright as it looks at first glance in the packaging. I mean, if this shade stayed true to what it is in the pot on your lips and especially on your cheeks, it would probably be too much. Too bright. Too neon. So, in terms of colour, as far as I’m concerned, it’s for the better, that this shade gets lighter once applied.



I try it on my lips, and immediately I feel dryness. This dryness is nicely cushioned in a comforting sensation. Still somewhere at the very bottom of this sensation I feel dryness waiting to get me. Well, I’m not letting it. More or less, the way this feels on the lips is what most matt lip colour feels to me. Even the best of the kind. No matter how great it is and feels, there’s still this lingering dryness there, which makes me mostly shun it or wear it for short periods of time only.



Then I try it on my cheeks, and I have to say, as expected, it feels much better there than on my lips. On the cheeks it’s soft and nice and blends in easily. Gives off very little colour, so it’s great for those who aren’t that great at contouring, that’s definitely me, for one 🙂 That is, this bloom thing can give you that natural touch of blush you’re looking for without much effort on your part. Very nice. I like that.



All in all, as expected, Lip & Cheek Bloom only works well in one of the two directions stated in its name. I’d use it on my cheeks, as I do like cream blush. Although it might prove to be not pigmented enough for some people. As for using it on my lips, I, personally, am not going to do it, because it makes my lips dry. And I want lip colour to do the opposite. Make my lips feel nice and comfortable. This product doesn’t do that for me, so I’m going to take a pass on it and use other lip products instead.



Cashmere Concealer

Flawless Soft-Matte





№ 01



This thing I try with apprehension. Usually concealers of the kind just don’t work for me. They don’t have enough coverage power in them. They are too sheer. And can someone, please, tell me, what’s the point in a sheer concealer? I mean, if it’s sheer, what is it even going to conceal? I don’t have the answer. That’s why I usually prefer cream concealers to these pen highlighting things. They do the job better for me.



The other thing that makes me suspicious here, kind of, is that pompom like applicator 🙂 I mean, I don’t know, it might work or not work, we’ll see. The fact that I’ve never really encountered anything of the kind before leaves a chance it’s not going to work. I‘m not sure.



The first thing I do is twist the thing. And twist. And twist. And then some. Because that’s how it always goes with such concealers. They almost never get me enough of the product initially. I guess, so that they don’t spill, or for whatever other reason, they are all programmed so as to have to be twisted an enormous amount of times before you get anything out of them the very first time around.


Well, Burberry proves to be different. I do twist it several times, but then a whole bunch of product comes out. It goes much easier than with other pen like products of the kind. I don’t need to twist it painfully and numerously. Several times only. That’s great. I like that. Like that a lot.


Now let’s talk about the pompom thing 🙂 It works fabulously. Luxuriously soft and pleasant. And really really helps to blend in the product, so as to achieve perfect level of fusion with your skin. I’m very happy with it and surprised too. Didn’t expect this pompom to work so well.


Now to the concealer itself. The texture is great. So great I want to use it all over and not just as a concealer. That pompom feeling so nice helps too. The concealer is matt but not too matt. Natural finish like. Feels like an awesome skin makeup product that gets attuned and adjusted to your skin creating a natural finish rather than making a big makeup statement on your face.


Cashmere is a great name for it, that’s exactly what it feels like. The product texture and that fluffy applicator together do create the lush and soft cashmere feel.


Finally, the shade. Despite it being 01 and being called Porcelain, which usually means very very light and too light for me, this shade is not so light. It’s medium beige rather than that whitish beige that looks so good on those snow white skinned beauties. If you fall into the category of snow white skinned beauties, beware, this shade might be too dark for you. The thing I like about this shade is that it doesn’t really lean to either yellow or pink that much. Maybe, more to pink, but just a little bit. In general, it stays true to its beige self, which makes it more universal and becoming for more people.

IMG_0674more pink


I looked it up, by the way, and there’s № 001 Ivory in the range :-), so pale skinned beauties have their back covered too. And then there are four darker shades than the one I swatched here. So, I think, almost anyone can find something for themselves here in terms of shade.


This Burberry Cashmere Concealer is an ever so pleasant surprise. I love it and will probably get more shades. It’s so good it might compete with my favourite YSL Anti-Cernes. If you want to know more about this one, please, see here. Correct me if I’m wrong – best corrector out there.


Next on my list of things to see and try out today is Burberry’s take on cream eye colour texture. It took them a while to come up with it, but here it is. On the other hand, they are comparatively new in the makeup market 🙂 I have to say up front that I love cream eye shadow texture. It’s easy, it’s sparing on the lids, it looks good, it has all the pros a makeup product should have for me to get all over it. Which makes me very picky, when it comes to cream eye colour 🙂 I have very high standards here. And several favourites that are good. Let’s see what Burberry has to offer.



Eye Colour Cream

Buildable Eye Shadow



Dusty Pink

№ 104



Before we talk about the cream eyeshadow proper, see this thing here? In the box? Do you know how much easier it is to get it out of the box with this thing? Immensely.



Finally, finally, luxury brands started putting some thinking into how their customers are going to get to their product, that is, get it out of the packaging. To me it matters. For starters, I don’t want to ruin the packaging, because in my own world it’s part of the whole deal. Also, I don’t want to go through all the trouble and effort and time to get makeup out of wherever it is. I mean, this is luxury market, and it should be easy and pleasant, not painful. Well, Burberry thought of that, and I thank them for it. By the way, that Lip & Cheek Bloom thing has the same packaging trick in it, so it’s easy to pull out too 🙂


The brush that comes with it is a two part brush.



Angled eyeshadow brush



that is often recommended for cream eyeshadow application.



To the product itself now.



This cream eyeshadow feels fine to the touch, but not extra nice. Not as good as Cashmere Concealer 🙂 The application is Ok, no problem there, and no extra bonus either. I do like the finish though. Very much. It’s so light, airy almost, although it’s not really sheer, and satiny. The finish is truly luxurious. Understated and chic.



To the shade now. This pink is very dusty. That is, it’s not pink at all. It’s beige. I can’t even say in all honesty, it’s pink beige. Maybe, only kind of.



What it is, is a nice cooler greige shade with a delicate silvery sheen to it. The name of the shade sounds misleading to me. People who were looking for pink, even if dusty, won’t be too happy. The pink or no pink thing aside though, it’s a truly pretty and elegant greige shade. Elevated greige, sort og. The kind that you can wear anywhere and look stunning. It’s not pink though, I’m sorry, it’s just not.



My verdict here is it’s not the best cream eyeshadow formula out there, but it’s quite good. I’m not going to rush and buy all the shades, but should some nice and pretty shades be released in this range, as limited editions, maybe, I’d gladly get them and try them.


Next product.



Eye Colour


Smoke & Sculpt Pen

Long Lasting




№ 112



Another thing I love in eye makeup. Eye colour pen. It has the same benefits cream eyecolour has. It’s easy, fast and sparing on the lids.



The first thing I say here is – I don’t know about contouring. I mean, the tip of this eyeshadow is pretty blunt. So, no precision contouring seems to be possible.



Further on, the application is smooth, but not the smoothest ever, it takes several swipes one over the other to get where you wanna be in terms of colour. If you do only one swipe, you won’t get all the colour there is there, you’ll get just a shadow of it.


Just as in Eye Colour Cream, it’s not that the application is bad, it’s fine, it’s just not the best and easiest application you can find in the market. Also, some beats and pieces did snap off when I applied it, not too much, but still, I’m not sure I like that.


I do love the shade though. Although once again, my colour perception doesn’t coincide with that of Burberry. Again, I expect some pink or rose here, even if in the form of undertone, when I hear ‘rosewood’. More or less, I expect to see some version of pink beige. Instead I get here a lush greige with a mild golden sheen to round it up. Once again, I love this shade. I just wouldn’t call it ‘rosewood’. The shade is very pretty, upscale, will suit most of us. All good. But where’s rosewood?

IMG_0717IMG_0725IMG_0732 2


My verdict here is the same as in case of Eye Colour Cream. This Eye Colour Contour thing is quite good, but there are better versions of the same formula out there. I’m not buying the rest of the range, but if Burberry comes up with interesting limited edition shades, I’ll get them.


The last eye colour product I have here is this.



Eye Colour

Wet & Dry Glow Shadow



Nude № 002



You’ll ask me, why I’m swatching here Burberry Eye Colour, it’s not like it’s something new. Well, what’s new here is the whole ‘glow’ part. Burberry came up with four shades in this glow finish not too long ago.



And yet again, it’s one of my favourite eye colour textures. I mean, isn’t it great, when you can have a classic eyeshadow texture that you’ve used so many times and are ever so good at applying, and at the same time have all the glow you want there? Yeah. That’s why I like this formula so much.



Oh, this is a beauty. And it feels and swatches so great. So easy. The colour doesn’t go all around getting all smudged. And just look at all the shine. In addition to shine, we have sparkle here. And I welcome it. This is a perfect hit in terms of texture. That’s what this texture should be. Posh and soft and nice. Right on the money, Burberry. I’m ever so pleased. I want more shades, please. Why are there only four?



The shade I’m swatching here – Nude – is yet another greige J Only this one is very cool – the coolest of all – and very golden, light golden and silvery at the same time. Very shiny. Very crispy. This shade is so good for going out. If it’s too shiny for you, you can always use it as an eyeliner. A great shade. Flattering across the board.

IMG_0765 2IMG_0779


This is one great eyeshadow texture. I want more shades. I mean, I’ll get the four but… I want so much more than four. I hope, Burberry will just keep adding to the range.


See, I told you, to me, Burberry makeup is always a hit and miss kind of thing. Here we have pretty much three misses, that would be Lip & Cheek Bloom, Eye Colour Cream and Eye Colour Contour. They are good enough products, high quality, as always, when it’s Burberry, but they aren’t the best, in my opinion, and will never be my favorites.


And then I have two amazing hits. That is, Cashmere Concealer and Eye Colour Glow. Those two products – one face product and one eye product – are gorgeous and they are my favourites already. Given, I have a lot of favourites in makeup world 🙂 But I always welcome new editions to my makeup routine. Although I’ll tell you what, my relationship with makeup is anything but routine.

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