My Big Burberry Catch Up (lips): Lip Velvet, Burberry Kisses, Burberry Kisses Sheer, Burberry Kisses Gloss and Burberry First Kiss swatched

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I’m going to keep catching up with Burberry new releases here. I’m already all caught up on their face and eye products. If you missed it, you can see it here My Big Burberry Catch Up (face and eyes): Lip & Cheek Bloom, Cashmere Concealer, Eye Colour Cream, Eye Colour Contour, Eye Colour Glow swatched.


Today I’m catching up on their lip products. There’s a lot to talk about here. One relatively new and four brand new lip colour products to see. Some of them are colour proper, some are colour & care. Some are velvet, some are sheer, some are matt, some are glossy. That is, there’s something to suit any taste or almost any.


I’m going to say real quick here again, that Burberry to me is middle of the road in terms of my personal preference among luxury makeup brands. It’s quite good and quite solid, but not my favourite. I’m always eager to see their new items though. Maybe, I’ll find something to love among them 🙂


The first lip colour item I want to talk about is new but not so new. Burberry had Velvet lip colour in their range all along. They’ve revamped it and released some new shades of late. Here’s one.



Lip Velvet

Long Lasting Matte

Lip Colour



Nude Rose

№ 405



Matt lip colour has been hot in lip colour world for a while now. It’s trendy. Still trendy. A lot of brands did their version of this old fashioned in a way but definitely lush texture. I don’t mind it at all. Sometimes it works really well. And some people just don’t like all the gloss. I do 🙂 So, to me, matt lip colour texture is more of a ‘for a change’ kind of thing. But change is something I really need, so I like to have it in my stash for when this ‘change’ has to come 🙂


The biggest catch in matt finish texture is that it tends to dry my lips. I don’t know what it is about matt lip colour formula, it just does dry my lips much more than any other lip colour textures seem to. I’m still looking for a matt lip colour that won’t dry my lips. So far the best has been Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana, and even it has a dry feel about it in the background.


So, here goes – Burberry Lip Velvet. Notice how the tube itself is all checkered but velvety, as opposed to the rest of Burberry lip range tubing, which is kind of shiny, metallic in its finish.



So, Lip Velvet actually feels good and comforting on the lips. Much better than most matt lip colour textures out there. It would be perfect, still there’s this dry sensation at the bottom of it all. Hard to describe, you know, it feels good, but you can tell the dryness is coming. Despite that, this is by far the best feeling matt lip colour in luxury makeup market. It’s as good as Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana. Only Burberry Lip Velvet is lighter. You know, you feel it less on the lips, and that’s a big achievement, when we’re talking matt lip colour texture. This is a very good formula. Very good.



Let’s see the shade now. Yep. I agree. Nude Rose is a good name for it. It’s a gorgeous satiny nude pink shade with something mauvish and beigeish mixed into it. It’s one of the best nude pinks I’ve seen in a while. And a very good shade to release in this texture. The combination of this natural shade and natural matt texture will work wonders on your lips. You’ve never even thought that natural can be this hot. Well, guess what, it can.



To me, the bottom line on this new Lip Velvet by Burberry is it’s a great matt texture lipstick. I want to see more shades, so I’ll be sure to get some. I don’t do matt lip colour look that often, as I said, but when I do it, Burberry Lip Velvet and Dolce & Gabbana Dolce will be my two top picks. And by the way, you know that heavy kind of overpowering old fashioned powdery makeupey scent about Dolce lipstick? Well, if you’re scent sensitive, here’s good news, Lip Velvet doesn’t have that 🙂 If you want to learn more about Dolce & Gabbana Dolce, please, see here  Dolce & Gabbana matts – Dolce Desire, Dolce Lover, Dolce Flirt nail colour and Dolce Flirt lipstick swatched.


Moving on.




Hydrating Lip




Crimson Pink

№ 53



Burberry Kisses is Burberry’s take on the whole colour & care thing that’s as big as matt lip colour trend in makeup. I mean, almost all lip colour products released now have a care element to them and promise us so much more than just a cute shade. Unfortunately, it proved really hard to combine the two – care and colour – in one formula. I don’t know why, it just did.


So that, we have a whole bunch of lip colour & care products on the market, and almost all of them provide colour, but only few provide the promised care. The best by far, to my mind, is Lip Lover by Lancome. I’ve already tried it, swatched it and described it here Lancome Lip Lover all shades swatched.


So, any time I hear the colour and care promise, I’m kind of hopeful, because the idea is a good one, but not too trusting, because as good as this idea is, it just doesn’t seem to work. Anyway, let’s see Burberry’s input in this trend.



The name of this lipstick is cute. Burberry Kisses. True, you’d better take really good care of lips, if you’re going for the kisses 🙂 Ok, so the finish of this lipstick is pretty much a classic cream lipstick finish. Full coverage, satiny sheen, no shine to speak of.



The colour part of it, that is, the shade is Crimson Pink, according to Burberry. Well, if you come to think of, I guess, it makes sense, that Crimson Pink proves to be raspberry on the lips. It’s a classic lighter raspberry lip shade. Not too dark, not too light, somewhere in between. It’s been done and redone many times, because it’s appreciated by many. In fact, this shade is light enough, where you could call it a bright pink. It will look really good on dark haired, dark eyed girls.



Now to the care part. Sorry, yet again, it’s just not working. It feels only distantly soothing on the lips. That’s all I can say. I don’t feel any special care. I don’t even feel extra comfort compared to an ordinary lip colour product. I mean, I can’t say there’s just nothing there. There’s something, but this something is so mild it’s hard to even feel it that much. Told you, colour & care seem to go well together, but almost never work that well.


To round it up, I don’t feel much hydration here. Some, maybe, but not enough for a hydrating lip colour product. Now that I’ve tried Burberry Kisses, I have to tell you, I don’t feel like rushing to the counter and getting more shades. I might try some nice limited editions though, but that’s all there is in it to me.


Next on our Burberry new releases lip colour list is colour & care lipstick in sheer texture.





Moisturising Shine

Lip Colour



Bright Pink

№ 233



Ok, so now we get colour & care only in sheer texture. I haven’t seen a single product of the kind that actually works, but I love sheer texture, so if someone, that is, Burberry, in this case, manages to pull it, I’ll be ecstatic 🙂 The trouble here is the same as the trouble with classic colour & care formula, I presume. Somehow, the two just don’t go that well together.


Before I get to it, I wonder, what’s the difference between ‘hydrating’ in Burberry Kisses and ‘moisturising’ in Burberry Kisses Sheer? 🙂 Is there are difference, actually? I don’t immediately see much.



Once I try this lipstick, I get another question that’s even more urgent than the linguistic difference between ‘hydrating’ and ‘moisturising’. And this question is simply – who said it’s sheer? I have tons of sheer colour formula lipsticks, and I’ll tell you one thing – this is not sheer. Shiny? Yes, shiny, Burberry, I’ll give you that. But sheer? Nope. Not sheer. Not by a long shot. I don’t know why they call it sheer, you just need to know it’s not 🙂 In terms of shine, I should say, it’s kind of shiny, but less so than sheer formula lipstick usually is. It has a nice sheen to it, that I can’t honestly even call a full on shine.



The shade is a bright warm pink. Pretty, if you like bright pinks. Girly. Interesting. Might be too bright to look good on everyone. An interesting shade in terms of it not being overused. Most pinks that get released now are cooler and have some purple mixed to them. This one is a very clear, very warm bright pink. No purple there. And it’s definitely warm. Which makes it kind of romantic, I must say.



The final question is – is there any care here? Once again, I don’t feel it. Does it feel nice on the lips? Yes. Soft? Yes. Is there any care there though? Any kind of special soothing comforting feel we get from our favourite lip care products? Nope. There’s none. Maybe, it feels a little bit more soothing that your classic sheer lipstick. Just maybe. But it’s definitely not enough of a feel to bring it into the colour & care category for me. Sorry, Burberry 🙂


My conclusion here is it’s a nice lip product, if you forget the whole ‘care & colour’ promise. And if you forget it’s supposedly sheer. Too many if’s, huh? Maybe. Although I like this thinner lipstick tubing that Burberry did here. I like the fact that most lip colour products by Burberry are nonscented or almost nonscented. And I do like the shade a lot. So, I’ll treat this lipstick as just lipstick with a little bit extra shine to it. Then we’re all good. I’ll tell you what, I’ll probably pick up more shades.


If like me you’re into all the gloss and shine, you’ve been probably wondering, whether you’ll see any lip gloss products here. Well, then the next two on my list here are probably your kind of thing.





Wet Shine

Moisturising Gloss



Sugar Pink

№ 45



Oh-oh. Another colour & care thing. Ok. I won’t even repeat all the apprehensions I have any time I hear this declaration. It just doesn’t usually work. It doesn’t. It works as little in lip gloss as it does in lipstick. Once again, I don’t know why. It’s just a fact of life. A peculiarity of formula, maybe. Or whatever else it might be. Not that it’s a bad concept. It would be nice to have a lip gloss with lip care element to it. Who knows, maybe, Burberry can do it.


For starters, this is scented. There’s a chemically desserty sweet scent that I’d rather not have in this product. Or any lip colour product, for that matter. It’s not that it’s unpleasant. Or too strong. I’m just very scent sensitive, so I don’t like scent in lip colour most of the time.



The shade is truly sugar pink. It’s this cool light lilacey pink, mirror shiny and with a bunch of lilac sparkle in it. This shade is awesome. This is the kind of shade I’d rather have instead of all beige nude shades. And pink nude shades 🙂 This shade is perfect. It’s girly. It’s romantic. It’s womanly. It’s elegant. It brings out the best of you instead of making you look like everyone else. The best take on a cool light pink I’ve seen in a while. This shade is definitely a keeper.



To the whole care thing now. I just don’t feel it 🙂 Heard that before in this post, haven’t you? Once again, it’s not that it doesn’t feel fine on my lips. It does. Feels kind of, maybe, a touch soothing. But that’s all there is to it. Any lip gloss feels a little mosturising merely at the expense of its liquid – in essence – texture. Well, this one feels that way too. And that’s all I can say. It feels like a damn good lip gloss. That’s what it feels like. I’m not sure I get any extra care element in it though.


I have mixed feelings about this gloss. Among the pros is the shade. If they have more of great shades like this one, I’d like to have them. And it feels quite fine on the lips. The cons for me are the scent and lack of lip care promised to me by Burberry. So, I’m torn here. I might pick up a couple more shades. And then I’ll just wait for limited editions, I guess.


And the last thing we have on our plate today is this thing here.



First Kiss

Fresh Gloss

Lip Balm



Rose Blush

№ 03



So, is it a gloss or a lip balm? And what makes gloss fresh? Or not fresh? And what’s the difference between ‘kisses’ and ‘first kiss’ here? These are the questions to be answered. And I’ll find the answers, you bet I will.


Feels so light in my hand. Hm. Interesting. Lip balmey looking for sure.



You know what, every time I apply lip colour that comes in this kind of tubing, it makes me feel like I’m a little girl playing with toy makeup as opposed to using real one. I don’t know why, this packaging just reminds me of all kind of kids banana lip balm stuff. So that it feels more like a toy to me.


Ok, so this thing is a mirror shine sheer lip gloss like texture without sparkle. I don’t know what makes it a lip balm. Maybe, that the texture is a little thicker than what a lip gloss texture usually is. In terms of being a balm, it doesn’t do much. No care there, as far as I can tell or feel. It feels like a good lip gloss. And that’s all there is to it. It does feel nice due to the oily texture. That is, this texture that’s thicker than lip gloss proper. But there’s nothing intently soothing or comforting about the formula itself. The third product of colour & care is a miss this way 🙂



The shade is pretty bold for rose blush. When I hear ‘rose blush’, I imagine just a shy touch of colour, a shadow of colour, something very delicate and vulnerable. Instead I get here a cool pink. So cool and so sheer and diluted in terms of colour and so shiny in its finish it goes into the lilac territory a bit. I like this shade a lot. It’s brighter than Sugar Pink, kind of in the same area though. Very pretty. Very fresh. Romantic. And very flattering. Will look good on most people out there. The kind of pink you do want to have among your lip colour. An easy shade that will go well with a bunch of makeup, outfits and looks. ‘Apply and get going’ kind of thing. ‘Be ready in a minute’ kind of thing. And ‘I’m fresh out of the shower and not really made up, just pretty’ kind of thing.



By the way, there’s nothing extra fresh about this gloss. It’s just gloss. And this ‘first kiss’ feels no different on the lips than all the ‘kisses’ products. Yet again I’m disappointed by lip colour & care product. There’s colour. But where’s care? I don’t think it’s there. It doesn’t even feel like a lip balm. It feels lip glossy. Feels nice on the lips. But not extra comforting or extra soothing. It just doesn’t do it for me as lip care. It’s not a lip balm, it’s a lip gloss.


Once again, this lip product leaves me kind of confused. I like the shade. There’s no scent to it of any kind, unlike Burberry Kisses Gloss. There’s all the mirror shine that I’ve always liked in lip colour. But there’s no extra element of care or balm in it. So, if I just choose to think of it as of a good lip gloss, it works, and I might get several more shades. Other than that, there’s nothing interesting about it. So, I’ll wait for good limited editions, I suppose.


Please, see all lip products in the post swatched side by side. Left to right: Burberry Lip Velvet, Burberry Kisses, Burberry Kisses Sheer, Burberry Kisses Gloss and Burberry First Kiss.



These are the five pieces of news in Burberry lip colour world. As usual, some of Burberry products work for me, some don’t. And as usual, lip colour & care leaves me disappointed. That doesn’t go solely for Burberry though. It happens across the board. I’d say, the matt Lip Velvet is quite good, Burberry Kisses is more of a miss to me, Burberry Kisses Sheer can work well enough as just lip colour, and Burberry Kisses Gloss and Burberry First Kiss are two more lip glosses for me to wear now and again.

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