Clarins Hale d’ete summer 2016 swatched

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Summer Kiss, huh, Clarins? Cute but not that inventive, I’d say. Still, I kind of have warm feelings up front here, because it happens to be the first summer collection I’m looking at this year. We’ll see what this summer kiss is like and how sweet it proves to be. I’m hoping for the better – as usual – because I want to have as much of gorgeous makeup as humanly possible every single season. So, here goes, summer collection by Clarins. It’s not too big.


First we have this thing here that’s about to flood makeup market, because it always does in summer. You wanna take a guess? Bronzer 🙂 Or else, Bronzing & Blush Compact, as Clarins chooses to call it this year. I guess, it makes sense, because we do obviously use bronzers for contouring, that is, as powder, blush and highlighter. Depends on our taste and our goal.



Clarins releases those bigger size bronzers every summer. I have to tell you, this year the design is fine, but it didn’t really impress me to the point, where I’d get all excited about it.



I mean, I kind of like the brown boxing with the sun pattern, which is traditional for Clarins.



As for the pattern on the bronzer itself this year, it left me sort of indifferent. It’s nice, but not more than that. Doesn’t really inspire me.



In terms of the shade, you can see right away that this bronzer is really bronzery this year, that is, it’s dark. At least, that’s what it looks like in the package.


When I swatch it, it proves to be more orange than dark.



To me, that’s pretty much a deal breaker. There’s some sallow in my skin tone, naturally, which means, that anything yellowish and orangeish in skin tone is a no go zone for me. I always steer towards pink or pink beige.


It doesn’t mean this bronzer is a miss for everyone though. There are people out there on whom it will look good. It’s just that, as usual, on seeing this bronzer I can’t help thinking that this whole trend of ‘bronzing’ in makeup and artificial tan products seems to have gone a little bit over the top of late. There’s definitely value in artificial tan, it’s just that, in my opinion, it only looks good when there’s just a touch of it. That’s just me though, you can have a totally different perspective here for sure.



Next on our list of summer products in Clarins Hale d’ete collection is liquid eyeshadow. It comes in four shades.


Interesting, I like shiny eyeshadow. I’m careful about liquid eyeshadow though, because oftentimes there are issues with application, when it comes to this texture. We’ll see what Clarins has to say here.


Here we go.


Ombre Waterproof

Fard a Paupieres

Crème Scintillant




Shimmering Cream Colour



The first shade is called 01 golden peach.



Ouch. A tube. Now I’m really really scared. No applicator, tube format and liquid eyeshadow can be a very bad combination.



The tube has a really thin neck, so that the product comes out of the tube in a very thin line, I’ll give Clarins that.



Unfortunately, even if it helps to get the right amount of product out, it doesn’t help application. And the texture is really hard to work with. It’s hard to evenly distribute it on my arm. To say nothing of my lids. I always have the same issues with liquid eyeshadow in such tubes. I just can never get it distributed properly on my lids. It doesn’t want to go on evenly. It just doesn’t. Maybe, it’s just me, but it’s all the same here. Texture is a problem to me. Application is a problem. It’s just too difficult to manage.


The shade is very shiny and pearly. Something’s telling me, all four shades are going to be this way.


Golden peach proves to be very warm, pinkish golden. Remember, it’s shiny. It’s so warm it’s almost leaning to bronze. At least, it definitely does at certain angles and in certain lighting. It’s a pretty dress up kind of shade because of all the gold and all the pearl in it. I wish there were more pink in it, but as it is, it’s interesting, because it’s not just gold or not just bronze. Despite being shiny, it’s natural in colour, so it can be treated as understated chic kind of shade.



And off we go to the second shade.



02 golden sand



Let’s see it.



Pretty. I’m still tired of all the shiny gold from holiday collections, so I very much appreciate this rich golden beige shade. Or, I guess you could say, it’s a dark dark gold. Vintage gold. Aged gold. What a great shade. I wish I could operate the texture better. This shade is very flattering. And it will look awesome in summer with all the light and bright colours and sun. And tan 🙂 And this shade can definitely be a special occasion shade all year round.



Next shade.



03 silver taupe



Okay, now that we’ve been through two golden shades, we get silver.



I like that. I mean, not all people like gold in makeup, right? So, silver fans should have something for themselves in summer collections too 🙂 Silver greige. That’s what this shade is. Very cool and very lush. Shiny and pearly. Wonderful for blue and grey eyed beauties. Green eyed and brown eyed beauties can wear it too, especially if they choose the right outfits to match it.



And the last one.



04 copper brown



Copper was bound to happen in a batch of shiny summer eye shades.



Copper it is. I’m no big fan of copper, just as I’m no big fan of bronze. I see orange in both those shades, and as I’ve told you already, orange happens to be one of the few shades that I don’t like in eye colour and nail colour. Still, this shade looks gorgeous in shiny texture. And it’s summery, there’s no question about that. Out on the beach this shade will rock and help you be the centre of attention.



I like the four shades. They are good picks for a summer collection and a shiny finish product. Speaking about the beach, they are waterproof, so they can be worn there too. My favorite is silver taupe. Beautiful. And elegant. The big catch is the texture though. It just has to be better and easier to use. As it is, I’ll wear this eyeshadow only rarely – too much trouble.



Please, see the swatches for all four eyeshadow shades side by side. Left to right I have here: 01 golden peach, 02 golden sand, 03 silver taupe, 04 copper brown.



The only new summer makeup release by Clarins left to see is one new shade of their lip oil. Remember? It was introduced in Clarins spring collection last year called Garden Escape. Back then we got two shades – 01 honey and 02 raspberry. I’ve already told you about them in my post called Clarins Garden Escape Collection Spring 2015.


The third new shade of Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil by Clarins



is called 03 red berry.



For starters, it does smell like some sort of berries. The scent is pretty strong. I’m scent sensitive, but somehow in this lip oil it doesn’t bother me. In fact, I even like it.



This lip oil has the same kind of big roundish fluffy brush as the two other shades. When I saw this brush first back in spring 2015, I got kind of scared 🙂 , but it proved to be very comfy to use.



The new shade is reddish with, maybe, some pink and orange to it. It’s nice, but the trick about this oil, there’s very little colour to it. Just a hint of colour. It’s more of a care and shine thing than colour proper.

IMG_1203IMG_1295 2


And it does its job really well in both care and shine department. It feels so great on the lips, so soothing. The care element is here big time. Very nice, Clarins. If you’re looking for a lip care product, consider this for summer.


The two other shades are said to be part of the collection too, by the way. So, I’m going to remind you quickly here, what they are like. Especially as I think they are worth it 🙂


Eclat Minute

Huile Confort



Instant Light

Lip Comfort Oil



The first shade is called honey. M-m.

01 honey



Seriously, it does smell like honey. Absolutely delicious.



It’s golden yellow. So happy. So full of light and sunshine. A truly summer shade. Once again, it’s not going to give you much colour, just a warm sheen on your lips.



And the second shade that was released last spring.


Eclat Minute

Huile Confort



Instant Light

Lip Comfort Oil



02 raspberry



Smells like raspberry. Sweet and berry like and awesome.



The shade is pinkish. Very light pinkish. Romantic. Very sheer and very shiny. It’s more of a kind of shade that will bring in and emphasize your own lip colour as opposed to painting your lips some other colour.



All in all, Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is a good lip product by Clarins. To me, it’s totally worth it. And I do like all the mirror shine it gives me. And appreciate the comfortable feeling. I’d like to see more colour in it in the perfect world.

IMG_1203IMG_1295 2IMG_1257IMG_1295IMG_1275IMG_1295


Please, see all three shades of Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil by Clarins swatched side by side. Left to right I have here: 03 red berry, 02 raspberry, 01 honey.



And to round it all up, we get a limited edition of Joli Baume by Clarins. What’s limited edition in it is the packaging. Last year it was all circley 🙂 This year it’s all flowery.



I like this year version a lot. It’s truly lovely, as stated in this lip balm name.



This pattern is so cute it even helped me to accept the fact that the tubing is paper as opposed to plastic.



I generally don’t like paper packaging of the kind, but Clarins managed to overpower it with this pretty design this time around 🙂



This lip balm by Clarins is pale pinkish, has a sweet scent to it which isn’t too intrusive and it does have a soothing quality about it. It’s a solid lip care product in terms of quality.



In terms of colour you should be aware of the fact that it’s the kind of thing that works with your own lip colour and brings out the best in it. That is, it will look different on each and every one of us.

IMG_4147lighter small


And it gives off more colour as time goes by. See here on top and on the left is what it is after it’s applied, on the bottom and on the right it’s what it develops into.

lighter big

brighter big

lighter smallIMG_4147brighter small


I think releasing a lip balm in summer is always a good idea. This season is hot, it’s relaxed, it’s vacation season, so going natural in makeup department is often a good idea.


And that’s all the makeup Clarins has in stock for us this summer (with the exception of the lip balm). Please, see it all swatched here, the whole collection. Left to right: Bronzing & Blush Compact, Shimmering Cream Colour in 01 golden peach, 02 golden sand, 03 silver taupe, 04 copper brown and Light Lip Comfort Oil in 03 red berry.



And all the above plus 02 raspberry and 01 honey.



I have to tell you, this Summer Kiss proved to be not as passionate as I would hope it would. The collection itself is not big, and too many products here are more of a miss for me. The bronzer is a miss, as far as I’m concerned. The eyeshadow is nice shadewise, but I don’t like the application. And the lip oil is good, but it’s only one shade. Not enough to get me all ecstatic about a summer makeup collection. I’ll be waiting to see and try other collections and hoping to get more kick out of them.

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