ORLY PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) summer 2016 swatched

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As I’ve already stated in the name of my post PCH is Pacific Coast Highway. California. Highway. Pacific Coast. Breathtaking views. Sun. What can be a better theme for a summer nail colour collection? From what I’ve seen so far, ORLY has gone the brightest here. Neon almost. Pretty neon, in fact. It makes sense in summer. This season is best suited for bright vibrant colours. Right?


There are six shades in the collection. The usual number of shades by ORLY. Their nail colour is professional quality, and it works fine with luxury market base and top coat. In this case I used Guerlain base and top coat.


Now let’s see those shades.


20875 Scenic Route is a lilac shade.



But it’s very different from all the lilacs we’ve traditionally seen this year in spring collections.



It’s not a romantic lilac. Not a tender lilac. Not a pastel lilac.



It’s ever so bright. Almost neon, but not quite.



Very interesting. Very refreshing for summer. This lilac redefines the concept of this shade proving that it can be a very bold statement as opposed to a soft girly shade.



This shade is an exciting and adventurous way for romantic girls to try to go all out and daring in manicure department. It’s always easier to go brighter with the shade you’re comfortable with.



And summer is definitely the time to do it, because in summer we tend to wear brighter clothes, and vigorous manicure is not going to stand out as much against the colourful outfits background.



I like lilac nail colour, and I’m not sure I’ve ever worn lilac quite as bright as this one, so I’m eager to try 🙂

IMG_0057IMG_0120 2


20876 Life’s a Beach



Wow. Just when you thought Scenic Route is bright, huh?



This shade is orange. And here we by all means talking neons. It’s not just orange. It’s neon orange. Crazy bright orange. As orange as it gets and then some.



As you might know already, orange is one of the few shades that I don’t like to see that much on my nails and my eyelids.



I do wear it occasionally, but more for variety sake, when I’m tired of everything else in my stash.



If you like corals, please, be forewarned that this shade here is not really coral. It’s extreme orange. That’s what it is 🙂



This shade might be too bright for a lot of people. But guess what, even though I’m not ecstatic about orange nail colour, this shade is so super orange, it makes me curious.



It’s a great accent shade. If you go neutral in the rest of the look and just have this colour on your nails, it will look awesome. Also, might look very interesting with tan.

IMG_0075IMG_0168 2


20874 Put the Top Down



Another neon. Only this one is pink. Very very pink.



It’s a big splash of pink that hits you big time and leaves you breathless. Like a wave.



Will look good with tan, just like that orange.



If you want to test your love for pink manicure, this might be a way to do it. I mean, if you like this pink, you’re officially pink nail colour fan.



Once again, this shade can be a kind of accent, where you go lighter and neutral in your clothes, your makeup, your accessories, your whole look, and then – boom, you add this vivid shade on your nails – or you pair it up with another bright detail in your look, preferably pink too, and you get a very sophisticated look as a result.



With an edge to it that makes it exciting. Special. Makes it memorable.



Or you can wear this shade with a bathing suit on the beach and look gorgeous, because such bright neon touches don’t need that much framing. Just you.

IMG_0219IMG_0297 2


20872 Road Trippin



When I was in my early teens, I had to watch some people around me wear this shade on their nails as a statement of how different they were from everyone else around, how creative and how artsy.



Back then I, honestly, couldn’t understand why they’re doing it 🙂



I couldn’t help thinking that one doesn’t need to paint one’s nails any special colour to prove that one is special. In fact, I wasn’t into makeup at all.



Now that I saw this shade in this collection, I could feel that I’ve warmed up to it quite a bit 🙂



I’ve come to love yellow nail colour and green nail colour, and now this shade just feels like a mix of the two to me.



So, I couldn’t believe it, but when I applied it, I felt really comfortable and didn’t feel that this shade is feverishly bright.



But that’s my story. You should keep in mind that this mix of yellow and green is not even lime green, it’s more than that, brighter, more neon. It’s up to you to decide, if you like it, and if you dare.

IMG_0249IMG_0541 2


20877 Paradise Cove



How very interesting and entertaining.



This is the second purple shade in the collection – given that the first was actually lilac, much cooler than this one in tone, but still – and the second one that’s not really neon.



It’s bright, yes, I’ll give you that. But it’s not neon. It’s just a warm purple taken to a very vibrant and bright point.



This seems to be the second shade in the collection that those of us who don’t wear neons can actually wear this summer 🙂



It’s nice to think that ORLY took care of people who are more romantic and not that edgy in style.



I mean, we have to admit here, that neon manicure is not for everyone. While a lot of people like plums and purples on their nails. And they might well try this colour.



The more so that summer is going to be here pretty soon. And you know how you’ll want to wear bright shades in summer. Yes, happens every year, doesn’t it? 🙂

IMG_0367IMG_0485 2


20873 Summer Sunset



That’s a nice shade name. Summer Sunset gives you all the right images and associations.



The shade is pretty mild by this collection standards 🙂 That is, it’s not neon. Still bright though. It’s orange. A lighter orange with some sparkle hidden deep in its core.



I guess, you could say too, that it’s a brighter yellowish coral. This is the shade coral manicure fans can try by all means.



In fact, this orange is very rare. Gets released only rarely in nail colour world. It’s not overused at all. I like that.



There’s something warm and nice about this shade. Elegant even, believe it or not. Something special.



I can’t believe I’m actually liking the second orange shade in one collection. That tells you everything you need to know about this shade, as me liking two orange shades never happens 🙂



This orange is awesome. Flattering. Calling for tan and all the summer adventures. Great.

IMG_0381IMG_0503 2


That’s Pacific Coast Highway collection by ORLY. See what they are doing here? Three neon shades



and three bright but not neon ones. Smart. Covers more people’s tastes.



These shades are off the beaten track. They are full of sun and life and summer. Guess what, just as in my own story with that neon yellow green, I think everyone should try these neon shades at least once in life. Might be a one time experience, but it’s worth it. If for nothing else, for the excitement and strong impressions these vivid shades bring in your life. They energize you and invigorate you. Why not shake things up? For a change? Think about it this way. If you have to try something new and bolder, manicure is a very small way to do it. Which brings you a very long way.

IMG_0075IMG_0168 2IMG_0057IMG_0120 2IMG_0219IMG_0297 2

IMG_0367IMG_0485 2IMG_0249IMG_0541 2IMG_0381IMG_0503 2


Pacific Coast Highway is just the right setting for these shades. Because you know what these shades ultimately are? They are a lot of fun.

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