Сlarins Joli Rouge Brilliant new formula Rose Blossom swatched

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I’m going to start here by stating two facts of life. My life.


One, I love sheer lipstick. It’s my favourite lip colour kind ever. I like lip gloss too. A lot. But I definitely love sheer lipstick the most. It’s shiny, it’s comfy like a classic lipstick almost, it’s light in its texture and feel. It’s very simply all I want from lipstick. This combination of shine and this lighter feel on the lips is something that gets me totally. It’s my personal dream lip colour.


Two, I can’t say I’m a fan of Clarins lip colour. And I can’t really say I used to like Joli Rouge Brilliant before this reedition. I was like – it’s Ok, the scent is too strong for me, probably, and on my lips it’s fine, but not great, so I’d only get limited editions. And I’d never rush to buy permanent range shades. I have several, and it’s more than enough for me.




Any time any formula in luxury makeup world gets relaunched, I get ever so curious to see how it turned out. For starters, there’s always a chance it got better. Call me optimist, but I want to believe in good things, you know. Also, I’m just interested to see how makeup world and makeup formulae change. There are inner trends in makeup world, that one can track, if one pays a close enough attention, and I most certainly do, because it’s ever so exciting to me. Well, then there’s always the new element. I’m seeking variety, makeup provides a lot of that, which I love, but as far as I’m concerned, there can never be too much of variety, so I always welcome it.


All the above obviously indicates that I was quite happy to see that Clarins decided to relaunch their Joli Rouge Brilliant. I’m looking at it today, trying it, swatching it, getting a feel for it and making up my mind as to whether I’m going to love this new formula or not.


The shade I picked up as my first encounter with this new formula is this.


Joli Rouge Brilliant



25 rose blossom



Cute shade name. Rose blossom. Pleasant and nice.


The packaging hasn’t really changed. It’s true to Clarins. You know, all red with white lettering.


The same goes for tubing. It’s still kind of round, golden and shiny.



I don’t know, whether it only seems to me, or it’s true, but I have a feeling that the scent got to be milder. It’s still there. All light and berry like. It doesn’t bother me now, as scent sensitive as I am. Still, I have to forewarn those who are scent sensitive like me or more so, that the scent is there, and it doesn’t really fully go away. It lingers somewhere in the background.



25 rose blossom is a very tender, a very romantic and a very pearly cooler pink. It’s so shiny. I love it. There’s this distinct and definite shine on the lips, so that every time you turn your head, your lips glow in the light you’re in. The texture is great in terms of how easily it can be built up. You can go from just a touch of colour and sheen on your lips to full on colour with this beautiful shine to it.



There’s more though. This lipstick feels so great on the lips. So comfortable. So soothing. Like your favourite soft sweater or something. It feels superb, really. Better than a lot of lip colour products that claim to be colour & care. This texture is stunning, Clarins. Thank you.


I like this shade a lot. It’s a little bit off the beaten track for me. When I get a new lip colour product or a relaunched lip colour product the first time around, I usually get a bright or medium bright pink shade. But this tender pink looked so fresh and pretty in the range, I decided to go for it. And I’m not sorry I did.


It reminds me a little bit of those light pearly pink lipstick shades that were very hot, when I was in my early teens. It’s a little bit different though. More natural. This pink is a great natural or nude pink lip colour alternative for me. I’m not really into light nude matt pinks on the lips. While this shade looks natural enough to me, where it will become everyone or almost everyone. It’s so womanly. It’s one of those rare shades that so easily brings out the natural beauty of each and every one of us. Makes you glow from within. Or else, helps the world to see all your beauty. Great shade. Truly great.


I’ve gone to several Clarins websites in several countries, and there seems to be twelve shades in Joli Rouge Brilliant range. Why only twelve, Clarins? I want more.


My conclusion is this lipstick is awesome. The formula got to be just so much better. I appreciate this improvement a lot. Tell you what, I want all those shade. The remaining eleven. Going to get them and enjoy wearing them. I just hope the rest of the shades will prove to be just as beautiful 🙂

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