Kure Bazaar nail polish – Hope, Caicos and Nile swatched

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A new nail colour brand? O-oh. Always warms my heart 🙂 From my perspective, the more the merrier, when it comes to nail colour. The more so that this particular brand stands out for so many reasons. It’s professional. And that means there are ever so many shades. Many more than in makeup ranges, where nail polish is only part of it all, and where permanent nail polish selection is pretty small, in fact. Also, this brand was launched by top model Kartika Luyet. That’s an interesting fact. But it also makes me hopeful, because makeup and manicure is such an integral part of a model’s job, they know how important it is for it to be good and not damaging. Speaking about damaging… or not damaging, to be more precise… the other exciting thing about this brand is that Kure Bazaar is aiming at natural, it’s the kind of brand, where there’s great awareness of what it’s made of, so that it consist of up to 85% of natural ingredients. Can you believe that? Nail colour is probably the most chemical thing out there in makeup world, and this range here has up to 85% of natural stuff in it. That’s pretty cool.


Do I hear you say you don’t really care how natural your nail colour is, as long as it does its job? I get it. We all have different preferences and come from different places, when we pick our nail polish. Or anything else, for that matter 🙂 Think about this though. There are situations in life, when we all could use a more natural nail colour range. Pregnancy, for one. Never made a connection? Well, when you do and need nail products that are more sparing on you, more healthy, you’ll already have some info about Kure Bazaar 🙂


Also, this brand produces nail base and top coat variations, nail files and nail polish remover. Just so you know 🙂


Now, I’ve heard only one big complaint about Kure Bazaar nail colour. And that is that it’s too thick. Tell you what, this is not a good thing to me. I don’t like it, when nail polish is too thick. Although it depends, of course. Once again, we all have our own standards. So, to give you a point of reference, in my world Dolce & Gabbana nail colour is too thick. I like thinner nail colour. I think it’s easier to work with. Anyway, that’s just something I heard about Kure Bazaar, doesn’t mean I will agree. Let’s see how it goes.


I have three shades here today. All three are green. If you read my posts, you might know how much of a fan I am of green nail colour. For starters, green is my favourite colour ever. It’s so much fun. And it’s so versatile. It can be everything. I adore it. It always lifts my spirits by just being there, just like that 🙂 Anyway, summer seems to be an appropriate time to wear green on your nails. Everything is green around, blooming and blossoming, and it’s a little bit off the beaten track, because it’s not coral or hot pink or blue 🙂 Although I definitely would wear green on my nails all year round, and I do, any time I feel like it.


The three greens I’m going to show you today are very different. Maybe, you’ll see something you like here.


The first one is called Hope. That’s a pretty and a very optimistic shade name for me to start with here.



The shade is green, as I’ve already stated. It’s not just green though. It’s bright and deep at the same time. Ever so deep.



It’s even brighter and deeper than it is in the photos, in fact. Camera chooses to soothe it a little 🙂



This is not the kind of green to try to wear, if green is not your usual nail colour venue.



So, if you’re just about to get introduced into the whole green nail colour new world, this shade is probably too artsy for you. Because it’s not dark enough to be a comfortable standard off black shade.



In fact, it’s really out of the common run. The good thing about it is that you can’t find it in any permanent ranges.



If you want to get into the green mojo, so to say, or take a risk and try to come to like this deep and bright emerald kind of green, match it as closely as possible to your outfit. It makes it easier, because then it doesn’t stand out so much, it becomes part of your look instead.

IMG_1684 2


This intense emerald green shade pleases me a lot. It’s a nice green. I’ll enjoy wearing it.



Next there’s a shade that is a mixture of blue and green. It means, it can be interpreted as either, depending on your colour perception.



The shade is called Caicos.



It’s bright, vibrant, crisp and summery. Turquoise in a way. But as I like green so much, I see green in it.



I think, this shade is easier to handle and more universally likeable than deep and classically green Hope.



Why? Because aqua and turquoise get released so often in limited edition seasonal collections, especially in summer, that we kind of got used to it already, and a lot of us got into the habit of wearing bright and optimistic aqua on our nails on vacation or elsewhere.



What makes this shade special is that there’s just so much green in it, once again 🙂



This shade is an incredible fresh alternative for aqua that will be back this summer in one form or another, you just watch it 🙂



A great accent kind of shade, a splash of colour of your nails.

IMG_1467IMG_1487 2


The third one of the batch is the most rare. It’s some store exclusive, so I’ll say right away here, it won’t be easy to find. But guess what, it’s not the point.



This shade itself is very special. And I just want to make you aware of it. Once you know it’s out there as an option for you, you’ll be able to find it in professional nail colour ranges. It’s called Nile.



And it’s… yes, green. But it’s just so calm. So subdued in a way for a green shade.



There’s some blue in it. Or else, turquoise. But not too much.



It’s an elegant green, which you’ll say never happens. Well, it does, but not too often.



Mostly, when brands go for green, they either go pastel, or go green big time. This is a pretty alternative to both.



It’s womanly, it’s elevated, it’s inviting us to a whole new world. And still it’s green. So, some people will still say – green nail colour? too much for me 🙂

IMG_1720_2 2


I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve worn all kind of greens on my nails, and this shade is special. It doesn’t get released that often. So, it’s a good thing to have in your stash.



Well, now that I’ve tried Kure Bazaar nail colour, before I pass my verdict on the shades here, I’d like to talk about the formula, that is, I’d like to get back to this ‘too thick’ complaint. I’ve got to tell you, that as sensitive as I am, when it comes to nail colour being too thick, this formula in particular didn’t strike me as thick at all. It does have a little bit of this ‘gets redistributed on the nails by itself’ quality, but not enough for me to say it bothers me. It’s a rather classic medium in terms of thickness formula that’s easy to apply, and that shines and lasts. All in all, this nail colour is good. I’ve got to give them credit for pulling off this formula with this kind of quality and it being so natural at the same time. I’ll like this nail polish. And I’ll get more Kure Bazaar shades.


Speaking about the shades. The three greens are nice. Exciting. And different enough to suit a wide range of tastes.

IMG_1391_2IMG_1684IMG_1404IMG_1487 2IMG_1415_2IMG_1720_2


Just consider swapping your usual summer aqua for any of the three here. It will be a summer to remember 🙂 And the chances are, if you like aqua, you’ll like one of these three beauties. I’d say, if you’re really careful about green, go for Nile or something like it. If you like aqua and turquoise shades on your nails, go for Caicos. And if you do like greens and wear them and want to try something new in this area, Hope is what you’d probably like best.


And if you need to wear green on your nails for some reason, but you aren’t quite comfortable doing it, remember to work with your look – clothes, makeup, accessories – to wrap and round it all up and make it easier on yourself.


Who knows? Maybe, green will become one of your favourites? You never know until you try, right? So, good luck 🙂

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