Chantecaille Protect the Wolves Eye Shadow Trio swatched

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What’s special about Chantecaille palettes? Right. Their design. It’s not just makeup. It’s much more. Just the way I like it 🙂 Each palette by Chantecaille, eye palettes especially, is a work of art. Sounds good? I mean, it’s worth just taking a look at these palettes to get some aesthetic pleasure. Apart from the pleasure that makeup brings us.


And then there’s more. There’s a bonus. When these eye palettes have animal pattern etched on them, they are all about animal species that are endangered and might get extinct, awareness. That is why there’s a word ‘save’ in the name of each palette. And 5 percent of the money made on these palette sales will go to helping rare animal species for real.


All of the above sounds really good to me. I like good makeup. I like it when there’s extra thinking that’s gone into makeup design. I like animals. And I like to feel like I’m doing something. Helping, you know. So, getting some Chantecaille products is a good idea for me.


In all honesty, it’s very simple. The product here speaks for itself. I mean, just look at this beauty. Just look at it. And you’ll know why I’m so excited about it. And why I want to tell you how awesome it is.


Even before we get to the palette proper in all its glory, there’s the box. And the box is really something. Here.


How’s that for makeup packaging design, huh? It’s spectacular. I love it. It’s exquisite. And wild. And wolfey.



Here’s the info about helping the wolves and why we need to do just that on the back of the box.



And then here it is. The palette. And the wolf. Look how gorgeous it is.



You know what, to me wolves are a very close and relatable subject. I have dogs, so, I feel like there’s some connection to wolves in my life 🙂



Wolf design continues into the pattern etched on the eyeshadow proper. See all these wolves here? Boy, this makeup is beautiful.



Let’s look at the brush first. And then move onto the shades.



The brush is a high quality eyeshadow brush. Not a sponge. But a brush proper with a longer kind of stem than compact palettes brushes usually have. And that’s great. I’m telling you, a lot of application issues in makeup come not even from the brush itself, but from its stem J Never thought about it? Well, I have, every time I was in a hurry and couldn’t apply my makeup the way I wanted to the first time around and had to keep trying 🙂



Finally, I’m getting to the shades here. They have names. And those names are related to wolves and animal world too. How cool is that?

IMG_2718 2


Let’s go one by one here.


IMG_2718 3IMG_2749 2


I guess, some people would say it’s black. I say, it’s charcoal though. I think, it’s just a little short of being actually black 🙂 But it’s dark and deep enough, so smoky eye fans can exalt. What we can agree on – whether we call this shade black or charcoal – is that it has a handful of this tiny fine silver sparkle in it. It’s not like a panoply of glitter making this shade artsy and artistic. It’s just a little bit of sparkle, which in my opinion, is always a good thing to have in a deep dark shade. Here’s why. Because it adds depth to dark shades. Adds texture, adds structure and makes them even more strikingly beautiful than they are on their own. Midnight is a good name for this shade that makes total sense. It is sultry and hot. And it can definitely be an eyeliner shade giving a sexy edge to any makeup you choose to create. In fact, the contrast is even bigger and bolder, obviously, when you wear dark eyeliner with lighter eyeshadow. So, it’s not just about smoky eyes, you know 🙂


Timber Wolf

IMG_2718 4IMG_2749 3


Here we go. Wolf. Or else Timber Wolf. This is a large variety of wolf, and most of wolves of the kind live in North America. And guess what, their coat is brindled. Remember the boxing? Uh-huh. Nothing is an accident in this palette design. It’s all about this wild animal species. Naturally 🙂 What a good job. Cudos, Chatecaille. Boy, this shade is a beauty. It’s a silvery pearly cool greige shade. This shade is awesome. It’s sophisticated. It’s universal. Which is something I love. It can easily take you from morning and office day and meetings to a high end occasion or club in the evening. In broad daylight it will look subdued and noble. In more theatric light in the evening, when you go out 🙂 , all the pearly essence of this shade will be revealed, and it will look gorgeous and special occasion like. I love it. Any eye colour, any skin tone, this shade will bring out the best in you and light up your look and your complexion.



IMG_2718 5IMG_2749 4


Another great name, when we’re talking endangered species awareness. The name is right on the money. Again 🙂 Because this green is deep, darker, has a blue undertone to it. All the above is characteristic of those evergreen trees that comprise masses of forests in some areas on our planet. Like, certain kinds of fir trees. This shade is like a breath of fresh air. With all aqua and turquoise around me this summer – or any summer, for that matter – it’s like an upscale and sophisticated version of those. And a good way out for those who just don’t like bright eye shades. This noble green shade is satin like in its finish, it’s not as pearly as Timber Wolf. It has a random sparkle in it, not nearly as much as in Midnight. So, it’s basically three shades, three textures kind of thing, you know. This Evergreen shade is very lush. If youe eyes are blue or green, you won’t believe what kind of undertones this shade will reveal in your eye colour. And if your eyes aren’t blue or green, you can use it as an eyeliner and find out some new stuff about your eye colour and what hues there are hidden in it you didn’t even know were there. You’ll be surprised 🙂



So, these are the three shades. They are all great on their own. But it is a palette, and I immediately start thinking about possible combinations and looks that we can create with it. There’s classically smoky eyes, of course, that you can do right, that is, not just load your eyelids with black, but add some layers there with this beautiful green. And, maybe, even you can have some gleam on your smoky eyes with the help of the pearly greige. Then you can have a stunning green makeup with Evergreen. Swap your usual aqua and turquoise that you naturally go to in summer for this shade, when you’re about to go out. This shade is so dark and so sultry, you’ll love it. And then you can keep wearing aqua and turquoise eye shades during the day and out in the sunshine. The third option for me here is the stunning pearly greige look. With a touch of Midnight or Evergreen, if you so desire, but even on its own it’s really really something.

IMG_2718 2



It’s worth saying here too that the quality of eyeshadow in this palette is really good. It’s soft in a lush way. But not too soft, because when eyeshadow is too soft, it’s hard to work with. At least, it is to me. This texture is superb and worthy of Chantecaille and their DNA, I think.

Копия IMG_2718 2Копия IMG_2749


Love this palette. Great quality. Great eyeshadow. Great animal. So, let’s do it. Let’s make up and let’s save the wolves.

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