OPI Infinite Shine spring 2016 swatched

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OPI Infinite Shine is not just a new nail colour range. It’s a three step system that includes OPI Infinite Shine 1 Primer (base), OPI Infinite Shine 2 Lacquer (colour 2) and OPI Infinite Shine 3 Gloss (top coat). Ok, all good. For starters, let’s figure out what this whole new system by OPI is. It’s OPI’s take on the whole gel nail colour alternative frenzy. You know, how everyone goes gel now, all those big brands, well, here we go 🙂


OPI Infinite Shine 1 Primer



Easy. I like using it. This base – or primer, as OPI calls it – goes on easily, smoothly. It’s somewhere in between in terms of how thick it is. Dries pretty fast.



OPI Infinite Shine 3 Gloss



The top coat – or gloss according to OPI – is easy to apply, gel like in its feel, very shiny. In fact, it’s easier to apply than most gel formula top coats or nail colour variations. Just be sure to get all the right edges and lines on the sides of your nails, then you’re all good. It’s not too thin, not too thick. Also, this top coat is really really shiny.



All in all, I’d say these two – base and top coat – are good products. Let’s try out the nail colour now. You know what, it has a little bit of its own will, that is, it redistributes itself on the nail, kind of. Not too much though.


When nail colour or top coat or anything in manicure department has too much of that redistribution by itself quality to it, I generally don’t like it. I need to have control over my nail colour, as opposed to nail colour having control over me and my nails. But this formula has just a little bit of it, so I don’t mind it.


What threw me off initially in OPI Infinite Shine Gloss, was that it seemed to me it changes the colour of the polish, but then I discovered, that once it dries, it almost gets back to what it was before I topped it with the Gloss. If it does change the colour of nail polish, then only ever so slightly. And it makes it last for sure. So, I warmed up to it 🙂


All in all, this 3 step system by OPI works good. Really good. I like it. And this shine truly is amazing. Seriously, if you like you manicure to be shiny, do try it.



Ready for colour now? Let’s go. OPI Infinite Shine 2 Lacquer


534321 IS L62 It’s Pink P.M.



is a very tender and soft off white shade with just a touch of pink in it, so delicate some people won’t see it.



It’s white with a pink fairy blowing kisses to us deep in a magic forest.



Very cute. And girly. Can be elegant too. Anywhere you go kind of shade. Relaxed kind of shade. You aren’t made up, it’s just you kind of shade.



If you like whites, or else, off whites in manicure world, you might want to check it out.



I don’t love whites, but this one is just so pretty. Easy. So that you apply it and then can go through several looks – everyday or going out – and it will work perfectly with all of them. Travel shade.



This shade is very much feel comfortable in your own skin kind of thing. And isn’t it great? Feeling comfortable in your own skin? I know, it is 🙂



There’s something very natural, very womanly and very appealing about this shade. The only thing I have to say here – it’s not really pink, it’s off white.

IMG_1755IMG_1807 2


535212 IS L67 Half Past Nude



How great is this name? 🙂 OPI does it yet again. Impresses me by their shade naming policy. To me it’s always a bonus.



Nude is not that much of a bonus though. Nude manicure is not my first choice. When I swatch it though… I change my mind. Completely.



It’s my favourite kind of nude.



It looks very beige nude like in the bottle, but on my nails it’s like its true Cinderella essence is revealed, and pink undertone kicks in big time. And makes it beautiful.



When pink and beige – or beige and pink, depends on how you see it – is done right in nude nail polish, then it’s elegant, it’s subtle, it’s sophisticated, it’s all the good things.



And that’s what this shade proves to be. Sometimes, in certain light, it looks beigish, but most of the time to me it looks like a proud and glorious nude pink.



The most natural looking and the best nude nail colour ever, in my opinion. Love it.

IMG_1763IMG_1858 2


534212 IS L61 Rose Against Time



It’s a good medium pink. Not too light, not too bright, not too cool not too warm.



It’s a great basic pink shade to have. Not nude. It’s brighter than that and has more colour in it.



At the same time it’s so universal it can easily step in for your usual whites, off whites, beiges and all kind of nudes, actually.



It’s very soft and very womanly. It adds a girly zest to your look. It’s romantic in a way, but not too romantic and not too cute.



There’s just something really nice and really solid about this shade. It’s like it’s saying – hey, I’m a nice place to start, I’m easy, I’m comfy, you won’t have to work much and you’ll look good. Well, it keeps its word.



What I like about it is that it manages to combine a pretty bright pink hue with being so relaxed and so tuned for everyday wear. You know, it all started with pinks and reds in manicure and makeup, so I guess it makes sense 🙂

IMG_1865IMG_1939 2


534312 IS L66   Sunrise to Sunset



Again, what a great name 🙂



This here is Rose Against Time counterpart in coral department.



It’s a medium coral. Again, it’s not too bright not too light, not really cooler, not really warmer, rather somewhere in between. Reliable and nice I’d say.



You like corals? Then you can wear it for a while changing looks and still enjoying this cozy coral shade.



Seriously, it’s good across the board. Sporty, romantic, vampy, whatever your style is and whatever look you choose on that particular day. Truly sunrise to sunset. All year round, I might add.



This shade is a true find for coral nail colour fans. And for everyone else who’d like to try a well balanced coral without going too crazy or too bright.



This shade proves that coral can be not just a summer beach shade or vacation shade. It can be elegant. It can be womanly. It can be your basic shade that you can always lean on.

IMG_1882IMG_1992 2


534411 IS L63   Don’t Provoke the Plum!



Fun name, isn’t it?



Remember, when we talked about Hello Kitty collection by OPI, I told you how OPI always seems to have a purple shade – at least, one – in their collections. Well, here it is 🙂



I wouldn’t really call it plum. It’s not plum. It’s purple. Bold and bright.



To me, plum is pretty much a mix of purple and red, you know. This one is a cool shade. And it’s just purple. Ever so purple. Modern purple. Edgy purple.



If you like purple nail shades, the chances are you’ve probably tried this shade or some version of it already.



I like it. To tell you the truth, I prefer this clear purple to plum. Although darker plum can be very hot. This one is more edgy.



I can’t honestly call it artsy, because this shade has been done so much in nail colour world and even added to some luxury brands permanent ranges, that it looks almost… traditional.

IMG_2084IMG_2202 2


534411 (How come it has the same number as Don’t Provoke the Plum? I don’t know, it just does) IS L68 Reach for the Sky



Wow. I mean, wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more wearable blue than that. Seriously, blue nail polish is way too artsy for many people. Guess what, not anymore 🙂



This shade is a great ticket to the blue nail colour world. It’s so… calm in a way.



It’s not screaming – I’m so blue, come play with me! – in your face. Instead it lures you into the blue bliss promising you all the good things and making you comfortable along the way. Perfect.



This shade is elegant. It’s sophisticated. It’s womanly. It’s special.



It’s a permanent range kind of blue, and mind you, it’s not navy blue, which we see sometimes in permanent ranges.



Also, this shade is so versatile. It can be romantic, if you’d like. It can be moody and fall like. It can be crisp and Christmasy. It can be anything.



There’s something greyish about it, but only distantly. It’s not like there’s a grey undertone to it, there’s a grey feel about it. If you like grey nail shades, don’t miss out on this beauty here. Love it.

IMG_1996IMG_2210 2


534211 IS L64 Olive for Green



Olive? Maybe. Although, to my taste, it’s too dark to be that.



The first thing to know about this shade is that it’s green. Next thing to know about it is that it’s khaki green.



Now, when it comes to khaki green, sometimes nail shades tend to slide into beige, grey, brown or just anything other than green. Too bad 🙂 I like green.



That’s one reason for me to want it to be green. Further on, if it’s khaki green, I actually want some green in it, you know.



Well, this shade here comes up to my expectations. It’s pretty dark. Marshy, kind of. But guess what, being dark and khaki, it remains green.



Also, this shade sometimes looks darker, but when sunshine or artificial light hits it, it shines right up in all its green glory.



Just like with that blue shade, if you aren’t exactly green nail colour fan, this might be your chance to try it and get into it, maybe. Very nice. Very easy. Like it.

IMG_2054IMG_2483 2


For starters, it’s kind of weird – not in a bad way, just unusual – that there are seven shades in this collection. Almost always there’s an even number of shades in nail colour seasonal or limited edition collections. Well, guess what, it’s fine by me, because I happen to love odd numbers 🙂


Also, I think the whole three step OPI Infinite Shine system, that is, their gel formula, works well. I’m quite happy with the quality here. The main promise of any nail colour gel formula is that it lasts and lasts and lasts and then some. I’m not sure this system by OPI lasts as long as promised, its lasting power also must differ from person to person, but does it last longer than regular nail polish formula? Yep, it does. The second promise by OPI here is that Infinite Shine that’s in the name of it. Well, I’ll tell you what. They are not kidding. This Shine is definitely Infinite. Oh, and the brush is perfectly fine, not too thick, not too thin, on the thinner side, I’d say. It didn’t bother me, didn’t hinder the application, in a word, its Ok.




As for the shades, I don’t see a specific bigger seasonal or limited edition concept here. What I see is a very solid batch of basic shades to suit every taste. It’s like essentials wardrobe for nails, that’s what it is. In it we have a lighter shade, a nude shade, pink and coral, of course :-), purple, of course, and then we have an artsier blue and even green, but even this green is khaki like, darker, not crazy green. I think, for a new range of nail colour – which OPI Infinite Shine is – releasing a collection of essential shades that anyone can try, wear and enjoy is a great idea. It’s a kind of – hey, let’s get acquainted – collection. We have here something you like, something you do wear, something you’re comfortable with. So that almost everyone can try this new range. I don’t know about you, I love this concept – yes, that’s the concept of this collection, as far as I can see, and it’s there, it works. It does its job for sure, because it makes me want to try more shades from this range. And I’m gonna 🙂

IMG_1807      IMG_1858

IMG_1939      IMG_1992

IMG_2202      IMG_2210


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