Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss new formula – Cruise, Cosmic, Ultradior (and 3 new Dior Adict lipstick and Dior Le Vernis shades) swatched

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It’s official now 🙂 Dior is relaunching their whole makeup line, which is a big undertaking, I’ve got to say. The latest revamped product by Dior in lip colour is their Dior Addict lip gloss. It was quite good before, shiny and everything, no scent, felt quite light on the lips. Now Dior promises to introduce lip care and lip plumping element to it. I’ve already stated how hard it is to pull lip colour & care, in my opinion. But it’s Dior, so, we’ll see. Lip plumping is easier to pull, so there shouldn’t be any hindrances there. To support their Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss relaunch Dior came up with three limited edition shades of the above AND – don’t you love it, when there’s an AND in makeup? I do 🙂 – three Dior Addict lipstick (that’s undergone formula change just recently, and I’ve already written about it, so, if you’re interested, please, see here Dior Addict new formula and 4 new nail shades swatched)  shades and three Dior Le Vernis nail colour shades. How cool is that? As a result we have this mini collection here. I like that. Like that a lot. More than just product. Colour and texture combinations. The bigger picture. Great 🙂


It would make sense to start with Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss and the new formula… but I’m going to do the opposite. I’ll go backwards here 🙂 and start with Dior Le Vernis. You’ll see why in not too long.


So, three shades of Dior Le Vernis. Let’s see what they are all about.



Dior Vernis 765 Ultradior



A medium pink. A true classic with a very interesting twist to it.



What’s classic about it is its colour. It’s pink and… it’s not too light, not too dark, not too bright, not too light, not too warm, not too cool. It’s a solid middle thing in pink range.



But… it’s sheer. Now we’re talking. Otherwise it’d be handy but boring. It being sheer makes it modern and gives it this wow effect we’re looking for.



The result we get is spectacular. It’s airy and see through. Light and fun. And… just so desserty.



Which makes me, personally, ecstatic with joy. It’s hard candy like, jelly like, marmalade like. It’s sweet. It’s yummy. It’s everything I want from a perfect dessert like nail shade.



Ultradior? Yes, it is both – ultra and Dior. It’s all the good things. It’s glossy in its finish.

IMG_2836 2


You want to try to wear it, at least. Believe it or not, this might be just the pink you haven’t tried yet.



Dior Vernis 676 Cruise



This pink is the most classic of the three shades we have here. It’s nice and light, easy and romantic, the kind that goes with any clothes and works anywhere out there.



But it wouldn’t be interesting, if it all were that simple.



The interesting part is a mermaidy feel about this nail colour. It’s another ‘fresh’ finish that we don’t see that often in nail polish world. Good job, Dior 🙂




What I mean when I say there’s a mermaidy feel is that it’s not exactly pearly, but shiny, loaded with tiny fine little brighter pink sparkle.



It gives the good old pink a very exciting twist.



And it lets me have both – the classy and elegant thing and the edgy and sophisticated thing going. I like to have it all, it’s nice.



Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a traditional warmer pink crème with all the shine and sparkle and reflections reminding me inevitably of Mermaids by Deborah Lippmann.

IMG_2679IMG_2874 2


Dior Vernis 656 Cosmic



This is the third shade, and guess what, there’s nothing special – surprisingly – about the finish here.



It’s nice and glossy and colourful and bright. And hot. Very summery, that’s my first impression on seeing this shade.



Or else, it’s the kind of shade that, once it lands on your nails, can bring summer into your life on any given day of the year.



As you might have guessed already, this shade is… well, yes, it’s pink. It’s bright though. The brightest of the batch. And the warmest. It’s so warm, in fact, it’s almost coral pink. Or pink coral.



It honestly depends on your colour perception, whether you call this shade pink or coral, eventually. It has a little of both, as far as I’m concerned.



I can’t say this shade is something we see a lot though. Dior managed to balance pink and coral in it so that it’s still very pinkish, and that’s a tough task to handle.



This shade is a good bright accent kind of manicure thing.

IMG_2637IMG_2952 2


What I see here is a lot of pink in all kinds and forms. Also, I see three different textures. First, there’s sheer with very little colour to it, very little pigment. Then I see colourful and shiny. And then shiny and loaded with sparkle.

IMG_2591IMG_2836IMG_2669IMG_2874 2IMG_2633IMG_2952 2


And I’m wondering, as long as these shades are released to support Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss formula relaunch, does it mean, that these are the three textures we’ll see in Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss range now? Maybe. It would make sense, I guess. Before we get to the gloss though, let’s look at the three Dior Addict lipstick shades.



Dior Addict lipstick formula has been revamped just recently, as I’ve already mentioned. I think, it’s kind of different now, lighter in texture, more gel like, still good though.



The shades are in tune with what we’ve seen in Dior Le Vernis. Only the names and numbers do not really fully match, so watch out 🙂



765 Ultradior



A medium like pink. In between in terms of cool and warm. To my eye, it’s warmer rather. The great thing about this shade is that it’s bright without being too bright. Raspberrish without being too raspberry. Warmish without being too warm. And so on and so forth. To cut the long story short here, it’s really well balanced. Which happens only rarely 🙂



Usually shades tend to have a strong boost of some tone or undertone to them, and they are quite… a one way street, so to say. Which is not a bad thing at all. Because you don’t want to buy a pink lipstick, then come home and find out it’s actually purple.

Копия IMG_3588


This shade though is so well put together it’s a very universal pink. And very elegant, there’s something in it that indirectly references those old Hollywood posh women times. You know, when there were few lipstick shades and they were all clear and well cut. And red and pink only 🙂 But it’s a modern take on that for sure and to prove that it has quite a handful of finest silver sparkle in it.

IMG_3588IMG_3707 2


465 Cruise



Ok, so, in nail polish, this one was the shade that had all the shine and sparkle in it. In Dior Addict all the shine and sparkle obviously went in Ultradior, so let’s see what we have here now instead 🙂



Well, maybe, it doesn’t have the mermaidy sparkle to it, but what it still has is that nice lighter cooler romantic pink shade that Cruise nail colour had. Ok. It’s fine by me. For one, I do feel like wearing romantic style at times. Not all the time, mind you, but sometimes – sure. And this shade is a very well done romantic and girly pink. It’s light and easy. And cool. Leaning to lilac, but staying true to its pink essence.

Копия IMG_3548


The sparkle in it that helps Dior Addict to shine bright is there, but it’s silvery and is woven into this pink shade so well, you almost can’t see it. If you like nudes, or else nude pinks, and if you don’t mind them being cool, this shade can definitely be a great nude pink lip shade for you. In fact, it’s so nice, it can be a special occasion makeup shade too.



656 Cosmic



A lighter coral shade. If Cosmic nail colour was coral pink or pink coral, this here is dead on coral asserting its coral power… in a rather mild and nice way. It’s much lighter than Cosmic nail shade. Instead it’s subdued and modern chic like.



You know how I’m really not that much into corals, but this coral I could wear, because it’s not just coral. It’s a clever coral. Other than being so warm in a nice way and not too bright, it has all the golden fine little sparkle in it, which elevates it to the whole new level, I’d say. Making it special and splendid.

Копия IMG_3596


When people see corals, they usually think beach and summer. When I see this coral, I go – oh, this will be perfect next holiday season, when all the gold will return on the eyelids. Well, guess what, the fact that it’s not holiday season now doesn’t mean that there won’t be a party or something, where I can’t wear a golden or – even better – a golden beige dress and do the makeup this lipstick got me to crave.



Well, Dior Addict shades proved to be in tune with Dior Le Vernis shades, but different in a way too. Please, see them swatched here side by side. Left to right: Cruise, Cosmic, Ultradior.



Finally, we’re getting to what the whole fuss is about here – Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss 🙂 Three shades. Three finishes. You know what the shades are, right? Although there’s a little bit of a nuance going on here too. But before we get to the shades… I just can’t get over the holographic packaging here. It’s awesome.



And then before we get to the shades… let’s talk formula here for a minute, as it’s new. I remind you, that Dior promises us plumping and lip care here that wasn’t really part of the initial Dior Addict gloss batch. Well, that’s a big promise to make. I, for one, just hope the formula is no worse than it used to be 🙂


So, for starters, as far as the plumping goes, I do feel the tingling on my arm, when swatching the shades. You know, this tingling that lip plumping products give you. The surprising thing is that I don’t feel it so much on my lips. Almost don’t feel it at all. My conclusion here is that there’s lip plumping there, but it’s done in a delicate way, and I like that. It’s nice when products do their job without giving you weird sensations that can cause a discomfort in some people. On the other hand, guess what, we live in real world, and the fact that I don’t feel this tingling on my lips, to me means that there’s not much lip plumping going on there 🙂 I mean, there’s something, some plumping… but if you need lip plumping proper, you’d better prime this gloss with something really meant to plump your lips only and solely and not fully rely on Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in this department.


Moving on and gonna talk care now. I’ve already said more than once in my blog how hard it is to pull multi purpose products, like, for one, colour&care lip products. Usually one or the other part of it falls through. Well, I’d say, kind of the same goes for Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss. There is something there, but it’s very delicate. It’s not full on care. It feels like a baby step up from regular lip colour. It’s a little bit more comfy to wear than just lip colour. Once again, is there a chance that these lip colour elements in Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss new formula are so delicate I don’t feel them that much, but they are there and will do a great job? Yeah. But I’m back to real world here, you know. I say, if you need lip care to help your lips be smooth and nice before any lip colour and especially sheer gloss goes on them, you’d better have that favourite lip balm of yours at hand and use it before you apply Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss.


All in all, it’s a good formula to begin with, and it didn’t get to be any worse, which to me is enough to like it 🙂 If anything, it got better, in fact, it did, because it is more soothing and even more pleasant to wear on the lips. On the other hand, this feeling is not intrusive or too heavy. Although I’d say that the sensation of this gloss on the lips is more conspicuous now. More obvious. It’s more there. That is, you do feel that there’s something applied on your lips. Which is often the case with lip plumping or colour & care lip products. There’s no escape from it. Which of the two you like best is up to you to decide. I, for one, like it, when I don’t feel lip colour on my lips, like in lip gloss, you know. On the other hand, if colour & care is done well, and I feel like my lips are all pampered, then I don’t mind this feeling. Like in Lancome Lip Lover.  Lancome Lip Lover all shades swatched


My conclusion about the formula is it’s good, and I’ll keep wearing it, which is a really high praise, given there are so many lip products on the market.


Oh, in case you’re scent sensitive, there’s pretty much no scent to this revamped formula, just as there was none to the old one 🙂


Let’s see those shade now. Let me guess. There are going to be three. They are going to be pink. Well, one will be coral, maybe 🙂


656 Cosmic



Bright coral. Uh-huh. Told ya 🙂 In fact, this coral is not just bright, it’s super bright. Summery. Sheer and shiny. Very shiny. There’s nothing special or artsy about the finish. And it’s good because I’m not sure you want it in such a bright shade to begin with.



It’s pretty much a good old lip gloss thing, where there’s sheer colour and then all the shine you want about it. It’s buildable, which is something I like to have in a lip gloss. So that you can go from sheer to thicker coverage. Keep in mind though, that this shade is so vibrant and full of life and sun and summer, that even when you go light on it, it’s still, well, what it is, coral and fun.



Summer season is on, which means corals are on big time, and this one here is a good one. Why do we always get all those coral shades in summer? Right 🙂 They go well with tan. Also, they are just bright, and being somewhere on vacation we might venture into brighter lip colour territory than usual.



676 Cruise



A cool bright fuchsia like pink. Maybe, it’s just me, but this shade felt like it’s more sheer than coral Cosmic. So, although this shade is another bright one, you can probably go easier on it and get a diluted fuchsia shade, if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s all mirror shiny and sheer too.



You might well say it’s a very cool and a very vibrant pink, because it might be just short of purple to be fuchsia, actually. If you like bright pinks, this might be something you want. Once again, this shade will look really good in summer, where bright colours belong. Although, why not shake up a nice winter day with a splash of your favourite fuchsia on your lips? 🙂 There’s no reason not to do it.



Here’s what I’d like to say though. We’re used to thinking that pinks are universal. Well, brighter pinks leaning big time to warm or cool are not. You have to try them carefully to see if they become you and find your perfect shade. The same goes for this shade here. Make sure it’s yours before you buy.



765 Ultradior



A brighter darker sparkly pink. I’d say, it’s different than what I expected it to be, having seen the lipstick shade. Or the nail shade, for that matter. Although… It’s still a classic with an interesting twist to it 🙂 Only if in nail colour the interesting twist was how sheer it is, this gloss is quite regular in terms of sheer/nonsheer. It’s pretty sheer, but then you can build if, if you like more colour AND shine on top of it all.



The twist here is that this shade is loaded and loaded and loaded with sparkle. Very pretty. Very cool. Very exciting. And the shade is so pink and so gorgeous.



I’ll tell you what. This is my nude pink. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not nude at all by your standard definition. It’s darker and pinker. But to me it’s nude in the way that, when I wear it, I feel more well groomed and beautiful than I feel made up. It’s the most comfortable lip shade ever to me. My personal and very special favourite. Doesn’t mean it’s yours, but it’s a nice womanly elegant pink, so you might want to try it, why not?



That’s that 🙂 Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss with its new formula (left to right here I have Cosmic, Cruise, Ultradior)



and three limited edition shades paired up with three Dior Addict shades and three Dior Le Vernis shades. Speaking about it, this is what I like best about this release. You have nail colour and lip colour all paired up and ready to go for you. You know how chic it is, when your lips and nails are painted the same colour 🙂 And then you have lip colour and lip gloss paired up and all ready to go for you, if you like to top your lipstick with lip gloss to make your lips really glow.

IMG_2591IMG_2836IMG_2593IMG_3707 2IMG_3588IMG_3698IMG_3704

IMG_2669IMG_2874 2IMG_2679IMG_3708IMG_3544IMG_3668IMG_3704

IMG_2633IMG_2952 2IMG_2637IMG_3708IMG_3596IMG_3638IMG_3704


And then you can find your own combinations wearing brighter shades with lighter shades, nonsparkly shades with sparkly shades, pink shades with coral shades. And that brings us to why makeup is so cool. It stirs my imagination and makes me curious and eager to try and create. And isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world?

IMG_2836 2       IMG_2874


IMG_2952       IMG_3704

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