Givenchy Couture collection swatched

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When we think eyes, we think… sparkles and smiles and feelings reflections… and then we think… eyeshadow and mascara. At least, I do 🙂 Well, Givenchy obviously does too, at least, in some way. So, they created this Couture collection of three limited edition cream eyeshadow colours and three limited edition mascaras. I’ve got to tell you up front here, this collection to me is not even about the shades. It’s about the design. And this design is really special and really upscale. It’s something posh, something I like to hold in my hand and look at and something that’s pretty. Ok, the shades are nice too.


So, here we go. Eyeshadow first. You know how much I like cream eyeshadow. Givenchy to me is somewhere in the middle in my own hierarchy of cream eye colour formula. Their quality is good and solid, there’s no question about it. And then it’s up to you to decide which brand texture works best for you and fits your preference.


Once again though, in this particular collection it’s the design that’s mind blowing to me. I mean, look at this. It all starts with the boxing.





Cream Eyeshadow



Cute, isn’t it? Now the other side.



The shade is called 19 Graphic Bronze.



And if you think the beautiful design stops at boxing, you’re wrong. Here’s the jar, and it’s special too.



The shade is, well, bronze. Here’s a preview.



And the shade in the pot.



It’s bronze, pearly and kind of sparkly, but not too much. I like the fact that it’s darker. To me, it always makes those shiny shades more noble looking. Given it’s summer now, and bronze invaded our life and is here to stay for the next couple of months, this here is a good bronze option to go for. Yes, bronze does go well with tan. And it looks pretty natural and makes sense in summer. And guess what, this summer, this darker sultry bronze is really hot and trendy. So, dig in.



Next beauty on the list 🙂 is this one. My heart goes out for this boxing, it’s beautiful. Flowery. Gorgeous.






Cream Eyeshadow


The shade is called 18 Gold Blossom. Blossom. Yes, of course 🙂



And here’s the other side of the box.



And the jar. O-oh.



And the shade preview.



And the shade in the jar.



Tell you what, there’s a little bit of a disconnect to me in black and white boxing and golden shade, but… it’s all just too stunning and pretty for me to complain 🙂 Especially as this golden shade, just like that bronze shade is not all that simple. It’s a clever golden shade. It’s a little darker, sparkly and sophisticated. It’s not on the nose, you know, not all shiny and holiday like gold. It’s elegant instead. Chic.



Ok, so, we’ve had bronze, we’ve had gold, does anyone want to take a guess at what the next shade is going to be here? Right. Silver. Not a tough one to crack, was it?


Here’s the box. Artsy. Stripy and starry.






Cream Eyeshadow


This shade is called 17 Glorious Silver. I agree, it is glorious.



On the other side of the box we get even more of stripes and stars. Star has been important to Givenchy DNA for a long time, as we know, so, it’s a great way to introduce it into their limited edition makeup collection design.



The theme continues in the pot.



And the silver shade proves to be lighter. Great 🙂



And it has very fine silver sparkle in it.



Not only this lighter kind of silver is a step up from just silver, because it’s different and is brought right up into the whole new category. Lighter silver is more universally becoming. The other good news about it is that it can help a lot – and I mean it, a lot – when you’re tired or didn’t get enough sleep. It has this ability to lighten up your look and make it like you’re all fresh and well rested. So that you can shine on.



Those three eye shades are very special occasion like. Glorious, indeed. They don’t have to be special occasion exclusively though. They can always be a special touch kind of thing in your makeup. It’s all just a matter on how heavy you go on them 🙂 Please, see all three shades swatched side by side. Left to right: 19 Graphic Bronze, 18 Gold Blossom, 17 Glorious Silver.



I can’t believe I’ve already seen so much beauty here, and there’s still as much left to see. Three limited edition mascara kinds. I have to tell you up front, all three variations of mascara are black. Which probably is for the better, because if the shades were too artsy, few people could wear them. Black mascara is by all means my personal favourite in mascara world. It doesn’t mean I don’t wear other shades. I just love black mascara the most.


The three mascara editions are counterparts of the three cream eyeshadow editions. Here, let me show you.


The first one. Bronze. See? The same pattern. Love it so much.




Noir Couture Volume

Extreme Volume Mascara



The shade is called 1 Black Taffeta



And again, if you think limited edition design stops at boxing, it doesn’t. How awesome it is to hold THIS mascara tube in your hand, as opposed to any ordinary mascara tube?



The other side of the tube has a whole new world of pattern on it 🙂



Here’s what the brush and the shade looks like. I’d like to save my thoughts on the brush till we see more mascara brushes in this collection though 🙂



Let’s look at the eyeshadow and the mascara in the same design together.






Ok, so next eyeshadow colour was gold. And the design was all black and white and flowery. So, here goes the mascara. And I love this design just as much as I loved it in the eyeshadow.




Noir Couture Waterproof

4 in 1 Mascara

Volume, Length, Curl & Care



And the shade is called 1 Black Velvet



I can’t wait to see the tube. It has to have these flowers on it. Right?



I won’t even say anything here. Just LOOK at this.



And here’s the brush and the shade. By the way, it’s always nice to have a waterproof mascara at hand in summer. Who knows, where you’ll find yourself in the next couple of hours? 🙂



Here’s this mascara side by side with the cream eyeshadow with the same pattern on it.






The third one. The cream eyeshadow was silver. And the design was all stars and stripes. The mascara doesn’t disappoint.



Awesome. This design looks even better in a mascara, if possible, because there’s more space for it to unfold itself.



Noir Couture

4 in 1 Mascara

Volume, Length, Curl & Care




And the shade is called 1 Black Satin



So, pretty much, it’s the same as the one before it, only it’s not waterproof. Here’s the artsy tube.



And the even more beautiful other side.



The brush is the same as in waterproof version, and the shade is still black 🙂



Here’s what the mascara and eyeshadow look side by side.






Now, this sea of design with all the trimmings by Givenchy is almost overwhelmingly great. I’m in awe.


Back to mascara brushes now 🙂 Maybe, it’s just me, but none of the three (or, actually, two) we’ve seen here would be a good option for me. Because in my world for a mascara brush to work, it should be even in shape all throughout and bigger. All those twisted, spiraly, thicker here thinner there kinds just don’t work for me that well. It’s not that I can’t use them, I can. But it’s not my preference by a long shot. All said above aside though, once again, it’s the case, where design is great to the point, where it doesn’t matter.


Please, see all three mascara shades swatched side by side and find the difference, if you can 🙂 Left to right here I have: Black Taffeta, Black Velvet and Black Satin.



So now that you’ve seen the whole collection, you understand why I find this design so impressive. Seriously, I haven’t seen such an awesome limited edition makeup design in a while. It’s worth it all the way. One of those few cases, where I’d buy just for the look of it. Although, I do like the cream eyeshadow colours too. This collection calls for red carpet, parties, going out, dressing up, holidays, entertainment, fun and all the good things in life. It’s so out of the common run. Out of the usual. Out of the every day. It’s so… couture.




Копия IMG_3859    IMG_3869

IMG_3877    IMG_3852

IMG_3901   IMG_3913

IMG_3926    IMG_3891

IMG_3949   IMG_3965

IMG_3974    IMG_3941





Oh, and just when you thought that’s it, look what a cute little makeup pouch I got as a present for shopping this collection 🙂 See the star? Yep. Givenchy, this whole collection, it’s a truly wonderful one, you know.


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