OPI Soft Shades Pastels spring 2016 swatched

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Why am I writing about pastels here and, most importantly, now? About pastels that are so closely related to spring in our mind? I’ll tell you why. I actually think that manicure pastels work well in summer. They are cooler and lighter. And there’s almost too much brightness around us in summer. So, we might as well go easy on the nails 🙂 I mean, I don’t mind some brightness in makeup at all. It looks good. But I don’t like going overboard with it. Sophistication, to me, lies in the right accents. As opposed to a huge and sweeping wave of colour swallowing you and people around you up. Unless it’s the look you’ve built carefully and what you were going for in the first place. Then it can definitely work. When I talk about how much vivid colour we have in summer, I don’t mean just in our makeup and manicure, I’m saying we tend to wear brighter clothes, shoes, and even nature around us, that is, the setting our look is written in, the background for it, is more colourful. So, those easier and more relaxed in a way pastels woven into all this glory as a certain element of style, produce a great effect. At least, for me they do. And what can be better as an accent than nail colour? Some things might be, but not too many, I say 🙂 So, just when you thought they are gone for the year 🙂 , I’m going to talk about them again here. Welcome, pastels 🙂


601212 NL T75 It’s a Boy!



This shade name tells you a lot up front.



It’s cute. And when it comes to makeup, and nail colour specifically, when we hear ‘boy’ we hear ‘blue’, right? So, that’s what it is. A cool and soft and light and nice baby boy blue kind of shade.



Once again, I have to tell you, just looking at this shade cools me down in a good way, given how hot it is outside right now 🙂



This shade is so delicate it’s one of those blues that even those who don’t wear blue in general on their nails might want and actually pull.



It’s just a touch, a stroke of colour. Very sophisticated. Pair it up with a bright blue dress/outfit, uh-huh, it will be a winner.



It’s not like we’ve never seen baby boy blue shades in nail colour world before, but this shade here by OPI is a good take on it.



It’s so pretty. And nice. And it belongs in summer with blue sky above, because it looks like its shy reflection. It’s like you dipped your fingernails in the sky, and as there were some clouds in it, the colour came out more subdued than the colour of the sky proper.

IMG_2999IMG_3072 2


533811 NL T71 It’s in the Cloud



You might know already, that usually I’m no fan of white and off white nail colour. Why? Very simple. Because there are just so many colours in this world, so many shades. I mean, I want to try those colours as opposed to painting my nails just white 🙂



Guess what, this shade here is an exclusion to the rule.



It’s an off white shade with just a touch of beige in it that makes it warm and nice and cozy. And this touch of beige elevates this white to a whole new level making it exquisite in a very special way.



Good news about white and off white nail colour is that it matches anything, pretty much, and in the season, when there are so many pleasant distractions, but we still need to look our best, this shade can come in handy.



Remember what I just said about that sky mixed and diluted with clouds colour in It’s a Boy?



Yep. These here are the clouds that were mixed into that blue shade to make it so delicate.



Looking at these two shades makes me want to pair them up in one manicure and achieve that sky and clouds look in full swing. Some nail design, maybe? Hm.

IMG_3009IMG_3208 2


534312 NL T72 This Cost Me a Mint



How’s that for a nail polish shade name, huh? Awesome. I like it. Especially as this shade is green 🙂 My favourite colour.



This shade does feel like a mint. It’s light and cool like a splash of minty Mojito in the heat of a summer day.



Another pastel shade that I do want to wear in summer.



For starters, this green is so delicate it might appeal even to those who aren’t that keen on the idea of their nails being painted green. It’s just a tiny little bit of green kind of shade. And it’s so calm and nice.



A shy green. Girly? Not necessarily. I can see it working really well with a white outfit. Being all elegant and exquisite.



Also, this shade is so delicate it can be soothing in the heat. At the same time, it has a zest to it. It’s special. Out of the common run. And 🙂 you can wear it with grey clothes in summer to make grey more summery.



Very simply, I think this green nail shade is a great introduction into green manicure world and a great addition to your usual nail colour palette. So, dive into this mint, you’ll like it.

IMG_3134IMG_3400 2


534411 NL T73 One Chic Chick



I don’t know what it is about shade names in this particular collection by OPI, but I can’t get over them. They are fun 🙂



Further on, I’m definitely on the same page with OPI here. Yellow manicure is very chic. To me, it’s the most chic nail shade in the world. Ok, one of the most chic shades 🙂



This yellow here is light and lemony and pretty. I wouldn’t say it’s pale. No, there is some yellow there, it’s just light and mild, just like a good yellow nail shade should be.



Yellow is pretty artsy in manicure, so if you’ve never tried yellow or felt uncomfortable wearing it, this is your chance to start or rewind and come to like it.



This shade is so pretty it’s desserty too, like the rest of pastels in this collection.



And it being yellowy reminds me of lemons and lemonade and cools me down in a sec.



Yellow is not your usual summer shade, that’s true, I admit it. But here’s a question. What can be more summery than sun? And what colour can be more sunlike and warm than yellow? I can’t come up with any. Can you? 🙂

IMG_3121IMG_3370 2


533811 NL T76 I Am What I Amethyst



What did I tell you about shade names in this collection, huh? These names are an extra blast of joy to me.



Also, it’s the second blue shade in the collection. And that’s a joy too, because I really like blue nail shades.



Here’s the thing though. Amethyst is not really a blue gem. It’s lilac. So, I love the shade name, but I think it’s a little misleading in terms of colour definition. Uh, well, still it’s a great shade name 🙂



The shade is blue, cool to the point, where there’s cold breeze blowing on me, when I look at it.



I mean, if I thought It’s a Boy! was cool, compared to this shade here it’s not.



Given that this blue here is a cool blue taken to the extreme North Pole cool level. It’s not just a cool blue, it’s a freezing cold blue.



And that’s awesome. Because it makes it very rare. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shade quite like that. Now I kind of understand why OPI called this shade I Am What I Amethyst. This blue is cool to the point, where it feels sort of lilacey.

IMG_3452IMG_4504 2


533812 NL T74 Stop it I’m Blushing!



I LOVE shade names in this collection. I almost never like that many shade names in one collection, but here I do.



Ok, so, I’m blushing and looking at this shade by OPI. It’s pink, a breath of pink, that is, it’s very very light, very pastel, even more light than pastel pinks usually are.



Further on, this pink looks quite cool in the bottle but… once it’s on my nails, it warms up – to me? I don’t know – probably, it will warm up on your nails too 🙂



The big surprise is that it warms up big time. It gets to be a super warm pink. Peachy almost. Desserty. Yummy. Fluffy. Marshmallowy.



Remember, I told you I want to get a sky and clouds manicure with that blue and white shade? It’s a Boy! and It’s in the Cloud?



Well, who said that clouds in my manicure should be just white? No one 🙂



So, guess what, I’m adding some peachy pink clouds to this manicure of mine. That is, I’m adding Stop it I’m Blushing! shade to it. Now we’re talking. This manicure will be really something.

IMG_3440IMG_4565 2


If you like any of these shades, maybe, you’ll like these Pastels sets too 🙂


There’s a three shade full size bottles set.



With Swarowski crystals and glue included for you to do nail art and create most beautiful manicure variations.



The shades in this set are:



One Chic Chick

IMG_3121IMG_3370 2


Stop it I’m Blushing!

IMG_3440IMG_4565 2


It’s a Boy!

IMG_2999IMG_3072 2


Ok, suppose you don’t want to have to go through nail art motions 🙂



Then there’s this second set you might like with four shades mini bottles.



In this set we have:



It’s in the Cloud

IMG_3009IMG_3208 2


Stop it I’m Blushing!

IMG_3440IMG_4565 2


It’s a Boy!

IMG_2999IMG_3072 2


This Cost Me a Mint

IMG_3134IMG_3400 2


No Swarowski crystals, no glue here, no trimmings, just nail polish. But the model’s blue hair is so cool. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but it’s stunning and beautiful and really special. Who would have thought I might possibly like blue hair? Wow.



The more I look at these pastels, the more I see all the bronze, coral, turquoise and fuchsia all around me – yes, you know what I’m talking about here – and the hotter it gets outside, the more I want to wear these pastels by OPI or any pastels I can get hold of for that matter. They are chic, especially amid all the brightness, they cool me down, they are light and easy, they look like ice cream and merengue… I can’t recall a summer I got such an inclination for pastels.

IMG_2999IMG_3072 2IMG_3009IMG_3208 2

IMG_3134IMG_3400 2IMG_3121IMG_3370 2

IMG_3452IMG_4504 2IMG_3440IMG_4565 2


I’ll tell you one thing, if you wear pastels in summer, you’ll definitely stand out. In the best possible way. And if you’re working in a strict dress code environment, you’ll be able to wear all the fun shades – like yellow and green and blue – without going over the top and pushing borders. And then of course we have all the summer weddings, where lighter and more romantic shades fit in so well 🙂 Well? Have I persuaded you yet? Anyway, I’m wearing pastels this summer. And I’m going to be quite happy doing it. Are you with me?

IMG_3072      IMG_3208

IMG_3400      IMG_3370

IMG_4504      IMG_4565

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