Lancome Juicy Shaker 400 Mint to Be swatched

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Ok, so, Lancome Juicy Shaker is a new line of lip colour by Lancome that looked like a bunch of lip gloss shades to me from what I gathered from the promo photos. After Lip Lover that proved to be such a great product, the best in care & colour for the moment, in my opinion, I was ever so excited to get to know Juicy Shaker up close and personal. I’m a little bit apprehensive about the whole two phase, shake and mix thing, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🙂 Especially as in their PERMANENT range Lancome has this blue shade here. I understand that it just can’t be this blue on the lips, still my interest is piqued big time here.


I so want to love this new lip range. We’ll see how it goes though 🙂


The packaging in Lancome like, silvery with black lettering and small in my hand. It’s thicker and shorter than your usual lip gloss packaging.



The shade name is cute – Mint to Be – very nice, I’ll love seeing this name every time I use this Juicy Shaker, if we get to be friends 🙂 The number of this particular shade is 400.



There’s this special thing about the range, this extra bonus by Lancome. Each shade has its own scent. You can guess what the scent is going to be by the shade name. Generally speaking, I’m really tentative, when makeup products – and especially lip products and lip colour in particular – are scented. The reason is simple. My lips are too close to my nose to have any strong scent there 🙂 On the bright side, mint is a rather generic and inoffensive thing usually. Unfortunately, this scent proves to be pretty strong. It’s not a delicate little mint candy, it’s a strong gust of minty breeze blowing mint leaves right in my face 🙂 Ouch. I wish it were milder, but it’s a matter of taste, you know. If you are not scent sensitive, or if you love minty scent, you might like it. Good news is, this scent is strong only for the first several moments. It goes away pretty fast, once you’ve applied your Juicy Shaker, so it won’t bother you.


And here’s the gorgeous blue shade that so got me initially. Look at it. Isn’t it a beauty?



And this here is what the brush looks like. It’s all cushiony. It’s the latest trend in makeup world, as you might’ve noticed 🙂 Everything is cushiony now – brushes, textures, makeup… I’ve got to tell you, this cushiony spongy thing is awesome. It feels so light, so soft, so delicate on the lips. I’ve never felt anything that wonderful in lip brush/applicator department. I love it so much. I want all my lip brushes to feel this way forever.



Sounds good, huh? Well, it gets better. Turns out, Juicy shaker is not so much a lip gloss, it’s more of a lip oil thing. Or else, that’s what it feels like. I look back at the packaging real quick and there it is in black and silver 🙂 – Pigment Infused Bi-Phase Lip Oil. Ok, so I’m not crazy 🙂 Good. I’ve tried different lip oil formulae, but this one is just so good. And paired up with this cushiony tip velvety sponge is feels amazing on my lips. Comforting. Caring. Pampering. It feels like everything I’ve ever wanted from a lip colour product in terms of texture and sensations this texture gives me. This feels great. I’m in awe, Lancome. I’ve never thought before about how much the brush/applicator adds to lip colour texture and my perception of it, but it just so does. And this formula is really something. Wow.


So, how did the blue shade do? Well, first and foremost, it scared me. When I swatched it on my arm it was ever so delicately, but still conspicuously… blue. And I was like – what?? It IS blue? Blue? How many places are there in life you’d wear blue lip colour to? If any? If ever? Still, I braced myself and tried it on my lips and… behold. On my lips there’s no blue colour or undertone. What is there is this delicate, pearly a little bit, shy and romantic pink. You know, this basic light pink shade that we used first on our lips, when we just started using make up 🙂 Our first lip gloss or first lipstick shade. Well, this shade by Lancome is a beauty, really. It’s a basic shade that you can wear anywhere. That gives more of a well groomed look than a madeup look.



This shade is so posh. And you can play it any way you want. It can be womanly. If you wear it with a nice and elegant dress and just a touch of black eyeliner and a nude like eyeshadow. It can be special occasion like, if you pair it up with an evening gown and some glowy nice eyeshade and highlighter. It can be romantic, if you wear a flouncy blouse with it or a flared skirt dress and some nice lilac eye colour. It can be steaming hot, if you pair it up with smoky eyes. It’s your world, your choice, your rules kind of thing. Get your imagination going, because this small little blue tube has it all in it. It’s up to you to decide what you wear it with, how you wear it, when you wear it. What other makeup you’ll have on, when you do – or none at all. What your manicure will be like. What shoes you’ll wear. What perfume… Well, you know.



Personally, I’m really impressed and excited. You know what, Juicy Shaker by Lancome, this here can be a beginning of one big friendship. Or love, who knows 🙂 One thing is for sure – I’m getting more shades of Juicy Shaker.

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