ANNY Put on Your Vintage Jeans – Blog Post from N.Y. collection spring 2016 swatched

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ANNY comes up with yet another collection. It’s a spring collection and, as we can tell from the name of it, it’s inspired by bloggers and their style. It’s not the first time ANNY digs for inspiration in blogosphere. Last time around their collection that was related to bloggers and their world was all summery. Anyway, here we go. Vintage Jeans statement in the name of the collection did to grip my interest. Jeans? Does it mean there’ll be blue shades in this collection? I love blue manicure shades. And if there are any, then what makes them not just jeans shades – we’ve seen Chanel’s and Kure Bazaar’s take on the denim theme already – but vintage jeans shades? All these questions flash through my mind fast enough, and here I am looking at the six shades already.




Well, I see two blue shades here. And I see that they are textured. Then I see a couple of nudes that to me, personally, aren’t that interesting or blogger and blogosphere like, and then I see two rich hues that look quite lush. All in all, my first impression is as follows – this is not what I expected to see in a blogger world inspired collection. But it’s ANNY’s collection, so it’s up to them to decide what it will be like 🙂 Before I draw any conclusions though, I get to each shade and study and try it on carefully. There are three SFX shades, so to say 🙂 – we’ll talk about each and every special effect separately, once we get to it, I’m just giving you a little bit of a preview here – and three shades that are just shades without and additional trimmings, or are they? Let’s find out.


387 denim darling Vintage Jeans effect polish



It makes sense to start with this effect, as ANNY puts it, as long as the collection is called Put on Your Vintage Jeans. What are vintage jeans like and how are they different from modern denim? Vintage jeans have a more pronounced texture to them in terms of denim itself, that’s thicker and rougher kind of, in a good way, more sturdy, and in terms of the way they’re coloured, the dye on them is all textured, not as even as it is now. Are we on the same page here? I hope we are 🙂 Well, that’s what this ‘effect’ by ANNY is. It’s rough textured nail colour with not just round glitter that gets harsh to the touch, once it dries, you know, but with little sticky glitter too, that gets equally harsh, if not more so, when it dries on your nails. So, that’s what we have here for an effect. And it’s true not only for this shade but for the one to come too.


Speaking about the shade, denim darling is a pretty name. Nice alliteration there, ANNY 🙂 It’s in tune with collection concept. And the shade is blue. So far so good. It all makes sense.



The shade is a bright darker blue. It’s very bright, in fact. Too bright for those who shun bright artsy shades.



And it’s a strong blue shade. Not a baby boy blue. Not a romantic blue. Not a pastel blue. It’s a statement. It’s indigo jeans like blue. I like it. It’s bright and daring and special.



Here’s what I don’t like though. Call me a traditionalist, but what I like on my nails is smooth and sleek finish. I just can’t get over the fact that that’s what a nail colour should feel like on my nails. At least, that’s how it was designed initially.



I’m just uncomfortable with this itchy feeling texture on my nails that gets caught on everything, once I brush my hand past it. Even when I use top coat on it to soothe this sensation, it just doesn’t fully work. It helps a little bit, but this texture is so rough, it remains rough in essence.



All said above doesn’t mean it should bother you 🙂 I’m just reporting here on what it’s like and how I precept it 🙂 All in all, to me, this shade is great, but the texture kind of ruins it for me. If the texture doesn’t bother you though, you’re lucky, because this blue is beautiful 🙂

IMG_4438IMG_4730 2


389.50 jeans couture Vintage Jeans effect polish



This is the second shade with this effect – woe is me 🙂 So, this shade is all textured and rough and harsh to the touch too. The same way that denim darling is. Yet again, I just won’t be able to wear it because of the textured finish. Textured manicure is not my kind of thing. But if it’s yours, you’re in for a treat. Because this shade is as stunning as denim darling, although it’s markedly different.



And as much as denim darling is not dead on indigo, it’s more of a creative interpretation of indigo denim in a nail shade, just as much jeans couture is more of an impression of blue jean that the actual colour of it.



It’s brighter than a classic blue jean colour.



It’s more turquoise like, even though it doesn’t quite get there, because there’s not enough green in it. It remains true to its bright blue essence.



I so wish this shade weren’t that textured. If it weren’t, I’d be all over it, and all over denim darling. As it is, I can only look at the two and sigh.



Keep in mind that this blue is very bright to begin with (even if it weren’t for that finish that makes it even artsier), so gauge carefully how comfortable you are with bright blue manicure, before you wear it.

IMG_4444IMG_4702 2


324 bloggers’ favourite



Ok, maybe, it’s some bloggers’ favourite, but not mine 🙂 It’s not that it’s not nice, it is. It’s just that, as we know 🙂 , nudes will never be my favourites in manicure world. And this shade is ever so nude.



It’s a light cool beige. Before I go on describing the shade though, I just don’t get how this shade fits into the whole blogger inspired concept.



Aren’t blogs and bloggers usually trendy, artsy, cutting edge, aren’t they supposed to follow the latest things in makeup and show them to everyone out there, to inspire people to try something new?



Maybe, it’s just me, but I think that’s what they do. Well, if so, how does a nude nail shade apply here? I don’t know. But here it is.



And it’s a nice one, if you like cooler beige shades.



It’s the kind of shade that you apply and go and attend a bunch of events and change into a bunch of outfits, and your manicure just keep working perfectly for you with all those styles and on all those occasions. Still don’t get the whole blogger world connection here though 🙂

IMG_4852IMG_4914 2


153 pot of pleasure



Uh. Look at this bronze. I don’t even like bronze. But this one is so lush. Pearly. Gorgeous. And it has so much gold in it.



I look at it, and I see red carpet, I see evening gowns, I see high heels, I see disco lights, I see night clubs, I see cocktail dresses, I see beach parties, I see a whirlwind of fun, basically.



There’s something about this shade that calls for attention and elevates any event to a new and higher level. Not only this bronze has all the gold in the world in it, it’s also kind of darker, vintage bronze 🙂 like. That’s what makes it so special to me.



As much as I don’t like just bronze, this bronze here is exciting. It’s truly a pot of pleasure. And it will look so good with tan. If summer is about bronze shades in makeup and manicure, which it is, pretty much 🙂 , then this here is the kind of bronze I want to wear in summer.



It’s not a classic, not this ever so orangey bronze that floods the counters every summer season, but it only makes it more desirable to me.



And when summer is over, this shade easily moves into a sophisticated going out shade category, so I’m all good 🙂 You? 🙂

IMG_4872IMG_4950 2


300.30 vintage style Pure Cashmere effect polish



Let’s speak about the effect first. For starters, I’m grateful that it’s not this harsh textured kind of thing 🙂 I you recall, ANNY had a whole cashmere collection at some point, and what this cashmere effect is, in essence, is matt nail colour. More or less 🙂 It’s also usually not full coverage, kind of sheer and natural looking. If matt nail colour can look natural to you at all 🙂 Cashmere in the name of this effect tells us that it’s a comfortable and easy manicure kind of thing with a posh kind of twist to it, making it high end. I think, ANNY managed to achieve all that. And that’s a lot to achieve in one effect, I’d say 🙂 It’s worth trying. The only way you aren’t going to like it is if you don’t like matt effect nail colour period. Personally, I don’t mind it. And pairing up matt effect with sheer finish and natural calm shades sounds like a good and interesting idea.


So, here we go with vintage style. Oh, it’s pretty. It’s nude like. But it’s the kind of nude I love most. It’s this pinkish beige. Or beigish pink. Depends on how you look at it. With a touch of lilac to it.



The most flattering nude shade in the world, as far as I’m concerned. And this ‘effect’ becomes it big time. It’s so pretty. So easy to wear. So relaxed. It’s truly posh. Like cashmere.



It’s the kind of shade that can work with almost anything. And can help you feel well groomed and pampered and sophisticated all in one run.



What a pleasant surprise. Just as I was about to say – what? Another nude in blogger inspired collection? No way. How come. And stuff like that 🙂



It turns out, this nude is not that simple. And that I love it. And wanna to wear it. And that it’s nothing like I’ve tried before. Which almost never happens 🙂



It just proves that unexpected twists in life do not always brings problems with them. Sometimes they bring joy. And even happiness.

IMG_5145IMG_5289 2


148.40 new arrival



I like this shade name 🙂 I don’t even know why, but I do.



It’s brown. Wait, wait, don’t tune out. Although I kind of get it. I have to admit, brown in manicure is not the most exciting thing for me to hear or see. But… remember what I told you about pleasant surprises and unexpected twists?



Uh-huh. Here’s another one for you. This brown proves to be not just your good old chocolate brown, which is nice, but kind of boring, to tell you the truth, because it’s been done so much.



It proves to be auburn like brown with a red undertone to it and a metallic feel about it. Put together, all these things produce a wow effect.



This shade is warm, it’s lush to the point of no return, it’s a beautiful dark shade to wear in summer and to wear period. It’s rare. It’s flattering. It’s the kind of shade you can make your own.



It’s special occasion like. But you can, honestly, wear it anywhere you want, it’s so beautiful. I, for one, am going to wear it very soon 🙂

IMG_5163IMG_5243 2


And that’s Put on Your Vintage Jeans collection by ANNY. Despite the initial disappointment of two rough sandy textured shades… No, not true, really. Those shades are gorgeous, it’s only the finish that doesn’t appeal to me there. And after I got over that one nude shade 🙂 I have to say it’s a very nice collection by ANNY. It’s well put together. It has a vision behind it. And it has some very interesting shades. How much is it blogger world inspired? I don’t know. After all, bloggers are different, they have different taste in manicure, so who knows, for some of them these shades will be just the ones they want. I say, me liking three out of six shades unconditionally and two more – on condition that I imagine them being all sleek in finish 🙂 – is a very good result. So, ANNY does it yet again. Comes up with a great nail colour collection 🙂

IMG_4390IMG_4730 2IMG_4392IMG_4702 2

IMG_4849IMG_4914 2IMG_4864IMG_4950 2

IMG_5143IMG_5289 2IMG_5154IMG_5243 2

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