Bobbi Brown Glow spring 2016

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What did I tell you about pastels on your nails in summer, huh? Summer is so full of colour that we usually reach out to brighter colours and wear them, but guess what, lighter shades look so… refreshing at this time of year. And not just on your nails. In your makeup in general. This summer of all summers rich and heavier hues are in fashion. Say, brown, auburn is trending along with the usual bronze. And that’s good. And those shades are beautiful. But as it often happens, it makes me wanna go the other way, and I’m gonna 🙂


Why not switch to lighter and glowy shades in summer? It’s always nice to look natural amidst all the bloom and blossom and heat. Because summer generally gets us closer to nature, and natural looks that bring out the best in us are always welcome in this fun season, when it unfolds in all its glory and invites us to relax and shake off the routine, to do something daring, to be adventurous and go to places we’ve never been to.


So, to me this spring 2016 collection by Bobby Brown called Glow belongs in summer as much as it belongs in spring. The concept of glow with all the heat and sun makes total sense in summer, just don’t overdo it, you know, and then it’s in tune with all the aquatic beauty there is around us in summer. All the water, all the dew, all the drops. Well, just think about how much we like to be around water in the heat. Also, glow, very simply, helps us look fresh, when it’s done right.


Anyway, these limited edition springs makeup products can make your summer makeup variations unexpectedly easy and pleasant and add this special touch that will help you stand out in the most delicate and sophisticated kind of way. And of course, you can just get the idea and inspiration here and then use these products or any other products you like that fit the concept.


When I think lips in summer, I think… dry. Dry as dry can be. You’re saying dry lips are more of a winter thing? Nah, not for me. In winter they are chapped and all 🙂 , in summer they are dry. What does that mean? It means I need some lip care there. Lip balm would be good. Further on, when thinking lip shades, I don’t really think too bright. So, lip balm that reveals and emphasizes my natural lip colour is a good way to go. Something to create fresh kissed lip effect without going into the crazy red and fuchsia territory.


Well, Bobbi Brown took care of all of the above in this one little tube.


The boxing is white and textured. How summery 🙂



The name sounds just right. Bare Pink. That’s what I’m looking for.



The tubing is white too. And behold, it’s thin. I love thin lipstick tubing. There’s just something about it. I couldn’t tell you exactly what.



And there it is. And it looks very balmy. Sheer pinkish. And it smells herbal like, but this scent doesn’t really linger on the lips. Most of it goes away.



The texture is light and soothing. And it’s something I could definitely use in summer. I want it to give me comfort and care, but I do not want to feel its heavy presence on my lips.


This pinkish balm is going to work with your own lip colour to produce a unique shade that will be only yours as opposed to painting your lips this trendy shade that everyone wears this summer 🙂



Ok, so now that we’re pretty much ready with our lips, I’m going to say something that will sound pretty crazy 🙂 When is sparkle and pearl most appropriate in eye makeup? During holiday season, you’re saying? True, but… a handful of sparkle and pearl – not too much – can brighten up your look and help you be all fresh and pretty in this hot summery weather. Told ya, it’s going to sound crazy 🙂 It’s true though. Just keep in mind that in this case and this season in particular lighter sparkly shades work well.


In the same collection Bobbi Brown released these five shades of her Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner that suit the purpose of the story I’m trying to tell here 🙂



Among other good things, this product is multi purpose and small 🙂



It means, you can actually fit it even into that clutch of yours. The shades are so light and airy in a good way, that you can wear them both as an eyeliner and eyeshadow in summer. So, it’s only one pot instead of two pots in that clutch, you know 🙂



7 Silver Heather



This greyish lilacey silver sparkly shade is cool in its core and ever so exquisite.



It’s like a splash of water in the middle of a hot summer afternoon. There’s something ocean like, something mermaid like about it.



One swipe over your lids or one line along your lash line will give you an amazing result bringing out all the shine there is in your eyes. This shade is so flattering and will match any skin tone. And it will accentuate your eye colour. Isn’t that great? 🙂

IMG_5610 2IMG_5820


8 Brown Metal



This shade feels like an evening or going out version of Silver Heather. If Silver Heather has just a touch of grey in it, this shade is full on greige with silver sparkle.



It’s darker, it’s more conspicuous than Silver Heather. It’s not a pastel shade, it’s a bolder shade, still it’s very muted and very natural looking.



And in the evening in all the lights this shade will work wonders making you look special occasion like and red carpet ready without any effort on your part.

IMG_5656 2IMG_5820


9 Opal



This shade is as light as Silver Heather, only it’s a warm shade.



Opal is a very good way to describe it. It looks white in the pot, but once you apply it, it reveals all the beauty there is there beneath just white. And this beauty is hidden in dozens and dozens of warm pink and golden pink sparkles.



When you put it all together, it looks stunning, reflects light and will work with almost any outfit you choose. And just like most of these shades, it can easily transition from day makeup to evening makeup. You don’t even need to do anything, the light will change, and it will do it all for you.

IMG_5727 2IMG_5820


10 Pink Oyster



This pink oyster is not too pink.



And that’s what’s great about all these shades, actually. They don’t give out a lot of colour. They just give a hint of colour and then shine and sparkle and reflections to blend it all into a beautiful eye makeup.



This shade is a combination of warm pink, lilac and golden pink sparkle. It’s a warmish glow clashing against a cold core, it’s gorgeous, it’s a dress up kind of shade due to this golden shine in it.

IMG_5915 2IMG_5820


11 Goldstone



And here we go with full on gold. This shade is in between in terms of light and dark. Basically, it’s all lush golden sparkle and pearl.



Parties and high end events, this shade is to be worn there. It’s dazzling and bold but it doesn’t scream I’m all gold in your face, which is a very good thing. Instead it whispers it, and its whisper is mesmerizing.



If you wear it in summer, just a little bit of it, this shade is going to rock this town. Mark my word.

IMG_5794 2IMG_5820


That’s it. Wearing too much makeup in summer is kind of a nuisance to me. So, this touch of sparkle on the lids and touch of rosy colour on my lips is a very appealing way to go about my makeup. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to wear some turquoise and hot pinks and whatever this summer. But I’m sure that I’ll find time and place to wear these spectacular subdued shades that are so womanly and so languid in a way making my summer absolutely special.



I mean, how many girls are going to be out there wearing sparkle on their lids in summer other than me? Something is telling me not many. Well, if only YOU do it too. Let’s go for it. Join the club 🙂

IMG_5577IMG_5820IMG_5610 2IMG_5820

IMG_5656 2IMG_5820IMG_5727 2IMG_5820

IMG_5915 2IMG_5820IMG_5794 2IMG_5820

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