Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure spring 2016 swatched

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Ok, so, for starters, it’s ever so hard to find any information on Sally Hansen collections. Why is that, Sally Hansen? I mean, even on their official website I can’t find it. That’s a drag. I want to have all my collections clear and ready for me 🙂 I couldn’t even find the name of this collection. How come??? I want to know what it’s called 🙂 It helps to establish the mood and the concept that’s behind the collection. So, I wanna know this name. C’mon, guys 🙂 Anyway, after an incredible effort and time that went into my research looking for new Sally Hansen shades – and I wish it weren’t that hard – I find these six spring shades. They are not gel. They are our good, old and well proven Complete Salon Manicure formula colours. With my current Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir base and top coat they work fine for me.




Ok, so, I softened up a little after I saw these colours. They are exciting. Not all that characteristically spring either. There are some bright and intense colour spots there. And then some softer spots that are more traditional for spring, if that’s what you like. This collection stands out, by all means. And at the first glance there are several shades there I want to keep and always have, and that’s a lot to say for a nail colour collection 🙂


So, here goes Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure spring 2016. We have six shades here, which is a usual number of colours in a collection by this brand.


554 New Flame



Wow. This shade is hot. And red as red can be. It’s not a spring shade. It’s a timeless sexy nail shade. Womanly nail shade. Elegant nail shade.



I look at it, and I see fun fun fun. I see fleeting affairs and carefree flings and passionate love. I see parties. Night clubs. And dirty dancing. And just dancing. I see red carpet. Black tie events. High end receptions.



Forget about spring. That’s the red shade. I want to ALWAYS have it. Always. There are days and times when I just have to wear it.



I like red nail colour and red lipstick and red lip gloss 🙂 It’s a classic. But guess what, it’s ever so hard to find a perfect red. Red has to be balanced. And it has to be my red. And this red has it all. It’s right in between light and dark. When it’s too light, it’s not red enough for me. When it’s too dark, it’s not red enough for me either, if you know what I mean 🙂



Not only this red is red just the right way, it’s also kind of sheer, but not full on sheer, so that it gives full coverage almost – just short of it – in two coats, and as much shine as you might possibly want.



Are you ready for a new flame? 🙂 At least, in manicure. Well, then, here it is. I’m loving this red nail colour. See if you do 🙂

IMG_5397IMG_5983 2


684 New Suede Shoes



Wow. And wow. And wow again. What are you doing to me here, Sally Hansen? Another timeless classic, by my count. Doesn’t mean it is by yours. Because, to be fully honest here, it’s not a classic at all. But it’s my personal classic, no doubt.



This shade is blue. Blue to the point of no return.  Uncompromisingly blue. Brightly blue. Boldly blue. It’s a perfect vibrant blue shade. If it were darker, it would start sliding into navy blue, and it would be a major pity. If it were lighter, it wouldn’t be blue enough.



As it is, it’s blue and beautiful. Special. Artsy in a nice way. It’s like blue sky in a fantasy world. Yes, please, I want new suede shoes of this colour 🙂 And a dress. And a purse. And jeans 🙂



This shade is full of energy and joy. Let’s party. That’s what it’s saying turning any day into a party night in a matter of seconds. There’s something so vibrant and so vigorous about it.



This shade is a keeper. I love blue manicure. It’s one of my favourites. And I know I’d be getting an urge for this blue every now and then.



Guess what, when I’m looking at it, I also wanna wear it with an elegant dress and a blue jacket to add this emphatic touch with this nail colour, the touch that is capable of turning the whole look around and making it ever so sophisticated. So, the question becomes – are you with me?

IMG_5382IMG_5950 2


410 Hat’s Off to Hue



O-oh. This lilac is nice. It’s a take on romance that doesn’t dive head into sweet romance getting all too cute. Instead it kind of goes the other way at the last moment and becomes so modern and so relevant in a way.



For starters, this shade is very very cool. Oh, the glee, once again I get here a purple shade that’s not overshadowed by pink and not too warm, as a result. This lilac is so cool and so fresh and so crisp instead of being a sort of boring pink purple colour. Again 🙂



This colour is truly exquisite. Super exquisite. And it’s not a classic, so it’s not too serious. It has this lightness about it that I like. An easy feel. And an interesting feel.



This kind of cool lilac is always sophisticated in manicure. It always adds a zest to your look. To me, it also looks relaxed, kind of. Makes me feel at home whenever I am, even if my outfit is very formal and very elegant.



In fact, I think clashing too concepts like that in one look is always fun. Instead of going all serious and all elegant all the way, I like just throwing something in at the very last point there, something small indicating – hey, it’s not that simple, you know. And manicure is one of my favourite ways to do it 🙂



You know what, this shade is a keeper too. How come? Three out of six in one collection. That almost never happens. Not to me 🙂

IMG_6080IMG_6311 2


523 Aflorable



Isn’t this shade name adorable? 🙂 I think it is. Aflorable. It rolls so nicely on my tongue. AFLORABLE.



The shade itself proves to be charming and adorable too.  It’s pink. Pink in a very nice way. Not tainted by all the vulgar pink variations and connotations that do linger somewhere in the back of my mind. Doesn’t mean I can’t shove them even further back there and wear a bright hot pink lipstick though 🙂



This pink here is womanly. Or I guess, you could say girly. But it’s a smart pink. An up-to-date pink. It’s not pearly. It’s clear and well cut. It’s cooler rather than warmer. And this coolness makes it chic.



It’s the kind of shade you can feel very comfortable wearing. You just jump right in it. And it just feels so good. Soothing. One of the most appealing pinks I’ve seen in a while.



What Aflorable is to me is a great way to interpret classic. I’m looking at it and I can feel that I want to wear it. And I know that it will be a good match for pretty much whatever look I choose.



Somehow as romantic as this shade might seem, I wanna wear it with jeans and a top. Yep. Can’t explain that. It’s just a fact of life 🙂 Maybe, it’s because there’s something deeply natural about this shade. And it’s a good thing.

IMG_6114IMG_6406 2


216 You Glow, Girl!



Nice. I like this shade name. Sounds good. I like the shade even more though. And I can’t believe I’m liking the fifth shade out of six in one collection. Liking it that much.



This shade stirs my imagination and curiosity. It’s out of the common run. It’s a very clever mix of two shades – gold and beige. It terms of proportion, these two shades are blended in almost even parts here. I couldn’t tell you exactly, whether it’s golden beige or beige golden, because it’s too subtle, so you’ll have to make up your own mind about it.



This shade is pearly. It’s a metallic. And this metallic finish becomes it. It’s lush. And sophisticated. And calling out for a special occasion. Or for feeling like there’s a special occasion on every given day of your life 🙂



This shade is hard to find in manicure world, which makes it even more exciting to me and even more desirable.



It’s a warm and dress up kind of shade without being over the top. It’s elegant and beautiful. And glowy. As opposed to having a pearly feel about it, it does have this golden sheen or glow that can make any outfit of yours womanly.



This shade is yet another one that I’m going to enjoy wearing for much longer than just this spring/summer season. It’s worth it.

IMG_6447IMG_6588 2


212 Au Nature-al



Just as I was about to say – huh, a nude shade. Well, at least, one shade out of six in the collection has to be a miss for me personally. And better luck next time and stuff like that… I had to take another look and give it a second thought and be amazed with Sally Hansen who managed to pull six shades that got me. All in one collection.



For starters, love the name and the pun in it. This shade is natural and it is real. I can definitely confirm both statements.



You know how I am with nudes in manicure in general. They usually kind of bore me, unless there’s something about them. And there’s more than just something about this shade.



Let me start by saying it’s kind of sheer, actually. The usual two coats won’t get you to full coverage.



And then it’s beige in such a… warm and tender way. There’s something in it other than beige – a touch of pink, a touch of yellow? I couldn’t tell you for sure. But it produces this camel like effect, all in all. And this warmish cozy shade combined with its sheer texture works miracles on the nails.



There’s something basic about this shade, something natural, yes, something comfy, second skin like, but at the same time, something posh and languid, something understated and hot. And I can’t believe I’m saying that about a nude shade, by the way. So, it’s not to be missed out on. Worth a look, at least.

IMG_6420IMG_6644 2


That’s the collection. Seriously, Sally Hansen, six out of six? I’m smitten here and impressed. Impressed? No, I’m in awe. These shades are spectacular. And they are not spring shades. They transcend that. They are just great nail shades that I want to wear and have in my stash. Some are tender, some are bright, some are rare, some are classic, this batch of six is just so well put together. I’m looking at them and I feel happy. And I love this feeling. I want to be happy about my makeup. What’s even better, when I wear these shades, each and every one of them, I’ll feel happy again. I know that. Amazing 🙂

IMG_5386IMG_5983 2IMG_5366IMG_5950 2

IMG_6078IMG_6311 2IMG_6099IMG_6406 2

IMG_6439IMG_6588 2IMG_6411IMG_6644 2


P.S. Still, want to know this collection name, Sally Hansen.

IMG_5983        IMG_5950

IMG_6311        IMG_6406

IMG_6588        IMG_6644

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