NARSissist Cheek Studio Palette 8322 spring 2016 swatched

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Why do we need cheek palettes? Why do they get released in spring oftentimes? And what is a cheek palette for anyway? All good questions. First of all, this name in itself – cheek palettes – sounds good but always seems kind of misleading to me. When I hear cheek palette, I just can’t help but think – blush, blush, blush. In reality, cheek palettes usually go beyond blush. I mean, on our cheeks we use base, we use contour products, we use bronzers, we use highlighters, sometimes even sparkle, depends on where we’re heading to 🙂 So, that’s what this NARSissist palette here is all about. It’s a bunch of face products in one small palette. Contouring, highlighting and strobing especially is ever so hot now in makeup world, so this palette is a good thing to have. Also, it’s small. A lot of stuff – different stuff – in one little thing. And it’s summer so… it’s a thing to pack in your suitcase, when you’re about to travel. At least, that’s what I think, when I see such palettes. And summer is probably the most heavily travelled season of the year, so, with this palette we’re ready to see the world. Or have a blast on a weekend getaway. And of course, this palette can turn your day makeup into your evening makeup in a matter of minutes. So, yeah, such palettes do come in handy. And they simply and purely have so-o much makeup in them 🙂 So, let’s hurry up here and see this beauty by NARS.



Mirror silver design boxing. Stylish and very NARS.



NARS is a professional makeup brand, so they do release this kind of palettes pretty regularly – another use of such batches of shades, by the way, is professional makeup, catwalks and photo shoots and such – so, if you want this palette in particular, you’ll need to know the number. Cheek Studio Palette 8322.



Packaging design of the palette itself is the same as its boxing design.



All silver, all mirror and some white lettering.



I love how NARS calls their palettes NARSissist, it’s a very nice pun, really. Ok, so, before we get to the shades, here’s my take on quality for you. It’s professional, that is, it’s different from luxury brand consumer makeup. It’s not worse, it’s just different. Aimed at and angled more for professional makeup artists. It’s up to you to decide which of the two makeup directions you like best – consumer or professional. Luxury consumer makeup often has more lush textures, you know, Chanel, Dior, Guerlain and such. If product performance is on top of your list of things you want in makeup, you might want to take a closer look at professional brands – Bobbi Brown, Make Up For Ever, MAC and others. Because the focus of professional brands is how those products work, sometimes even in extreme conditions, say, in the pool, etc., hence their waterproof products, for one, are usually extra good. I myself prefer luxury consumer brands, generally speaking, but… I love palettes, so all those eye palettes and face palettes and lip palettes by professional brands always catch my attention, and I enjoy them. Ok, Ok, I AM getting to the shades here 🙂



Hm, at the first glance I can tell there’s definitely more than blush here. There’s some highlighting, contouring and bronzing going on here too.

IMG_7060 2


So, first and foremost, we have a highlight shade.



It’s light and matt as a highlighter should be and as it was designed initially, before all the variations came along.


Next we have a dark contouring shade called Paloma.



It’s matt and dark beige. A cool beige. And it’s a pleasant distraction in the hot bronze summer face products sea.


Then there’s NARS’s famous Laguna bronzer.



It’s satiny, kind of pearly in its finish and – oh, I love that – not orange. Rather dark beige like with a golden sheen.


Then we have four blush shades. The first three have no name. NARS just differentiates them by 1, 2, 3 numbers.

IMG_7060 3


So, number one.



It’s such a light and cool pink that it gives off a lot of lilac, once applied. Also, it has sparkle in it, even if not too much. If your skin is fair, you should be careful with lilac face products, but you probably know it already 🙂 Such crispy fresh shades look interesting as a highlighter and in general on not too pale skin tones. I have to tell you, I LOVE this shade. There’s something natural and artsy about it all at the same time.


Number two.



It’s a lighter mauvish shade, pearly and matt in its finish and with a whole lot of sparkle. It has much more colour to it than number one, still it’s not too bright. Such lush medium mauve shades look good, and they are close enough to our usual blush routine, where once we’re tired of this routine, we can just swap it for this fun and sparkly mauve shade. Just keep all this sparkle in mind, when you use it, Ok 🙂


Number three.



Now, this here is a full on darker pinkish mauve shade with a reddish edge to it. I mean, it’s ever so warm purplish leaning to red and even orange in its core. No sparkle here. What is here though is this very appealing and very satiny finish. So, there’s some really nice reflection business going on here. It will look even better in artificial light in the evening. This satin finish makes this shade softer and more womanly in a way and very pretty.


And the last blush shade is Goulue.



This is a bright and happy cool pink. Purple pink. Or pink purple, you might say. It’s not too artsy though. It’s a classical blush shade. It’s just a little bit bolder and darker and brighter, maybe, than the rest of the batch here. It’s satiny in its finish and has just a handful of sparkle in it adding some texture to its core. A very nice blush shade, given you know how to really operate blush.


And that’s all we have in this NARSissist Cheek Studio Palette. But it’s a lot. Once again, you can get all your base and blush makeup done without having to go through all those boxes and then all those things holding the products proper and then close it all up and then… you get my point. It’s faster, it’s easier, it’s more handy. And you can use up the time you would otherwise spend going through all the above listed motions doing something fun.

IMG_7060 2       IMG_7060 3

IMG_7108 2      IMG_7108 3


I, for one, always have to have several palettes of the kind around in case I’m in a huff, which happens a lot 🙂



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