Deborah Lippmann Sweets for my Sweet Shades of Pastel swatched

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I’m back to pastel nail shades here. I’m really digging them this summer 🙂 I’ve pretty much already given you my reasoning and explained why pastels seem to work so well for me in summer and why I think you might want to check some of these tender yet colourful shades out. Basically, they cool me down. They are cooler compared to all the hot brights that surround us in summer. At the same time, they aren’t nude, I mean, they’ve got colour in them 🙂 Somehow it’s very chic to have this just a reflection of colour on my nails. These nail shades are so desserty in a way too. And I love dessert. And then they are fun. They are different. They are happy. And colourful in their specific way. Because of all seasons nudes do not fit in the whole summer feast of colour that well. Although, it’s a matter of taste. Anyway, I’m back to my concept here of being able to try a lot of artsy shades you’d never try otherwise – like green and blue – because their pastel reincarnations and interpretations are so soft and delicate in a way that you might be able to process them and even enjoy them. I don’t know if I persuaded you, at least, I made you think about it 🙂 And even if we leave out all the possible reasons for wearing these pastels, this set by Deborah Lippmann is so cute. You’ll see. And each and every one of those shades is available in full size and separately too, so you can handpick your personal favourites here and wear them in summer and all year round at any given time, when you feel like it.


Sweets for my Sweet is such a cute name.



The box is equally charming. All tender, all flowery, all blue and pink.



These six pastel shades are pretty and chic and all I want right now. Well, not all, but part of it 🙂



Just looking at these shades makes me feel so good. And makes me want to wear them.

IMG_6776 2


Let’s take a closer look and get to know them up close and personal. Now that I’ve seen the whole batch, I want some alone time with each shade here 🙂


Sugar, sugar



What can be more sweet than this shade name? More desserty than that?



The shade is calm and nice and womanly. It’s a classic pastel and a pastel classic.



It’s coral. Or is it? It’s not as simple as that. It has a beige quality to it. A beige undertone that balances it and makes it very soft and very womanly, not just romantic, you know.



This shade is comfy and cushiony and second skin like. At the same time it has so much more to it.



This beige coral shade is warm, and it easily gives you that well groomed without being made up look than we all crave sometimes. Or that we all need sometimes. Say, in a business meeting or in places where we can’t stand out and go all wild or all hot with our look and makeup and manicure.



Also, this shade is sunny, sort of.



It dips its toes into the whole summer coral frenzy, but it doesn’t dive right into it splashing bright drops on everyone around it and making people’s eyes hurt with its vibrance. Instead it whispers softly luring you into summer, welcoming you and making it your kind of season.

IMG_6958IMG_7272 2


Lemon Drop



Oh, happy. Very happy. Very summery. And quite yellow.



It’s very much to my taste. Although not all the way to my taste. It’s pale yellow. Which is still bright somehow. So, if you’ve never worn yellow, I don’t recommend to start with this one. There are paler and more subdued variations of this colour in manicure world.



But if you’re ready for summer, ready for colour, ready for it big time, then this shade is very much your shade.



There’s something ever so optimistic about yellow nail colour. It’s probably because it’s so full of sunshine and so warm in its core.



I enjoy it very much, and I think it’s a good alternative to all the corals we’ve already gotten and are going to get in limited edition summer collections across the board. Because you know, we always do 🙂



Yellow is a nice accent shade, because we wear all those white and beige clothes in summer, crème clothes, lighter shade clothes and adding yellow manicure to those is a good idea.



Yellow manicure looks interesting on blondes, because it interacts with their gorgeous hair colour, its gleam and its glow in a very exciting way. And most importantly, yellow nail colour is pretty rare. Which makes it special.

IMG_6955IMG_7311 2


Sweet Pea

IMG_7330 2


Uh. Green nail colour. You got me here, Deborah Lippmann 🙂



This green is mild and pastel and soothing. It’s sweet as sweet can be.



I love green nail colour, but guess what, I’m well aware of the fact that not many people do. It’s not a classic nail shade by a long shot. And it’s probably way too artsy for most.



Well, I’m going to say here up front that this is definitely one of the easiest and most comfortable green nail polish variations I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t scream green in your face. It beckons you saying – I’m nice, I’m safe, I’m cute, look at me.



It’s not too cool. And not too bright. In fact, it’s very well balanced in terms of warm and cool, and despite being a cool shade to begin with, there’s a lot of warmth in it, which is reminiscent of summer, at least, to me it is.



Seriously, if you’ve never worn green, this is your chance to get on good terms with it. And maybe, you’ll never wear any other green, but you’ll get a kick out of this one.



The name of this shade is very clever in a way that it has the word ‘sweet’ in it. Sweet is probably the best way to describe this green nail colour.

IMG_7350IMG_7564 2


My Boy Lollipop



Here we go – blue.  Any decent batch of pastel shades tends to have one blue at least in it. So, that’s it. And it’s a good one. It’s a cool and mild and brighter blue without it being too bright.



It’s very baby boy like. And I’m grateful to Deborah Lippmann for adding yet another dessert association here to help me place these shades in the right category in my mind and give you a feel for what they are.



Lollipop – and candy in general – is another good desserty thing to think of to help you understand and interpret these shades. It is lollipop like indeed.



This shade is pretty even though we get blue shades often enough now in manicure world, even in seasonal collections by luxury brands we do.



There’s something so cool and so fresh and so clear about this blue colour. It’s crispy blue, that’s what it is. I don’t know about you, to me fresh and crispy sounds great in summer heat 🙂



Blue is always a pleasant shade for me to wear on my nails in summer, because I can’t help but think water, when I think blue or see it.



The next image my mind goes to naturally is pure blue summer sky. Bright blue sky. The kind of blue sky we only see in summer. Isn’t it great to have a small part of it on your nails? I think it is    🙂

IMG_7381IMG_7527 2


All Day Sucker



Lilac is another super classically pastel shade.



Hear me, please, it’s not purple, it’s lilac. How’s lilac different from purple? I’ll tell you how it’s different to me 🙂 Purple almost always has a warm undertone to it, some pink or red mixed into it.



Lilac is usually cool. And this lilac is freezing cold, I’d say, and it warms my heart 🙂 Because it’s such a rare thing in manicure and makeup in general.



Purple – yes, there are tons of purple in lip colour, nail colour cheek colour. And almost never cool lilac. Or very rarely. Which makes this shade ever so more desirable to me. I love lilac and I want to see it and wear it on my lips and nails every now and again.



This nail shade is like an exotic flower of some sort. Or like lilac sky and water in an animation movie that I haven’t made yet, but might as well make it now that I imagined it so vividly 🙂



Pretty and chic are the two key words I just can’t escape on seeing this refreshing lilac on my nails. Oh, and I want sunglasses of this pretty lilac shade – lilac rimmed and with lilac glass 🙂



So, back to lilac nail polish. What I like about it is it being equally traditional and artsy. It’s enough of a classic where you can wear it anywhere you go, at the same time, it’s artsy enough where it gives you a boost of energy and a spurt of joy by just being there for you.

IMG_7633IMG_7905 2


Candy Girl



That’s me 🙂 And not because I love candy that much, but because I love sweets that much.



Another desserty shade name and another desserty shade. Cotton candy like.



Pink. Light pink. Are you yawning yet going – huh, pastel pink, you’ve got to be kidding me, what’s new, I’ve seen it all, here goes the pink? Well, hold that thought and that judgement for now. You’ve only got several more lines and several more pictures to see here till you can say it with full on conviction.



There’s something special about this shade, this pink. And this something – yet again, just as with all these pastel shades here – makes me want to wear it in summer and wear it period. This something is the fact that this pink is ever so cool, cool to the extreme, so that it sometimes almost gleams lilac like.



This coolness in this pink makes all the difference to me. Instead of being boring and too soft and too pastel like and overdone, it gets to be perk and sophisticated and special. Very special.



And this cool quality about it makes it so soothing in all the sun and all the heat. Makes it stand out. Makes it go – hey, chill out, relax, be cool 🙂 That’s what I want to hear in summer. That’s what I want to feel wearing my nail shades in summer.



This pink is truly exquisite and ever so exciting. I love it.

IMG_7668IMG_7950 2


These are six Sweets for my Sweet nail shades by Deborah Lippmann. And I LOVE them. They are incredible.

IMG_6776 3


You know what I love most about them? If you look closely at these shades, you’ll see they are nothing like ordinary. They take me right into some kind of fairy like dessert like fantasy like world, where modern coral is somehow classic beige like, yellow is somehow cool and lemonade like, green is somehow warm and cozy, blue is cool like ice and like that ribbon on a newborn boy’s birthday present, lilac is not purple but is so lilac instead that I want to dive right into it, and pink is artsy and refreshing like a breeze. Each shade is interpreted in a whole new different way, as opposed to being repeated and reproduced and recreated. Instead it’s created anew like it’s a new shade, and it will never be the same again after it was part of this batch of colours that made me want to wear pastels in summer.

IMG_6861IMG_7272 2IMG_6827IMG_7311 2

IMG_7330 2IMG_7564 2IMG_7361IMG_7527 2

IMG_7619IMG_7905 2IMG_7643IMG_7950 2


I don’t know what you see when you look at these six shades here. When I look at them I see meringue and lollipop, macaroon and cotton candy, cake and ice cream. I see sea and sky, grass and trees and flowers and… more flowers 🙂 And I see summer or any other season of the year for that matter brimming with joy and excitement and all the good things. And I’ll tell you what, when a makeup collection makes me feel this way and think this way, it’s great, and I appreciate it a lot. What this collection did, basically, is it made me smile. I hope it has the same effect on you 🙂

IMG_7272     IMG_7311

IMG_7564     IMG_7527

IMG_7905     IMG_7950

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