Guerlain Meteorites Pearls Carousel swatched

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You know what, I’ve come to love Meteorites Pearls by Guerlain. The first time I tried them I was like – wha..? what? That’s it? That’s what it is? That’s what all the hype is about? Well, I was wrong 🙂 This product is awesome. It’s just ever so exquisite, ever so sophisticated, ever so delicate. By all means, it brings out the best in us. There’s something special about this glow Guerlain created, it’s so natural, it’s the essence of what we mean when we say – glow from within. This highlighter or this powder or whatever way you want to use these gorgeous pearls just very simply makes you feel good. And I love this feeling.


Also, I think Meteorites by Guerlain and Meteorites Pearls specifically are the best way to start with base and powder. It’s just so delicate. There’s almost no way to go wrong with it. And, of course, this pearly gleam is awesome for highlighting purposes. With all the highlighting and strobing that’s ever so trendy now it’s actually hard to do it the right way, you know. For starters, not all of us are professional makeup artists – I’m definitely not, I can tell you that 🙂 And even if we’re great with makeup techniques, we usually don’t have the time that professionals have to shape and highlight and strobe and whatever. Well, Meteorites Pearls can do that in a second without much effort on our part.


A whole separate aspect of Meteorites by Guerlain is this famous violet scent that all products in this line have. I have to admit I was kind of apprehensive up front because of such strong a scent in a makeup product. I would take no scent in makeup over almost any scent – with rare exclusions – in a second. Well, it turns out, this signature violet scent by Guerlain is one of the few that I can take and even like. It doesn’t bother me. In fact, I even enjoy it now. It adds that extra element of chic that I’m always looking for in luxury market makeup. I want more there than just makeup. I want this lush feel about it, which I by all means get when using and wearing Meteorites by Guerlain.


And here’s the reason why I started writing about Guerlain Meteorites Pearls today of all day 🙂 This special edition that’s ever so cute and ever so charming.



It all starts with the name. To me it always does. Shade name or product name to me is its integral part. It helps set the right mood and can make me even more ecstatic about the product 🙂



Well, of all names Carousel has good implications only in it to me. When I hear ‘carousel’, ‘merry-go-round’, I immediately think fun. I think fair, I think dancing, I think cotton candy, oh, cotton candy, sweets, I can’t even tell you how happy I am imagining all those things. It’s not that I want to go on a carousel right now, just thinking about it and everything related to it brings me joy.



The second thing that comes to mind when I think ‘carousel’ is romance. What’s more romantic than a park, flowers, sweets – yes, I’m back to sweets here 🙂 – a tutu skirt, wrap & tie shoes and… carousel. Love this name 🙂



The lid is white in this Carousel edition with pink, lilac and yellow colour petal flower. Very pretty.



And then the metal pot itself is pink with a carousel of colourful dots circling it and going round and round on a merry ride. There’s just something so clean and simple and spectacular about this design. I’ve seen a lot of Meteorites Pearls, but these are definitely special. High end. Lavish. Superb. There’s something imminently hot about this pure elegance encased in a pink and white pot.



Then I look and the spongy and satiny powder puff and go ‘hm’.



That’s pink. Very pink. Ever so pink. Too pink? I don’t know. Might be too pink for me. That’s weird. Given that the whole concept of Meteorites is being a translucent powder that matches any skin tone. Well, I’ll tell you what, if it’s that pink, I’m not using it as powder. As blush, maybe. I look in the pot to see where all the pink comes from.



Oh, Ok, it comes from these big and bright pink pearls. Can it really be THAT pink though? I mean, other than these pink ones, there are other pearls there. Like white pearls and golden pearls and lilac pearls. Can those pink ones overpower the rest of them and make the whole thing pink? Then it’s going to be a first in my personal Meteorites Pearls experience.



And then I swatch it, and it looks pinkish, but not nearly as pink as the powder puff.



My breath and pulse slowly gets back to normal 🙂 I keep swatching and, yeah, there’s some pink there, a little, but not nearly as much. It’s a typical Meteorites Pearls thing with a little bit of a pink twist. Instead of being a crazy and sweeping pink frenzy. Uh. My Meteorites Pearls world starts spinning again. I’m happy 🙂 In fact, this pinkish gleam will look really good on my skin.

IMG_5851 2


My conclusion here, when it comes to the shade is as follows. It’s universal – as it always is – but more pink than usual. So, I’d say, if there’s any sallow in your skin tone, you can benefit from this shade immensely. In most other cases you’re as fine using it as any other Meteorites Pearls out there. You should only be careful with these, if you’re lucky to have that spectacularly fair or aristocratically pale skin. Then, maybe, you don’t want that pink shade in your powder. But guess what, then this touch of pink can be a great blush shade for you, natural and flattering and not too bright for once 🙂



What these Meteorites Pearls have, just like any Meteorites Pearls, is this touch of sparkle and shine to them that works wonders on our faces reflecting light and attracting people’s looks. You wanna feel like you’re on the red carpet every day of your life? You wanna feel like you’re on a merry-go-round wearing that tutu skirt? Well, then take a close look at these Meteorites here. You might be able to feel that way with them.



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