ZOYA Petals spring 2016 swatched

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Petals is such a nice spring (or summer, for that matter) collection name. Even better than flowers 🙂 Because it’s even more tender. It sets me in a romantic mood, kind of. When I see the six shades though, they look pretty bright to my eye. The second thought that comes to mind after the first romantic wave subsides 🙂 is just how much pink and coral there is here. Which makes this collection very summery in a way and makes me want to wear it in heat, on the beach, on vacation, at a party, well, you get my point here. At the same time these shades are not crazy, not turquoise or something, so you can actually wear them anywhere you want.



The good thing about these shades is that they are so warm, so vibrant and so joyous. So full of life and so full of summer. At the same time, there are a couple of cooler shades in the batch that look very interesting. And this one pink in the middle looks like ZOYA’s take on classic with an exciting twist to it. I can’t wait to see all of those and wear them, because that’s the best way to get to really know them. And to really know them I have to get out in the real world, so that they collide with summer, dance with summer, merge with summer. Something’s telling me they belong in this season. We’ll see, if I prove right here.






What a glorious name. And so becoming of this shade.



This shade was created by Zoya for Reem Acra New York fasion week show. It’s full of light, full of air and full of sparkle.



I do like these shades that shine from within. But I usually don’t want them to be sheer. Even though I do understand that them being sheer helps this burst of sparkle to work even better by way of contrast. Still don’t want them sheer though 🙂



Well, Leia is sheer, but it’s so beautiful that its beauty overpowers this sheer business for me.



The shade is pearly white, and then it’s stuffed and loaded and then some with pink sparkle. As it is, this white is all refreshing and all crispy and all icy, while the pink sparkle is all warm, and when the two come together, they work miracles on your nails.



If I have to do nude manicure, this here is how I want to do it. I want so much more than just natural looking nails. I want all the trimmings, and I get those with Leia.



I haven’t seen such a beautiful and such a fairy like shade for a while. It’s the kind of shade one would wear for one’s first ball. It’s girly, it’s princess like and yet sophisticated. There’s something truly special about it. I love it.

IMG_8045IMG_8157 2





Another favourite of mine in this collection.



It’s a bold lilac. Bluebell like. You know how bluebells – or, at least, some kinds of these shy and stunning flowers – are actually lilac as opposed to blue? Or else that’s what they look to me.



Well, that’s what Aster is like. Ok, ok, there are lilac asters too 🙂 It’s just that to me lilac is more of a bluebell thing. But maybe, it’s just me. 🙂



This lilac is a statement, it’s a modern lilac in a way that it’s so bright, as opposed to being all pale and romantic. And it’s great, because it makes it different, makes it stand out.



It’s rare, because it doesn’t get released too often in nail colour collections. Also, this lilac is metallic, kind of, believe it or not, which almost never happens. And it has tiny little silver sparkle in it.



I can’t get enough of this shade. What I like about it – among other things 🙂 – is that it’s not crazy artsy, so I can wear it literally anywhere I want.



You can easily do office or business meeting with this kind of manicure and fit in. And then change into those jeans and high heels or a radically mini dress and high heels, depending on your style, and go party. Isn’t that great?

IMG_8074IMG_8216 2





Ok, obviously, after we got distracted by Leia a little bit 🙂 we launch right into flower names, or else girl names that are flower names initially, because Zoya calls their shade names by girl names 🙂



Wow, this Azalea is cool. It’s pink, but it’s not just pink.



It’s Aster like in a way that it’s metallic.



And it has silver sparkle in it too. It’s bigger than the one in Aster, and there’s more of it, but it creates the same modern feel about a pretty classic nail shade, in fact, one of the most classic ones out there and one of the first ones to come along in manicure.



The shade itself is pink and bright and cool, if you threw some purple in it, it would turn into fuchsia, but I’m so happy it doesn’t.



Instead it remains proudly pink and is universal in terms of its purpose and occasions you can wear it on.



If you like brighter nail shades, but need to stick to dress code, office code or just don’t want to reveal your love for black, yellow and green manicure at the moment 🙂 , this shade is your way to achieve your goal and stay true to yourself at the same time.

IMG_8295IMG_8468 2





No more flower names here, huh, Zoya? Ok, no problem.



I do like the shade though. And as usual I can’t believe I’m saying it about an orange nail shade 🙂 Because it’s one of the few colours I don’t really like seeing on my nails, generally speaking.



This one is by all means an exclusion to the rule though. Here’s why.



It’s put together the same way Azalea and Aster are. It’s metallic, or else, pearly, as opposed to being just plain. And it has this tiniest sparkle in it.



This shade is happy, optimistic, it’s a splash of colour and splash of emotion.



It’s bright but not dark. And it’s a very good thing. Orange nail colour often tends to be dark. Maybe, it’s a way of trying to make it less artsy, I don’t know.



Well, I say – why try to do that? If we go for orange nail colour, let’s go all the way here. Especially as it’s summer. With all the corals for nails and lips in all shapes and forms, this shade is a daring alternative to those, at the same time, it’s within the trend. This shade is a great counterpoint for beige clothes and a great way to open your heart to summer.

IMG_8306IMG_8431 2





Back to flower names here that became girl names, well, you know the story by now 🙂



I’d say this is not a classically tulip shade. Although tulip colour range is wide enough, so, yeah, it’s possible there are coral tulips out there 🙂



The second coral shade in one nail colour collection consisting of six shades doesn’t make me ecstatic, but who knows, maybe, it makes you that 🙂 Well, if it does, here you go.



This coral is a classic – no pearl, no sparkle, just coral. What might be special about it is that it’s lighter, although still bright enough and warm enough, as any coral should be.



It’s a romantic take on coral, a mild one, softened up in a way, tuned for wearing anywhere you might want to go.



This coral is quite tender, it feels like it’s about to start leaning to pink, but it doesn’t, which makes it in the moment kind of thing, more so than a nail colour classic.



It’s not my personal favourite in the batch, but I’m going to wear it several times and I can see why some people would absolutely love this shade. If you’re one of them, dig in 🙂

IMG_8575IMG_8654 2





The last one on the list. And it’s a flower and a girl name again.



What’s so laurel about this shade? I don’t know. When I hear laurel, I see all the leaves, so I picture, basically, green. Well, never mind about that, because this shade is pink 🙂



It’s pink the same way that Tulip is coral. It’s a crème shade, no pearl, no sparkle, just full on colour. And it’s the sort of pink that’s bright but is rather light at the same time.



It’s absolutely a counterpart of Tulip, which makes them a perfect match for nail art or tips & toe combinations.



This pink is a medium pink, not too warm not too cool, but leaning to warmer. It’s pink not in an old-fashioned kind of way, it’s pink in a very fresh kind of way making it relevant again.



And it’s very summery. Very merry and very optimistic. And yes, you can go anywhere you want with this manicure, because it’s, well, pink. As many shades in this collection, it’s universal. Depending on the look you build around it, it can be office like, hip like, clubbing like, beach like or anything you might want it to be.



There’s something nice about this pink, and it’s not the kind of pink that’s been overdone, which says volume in its favor 🙂

IMG_8582IMG_8691 2


That’s the collection. These six shades, these Petals are like a summer kit, or else, like summer in a box.



You only need to reach out and grab any of those, and you can smell flowers, you can see them, you can almost touch them. You feel like you’re out in the open, and you have so many fun hours and even days, maybe, in front of you, when you can do what you really like and enjoy your summer your way.

IMG_8023IMG_8157 2IMG_8053IMG_8216 2

IMG_8251IMG_8468 2IMG_8271IMG_8431 2

IMG_8511IMG_8654 2IMG_8545IMG_8691 2


There’s this quality about these shades that has a power to pull at certain strings in your soul and lift your spirits up easily. These shades are carefree and nice. They aren’t over the top. They have a spirit to them, and this spirit is free and breathes summer.

IMG_8157      IMG_8216

IMG_8468      IMG_8431

IMG_8654      IMG_8691

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