NARSissist L’Amour, Toujours L’Amour Eyeshadow Palette swatched

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Love, Forever Love says NARS. Ok, that’s a good statement to make 🙂 It’s nice when love is forever. My love for makeup is 🙂



This spring NARS released yet another NARSissist eye palette. By the look of it, it’s fifty fifty in terms of shades, neutral and natural in one part and sultry and smoking hot in the other part.



There are some interesting shades here, but mostly it feels solid and handy. Not artsy.



It feels like a palette that can get you through a number of your routine makeup looks, office looks, hang with your friend looks, going out looks.



And as it’s summer now, that is, the hottest vacation and traveling season, this palette can be like a magic wand and all in one kind of thing for you to stick in your bag, when you’re getting on your way to travel.



All said above aside, there are some exciting shades here hidden among all the neutrals and smokies. And that’s what grabbed my attention most in this palette. I can sense some super hot and pretty special eye makeup coming my way here.



So, in this edition of NARSissist eye palette called L’Amour, Toujours L’Amour Eyeshadow 8325 we have twelve eye shades.


The first one is naturally a base shade.



It’s more or less a matt off white with some beige to it. There’s not much colour here. It just primes and gets you all ready for your eye makeup of the day and helps you dilute darker shades, if need be, to create new different colours customized just for you. Such base shades aren’t that exciting, but they are essential to your makeup. Well, sometimes they are 🙂


A satiny warmer beige.



It’s a baby step up from the base shade in terms of colour. There’s not much colour here. It’s more of a well groomed kind of look shade. Or once again, the kind of shade to combine with other shades and support them and bring out their best qualities. To create contrast. It’s not matt though, it’s kind of pearly, really. Or else, it’s satiny in its finish. Which gives it a soft touch.


A lush greige shade with a lot of beige in it. A whole lot of beige.



This greige is ever so warm and summery. It’s super hot, that’s what it is. It almost looks like melted milk chocolate, where there’s as much milk as there’s chocolate proper. This shade is so sultry I can’t believe it. If you thought you knew what smoky eyes are before, you won’t believe the kind of smoky eyes look you’ll be able to create with this shade here.


A complex black brown or brown black shade.



It’s matt, no shine, no sparkle, no pearl. This kind of black and brown mix is a pretty rare thing in makeup world. Basically, you can just use it instead of your usual matt black eyeshadow routine. It being a mix of black and brown adds depth and texture that is not to be found in just dead on black. Especially if your eyes are brown, forget it, you’ll love it.


Pearly light yellow YAY! I love pearly light yellow eyeshadow. Ok, Ok, in all honesty, it’s golden.



This shade looks very golden like in the box, but it proves to be so light when swatched that it looks pearly yellowish. This shade can light up your whole look and bring out the best in your eye colour. Also, it can make you look well rested, when you’re not, and if you’re going to party in summer, it might come in handy.


A gorgeous pearly copper.



This shade is vampy. It’s lush and dress up and special occasion like. Red carpet level lush. It looks great with tan. Almost better than traditional corals. You can use it as an eyeliner. My first eyeliner shade ever was copper. And trust me, it works 🙂 Also, it’s a nice shade to dab on your smokey eye makeup or use it as an additional layer in your smoky eyes. If you thought there’s no way they could get any hotter, you’ll be surprised.


A matt milk and coffee shade, or you could call it a really warm greige.



I equally love this shade in its warmer and cooler versions. It’s just so flattering on most people. So soft and so sophisticated. And it’s not overused. It’s one of those understated chic shades that aren’t that obvious but are elegant and posh at the same time. And it works for both day and night, work and fun, because you’ll look ever so good with it wherever you go.


A complex and pearly blue green with green winning over blue.



Rare and luxurious and calling for artsy smoky eyes. This shade is a beauty. It’s foresty green. Aqua like green. But it’s not aqua and not turquoise, it’s a more exquisite version of the two. I love this shade. If your eyes are blue or green, you can get all over it right now. Or even better, save it for a special occasion. Wow. What a stunning shade.


A complex pearly green blue with blue winning over green.



It’s stunning, rare, going out like, clubby, smoky eye like. Immediately I think I wanna pair it up with the green one for a mind blowing look, smoky eye or no smoky eye. And mind you, my eyes aren’t blue or green, but I still want to do it 🙂 In fact, this blue is so clever, you can try it as an eyeliner whatever colour your eyes are. This shade is really something.


A matt bright and darker blue.



It’s almost navy blue but not quite. And I love that. It being darker but not too dark. It almost never happens. Dark blue almost always slides right into navy blue. Well, this one doesn’t. It’s an awesome shade that can be both an eyeshadow or an eyeliner and a great match for any of those pearly shades in the palette – gold, bronze or greige.


A satiny silvery greige with a whole lot of silver in it, very cool in its essence.



I love pearly greige shades. They become almost everyone. And look very subtle and very sophisticated. High end. Calling for special occasion. At the same time they don’t give you this too dolled up feel, you know. They are more natural than a lot of sparkly shades. And there’s almost no way to go wrong with greige period 🙂


A matt charcoal grey shade loaded with silver sparkle.



I love the loaded with silver sparkle part of it. If it weren’t it would be just boring. As it is, it has that texture we’ve already talked about. It will make your eyeliner efforts or your smoky eyes really special. And this sparkle in it brings out the shine and sparkle of your eyes reflecting light and your emotions. Wearing this shade is a good idea.


That’s the palette, and it’s a really nice one. It looks simple and clear, but it has a panoply of combinations in it and some shades that are usually hard to find.




This palette surpassed my expectations. Even the shades that look classic enough have some kind of a bonus, a twist to them.

IMG_8971 2

IMG_8978 2

IMG_8971 3

IMG_8978 3

IMG_8971 4

IMG_8978 4


Just looking at it makes my mind spin with options and looks and…









And that’s just the beginning 🙂

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