Burberry Runway spring/summer 2016 swatched

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Burberry runway makeup collections are those small and ever so limited editions that reflect the makeup looks from actual Burberry catwalks and help us easily create our own looks in tune with the latest Burberry trends and seasonal makeup trends in general. Those collections are usually small but most sophisticated in terms of textures, shades and design, which definitely appeals to me. This season runway collection by Burberry includes three products: one nail polish colour and two highlighting powders, or palettes, as Burberry puts it. I almost never start with nail polish, because to me manicure more rounds up the look than initializes it 🙂  but in this post I’ll make an exclusion.


Here’s the one nail shade that was showcased on Burberry catwalks.



Black Cherry. Hm. Black Cherry? For spring/summer season? Really? You’ve got my full attention here, Burberry, because that’s so out of the common run. Or maybe, black cherry is just a shade name, and it’s not a classically black cherry nail polish colour, after all?



Ok, it is black cherry 🙂 It’s dark and sultry. Dark dark red. It’s so red it’s almost plum and almost brown.



That’s definitely not a classic spring/summer choice. Such dark shades usually get released in fall and winter, well, for holiday season too sometimes.



Anyway, that’s the shade and it definitely has a very sexy vibe to it. It’s hot, it’s sultry, it’s womanly. Vampy, that’s what it is. It’s powerful, ever so powerful. It will by all means stand out in spring and summer.



It’s made for parties and night clubs. Or dates. But it’s great in the way that it’s a timeless classic by now, so you might well wear it to the office.



I do like black cherry and I do wear it now and again. There’s something special about this deep and dark shade. It’s not for nothing that it’s been around for so long.



Will it create a great contrast to all our romantic spring dresses and light colour summer outfits? Absolutely.



The only thing that kind of upset me is that it was a little clumpy on the nails, not too clumpy, but a little bit so. It’s workable, but I just wish it weren’t 🙂

IMG_8817IMG_9131 2


And then we have two highlighters to match our black cherry nail shade.


Here’s the first one.


Spring/Summer 2016

Runway Palette



Traditionally, it has a transparent silicone sleeve on it, and this time around this sleeve has a lacy pattern on it. Oh, it’s so pretty. I wish all makeup were that gorgeous in terms of packaging.



Then we have a typically Burberry pattern black velvet case.



And a metal box with the same signature pattern.



The shade is called White No. 01



Oh My God. This palette is stunning. Burberry doesn’t disappoint 🙂 It’s white, it’s clean and clear, it’s all lacy. It’s what I want. It’s just so girly and so pretty and so exquisite. I’m in awe. I mean, just look at this palette. It’s what I’m seeking in luxury makeup. I know that I’ll feel this joy again and again every time I’ll open this palette. Ok, Ok, back to Earth 🙂 Burberry says it’s a highlighting palette, which makes me wonder – is it pearly? Satiny? Sparkly? I can’t wait to see, even thought this pattern is so beautiful I almost don’t want to ruin it by swatching 🙂



Very nice. This white shade is not too white, it’s fresh and crispy. It’s pearly with a random sparkle here and there. It’s not too shiny, not too pearly, it’s very lush and satiny in its finish. Tender. Pretty and ever so nice. I love this highlighter. It’s one of those great products that help me look well rested when I’m not  🙂 I mean, it’s summer, so who said I should be getting enough sleep? There are too many fun and exciting events and things to do right now. This ‘palette’ as Burberry called it, is a great strobing/highlighting/sculpting kind of thing. You name it 🙂

IMG_9312 2IMG_9375


Going to move onto the second palette here, and I’m hoping, so hoping, that it will be as beautiful as that white wonder 🙂


The lacy silicone sleeve is still here 🙂



And then here it is Nude Gold No. 02.



Nude Gold? Sounds like a little bit of an oxymoron to me.



That is, nude and gold are two contradictory concepts. I’m interested. And it’s a good thing 🙂



Oh, the joy. This palette is as beautiful as the white one. It’s all lacy too. Only it’s warmer. It’s not all crispy, instead it’s languid. Now that I see it I kind of get what they mean when they say the shade is ‘nude gold’. It’s beige with a good deal of golden sheen to it. It’s hard to tell whether this shade is more beige or more gold. It’s both 🙂 The lacy pattern looks as fabulous in this colour as it does in white. It’s truly couture. It’s calling for special occasions, for evening gowns, for high heels. It’s high end. It’s posh, it’s a lot of good things.



When I swatch this shade – once again being afraid to ruin the pattern 🙂 – I love it even more. It’s just so warm in its core. It’s golden but not too golden. It’s beige with a noble darker golden shine to it. And then it’s pearly without being too pearly. There’s more sparkle in it than in the white one. But this sparkle is not suffocating, not overpowering. And the shade itself is truly unique. It’s just such a wonderful balance of beige and gold, of natural and dolled up. Ok, I admit that Burberry did manage to pull the whole nude gold thing 🙂 It is both nude and natural and gold and warm at the same time. Very chic.

IMG_9350 2IMG_9375


These are the three limited edition items that Burberry released in their runway spring/summer 2016 collection. And I’m very impressed. For starters, those two highlighting palettes are exquisite and beautiful. They give us this delicate, super appealing and super flattering sheen. They’ll also provide an ever so stark contrast to the black cherry nail shade. Creating an ever so vampy look. Throw in your favourite plum lip shade, and you’re ready to greet the world 🙂 If you’re looking for a lip shade from Burberry makeup range, I’ll give you a hint – black cherry lip shades in different textures in Burberry range are called Oxblood. Or if you don’t want to do the whole look, you can always just use the two highlighters on their own to make your skin look glowy and perfect. Honestly, these are the most spectacular and the best feeling highlighter editions by far in a while. I LOVE them. And this dark dark nail polish shade is soo hot. This collection stands out among all the corourful summer glory, it’s stunning, I’m so-o impressed. I want to use these products right now. Seriously, the looks that you can create with these three are movie like, incredible and different. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 🙂

IMG_8817IMG_8809IMG_9131 2



IMG_9312 2IMG_9350 2


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