Givency Les Saisons swatched

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That’s a very interesting collection name – Les Saisons. We get seasonal collections by luxury brands – and not just luxury ones – all the time, but I’ve never seen a collection that’s called The Seasons. It would be logical enough, I guess, to presume that it’s an all season collection, all year round collection, that’s meant to help us look gorgeous anytime and all the time? Yep, that’s what it is 🙂 Ok, I like the concept, something that’s universal and all across the board and always handy. I wonder what Givenchy released within this collection. The bigger concept is fresh and nice, because I, for one, do need to quickly make up sometimes right before I have to rush out of the house 🙂 At the same time let’s keep in mind that this collection is released in summer, so it might be summery in a way, we’ll see. Especially as looking natural idea works really well in summer. Anyway…


Ok, so here we have a powder, a primer, a bronzer, a blush and two lip gloss shades. All sounds good to me.


I’m going to start with the powder here.

Givenchy Les Saisons

Healthy Glow Powder



Here Givenchy promises Long Lasting Radiance and it being Totally Weightless. Ok 🙂


There are five shades of this powder, not all of them are released in all countries, in some countries we get four, in other countries we get five, it depends. So, I’m going to quickly tell you about all five shades first to give you an idea of what they are and which of them you might want. By the way, Givenchy, you’re killing me here by not showing all the shades and their names on your beauty website. C’mon now, customers should have access to information, and which source of information can be more reliable than the website of the brand proper? Anyway, I figured it out, eventually, despite all the obstacles on my way 🙂


00 Moonlight Saison is very pale, the lightest of the batch, whitish


01 Premiere Saison is yellowish beige. I’ll tell you more about it, because that’s the one I got 🙂


02 Douce Saison is very bronze like


03 Ambre Saison is honey like


04 Extreme Saison is tan like and the darkest one of the batch.


So, here it is

Givenchy Les Saisons



01 Premiere Saison



The print on Givenchy Les Saisons is all starry, because star pretty much got to be part of Givenchy DNA 🙂 Givenchy does a starry pattern a lot, but somehow this version of a starry pattern is very appealing to me. See if you agree.



The powder feels quite nice to the touch. I’d say there are better ones out there, but this is good and solid and soft enough without being too soft and smudging all over. I’m happy with the quality.

IMG_9417Копия IMG_9428IMG_9440


I have to tell you, this second lightest shade of the five in the range is such a perfect match for my skin I had to go really heavy handed on it for it to even show on my arm 🙂 This is the best match for my skin tone in base and face makeup department ever 🙂 So, in case your skin is honey beige with some sallow in it, or I guess, you could say, olive, this shade here might be your perfect match too 🙂 It’s warm and nice. Haven’t spotted much of the glow promised though 🙂 I know that Givenchy promised ‘healthy glow’, which is more delicate than just glow, still… All in all, this powder is quite lush though. I like it. And the shade is nice.



So far so good, moving onto the things in tubes 🙂 Primer first.



Mister Radiant




Givenchy says it’s a Fresh Face Smoothing Base. Fresh Smoothing, huh? Does that mean there’s an element of scrub in it or something? We’ll see.



This primer comes in a typically Mister Radiant Primer plastic tube. And has those grains in it that Mister Radiant Primers tend to have.



For starters, I have to tell you, this primer has this strongest possible Guerlain Terracota like scent to it. I mean, strong to the point I could never use it. If you’re scent sensitive, be very very careful. On the other hand, if you love Terracota scent, you might love this one almost as much.

Копия IMG_9518


Further on, those grainy things just don’t want to disintegrate and turn into colour. They are ever so harsh – ouch – and like half of them stays intact no matter how you rub. What??? How is that supposed to help to prime? I mean, it’s not just scrub like, it’s more harsh that that. Not good 🙂 Actually, it’s a pity because the shade of this primer from the little I can see of it that I did manage to force out of those grains 🙂 is a very nice rosy or pinkish beige. The kind of shade that would provide some healthy glow and the kind of complexion you want. The idea here is the same as in Givenchy Les Saisons powder – luxurious and natural in its feel. I mean though – boy, are those grains harsh and tough to crush. I just hope the next product will be softer 🙂



This next product is a bronzer.



Mister Radiant




Givenchy calls it a Healthy Glow Gel. Ok, glow gel sounds softer than fresh face smoothing base 🙂



But… the same overpowering tropical scent we had in the primer continues here, which makes me suspicious and apprehensive about how those grains are going to turn into colour. To my surprise though, here it goes much easier. Those grains here in the bronzer easily and softly fall apart forming a very nice bronzer shade, dark beige like, tan like, not too bronzey, not too orangey. Oh, I’m so relieved. Nice. It’s not harsh at all.



And I like this bronzer shade a lot, and I rarely like bronzer shades, so it means, it’s truly great, basically. The best news about this bronzer is that it’s not too orange. Too orange base shades of any kind aren’t universally flattering. In fact, I think we don’t even realize how few people out there can pull orange bronzers and look awesome. Well, this Healthy Glow Gel by Givenchy is one of the best bronzers out there this summer. And it does give you that posh healthy glow. Once again, if you like tropical scents in make up you might consider taking a look at this one and, maybe, even grabbing it for your stash.



Let’s keep going here and see that blush 🙂 It comes in a plastic tube too.



Mister Radiant




Givenchy’s telling us it’s a Health Glow Blush. I’m all for healthy glow in a blush, I’m just hoping the grainy part of it would go easily, because there’s a lot of colour in a blush, and if those grains are going to be difficult, it might more or less ruin the application. And it would be a pity, because the shade looks pink and pretty.



I was so hoping the super strong scent would be gone, but no, here it is. Again 🙂 So tropical. Maybe, you’ll like it, then you’ll be happy, just be sure to try, or else sniff, before you buy. O-oh, now I’ll have to try to work these grains 🙂 I’ll tell you what, it’s somewhere in between the tough primer and the relaxed bronzer application, I mean, you can rub them in – unlike the ones in the primer – but it’s not easy, not as easy as it is with the bronzer for sure, you’ll have to work more and rub harder. Ouch.



The shade – if you actually manage to get it out 🙂 – is a very bright pink. I mean, like very very bright. Which makes it not really that universal. It’s not as pretty as I expected it to be after seeing the tube first. The only thing that can save you here in terms of not going overpinkboard is that too little colour proper would actually wind up on your cheeks even if you’re very vigorous trying to rub it in 🙂 As it is, this pink is super bright and somewhere in between cool and warm. I don’t see anything natural here, by the way, it’s too bright to be natural. Not that it’s bad, I’m just reporting on the news for you to be aware of it 🙂  Also, notice how the tube tip here in the blush is narrower than the one in the primer and bronzer. Good thinking.



And that’s all we’ve got in face product territory, please see all four face products swatched side by side. Left to right we have here: Givenchy Les Saisons 01 Premiere Saison, Givenchy Mister Radiant Primer, Givenchy Mister Radiant Bronzer, Givenchy Mister Radiant Blush.

IMG_9744 2


Now let’s see that lip gloss. I like lip gloss, so, personally, I’m anticipating it 🙂



Cushion Kiss



Givenchy’s saying it’s a Soft Balm Gloss. So, here’s what I gather from the name of this product. First, it’s the cushion thing that probably means the application will be all cushiony, I have mixed feelings here, I’ll tell you why later, once we see it. The second thing I see is that it’s a balm gloss, which means I’ll expect a little bit of a lip care element there.

Копия IMG_9664


Ok, so no scent here, phew, or almost none to talk of, there’s something sweet lingering in the background, but it’s really nothing compared to all the tropical frenzy in the primer, bronzer and blush. Now let’s talk application. I promised to get back to it, so I am 🙂 Those cushiony applicator things are ever so hot now. Are they soft and nice on the lips? Yep. Do they hinder the precision of application though? Oftentimes they do. In this case they do big time. I say, there’s no way you apply this lip gloss without going all over and outside your lip contour the way I, for one, used to, when I was just starting using lip gloss, didn’t quite know how to do it, and my hand was not steady yet and my movements not too sure 🙂 Is that a good feeling to have now that I’ve been using lip gloss quite successfully for quite a while? Nope, it’s not, definitely not 🙂

Копия IMG_9675


The first shade is called

Cushion Kiss


Coral Kiss



The shade is a light and bright coral with, maybe, some warm pink undertone to it. I realized and established long time ago, that this is one of the shades that don’t really work on many people. And it’s a pity, because a lot of people like it. It just works on few, that’s it. So, do yourself a favour, carefully try it before you buy – unless, of course, it’s your shade you wear a lot and know you love it – and tell yourself the truth about whether this shade becomes you or not. Or ask someone you trust to do it for you.

IMG_9675IMG_9744 3


The second shade is called



Cushion Kiss


Berry Kiss



It’s a darker purple shade. Not really that plum, I’ll tell ya, because plum to me is a mix of purple and red. While this here is a warm purple, but clearly and definitely purple. And we’re back to – this kind of shade doesn’t work on all of us and always. You have to be careful. Don’t fall into the trap of – oh, it’s plum, I love plum, I wear plum – it’s not plum, it’s purple, and a very bright one on top of that. I’d say, the same way as with that coral pink, try this shade first and make sure you love it and can pull it before buying.

Копия IMG_9720


Now I have a question for Givenchy here – what’s so balmy about this lip gloss? You know how I feel about lip colour & care all in one, and that I don’t usually trust it’s going to be there, and that it’s hard to do both at the same time. Still, as long as it stated in the product name, I want to feel it. Do I feel something here? Only ever so distantly. Maybe. I really don’t feel much here. And it’s a pity 🙂

IMG_9729IMG_9744 3


Please, see the two lip gloss shades swatched side by side here: 1 Coral Kiss on the left and 2 Berry Kiss on the right.

IMG_9744 3


That’s the collection. Les Saisons by Givenchy. The name of the collection and the concept behind it set me in a very good mood up front. I have to say though, this collection, all in all, is a disappointment. The powder is Ok. The shade is nice and rare. The primer, bronzer and blush are a miss for me. The primer and the blush just take too much effort. And as much as I like the bronzer, I use those only rarely and I can’t get over the scent 🙂 And the two lip gloss shades seem to be designed as something universal and natural, instead they strike me as very difficult shades to make friends with. The only thing that saves the day here, is that you can apply these two lip shades in a way, where they’ll be very much diluted on the lips, you know, so that the colour will be milder, which is definitely a good thing in this case. Uh, well, better luck next time. Is there going to be a Givenchy Croisiere this year, I wonder? Or is Les Saisons what we get instead? I hope there will be a cruise collection. Well, if not, I’m getting a fall collection by Givenchy soon, so I’ll still hope for the better, even if the better comes next season only 🙂




IMG_9664IMG_9675IMG_9744 3IMG_9720IMG_9729IMG_9744 3


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