Deborah Lippmann Great Balls of Fire swatched

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Let me start by saying that this happy, bright and summery shade is Sephora exclusive. And it’s a pity, because the shade is nice, and I don’t like it being limited to one venue only. On the other hand, if the shade is great, we might as well take some effort to hunt it down, I guess. It’s a matter of personal choice. This shade is a new gel lab pro formula which works mighty fine. I’ve already told you about it in my post called Deborah Lippmann Afternoon Delight spring 2016 swatched and new Gel Lab Pro worn. To sum it up, I’m happy with the quality here, it’s easy to apply, it lasts, it shines, all good.


The name of this shade is very festive. Great Balls of Fire. I like the way it sounds.



The shade is raspberry by the look of it.



I do like raspberry shades by Deborah Lippmann. In fact, I’ve warmed up to this very classic shade in general of late. The two other raspberry shades I love are by Dior and Chanel. You can see them here My 2 favourite raspberry nail polish shades.


What’s great about raspberry nail colour? Or else what I like about it? It’s a classic and still it’s not red or pink. Isn’t that great? I mean, when we think classic nail shades, red and pink immediately come to mind. Raspberry is not fully in the same category. It’s sort of on the side a little 🙂 Still it’s one of the first nail and lip shades that came into play. At the same time it’s a bright shade, but it being such a classic, you can wear it anywhere you want. And I can’t say the same about all bright shades out there. Say, bright yellow is not a particularly universal shade 🙂 Raspberry nail shades are hot and they have a modern edge to them. They fit in well in summer with all the bright colours around us. And believe it or not, it will look fresh in summer compared to all the corals, hot pinks and aquas. Raspberry nail colour is a great combination of elegant, womanly and sexy, all wrapped in one. Office – casual brunch – disco – red carpet. You name it, raspberry can cover your back anywhere. That’s why I’m so excited to see Deborah Lippmann release this shade here. Great Balls of Fire.


For starters, this shade is a very happy one. It’s vibrant, it’s optimistic, it’s full of energy. It’s hot, by all means.



It’s bold, it’s not a cute little nail colour, not a delicate one, not a romantic, it’s a statement.



It works with all kind of looks. With jeans. With dresses and high heels. With business outfits.



It’s classic redefined and rediscovered. It’s a burst of colour on your nails and the kind of manicure that calls you to action.



You want to draw some attention to your hands? This shade by Deborah Lippmann is a way to do it.



It’s a way to be sexy without being challenging. If you don’t like red nail colour or bright pink nail colour, this might be your way in between the two giving you pretty much the same result or the same feel.



Great Ball of Fire manicure will look stunning and vampy with black outfits and stunning and cute with pink ones. And that almost never happens that one shade possesses this kind of power and is that versatile.



I’m adding this shade to my collection of raspberry shades, it belongs there.

IMG_8885IMG_9081 2


That’s Great Balls of Fire. I don’t know how you feel about it. What matters to me is that it got me thinking about the whole raspberry nail colour thing and confirmed for me the fact that I like it a lot now and made me wanna wear it. And that’s a very good result 🙂

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