Chanel Dans la Lumiere de l’ete summer 2016 swatched

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Ok, so here goes Chanel in the Light for summer 2016. The name of the collection makes perfect sense. When are we more in the light than in summer? Even if we live in places that are not necessarily that warm or sunny 🙂 When I look at this collection it looks very much in trend and in tune with what summer season is all about this year. Remember I told you in my post about summer makeup trends that all classically summer colours seem to be in place, but they are somewhat deeper, more rich, more intense? Well, Dans la Lumiere collection by Chanel is a perfect example of this particular summer little twist on makeup. The key colours in the collection are greige and brown, green, hot pink and golden beige. As usual Chanel releases a big collection with a lot of products in it. And I’m very happy they do, in fact, my glee is hard to describe 🙂


It all starts with perfect summer skin, of course. It always does. It’s always about skin first. Then we can move on to all the trimmings 🙂 To help us with perfect summer complexion, Chanel has two shades of Les Beiges face duos. What are those duos, you’re asking? Here, let me show you.


Les Beiges

Harmonie Poudres Belle Mine   Healthy Glow Multi-Colour



Duo № 01  186.017



Les Beiges stays true to its creamy packaging, even when it’s a limited edition. Comes in a traditional black velvet envelopey thing.



The boxing is all clean and clear and beige too.



The brush is Les Beiges like



and it’s in a black tray on top of the duo.



And, finally, here it is. Duo number 1.



Ok, so now that you’ve seen it and before we get to whether it’s useful and how it can be used, if so, let’s talk quality. I’m no big fan of Chanel face makeup products – base, powder, blush. But of the whole Chanel range, Les Beiges is definitely my favourite, its texture is the best in Chanel powder range, in my opinion, even if I prefer face makeup products by other brands, generally speaking.


One of the reasons why I don’t like some of Chanel base & tone products is the scent. Say, their blush texture is awesome, but the scent is, unfortunately, too powerful for me to pull 🙂 Well, the only thing I don’t like about Les Beiges, is that it’s scented too and heavily scentend. This scent is strong and perfume or makeup like. It does bother me, kind of, given that I’m pretty scent sensitive. If you are too, be careful and get a good sniff of these two limited editions in a store 🙂 , before you venture into buying them.


Ok, so back to Duo № 01.

IMG_0550_2 2


The first thing you need to know about it is that it’s dark. Very dark even, there’s nothing wrong with it, you might even like that 🙂 , just keep it in mind. Here we have dark tan and then bronze, of course 🙂 Even if bronze got pushed in the background just a little this summer, still it’s there, and all the bronzers are on as usual, no question about that 🙂

IMG_0550_2 3

Копия IMG_0677_2


Well, what can we do with this duo. For starters, if you’re very tanned, then this one is a great thing to have. You can use the tan side of it as a base and then the bronze side of it as a blush, and it will look great. The other way to use it is, naturally, for contouring and sculpting and… well, you know, all those things. You can really make those cheekbones prominent like never before with this duo 🙂 Also, you can use both or any of the two shades as a darker blush shade. When you come to think of it, even with this duo being so dark, it can cover a lot of makeup purposes and come in handy, especially in summer.

IMG_0550_2 4IMG_0677_2 2IMG_0550_2 5IMG_0677_2 3


Gonna see the other one now.


Les Beiges

Harmonie Poudres Belle Mine    Healthy Glow Multi-Colour



Duo № 02   186.027



The packaging is the same, basically, so, here, real quick 🙂





Uh-huh. This one is very different. It’s lighter and brighter and everything. And kind of happier, for my money 🙂



Anyway, let’s get to know it better. Both sides of it.

IMG_0611_2 2


So, first things first. This second duo is lighter, so much lighter than the first one. On the one side here we have a very light cool beige. On the other side we have a bright warmer pink. The first thing that comes to mind is that if this cool beige tone is close to your face tone, you can just use it as base and then use the pink as blush.

IMG_0611_2 3

Копия IMG_0677_2


Although, I’ve got to tell you that as pretty as this beige is, it’s very very light, say, it’s too light for me. Which brings us back to the whole contouring thing. Highlighting thing. Strobing thing. This light beige can by all means be used for all the above. Just think of it, you can define your cheekbones not only by making them darker, you can define them by making them lighter and glow 🙂 And I do like this bright warm pink shade as a blush shade. If you’re thinking to yourself it’s too bright, just use the beige side to dilute it to your liking.

IMG_0611_2 4IMG_0677_2 2IMG_0611_2 5IMG_0677_2 3


Both duos are nice, but it’s July and I’m, personally, so tired of bronze and bronzers already, my heart goes out for the lighter duo 🙂 See if you agree with me. Here are both duos swatched side by side.



Next we’re going to talk about eyes and eye makeup. Chanel has so much here. The most shades and textures in the collection.


So, first we have a mascara. Le Volume de Chanel is one of my favourites in mascara plane. It’s supposed to give you volume, but somehow it gives it all to me – volume, length, fullness, just everything. That’s why I love it so much. This summer season it comes in a very interesting shade. And it’s waterproof – which I, personally, don’t need that much, because mascara almost never ever smudges on me – which helps to avoid all kind of incidents and accidents in summer, where the chances that we’ll wind up somewhere near the water or even in the water, who knows, right 🙂 , increase radically. Where I am, the weather this summer also chooses to throw a bunch of thunder and lightning and showers on us randomly and out of nowhere, and if you’re having the same kind of experience, by any chance having a waterproof mascara on out in the rain also helps 🙂


So, here it is. The one that Chanel offers this season.



Le Volume de Chanel Waterproof Mascara 27 Mirage 194.227



Mirage is such a beautiful summer name for this mascara shade.


The tube is all black and sleek.



The brush is thicker and even all over, that is, it’s not twisted, there are no bumps or dips in it along the way, to me, this mascara brush and Diorshow mascara brush are perfect, this is what a mascara brush should actually be like for me to love it and be comfortable while using it.



And the shade is stunning. I look at it and my heart misses a beat, when I imagine this gorgeous darker greige shade on my lashes. You know that I’m not a fan of brown mascara, I could easily take a pass on it and just stick with the black. But this shade is rare, it’s complex, it’s exciting. And I have a feeling it’s going to bring out the undertones in our eyes we never knew existed. I can’t imagine an eye colour that this mascara is not going to match: brown, blue, green, grey, yellow, violet or any combos of those – it’s all good. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of colour mascara, but Chanel so got me here. This shade is just so special and so flattering, it’s close enough to your basic classic mascara shades with this zest I’m always looking for in makeup and exalt on finding. If you were afraid to try any other mascara shade than black or, maybe, brown or blue or green before, this here is your chance. This shade is really something.

Копия IMG_0948_2IMG_1225_2


Before we get to all the eyeshadow, lets see the two eyeliner shades.


They are Stylo Yeux Waterproof. For starters, stylo yeux, that is, this soft eye pencil that we twist to get more and more of it out, is my favourite Chanel eye liner kind and texture and my favourite eye liner kind and texture period. I just hate to drag something too firm or too harsh like along my lids. Ouch. My lids are too delicate for that. The texture has to be soft. On the other hand, I can’t stand it, when it’s too soft and smudges all over the place, or when bits and pieces of it keeps snapping off, once again ruining the application precision. Well, this eye liner texture seems to be the best way to avoid all the unpleasant things described above 🙂 Further on, just like Le Volume mascara, these two eye liners are waterproof. I don’t need them to be waterproof, just like I don’t need my mascara to be waterproof, because neither eye liner nor mascara smudges on me, but a lot of people out there could use the waterproof part of it in summer, so it’s good thinking by Chanel.


Here’s the first shade.



Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner

827 Sable 187.827



And here’s the eye liner proper. Thin and black.



Now let’s see what Chanel’s saying about the eye liner on the packaging and see the preview of the shade at the same time 🙂







The shade is bronze like, but once again, it’s a very deep and rich bronze shade. It’s very warm, or else blazing hot, I’d say, and very summery. What makes this shade so rich is that it’s full of gold, packed with gold, stuffed with gold to the brim. As a result, this darker bronze shade shines from within. The effect produced is an incredible golden glow that stands out against this dark bronze background. You know, if it were just bronze or just gold, it wouldn’t be so impressive or so interesting. It would be just another bronze or golden eye shade. While this dark background makes all the difference, adds depth, softens it up and ‘lushes it up’. And the shade proves to be something that’s much more sophisticated and becoming and able to work perfectly with your eye colour creating a whole new story. I’m impressed by this shade, and I want to wear it.

IMG_1223_2 2IMG_1225_2


I can only hope that the second eye liner shade will be as beautiful as the first one. Keeping my fingers crossed, I look at



Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner

817 Oasis 187.817



Oh, it’s green. I love green. My favourite colour.



I can’t wait to see what this shade is like.







Oasis. Another great summer shade name. What can be better than an oasis in summer? I’m jolly and joyous. Because the shade proves to be this very warm and tropical, so to say, green. With lighter green sparkle in it. What’s great about this green is that it’s not crazy green. That is, it’s subdued enough and close enough to classical green eye shades, where a lot of people can try it and wear it and enjoy it, and not just me 🙂 This green is clever in a way that it has all this sparkle in it, but not too much, and this lighter sparkle will provide splendid reflections and shine and texture. This green is so nice, one of the nicest green eye liner shades I’ve ever come across. And before you say your eyes aren’t green, so you can’t wear it 🙂 , this shade will work wonderfully with brown eyes and grey eyes and blue eyes. I do think it’s one of the few green shades that anyone can wear. You probably have something green in your wardrobe. This shade can be a great match for it.

IMG_1095_2 2IMG_1225_2


Now that I’ve seen both eyeliner shades,



I’ll tell you what, I can’t help thinking that both will look ever so good with that darker greige mascara. I’ll be sure to try.



Next on our list of things to see is eyeshadow. A lot of eyeshadow. A whole lot.


First there’s an eye quad. My absolute favourite in the collection 🙂



Empreinte du Desert

Ombres a Paupieres Quatuor Quadra Eyeshadow   151.390



Desert Imprint? What a gorgeous name 🙂


In such limited edition eye quads by Chanel we can sneak a peek at what the shades will be like by studying the sides of the boxing closely. Did you know that? The four sides of the box are the colour of the four shades in the palette. Let’s see.

IMG_0759_2 2IMG_0776_2IMG_0762_2IMG_0768_2


Pretty 🙂 The quad comes in a black velvety case.



And in a black box with a white Chanel logo.



In terms of brushes we have two typically Chanel eye quad very short stem sponges.



Here’s the palette, and I’m in awe. I mean, just look at these exquisite languid shades and the pattern on them and the satiny finish. It’s all satiny and shiny, pearly and sparkly, so beautiful. And the texture is superb, so soft and pleasant to the touch and giving off enough colour and all the glow in the world.



The first shade reminds me of that eye liner shade, bronze loaded with gold. Upgraded bronze, as far as I’m concerned. Who would have thought that bronze can look that good mixed with gold, but it does, it so does 🙂 It’s warm like the sun. It will make your tan look even better. It’s not too bright, it’s understated in that chic way, you know. This shade is so high end it looks like a special occasion shade. The best thing about it though is that you can wear it with anything you like, you don’t necessarily have to dress up for it. In fact, it’s the other way around. Whatever you wear, this shade will make it special occasion like. Elevate it. So that you’ll feel like you’re on the red carpet when you’re shopping or having ice cream with your friends or sitting in a big business meeting. This is one of those rare shades that does have this kind of power – to make you feel good.



If the first shade is golden bronze, that is, it’s markedly bronze with golden sheen to it, or with golden shine wrapped in it, so to say, this shade here is golden beige or beige gold, depending on how you look at it. I think pretty much there’s as much gold in it as there is beige, so it’s only up to your personal colour perception to define which of the two you’ll see more. What can I say? It’s another awesome shade. If you come to think of it, only rarely they release beige mixed with so much gold in makeup world. I don’t know why, because the combination is fabulous. It’s lush. At the same time beige in this shade grounds it a lot. So that it doesn’t look too fancy and over the top. You can treat this shade as a glorious nude shade. It’s as full of sun and light as a nude shade can possibly be 🙂 Just like the first shade, this one can be the shade that can easily transition you from work to a party.



Another green shade. You make me so happy here, Chanel. This green is even more beautiful than that eye liner green, and after seeing the eye liner I never thought I’d say that. But here we go 🙂 This shade is pearly, all pearly, all smooth, all silky. It has that luxurious golden sheen to it too. It’s like all the shades in this quad were touched by the sun. Like the sun put its stamp of approval on each and every one of them. Anyway, here’s how this green is different from that eye liner green. This shade is more satiny and has even more shine to it. It’s infused with soft and light golden glow. Which softens the whole shade up, makes it radiant, makes it vibrant, makes it luminous. It’s the second green in the collection that anyone can wear. Whatever your hair and eye colour is. This green is not too dark, it’s definitely green, but not artsy, it’s special in a way that it will adjust to your looks and your complexion. Mysterious in a way. Superb.



The fourth and the last shade in the quad is greige. Remember the mascara? Uh-huh. See how cleverly this collection is put together, so that the shades correspond, transcend and communicate. This greige is darker, less sparkly and shiny than the rest of the shades in the quad, it has just a handful of sparkle in it. Wanna take a guess at what colour this sparkle is like? Yep, it’s gold. But of course 🙂 Here’s how this shade is great. The greige in it is the coolest greige of all the greiges in the collection – yes, more greige is to come 🙂 – because this greige has, surprisingly, a lot of grey in it. Which makes it very interesting and very exciting. Because if the combination of brown and gold is overused, kind of, the combination of cool greige with a strong grey undertone to it with golden sparkle is fresh and posh. It belongs in complex and incredible makeup looks to be showcased in magnificent settings in front of big crowds. At the same time, you can just swipe it across your lids and get on the run looking like a goddess.



That’s the quad, and it’s awesome.

IMG_0812_2 2

IMG_0859_2 2

IMG_0812_2 3

IMG_0859_2 3


I love it so much. It’s spectacular. Please, see all the four shades swatched side by side.




More eyeshadow still to come. In one of my most beloved textures in eye colour world. I love cream eyeshadow. I love when it comes in a stick. And I love this fresh feel that stylo eyeshadow by Chanel gives me on the lids. It’s especially pleasant in all the summer heat. Because I have a hunch more of heat is still to come. Other than stylo eyeshadow being fresh, its texture is just right. It’s not too soft, doesn’t smudge and doesn’t break into tiny pieces when I’m trying to apply it. At the same time, it gives off colour easily without me having to rub it across my lids like a dozen times. And that’s something I have no desire to do. I want application to be easy. Don’t we all? 🙂 Anyway, let’s get on those shades, there are six of them.


Here’s the first one.



Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Eyeshadow

157 Beige Dore 186.157



Yes, please, I do want more or that golden beige or beige gold, whatever you might like to call it.



I can’t wait to see it. Here’s a hint of what it will be like.







This shade is very much like that eye quad shade. It’s golden beige indeed. It’s a warm beige taken to the extreme where it turned blazing hot. Dangerously hot. You know what this shade is? It’s sexy done right. That is, it’s not obscene, not over the top, not too much, it’s deep down and powerful sexy. Which is oftentimes much stronger than like naked sexy 🙂 After careful scrutiny I can tell you that this shade has more beige in it than the golden beige from the quad. This one is a little darker, which makes it even more exquisite. Just when I thought it couldn’t get more exquisite, but here we are 🙂 This shade is the kind you can wear absolutely anywhere, you’ll look amazing. And don’t be afraid of this golden shine. It’s not in vain that Chanel released it in summer. In all the sunshine and all the light – as Chanel stated already in their collection name – this gold will look different. It will truly shine and dazzle creating a light of its own as opposed to just glowing dully.

IMG_1350_2 2IMG_2468


Next shade.



Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Eyeshadow

167 Bronze Platine 186.167



Bronze platinum sounds kind of contradictory to me, because bronze is warm and platinum is cool.



On the other hand, these two shades that are so different might clash nicely and create a great new colour. So, I’ll wait to see what happens here 🙂







So, this shade is another greige like shade in this collection. Only this one is the coolest one, much cooler than the mascara and even cooler than the one in the eye quad. It’s so cool I can almost feel the wind blowing and enveloping me in a fresh blanket hiding me from all the heat around. What makes this greige so cool is all the silver in its core. It’s like Chanel took greige and saw how much silver they could possibly get in it. And then after no more silver would fit in, they added some more 🙂 How very shiny and very rare and very high end. Another dress up even when you dress down kind of shade. Where are my grey jeans? I have to wear them with this shade 🙂 In all honesty, you could wear this shade with almost anything, it will make this anything even better. Another universal shade that would look good with any eye colour. Nice.

IMG_1432_2 2IMG_2468


The third shade.



Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Eyeshadow

177 Rose Petale 186.177



Is that the case when the name says it all, I wonder?



We’ll see. Let’s take a look at the colour preview.







The answer to my question from earlier is as follows – it kind of tells it all, but not quite. But it tells some of it for sure. What do you think when you hear ‘rose petal’? What do you picture? I picture something pink and delicate and tender. Well, it’s kind of close, because the shade is this lighter and cooler pink. Here’s the surprising part though. It’s matt. What? Why? When I think rose petal I think something satiny with a dewy glow to it. Or a sheen. Something. Not matt. Well, that’s a choice. I don’t like this choice though. Lighter shades, in my opinion, rarely look good in matt textures. These shy little shades seem to call for some shine, doesn’t have to be much, just a little would do 🙂 But when lighter pastel shades are matt, they are hard to pull. Very few people can wear them and look good doing it. I’m afraid this pink is no exclusion to the rule. If it were pearly, it would be very flattering and would become many people. As it is, you have to be careful with it.

Копия IMG_1535_2IMG_2468


On we go.



Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Eyeshadow

187 Brun Chatain 186.187



Chestnut brown, huh, Chanel?



Ok, I’m ready to see what it’s like.







It’s like mascara, only deeper and darker, much darker. It’s greige taken to the extreme, where grey is mixed with brown rather than beige. I’d say it’s a dark greige shade leaning to brown, much warmer than the shade in the eye quad. Very nice, I like it. This shade doesn’t come into play too often, which means it hasn’t been beaten into the ground yet. Doesn’t happen much in modern day world 🙂 Also, this posh and warm brownish shade has a little of fine, light and delicate golden sparkle in it adding incredible layers to the whole package. A gorgeous shade. I love this greige brown that Chanel is doing in this collection. And we have the mascara to wear with this shade. Don’t be afraid to try it, even if your eyes aren’t brown. Or else, if you’re afraid, it being a stylo eyeshadow, you can always apply it as an eye liner first and then, maybe, warm up to it and venture into painting your whole lid with it. This earth tone is very warm and very summery in its core.

IMG_1674 2IMG_2468


Going to see one more shade here.



Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Eyeshadow

197 Vert Grise 186.197



Just when I was about to say – hey, where’s my green? 🙂 – here it is.



But it obviously has some grey in it, judging by the shade name. Hm.







Only this green is so much different from the two other greens we’ve already seen here. Remember the eye liner and the eye quad green? Yep. Well, this green is so much cooler. The other two were warm, the one in the eye quad was ‘tropical’ green almost, this one is foresty. It’s the colour of forests in much cooler climates than tropical one 🙂 This green has some grey or/and silver in it. It’s a cool silvery green which is surprising given how warm the rest of the greens are in this collection. This one here is by all means an odd man out. I don’t mind it 🙂 It’s still nice, it has this silvery sheen to it that makes it becoming. You know what, this shade will look so-o good on you, if your eyes are grey. Mine are not, but it’s not going to stop me 🙂 , I’m still going to wear it. All in all, this green is darker, not too bright, which makes it universal, we can all wear it, if we so choose. Which means, it’s a clever green.

IMG_1804 2IMG_2468


The last shade.



Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Eyeshadow

207 Bleu Nuit 186.207



Bleu night be it.



Although this shade name doesn’t strike me as something very summery. And I don’t know how blue fits in here with the rest of the shades in the collection, but we’ll see.







They weren’t kidding. This shade is blue. It’s dark like a night. Furthermore, it’s matt. O-oh. I have a bad feeling about it. This darker blue is almost navy blue, really, but it doesn’t quite get there. I like it that it doesn’t fall head first into navy blue. But I’m not sure this darker blue paired up with this matt finish will be very appealing and will look good on many of us. I wish there were some pearl or some shine to this shade. The same rule applies here, as in light shades, both really dark and really light ones look better with some sheen to them. As it is, this shade might be a good smoky eye shade for you, if your eyes are blue or grey, you know. Everyone else should be careful with it and try it as an eye liner before wearing it as an eye shadow. This blue is quite rare though. So, if you like it, it will make you happy. What this shade is, actually, is blue mixed with dark grey. Moody, sort of.

IMG_1958_2 2IMG_2468


I’m disappointed, more or less, with the shades of stylo eyeshadow this time around. And it’s a pity. I love this product by Chanel so much 🙂 and its fresh feel on the lids in summer. It’s not that all the shades are bad here, most of them are still good, it’s just that I’m used to all shades of eye stylo being magnificent, and this time around – for the first time – there are some misses in the batch. I guess I’ll have to wait for the new release and more shades to try to find something that will really impress me.


Please, see all shades of Stylo Eyeshadow swatched side by side here.



We’ve made it to lips 🙂 No lipstick, which makes sense to me. Lip gloss is lighter in terms of texture, it has more air in it, it’s transparent, it belongs in summer. So, I’m all for wearing lip gloss on my lips this season. Especially Chanel lip gloss. It’s one of the greats. There’s no lack of variety here either. Even though there’s just one texture, there are six shades to pick from.


The first one.



Levres Scintillantes Aqua Glossimer

602 Tanami 154.602



Here’s the shade that looks very bright and very upbeat.



Well, Tanami is a bright warm pink. Pink is probably the most loved and most worn lip shade around the globe. Tanami is vibrant, and it will look good with tan. We’re so used to cool pinks and fuchsia pinks, it’s kind of refreshing to see such a warm pink for lips. And it makes sense for it to be warm. Most of the face shades and eye shades we’ve seen so far are warmer, infused with gold, designed to work in summer. This lip gloss colour will look good with all of those. At the same time, this pink is not too warm. It’s still pink and not coral. The good news about it is that it will become most of us, especially as the colour is diluted, because it’s a gloss, and you can build it up or not build it up to your liking. With bright, deep and dark lip colours stashed till the season changes, and fall comes, pinks get stronger, they always do in summer J So, pinks rule. They are trendy. And this one is a good pink to have.

IMG_2010IMG_1994 2IMG_2013IMG_2468


Next shade.



Levres Scintillantes Aqua Glossimer

604 Sirocco 154.604



I like this name. Sirocco.



This shade is a bright orange. Not coral. Orange. Uncompromisingly so. It has some sparkle hidden in it, not too much. Even though I’m not ecstatic about corals on the lips, shiny orange gloss is my favourite coral lip colour kind. And yes, I agree, it’s the kind of shade that is at its best in summer. When we’re tanned, when the sun is shining, when we – or some of us – use bronzers. I’m back to my thought here of – if you’re gonna go for coral, go all the way. Go orange 🙂 This shiny orange shade is stuffed with emotions and full of and joy. You can wear it anywhere you like and feel like you’re on the beach in the meantime 🙂 There’s something very powerful about this shiny bright orange lip colour. It’s like a blast of high spirits. It’s energizing an invigorating. At least, that’s the kind of effect it has on me 🙂 I would take this shade over all the corals in a second. And if you like corals, why not try something new? After all, coral is initially orange too 🙂

IMG_2091IMG_2052_2 2IMG_2080IMG_2468


The third shade.



Levres Scintillantes Aqua Glossimer

606 Rouge Desert 154.606



Red desert? I love that 🙂 How very artsy.



Huh. That’s not what I expected to see on hearing the name ‘rouge desert’. I expected something super bright and reddish and vampy. Instead what I get here is a bright purple shade with a lot of dark pink in it. Raspberrish, I’d say. It’s not too bright and not too vampy. It’s pretty much universal. Becoming. It will look good on almost everyone. And a lot of people will like this shade. What I like most about it is how well pink and purple is balanced in it. In almost even parts. Very nice. Very elegant. Very easy in a way. The kind of shade that can be very comfortable and that you can wear to a bunch of occasions. You can just apply it in the morning, stick it in your purse and make with it from a breakfast with your friends to a business lunch with your partners to a romantic dinner with your date. And it will look equally stunning in all those situations and settings. I do like this berry like shade a lot.

IMG_2168IMG_2137 2IMG_2171IMG_2468


And one more shade.



Levres Scintillantes Aqua Glossimer

608 Dzhari 154.608



Ok, so, we’ve had pink, we’ve had orange, we’ve had purple, I wonder what else we’ll get here 🙂



Told ya, some vampy shades were about to show up 🙂 Here’s one. It’s plum, a very dark purple. It’s hot, it’s womanly, it’s sultry. At the same time it’s not too dark, because it’s glossy in its finish. This dark shade is a classic along with red that we wear from time to time or have probably worn, at least, once. I do like this black cherry like shade. I’m not sure how well it fits in with the rest of the collection shades though. On its own it’s a party shade, a going out shade, a clubbing shade. If you’ve never worn it before, this glossy texture might make it easy for you to start and get into the groove. This shade is equally welcome on red carpets, high end receptions and discos and night clubs. The thing to know about this shade and other shades like it is this one thing which is a key to making it work. And the key is, basically, that you should build you look carefully to make it all click. Everything in your look – your clothes, your shoes, your purse, your jewellery, if you’re wearing any, and the rest of your makeup should work together providing the right background and contrast to this lip shade.

IMG_2245IMG_2227 2IMG_2253IMG_2468


More shades, please 🙂 Here we go.



Levres Scintillantes Aqua Glossimer

610 Sahara 154.610



Finally, a nude shade 🙂



Very nude, very warm and very pretty. A warm nude like lighter pink with a touch of coral in it. This shade is easy to pull. It’s a summery nude, cozy shade designed to work and collide with the sun to work miracles on your lips. It will look awesome with tan. It’s not just nude though. It’s nude with a bonus. It’s nude with colour. It’s nude with pink. It’s so much more than nude. This is one of those few shades that is exquisite enough to work anywhere and on everyone. Because it works with your look, your complexion, your hair colour, your eye colour, your style, as opposed to changing you to look to what this lip gloss is designed to look like. It’s a perfect match for intense eye makeup. Especially with those brownish and golden bronze hues from this collection or elsewhere. It will look equally good though with a bikini and no other makeup at all, if that’s where you are at the moment 🙂

IMG_3249IMG_2312 2IMG_3259IMG_2468


And the last shade.



Levres Scintillantes Aqua Glossimer

612 Adenium 154.612



Another pink, huh? 🙂



Only this one is not warm. It’s cool and nude like purplish pink. Lilac like, only it’s a little bit brighter than lilac proper. More purple like. How very romantic 🙂 Pretty unexpected for summer. It’s like romance waves hello to all the summer hot weather, hot outfits and hot shades. This shade is girly, or else, a step up from girly. I like the fact that this shade is tuned to work in summer. That it’s a little brighter, a little more intense, a little more purple than a classically romantic lilac pink. I do enjoy this shade. It’s exciting, and it’s not what we’ve come to expect. It’s a good thing to have for when we’re a little tired of all the warm colours. It will work across the board almost. It’s easy. It’s relaxed in a way. It will work with all kind of styles and outfits. You can apply it and get on the run and look pretty and fresh. And looking fresh in summer is a high enough mountain to climb in itself 🙂

IMG_2387IMG_2370 2IMG_2393IMG_2468


Please, see all lip gloss shades swatched here together. Maybe, it will help you pick.



To round up our summer Chanel look, we have five nail shades. Five nail shades is a lot. I’m a little worried though about the new gel nail colour formula, because it didn’t work that well for me the last time around. So, I’m going to try it with Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro base and top coat. Maybe, it will make it better… Yep. New Chanel nail colour get formula does work better for me with Deborah Lippmann new gel lab pro. Good. I’m relieved. Now I’m ready to see and wear those shades.


Here’s the first one.



Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour

526 Cavaliere  159.526



Brownish 🙂

IMG_9802 2


This shade is warm brown with a touch of bronze to it. It’s not greige even distantly, in nail colour this shade got to be brown to the full.



It’s lush. It’s warm. It’s darker. It’s flattering.



It’s another clever shade to be released in summer. It will cooperate with the sun nicely and produce fabulous reflections, glow and finish.



I can’t say I love really deep and dark off black brown nail colour. This shade is so much more exciting to me. It’s has a bronze not even undertone but sort of a kick to it 🙂 making it softer and more exquisite in a way.



This shade will be a great match for your summer tan, if you have it. And even if you don’t, you can wear it, when you wear all those bronzers 🙂

Копия IMG_9989_2


And yes, definitely, this shade will bring out all the glory in those greige, golden beige and warm green shades in this collection. You might want to consider swapping your usual dark nail shades for this one here.



Shade number two.



524 Turban  159.524



Very colourful.



This shade is a bright and warm pink. It’s so warm it’s almost about to tip into coral abyss, but it doesn’t, it stays on the pink cliff, and I’m very happy it does.



Remember what I said about that warm pink lip gloss shade? That it’s a great contrast to all the cool purple pinks and fuchsia pinks. Especially as warm shades do work best in warmer weather and all the sun out there, that is, they do work best in summer season.



This shade is hot, designed for tan, designed to be bright and kind of stand out, at the same time, it’s pink, that is, a classic, so you can wear it anywhere you like. Vacation or office. Work or fun. Day or night.



If you like pinks, do take a look at this one here. Maybe, it will be one of your favourites this summer.



This shade is a splash of cololur on your nails.



You have all those fun flower pattern summer dresses ready? And all those elegant and light skirts and pants and shirts combos? Now think this shade manicure with all of those 🙂

IMG_9914IMG_0040_2 2


Moving on.



Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour

534 Espadrilles  159.534



Espadrilles are very trendy this summer, so I can’t wait to see the shade.



Oh, Ok, I knew that bright orange lip gloss colour was about to continue somewhere. It’s too summery to just stop there. So, this nail shade is a perfect match.



It’s not coral. Not by a long shot. It’s orange. Bright and bold. Fiery orange. Sexy orange. As vibrant as summer itself.



If you wear it with that lip gloss shade, it will be a killer.



The key to these bright shades is not to overdo it in the rest of your look. These shades look best against subdued makeup and clothes background.



Although the name of this shade makes me want to wear a pair of bright espadrilles with it. Well, why not? I said clothes should probably be not too bright, but shoes and accessories can match your radiant lip and nail colour.



The only catch with this shade is it might be too bright for, say, an office setting. It’s up to you to decide where and when you think it’s appropriate to wear this orange. Because it’s uncompromisingly bright.

IMG_0195_2IMG_0302_2 2





Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour

532 Canotier  159.532



What’s a canotier? It’s a straw hat of a specific design.



Oh, it’s a beauty. And it’s so much more than a canotier, although I do understand why Chanel called it that.



Because of the colour of straw in this hat. But once again this nail shade is like a dress up version of canotier. It’s prettier and more special.



Remember all those golden beiges? This is the shade to match them. Only it got to be even more gold.



In fact, this shade is clearly gold, not beige. But this gold is clever and sophisticated. It’s not a shiny holiday season gold. It’s vintage gold, so to say, beige like. Darker gold, if you will.



I like this golden nail shade defying the concept that gold is all sparkly and is a holiday season shade and can’t be worn in summer. Guess what, it can, if it’s Canotier nail shade by Chanel or those other eye shades from this collection. There’s something about wearing gold in summer. Where can we see all the glowy beauty of this splendid colour better than in summer sunshine?



The best part of it all is that this nail colour is so womanly and so elegant it’s actually universal. Anyone can wear it. Anywhere.

IMG_0238_2IMG_0466_2 2


And the last shade in the collection.



Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour

536 Emeraude  159.536



Oh. Emerald. Is it going to be green? Please 🙂



Here we go. Oh, the joy. Before I get to the joy part though, how’s this emerald? Usually emeralds are of different colour. Although, Ok, yes, I would agree, there are emeralds of this colour too. Only rarely though.



Tropical green is back. That is, this mysteriously green with a warmer golden almost undertone to it somewhere deep down.



The best thing about this shade is it’s dark without being too dark. When it’s too dark, it starts falling right into off black and then black. I was afraid it would. But it didn’t. It remained proudly and boldly green.



Just like all those other greens in the collection, it’s understated enough, where it might be the first green to appeal to you and the first green you actually dare to wear.



I love it so much. Believe it or not, I don’t have such green nail shade in my collection yet. Which means a lot. It means, it’s a rare shade that doesn’t get released too often.



This green is sultry, and you’ll definitely stand out, if you wear it. Talk about tropical vibe 🙂

IMG_2544IMG_2634 2


Here are all five nail shades from Dans la Lumiere.

Копия IMG_9989_2    IMG_0040_2

IMG_0302_2    IMG_0466_2



That’s the collection. And it’s great. It’s within the trend of more rich shades and deeper hues this summer than ever before. It has all those gorgeous colours in it. It breathes summer. It sings summer. It whispers summer. You pick it. And the collection stays true to its name showing us that not only we can wear bright colours in summer, but we can wear more clever shades that look different in the light, that counteract with sunshine, that transform and change and vary and reveal all their potential in the rays of light. I’ve never seen a collection that’s designed to play a game with light that we’ll enjoy, regardless who wins. Although I suspect there’ll be more than one round in this game, and all victories will be mutual, where colour and light will bring out the best in each other, compliment each other and do a dance that personifies summer and its essence.




And now I’m back to those colours I told you up front are the key colours in the collection: greige and brown, green, coral and hot pink, golden beige. Here’s how they work product to product in Dans la Lumiere de l’ete by Chanel.


Greige and brown

IMG_0550_2 4IMG_0677_2 2Копия IMG_0948_2IMG_1225_2IMG_0812_2IMG_0859_2IMG_1674 2IMG_2468IMG_9802 2IMG_9989_2IMG_1432_2 2IMG_2468



IMG_1095_2 2IMG_1225_2IMG_0812_2IMG_0859_2

IMG_2576IMG_2634 2IMG_1804 2IMG_2468


Hot pink

IMG_0611_2 4IMG_0677_2 2IMG_1994 2IMG_2468

IMG_9898IMG_0040_2 2


Golden beige

IMG_0842_2IMG_0859_2IMG_1350_2 2IMG_2468IMG_0224_2IMG_0466_2 2


And here are the supporting shades, so to say 🙂



IMG_0550_2 5IMG_0677_2 3IMG_1223_2 2IMG_1225_2




IMG_1958_2 2IMG_2468



IMG_0180_2IMG_0302_2 2IMG_2052_2 2IMG_2468



IMG_2137 2IMG_2468IMG_2227 2IMG_2468



IMG_2312 2IMG_2468Копия IMG_1535_2IMG_2468IMG_2370 2IMG_2468


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