Givenchy Le Rouge Couture Edition Magnolia swatched

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There are so many searches in my blog for Givenchy Le Rouge Magnolia I decided to write about it a little sooner than planned 🙂 What are those editions by Givenchy like? You know how Le Rouge by Givenchy comes in this super hot (as far as I’m concerned 🙂 ) black leather tubes? Well, Couture Editions of this lipstick come in patterned leather, printed leather, coloured leather. That is, there’s something limited edition about their design. I’ve already told you about one of those editions in my post called Givenchy Le Rouge Couture Edition


Magnolia edition is a new version of that. It’s flower patterned like that other one, only this time the pattern on it is all about this beautiful and sweet scented flower – magnolia. Why do we have this particular flower show up on this lipstick edition? Givenchy has totes and shoes and clothes with this pattern, so it’s all part of a bigger picture for this brand.


This makeup release includes four items. Two Le Rouge shades in this pretty edition and two Le Prisme Libre shades with the top panel on them being all leather and magnolia patterned too. I’m no big fan of Givenchy loose powder, so I don’t have the two powders, but the shades of those are actually permanent, so the thing you need to know about this powder to be able to get it is how its design is limited 🙂 As for the shades, I’ll tell you about them right now. The two shades of Poudre Libre are: Mousseline Pastel and Taffetas Beige.


Mousseline Pastel is the lightest of in the range, it’s meant for very fair skin. If your skin is not fair, you’ll be only able to use it as a highlighter, maybe. I do have Mousseline Pastel, and it’s too light for me 🙂 Also, the process of trying to get it out through those tiny holes in the boxing is too tough for me to take 🙂 I just don’t have enough patience, I want easier access to my loose powder.


The second shade Taffetas Beige is medium beige and more universal, although you’ve got to be careful to make sure it’s not too dark for you. Also, there’s some yellow in this shade, so you should probably steer clear of it, if there’s any sallow in your skin tone.


Now we’re getting to Le Rouge. Finally 🙂 Somehow, everyone talks about only one red shade in Magnolia edition – Carmin Escarpin. While, actually, there are two shades in this special edition design. So, first let’s talk about the one that’s less exposed first.


Here, take a look, why this edition is so couture. It all starts with the boxing. Pretty, isn’t it? 🙂



The shade is 102 Beige Plume. See how even the top of the box is full of magnolia? 🙂



I mean, the boxing is beautiful, it is. I can’t wait to see what that tube looks like.



Ok, here it is.



You know what, I never thought I’d say it, but I love the pattern, I just don’t love the way it’s positioned on the tube. So that there’s a lot of empty space and not enough… well, magnolia 🙂 See, here’s what I mean.



The shade is beige, which probably means it’s more nude like and more universal than the red Carmin Escarpin.



Yep, it’s beige alright 🙂 Warmer beige and pinkish beige, I’d say.



Once I swatch it, I see that it’s not that simple. This shade has layers to it, which means it gives off different nuance of colour depending on the light you’re in.


Sometimes it looks more beige pinkish.



At other times it looks more warm beige nude like.



All in all, it’s a nice grounded shade. The kind you might want to have, if you like nude lip. Just keep in mind that this shade is not sheer in any way, it’s full coverage. I, for one, prefer sheer nudes, I think they are more flattering on most people. Also, to make dead on nude lip work you have to build your whole makeup around it, and I’m not as obsessed with nude lip as it takes to do it 🙂 I go for this look sometimes, but only rarely. You know the kind of look I’m talking about, right? With perfect matt complexion, matt nude lip and then this very artsy and very heavy eye makeup.


This pinkish beige side of this shade appeals to me though. I find pink beige nudes very becoming almost across the board. So, if you do like nudes and do like Givenchy Le Rouge formula, you might want to check this shade out. The good news about it, it’s not as matt as it’s stated on the packaging. I mean, yeah, it’s kind of matt, and yeah, it’s sensuous, I’d agree with that, but it has this satin sheen to it that’s very appealing.


The way this lipstick feels on the lips is pretty heavy. It’s not too heavy, still you feel there’s something there all the time. You have to be used to thick layered lip colour on your lips to be able to pull it and not be bothered by it. If you like classic lipstick formula though – not sheer lipstick formula – you’re probably fine with Le Rouge by Givenchy. If you’re a fan of sheer lipstick and lip gloss texture, do try this lipstick before you buy.


Le Rouge by Givenchy does have a very strong perfumey, makeupey scent to it though, kind of old fashioned makeupey scent, which is too strong for me, as I’m scent sensitive. Because of this scent I can’t wear this lipstick so close to my nose 🙂 for more than several hours in a row. What I’m driving at here is no matter how stunning this edition might look, you have to take a good sniff somewhere in a store before you buy it, if you’re scent sensitive.


Ok, that’s the nude shade. Now let’s see this red 🙂


The packaging and the design is the same here.



Incredible black and white flowered boxing.



And the tubing where I just can’t agree with the position of those flowers 🙂



The shade is called 306 Carmin Escarpin.



Which immediately tells us it’s a red shade.



Here it is in all its glory.



Generally speaking, Givenchy Le Rouge tends to be great, when it comes to red shades. I don’t know what it is about it, but Givenchy comes up with particularly awesome red for this texture.


Carmin Escarpin is a good one too. It’s middle of the road in terms of how light or dark it is. I, personally, prefer lighter reds with a mixture of orange to them. But then there are people who prefer darker intense vampy reds. This shade is exciting in a way that it can probably suit both tastes. It’s not too light and not too orangey, at the same time, it’s not too dark and not too cherry. And that’s a hard thing to achieve, I’ve got to tell you. If you like uncompromising reds on your lips, this shade will be a good addition to your collection, there’s no question about that. If you’re a fan of raspberry reds, you might be able to discern a touch of raspberry in this shade. All in all, Carmin Escarpin is very well balanced and has it all – or almost all – in it.



This shade is very bright though. If you don’t like brights on your lips, it might be too bright for you. And there might be occasions, say, office or whatever else it might be, dinner with your parents 🙂 , where this shade will be kind of out of place, if you know what I mean. Although, it depends. If red lip is part of your style, and you enjoy it and know how to wear it and make it work and build it into your look carefully, then you’ll be fine with Carmin Escarpin, wherever you are.


That’s Magnolia Edition by Givenchy. I usually like those limited editions big time. Here I’m torn. The boxing is splendid. The tube is a little bit of a let down to me though. Still, I’m not sorry for a second I got it. It’s a truly limited edition, and I’ll enjoy looking at it and holding it in my hand. And yes, I’ll wear both shades, although not too many times and not for long, because that’s as far as I can go with Le Rouge by Givenchy, its formula and its scent. These editions are good job though by this brand. Keep it coming, Givenchy. I can’t wait for more interesting couture editions of Le Rouge. And Le Prisme Libre.

IMG_2701pinkIMG_2746more beige



P.S. And I love the two looks Givenchy is offering us here with these four limited editions – the vampy look of pale skin and red lip (Mousseline Pastel powder + Carmin Escarpin lipstick) and the natural look of warm beige skin and warm and pinkish nude lip (Taffetas Beige powder + Beige Plume).

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