Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Glow summer 2016 swatched

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I don’t know about you, but when I think summer and Estee Lauder in one and the same thought, I always wind up thinking Bronze Goddess. You know why, of course 🙂 Bronze Goddess is their summer makeup collection signature name, and it’s been that for a while. There are two things I happen to like about these collections by Estee Lauder. One, they usually release some sort of palettes here. I love palettes. Two, they usually release some new and special products in summer that aren’t part of their permanent range. We’ll see if I get any of that here.


Face first. Here’s the first palette 🙂 Look at the box. It’s brown. It’s leopard like, but not on the nose leopard like, more like an animal pattern interpretation. This design is cool. I enjoy it. The palette is called Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder Summer Glow Multi-Palette. Multi Palette, huh? I wonder, what’s the whole multi thing is?



Oh, this palette case is cute and golden in hue and elegant. Very nice, Estee Lauder. Very summery too.



Hm, pretty. I love this patterned texture. It’s a limited edition thing that Estee Lauder does from time to time. I have a great blush from one of their spring collections. It’s awesome. And it has the same pattern printed, or else, etched on it 🙂



So, what have we got here? I’d say, by the look of it, a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer. Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

IMG_3606 2


Highlighter first.

IMG_3606 3IMG_3738 2


It’s light and cool beige like with a pink zest to it, but not too pink in any way. Pearly. A great highlighter. Would look beautiful in summer with all our tan and stuff 🙂 It’s so gorgeous I’d use it as a blush too, or I could mix my blush with this highlighter and get a very special result. Truly Summer Glow 🙂 This is one of those things that highlights your skin in a noble way, from within, providing that spectacular healthy glow and making you look your best.



IMG_3606 4IMG_3738 3


It’s pink and so flattering. Almost universally. Natural looking. The pink in it is a cooler pink. Also, there’s some very fine sparkle in it. The shade is subdued. It won’t make you look made up or doll like. If you’re always afraid to overdo blush, then this here is a safe shade for you. It’s elegant and sophisticated rather than artsy and daring. And it’s the kind of shade that you can wear anywhere you want. Remember, when I saw the highlighter I told you I want to mix it with blush? Well, I want to mix it with this blush here. It will be a blast 🙂



IMG_3606 5IMG_3738 4


You know how I’m not a fan of bronzers. But even if I were 🙂 , it seems so hard to do bronzer right, or else, I should probably amend it to – do bronzer to my liking. Here are my very personal bronzer parameters. It can’t be too yellow. It can’t be too orange. It can’t be too dark. Guess what, here’s one bronzer shade that’s almost perfect. It’s warm and tan like and not too dark, it has a nice golden sheen to it. Just a touch, just a hint that will bring out the best in our tan. If there is a bronzer I might actually like, this is it.


That’s the face palette. And I love it.



Sculpting, highlighting, accentuating, whatever you might want to do which is more than just do all over base and powder thing, something more exquisite and complex, maybe, it’s all here, in this small palette that looks beautiful in terms of design on top of it all. Wow. I haven’t seen such a nice face palette it a while, where it all comes together – texture, shades, packaging – to please me and make it as efficient as this small little thing is. And, yes, it will actually fit into my purse. And I like my purses to be all clutchy like and small 🙂 So, summer, here we go. With this palette. No brush though of any kind here. So, prepare your own ones. And they’ll also have to fit in that purse, by the way. Ugh.


The second palette? I can only hope it’s as good as the first one. Bring it on, Estee Lauder. This palette is an eye palette. To be precise, it’s eyeshadow palette called Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder Summer Glow Eyeshadow Palette. It comes in the same lush brownish abstract leopard print boxing. I enjoy it so-o much.



And then it comes in the same creamy with golden tiny dot pattern boxing. Lovely.



O-oh, these shades are so sophisticated. Not too bright. Understated and chic. Elevated and summery. Womanly and special.



And here we do have a brush. A dual ended brush that fits in the box, so I don’t have to try and stick an eyeshadow brush on top of the palette itself in that small purse of mine 🙂



One side of the brush is spongy.

Копия IMG_3663


The other side is a brushy brush.

Копия IMG_3667


Both sides work well enough. And they’d definitely do for when you need to fix your eye makeup in the course of the day, if need be.



Just look at these shades. So beautiful.



First we have an ever so light matt beige shade.



It’s a base shade, really. It’s so light you could say it’s off white. It’s here to support the rest of the shades and help you create all the looks you might want to create with this eye palette.


Then there’s this light and warm and grounded pink.



I’ve never seen a pink before that’s as natural looking and easy and relaxed as this one. If you’ve never thought it possible before to actually use and wear pink eyeshadow, you’ll be surprised. This pink is very flattering and very natural, nude like almost. But it’s not just nude. It’s elegant, and it can bring out all the glory of your – and only yours, because it’s unique – eye colour and look in your eyes, you know, and your expression, all of those.


Vintage gold.



What makes it vintage is that it’s not shiny at all. It’s satiny and darker than what we picture what we say gold. It’s a great special occasion shade. Or a great everyday shade, believe it or not. The same goes here that goes for that pink we’ve just talked about. This gold is the kind of gold you can definitely wear, even if holiday like and sparkly gold is not your kind of thing. This golden shade has some beige in it, camel in it, sand colour in it. It’s well balanced and posh. And definitely worth it.


The summer’s in full swing, and I’m kind of tired of incessant turquoise and aqua. But, and it’s a big ‘but’… Estee Lauder managed to work miracles here, having created the kind of aqua I love.



This aqua here fully fits this season trend of traditional summer colours being darker and deeper and more intense than they usually are. So, instead of being artsy and fun and bright, this aqua is high end, mysterious and subdued. It’s languid, it’s hot, super hot. The kind of aqua that anyone can wear and enjoy. Very chic.





I’ve come to love greige. Even if I didn’t quite understand it up front. Now I get it though. It’s a lush and beautiful colour. This greige here by Estee Lauder has some pink to it and some gold. I don’t know how it’s even possible, but it does. And this touch of pink and gold and the satiny sheen they add to this shade, makes all the difference in the world. This shade is off the beaten track, it’s gorgeous, it’s rare, it’s all I want for summer. Wherever you go and whatever you do, one swipe of it over your lids will get you ready for any occasion, even a very special one.


Finally, we have this deep warm chocolate brown shade that looks… yummy.



You know how we always say – it’s chocolate brown, but it’s almost never is. I mean, for real. Well, this brown shade here is that. It’s hot chocolate brown like, chocolate cake brown like, it’s desserty. Which makes it even more appealing to me. And it’s matt, which makes me think it can be used as an eyeliner as much as an eyeshadow. Or it can be used for hot chocolate smoky eye look. I say, both are good options 🙂 This brown is superb, it’s the kind of brown that can lure you into wearing brown on your lids even if you weren’t really going to.


I almost can’t believe I liked ALL shades in an eye palette. It never happens.



I’m so digging this palette though. Estee Lauder has done such a good job here. All these shades are really something. They are so calm and so flattering and so tempting in a way. There’s something super womanly about them. Super hot. And they have this quality of bringing out all the beauty in you, as opposed to making you bring out all the beauty of the shades in the palette. And the looks that can be created with those shades… My imagination runs wild with ideas here. Really wild.


Remember the two things I said I love about Bronze Goddess summer makeup collections by Estee Lauder? Palettes and new limited edition products. I have palettes here. And both are superb. Now we’re going to get to a new product and talk about it. I’m happy 🙂 See if you are.


This new product that was released in this collection is a limited edition. And it comes in three shades. And it’s called Lip & Cheek Glow. Sounds good to me. Let’s get to know it better.


It comes in very Estee Lauder like navy blue and golden lettering boxing.



The first shade is called 01 Peach Glow.



So, what is this Lip & Cheek Glow like? It comes in a bigger and thicker golden tube. See the colour stuff on the bottom? Looks like lip gloss to me 🙂



And the second part looks like lipstick, but I presume it’s for our cheeks, that is, it’s a cream blush, probably.



Yes, it is a cream blush alright. And it surprisingly natural looking in its finish and texture. I mean, when I heard glow, I was like – it’s going to be all shiny, but, no, it’s delicate and has just a summery sheen to it. Charming.


Here’s my question though. This shade is peachy? Really? Maybe. It’s a combination of pink and some coral. And some red, just a little. Although it’s more of a warm pink, in all honesty. And it’s a good shade to release in summer, because it will look very nice with tan or just sun kissed skin.

IMG_3763IMG_3991 2


The creamy blush texture works very well, so you’ll be able to apply as much of it as you want and keep it where you actually want it to be.


On the other side of the golden tube we have lip gloss. I can tell it is even before I swatch it, because it has this characteristic makeupey scent to it that Estee Lauder lip gloss always does. The applicator here is spongy, traditional.

Копия IMG_3777


The lip gloss shade is a perfect match for that cream blush – warm pink mixed with coral and a touch of red, even if very distant. All peachy and pretty. Only this part of it is sheer as lip gloss should be. So, the shade is more diluted than it is in the blush.

IMG_3748 2IMG_3777IMG_3991 3


I’m digging this product.



So, I’m glad that we have two more shades of it to see.


Here’s shade number two.



02 Fuchsia Lights



Fuchsia in a summer makeup collection? But of course 🙂



It doesn’t really look fuchsia like. It looks warm pinkish without the coral and red element we had in the first shade. Although, who knows, let’s swatch it first.



Here’s the blush part of it. Still doesn’t look that fuchsia to me. It’s more like a hot pink, well, Ok, there’s some purple there, maybe, in the background, still it’s more pink than fuchsia. The shade is nice though. It will look good on us and work with our complexion to bring out that summer glow that’s promised to us in the name of this collection.

IMG_3878IMG_3991 2


And this bright and happy pink shade looks spectacular in wet and shiny lip gloss texture. Wow. Summery. And hot. Let’s party. I think we have all it takes right here in this small little tube 🙂 Well, Ok, throw in a dress and high heels. Or jeans and… well, high heels 🙂

IMG_3815 2IMG_3882IMG_3991 3


It’s only getting better.



Shade number three. The last one. Pity 🙂



The shade is called 03 Sunburst. That’s a pretty name. It stands out, by all means.



Oh, I see now where this name came from.



This gloss – and the blush too, if you look closely – is infused with gold, with sun and warmth and summer.



Boy, this shade is so beautiful. It’s more of a highlighter than a blush. It’s light gold and very pearly and shiny. It’s calling for summer, for fun, for action. Going out and rocking this town kind of shade. I love it. You wanna feel a burst of summer? You’ve got it here.

IMG_3956IMG_3991 2


The lip gloss is light, even lighter and more sheer than the blush. It’s almost transparent with just a tiny bit of beige and gold in it, but then it’s full of golden sparkle. It’s like a drop of water that explodes with sunlight from within. I love such lip gloss shades. They belong in summer, where sunshine can reveal all their beauty. On the other hand, they look stunning in artificial light too, so party it is – indoor or outdoor 🙂

IMG_3925 2IMG_3967IMG_3991 3


I mean, seriously, how beautiful is that? 🙂



I think, this lip & cheek glow thing is a good idea. There’s something very exquisite about painting your lips and cheeks with one shade in two different textures. It’s makeup of the highest quality and highest level, that’s for sure. And this thing is two in one, so it’s compact, and I’m back to clutches and small purses here, where we can actually put this thing in those and have two bases covered – lips and cheeks. Given all traveling we do in summer, it’s good.



This here is one awesome summer makeup collection. Its name – Summer Glow – makes perfect sense. It’s all about light, reflections, glow and how it all works together to make you look like a goddess. The two things I always anticipate and hope for in Bronze Goddess collections are all in place. We have two palettes here and three shades of a completely new summery product. The shades in this collection are in tune with the big summer trend of this year – take traditional summer hues and make them as intense as possible, interpret them in a new sultry way. The quality and textures are up to the mark. The face palette is chic. The eye palette is magnificent. And this lip & cheek glow is pleasant. Especially that pink and that beige with a burst of gold in its core. To cut a long story short, it’s all good. I have only one question left for Estee Lauder having seen this collection – where is nail colour? C’mon, this collection is so pretty, I want to have nail colour here to round up the look. You should have released one limited edition shade, at least. In this square bottle that looks like an ice cube and feels so refreshing in summer. Well, maybe, next time 🙂

IMG_3606 2










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