Guerlain Terracotta bronzers summer 2016: Terra Magnifica, Pause d’Ete, Terracotta limited edition swatched

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Ok, so, I’m not a fan of bronzers, I admit it but… I’m definitely able to appreciate beautiful bronzer limited editions and… today all of a sudden I thought of a way and time to use bronzers that makes perfect sense to me. Now let me show you three splendid limited editions in Terracotta range by Guerlain that were released this summer. But before I do let me ask you this. Why do we generally use bronzers? To look tanned and have this nice healthy summer sun kissed complexion. Ok, that’s all good. But in summer we’re often times tanned as it is. Guess what though, we’re about to get to the end of summer soon enough and then transition into fall. And when we do that, all these gorgeous summer bronzery products can help us to hold onto the tail of that colourful and vibrant and beautiful and fun and warm and vacation season that’s slipping away from us and make it last and make it stay and think of it fondly and feel like summer when it’s going to turn all fall like around us. Wouldn’t it be nice? I think it would. You know what, I think this year I’ll do just that.


And here are the three bronzers that are going to help me with it. Guerlain relaunched their Terracotta range and formula not too long ago, and this here is my first experience with new Terracotta. The old Terracotta formula felt nice to the touch, was easy to apply but… it had that majorly strong tropical scent to it that made it almost impossible for me to use it or, let’s say, wear it for a long time, as I’m pretty scent sensitive. So, in this new and relaunched Terracotta formula I’m looking for two things. First, I hope Guerlain Terracotta range will still feel as lush in terms of texture. Second, personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed here thinking, maybe, just maybe, the scent will change. Although this tropical scent is signature Terracotta thing and signature thing in luxury makeup world in general, so, I don‘t know why Guerlain would want to change it 🙂 But things happen in life, so let’s wait and see.


Here’s my take on the new Terracotta bronzer formula. It still feels as magnificent as it used to. Oh, great, I’m relieved. The application is still easy and luxury like, that is, it’s pleasant and nice and wonderful. The scent… believe it or not, it changed. I, for one, can’t believe it. I’m stunned. Seriously, I can’t believe that Guerlain actually changed it. But they did. And now the scent is more bearable to me than what it was. Given I’m very scent sensitive, so this scent might have not bothered you at all 🙂 Anyway, the scent is still strong, but it kind of shifted from tropical to makeupey. It still has this tropical kick to it, only it got pushed to the background, kind of, it’s more of a memory of what it used to be, this flowery tropical heaven like thing. And then in the foreground there’s makeupey, powdery, old fashioned in a good and chic way scent. Before I felt this scent in Terracotta I couldn’t even imagine you could mix makeupey powder scent with tropical forest and rare wild flowers scent and marry them into this exquisite aroma that Guerlain managed to get here. The tropical part of it is a zest now, small and exquisite, reminiscent of the old Terracotta. Wow, Guerlain, you blew me away here. It’s great, and I can wear your products more easily now. This new Terracotta is certainly sophisticated and lush. And if you miss the old full on tropical scent, by the way, I’ll tell you where you can find something very close to it. Check out these products by Givenchy Givency Les Saisons swatched


Now that I’m so happy with the new formula, I can’t wait to see the three limited editions, feel them, touch them, wear them and tell you all about them.


Here’s the first one.



Terracotta Terra Magnifica



Bronzing Powder   Contrast Highlighter   Face and Decollete



It comes in a gorgeous brown metal can like thing with the famous sun like Terracotta logo. All in all, it looks stunning and it’s very nice to hold it in my hand.



It says on the packaging that this edition is refillable. You can lift the makeup part of it proper up and out of the metal can and place the new one in it.



The pattern on it is all about rays of light stretching from that sun in the middle all over the powder. It has a warm beige centre, a darker tan body and a golden touch pearl on top of it all.



The design itself here is worth it for me. It’s limited edition all right 🙂 The powder has that scent to it I’ve told you about. As for the shade, I was afraid it would be all orangey by the look of it. It proved to be warm beige like though with a lot of golden shine and pearl.

IMG_4168 2


If all the pearl scares you, keep in mind that it will wear off pretty quick, the way it usually does. And then you’ll be left with just this truly magnificent warm beige colour. This bronzer shade is flattering, it’s universal, and if you could never understand before what the whole ‘sun kissed complexion’ hype is supposed to be about and mean, you’ll be able not only to understand it, finally, but also get this complexion in just a couple of swipes here.



Do you like red colour? Then you might like this next Terracotta edition.



Pause d’Ete



Bronzing Powder Duo   Face and Decollete



See the red centre? Orange red. Flame like. Uh-huh 🙂


This Terracotta comes in wooden packaging. If you like Terracotta, you’ve probably seen those wooden boxes before. Here. It’s very dark brown, almost black brown. With golden lettering.



And then you just turn it sideways, it’s magnetic, so it opens easily, and you’ll be able to lift it right up. Then in the top part of it there’s a mirror.



And in the bottom part there’s the powder proper.



For starters, I don’t know what it is about these wooden boxes by Guerlain, but I love the way they feel in my hand. See if you agree 🙂 And this pattern in the centre is awesome. It’s orangey with all the golden pearl woven around it and with golden tan like body of the powder. All in all, it looks warmer and bronzier than Terra Magnifica. Here, let me try it.

IMG_4281 2


The scent is still here, that’s for sure 🙂 Yep. The shade is very bronze like and very orange like. Very warm. It’s not just sun kissed complexion like base. It’s just short of a full on bronzer that will give your skin tan like tone. It’s on the way to it, but doesn’t quite get there. And if you like some orange in your bronzers, you might like this shade here. I’m not a big fan of orange tone makeup. But there’s this one part of it I do like. This golden pearl softens the orange in it up making it more universal and more appealing and even more summery.

IMG_4281 3IMG_4388


And the third bronzer in the post is… a limited edition of Terracotta permanent range shade. There are three things about it that make it special. Take a look.



Terracotta limited edition 2016



02 natural – blondes



Well, the first way this edition is different from a regular Terracotta edition is obvious already. It has all this red with a coral undertone packaging design. It’s pretty, and I’ll enjoy it in summer with its beach parties and in fall with its fallen leaves that this coral red colur immediately reminds me of 🙂


If the first two powders we’ve talked about are big face and décolleté editions, this edition is much smaller. See the difference here? Terracotta we’re talking about now is on the left, Pause d’Ete is on the right.



See how much bigger it is? Terra Magnifica is as big. While this Terracotta is regular powder size, so it can actually fit in your purse or your makeup bag.


The second special thing about this Terracotta limited edition is the silicone sleeve. We’ve already seen those last season. This year it comes in this bright and energizing coral red shade. Steaming hot. Very invigorating. Love it.



And, finally, the last limited edition like part of this Terracotta is this pattern printed on the powder itself with interwoven GG lettering. This pattern looks reserved, elegant and exquisite. Just great.

this one big


The texture is nice and soft and easy to use. The shade is, once again, part of Guerlain permanent range. The first thing that strikes me about it is that it’s… dark. Or else, darker than the other two shades we’ve seen here. It’s tan, that’s what it is. Also, it has golden sparkle in it, but not too much.



This shade is a full on bronzer. That is, with it you can probably go from not tanned to tanned complexion in one run. If that’s what you want. Or else, this shade will be a good thing for you to have if you do have all the summer season tan right now. Then this shade will looks very natural on your skin and give it this natural healthy glow that looks most awesome in summer of all seasons.

this one big 2IMG_4388


So, these are the three Guerlain Terracotta bronzers of today. All three have that yummy scent to them. All three are beautiful, as far as I’m concerned. All three shades are different. To help you pick, I’ll give you a big picture of the three here. Terra Magnifica can give you a summer kiss, Pause d’Ete will embrace you in summer and sun, and Terracotta limited edition 2016 will drag you into a whirlpool of passion and heat. Here they are, all three Terracota editions of 2016. Left to right, lighter to darker: Terra Magnifica, Pause d’Ete and Terracotta limited edition 2016.



And now see all the design that warms my heart and provides summer on any day of the year you choose to open one of these boxes by Guerlain 🙂



IMG_4344this one big

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