Givenchy Superstellar fall 2016 swatched

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There are still several summer collections left to talk about. And there’s still like a month of summer left but… Fall collections already start showing up on the counters. Here’s the first one I got this year. Then I’m back to summer collections 🙂 The first fall one of the year is Superstellar collection by Ginechy. Superstellar, huh, Ginenchy? 🙂 Ok, there’s no such word, really. Superstarry? We know how star as a symbol shows up on a lot of Ginechy products, makeup included. So, it makes sense. On the other hand, the fact that there’s no such word as superstellar in reality tells me this collection is probably going to be artsy and fantasy like. Which is in tune with Ginechy makeup collections recent general direction, I’d say. Anyway, welcome, Givenchy, and welcome, fall. These times of year when two seasons – like summer and fall now – almost rule equally and simultaneously, are always interesting to me. Some interesting products, interesting combos and interesting looks originate at those in between seasons moments.


Ok, so superstellar it is, Givenchy. Let’s see what you’ve got.


This eye palette by all means should come first.



Givenchy   Le Prisme Superstellar   Intense & Radiant Eyeshadow



Intense and radiant? Sounds good. And starry like. I mean, what can be more intense and more radiant than stars?



And here’s the palette.



How very laconic. I like that. Very elegant. Black and silver.



Oh, that’s more than just laconic. It’s a burst of stars, sparkle and beauty. What a great limited edition to have in a seasonal collection. Let’s take a closer look at each and every one of those stars.



Before we do, let me tell you that, all in all, Givenchy eyeshadow quality is quite good, solid. Their eyeshadow is not too soft though. It’s pressed pretty tight together, so some people might like softer eyeshadow texture. I don’t mind it though, because application is usually easy and pleasant enough.



The big star first.

IMG_7533 3IMG_8068 2


It’s such a light golden shade it almost looks… silvery. Didn’t expect that kind of twist, did ya? 🙂 There’s this kind of gold in makeup though that looks pretty much like a mix of silver and gold. And these two shades are mixed in even proportions here, so that sometimes this shade looks golden. Sometimes it looks silver. It depends on the light you’re in and on how you play it. What other makeup shades you use with it, what clothes you wear, what look you go for. The good news about this kind of golden shade it’s so much easier and more relaxed than all the heavy sparkly holiday like gold. And the same time, with this shade you do get the whole shiny and sparkly part. You just don’t get that almost oppressive and obligatory special occasion feel about it. Instead you get… freedom. Here’s how. Unlike the full on gold, this shade you can wear anywhere you want. You can wear it with your favourite jeans and look stunning and… casual, if you so choose. Sounds good to me 🙂


Next. Second big star 🙂

IMG_7533 4IMG_8068 3


First of all, the texture is different. It’s matt with a random sparkle here and there, but only few of those. As for the shade, it’s warm, and it’s a mix of pink and coral. As a result, we emerge somewhere in between the two. And it only depends on your eye and your colour perception what you’ll see more here. I see coral in the palette, but once I swatch it, I see very warm pink. So, what I said about that silvery gold above goes for this shade here too. If you play this shade like pink and dress accordingly, you’ll get pink. If you play it like coral, clash it against coral lip gloss, maybe, or whatever else you might wanna do with it 🙂 , you’ll get coral. It’s only up to you. It’s a good nude or basic shade. The kind that doesn’t stand out and can provide that fresh and well groomed kind of look, you know. Be careful though, I spotted long time ago that as appealing as this shade is, there are a lot of people it doesn’t look that great on. So, be honest with yourself here.


And the smallest star of the three… has a matt dark purple shade in it with a lot of golden sparkle in it.

IMG_7533 5IMG_8068 4


The first thing I have to say here is I’m so tired of plums and purples, and especially dark plums and purples released in fall specifically. It’s like coral in summer. Before you blink in fall, there’s plum and purple all around you 🙂 Still, there are two interesting things about this shade that make it kind of stand out. First, it’s not plum, instead it’s cool and purple, even if dark. That is, it’s purple without a portion of pink stuffed in it that makes purple so much warmer. Second, it’s full of this warm golden sparkle making it look like a fantastic purple sky with golden stars all over it. There are, basically, two ways to use this shade. As an eyeliner is one. It’s dark enough to be a good counterpoint for most shades. Two, obviously, you can do very purple smoky eye with this shade, that will be different than classically black or charcoal grey smoky eye.


These are the three shades.

IMG_7533 2



I like them, because they are not too traditional. I can’t say we’ve never seen such a colour combination in an eyeshadow palette, but each of the shades here has some sort of a twist to it making it special and Givenchy like. You can come up with your ways to use this palette, I’m sure. The two ways that come to my mind immediately are these. First, you could go for that warm coral pink and add a little bit – or a whole lot – of that light gold to make it fancy. Or you could go for a sultry dark purple eye makeup and use that nice light golden sparkly shade to either make it festive or make it artsy and edgy. The third way to go is, naturally, to combine all three shades in one mind blowing look. There are as many options there as your imagination can possibly reach out to. And, yes, I think the design in this eye palette is exclusive, luxurious and limited edition enough, where I’d get it just for that 🙂


That’s the eyeshadow. Next we’re going to talk about eyeliner.


Givenchy released two shades of Liner Vinyl as part of their Superstellar collection.


Liner Vinyl was launched last fall, and we’ve talked about it already. It’s a classic liquid eye liner formula with a thin brush. The kind where your hand should be pretty steady for this arrow to come out even enough on your lid 🙂



Givenchy   Liner Vinyl   Brush tip Eyeliner   High Shine



So, we’ve covered the brush tip 🙂 The other thing that Givenchy promises here is high shine. Makes sense, because liquid eyeliner usually provides most shine and gloss in eyeliner world. So, if you’re after those cat like arrows, liquid eyeliner is what you’ll probably go for.



The first shade is called   Liner Vinyl   2 Heroic Blue.



Wow, that’s not cat like at all 🙂 It’s artsy. It’s blue. Bright blue.



Very bright blue. Even brighter than your classic blue eyeliner shade that’s designed to be a good match for blue eyes initially. This blue is nothing like it. It’s not dark. It’s bright and bold and edgy. This eyeliner is a counterpoint thing, sort of. Say, if you wear it with neutral eyeshadow colours. It will draw attention. It will frame your eyes. It will add an artsy and playful touch to your look. To make this uncompromisingly daring and bright blue work, you have to think carefully about the rest of your makeup, not just eye makeup but your whole makeup. And your clothes. And the rest of the trimmings that will be part of your look, if any. All in all, this blue eyeliner can be a great accent kind of thing. And it can be your very special thing, if you can make it work. But you have to be careful with it and think your look through thoroughly, when you’re about to wear it.


The second shade is called





Liner Vinyl   3 Heroic Silver.



Ok, this silver is very heroic.



That is, it’s very superhero like and very space like and futuristic. This light and heavily pearly silver looks like part of makeup used commonly on a si-fi movie set. All that said though, this silver eyeliner, to me, looks less artsy than that bright blue. Silver will look good and not too artsy with grey eyes and certain shades of green eyes. Also, it will look very interesting with blue eyes and brown eyes. Pretty much, anyone can wear it. Only keep in mind that it’s so pearly. So, where you wear it only depends on how classic or not classic at all your everyday makeup is. If you stick to nudes and proven makeup classics, this shade might be too pearly for you to wear it just like that without some occasion, where it would actually make sense to you. But then again, you can always go out of the box a little and try something new. This is a nice shade to do it with, because it’s hard to go wrong with it.


We’ve seen eyeshadow, we’ve seen eyeliner, it’s easy enough to guess what’s going to come next in terms of eye shades and eye products in Superstellar collection by Givenchy. Mascara 🙂


Phenomenon’Eyes. Of course, it is. We’ve had two makeup collections by Givenchy without it that I’ve told you about here – Givenchy Couture collection swatched  and  Givency Les Saisons swatched. So, it makes sense that now we, finally, get Phenomenon’Eyes.



Phenomenon’Eyes was not love at first sight to me. But once I’ve come to love it, I enjoy it every time I wear it. And this round and spiky hedgehog like brush does work for me now.



The shade from this collection is called 4 Heroic Green.



Green? Green?! Green! I’m excited.



Ok, it is green. And it’s a bright one, on top of that.



It’s very warm. Tropical green, I’d say. Remember all those green eye shades and one nail shade 🙂 from that collection by Chanel I told you about in my post called Chanel Dans la Lumiere de l’ete summer 2016 swatched. Well, this Heroic Green shade by Givenchy belongs there, kind of. I mean, there’s almost no green shade I wouldn’t gladly get and try, so I’m happy I got this one here. I’ve got to tell you though, that this shade is bright and off the beaten track and artsy. Some people would even shun it seeing something neon in it. And, yes, Givenchy did try to soften it up, make it a little darker and more wearable, still keep in mind it’s Heroic Green, not just green. Even if you like green mascara shades and wear green mascara a lot, look closely at this shade here before you get it. You know why you might want this shade though? Here’s why. Do you like khaki eyeshadow? Eyeliner? Khaki eye shades and eye makeup in general? If you do, this bright green mascara colour would look awesome with khaki eye makeup. So, if you like khaki eye shades, you might wanna consider getting this limited edition mascara.


We’re going to move onto the lips and lip makeup here.


This season Givenchy came up with two limited edition shades of Le Rouge.


That is, it’s satiny matt texture, classic lip colour texture and traditional fall lip colour texture, more or less.



The first shade of Le Rouge is called 212 Heroic Pink.



I wonder what this pink is going to be like. We’ve already learned that not all heroic shades are common and look what usual and nonheroic shades do 🙂



Let’s see it. Hm.



By the look of it, this pink is not so pink. So, my ‘heroic’ shades logic seems to work here 🙂



In all honesty, I guess you could say it’s pink with a whole bunch of purple in it. Berry pink. Berry purple.



I’ll tell you what, I seem to see this kind of pink with so much purple in it that it almost looks dead on purple a lot of late. I don’t know, maybe, this shade is trending or is about to trend, we’ll see. Or, maybe, makeup brands are just tired of traditional hot pink and fuchsia lip shades we’ve seen in abundance in summer. So, they just decided to try something new 🙂 This shade by Givenchy is pretty and interesting. I like it. It’s bright though. Not nude like. And much brighter and more conspicuous than most pinks out there. This shade will stand out, because it’s pretty rare and not overused. Despite Givenchy calling this shade pink, even if Heroic Pink, I think purple lip colour fans might want to check out this vibrant berry like colour. If you wear bright purples, you know how to make them work. If you don’t generally wear those, keep in mind that it’s not easy to make bright purples like this one here becoming. So, think twice when you build your look.



Next shade of Le Rouge.



321 Heroic Red



Red? Nice. I like red lip shades.



And Givenchy manages to come up with some really good ones in Le Rouge range.



I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for another good one here.



Let’s see it.



Very nice. This red is vibrant, full of light and full of energy. It’s not dark at all. If this red is superstellar, I like superstellar reds. This red is not immediately vampy. Instead it’s active and happy. Still, it’s very very hot because it’s so bright. Heroic Red has a touch of orange and, maybe, pink somewhere deep in it. It’s not too obvious, it just adds this lightness to it that is so rare in red full cover satiny lip shades. For some reason, they tend to be darker and more sultry. I do like reds of this kind, and I find them very flattering and more modern than those darker reds. Heroic red is a younger kind of red in a good way. A more fun kind of red. To put it simply, it’s the kind of red you want to try, because if you love it, it will be love for a lifetime. And it will be different and fresh. Also, if your hair is red, this shade will work together with your hair colour bringing out all the undertones in it and making it as fiery and as glowy as it gets.



That’s all there is for lips. The last part of makeup and this fall makeup collection by Givenchy called Superstellar is nail colour. There’s only one shade this season.



Le Vernis is true to itself and its new gel like formula. I can’t say I enjoy this formula a lot. It’s fine, I guess, but it’s not superstellar, as far as I’m concerned 🙂 If I love the shade I’ll be sure to make it work for me though.



30 Heroic Blue



Oh, blue? I love blue nail colour. I can’t wait to see it. I want to like it so much. I wonder, what makes it Heroic and how it’s Superstellar.



And here it is. And it’s very dark which immediately cools down my ardor for this blue. I like lighter and brighter nail shades, although I’ll still wait and see and swatch it before I make up my mind.



Ok, so on top of this shade being dark, very dark, it’s… not really blue. Told you, those ‘heroic’ shades aren’t always what their nonheroic counterparts are.



Well, on the second thought, some people might see some blue here. Ink blue. Purple blue. To me though, this shade is definitely purple. Ink purple. Dark purple. The darkest purple shade in the purple shade family.



This shade immediately reminds me of another nail shade that looked blue and then proved to be purple. 683 Sunrise Trip by Chanel from their spring 2016 collection. If you want to see the swatches, please see here Chanel L.A. Sunrise collection spring 2016 swatched.



This shade is not uncommon. Some brands, including luxury brands, have it in their permanent ranges.



This purple is vampy and off black. You probably like it and wear it, if you are a fan of dark manicure.



I have to tell you though, that this shade was a little bit tough to apply and kind of clumpy, not too much, but markedly so. So, you’ll have to work hard to make it look all smooth and nice on your nails. It’s up to you to decide, whether it’s worth it for you or not.

IMG_7445IMG_9538 2


That’s Superstellar collection for fall 2016 by Givenchy. I have mixed feelings here in this very first fall makeup collection of the year I’m looking at. I do like a lot of the shades and products separately. I like the eye palette. I like the bright blue eyeliner. The green mascara. The two lip shades… But when I try to think of it as a collection, as a whole, as Superstellar, I have questions. First, where’s something – anything – for face? Powder, highlighter, base? There’s nothing. And it’s a pity. Further on, I just don’t see how these shades come together in one look. We have a warm shade eye palette. Suppose, the ink purple nail colour can be worn with that dark purple eye shade with golden sparkle. But then we have blue and silver eyeliner and green mascara that don’t really fit it. And then we have that bright purple and bright red lipstick. And I’m lost in terms of how it all works together. The bottom line here is either I can’t put this puzzle together, or if I can, the looks I get are pretty artsy. Maybe, that’s what Givenchy was going for, I don’t know. To me, this collection is nice but not awesome. So, I hope it’s going to get better when I see more fall 2016 collections by other brands. And in the meantime, I’ll enjoy wearing that eye palette shades, that green mascara and that red lip colour 🙂 while I’m looking at more summer collections and more fall collections and just more makeup.

IMG_7533 2IMG_8068



IMG_7429IMG_9538 2



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