Deborah Lippmann Life’s a Beach summer 2016 swatched

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Is Life a Beach? No, I don’t think so. Would I want it to be that? No, not really. But there are probably a lot of people out there who wouldn’t mind if life were a beach. Especially in summer. And we can all agree that this set with two nail polish shades released by Deborah Lippmann this summer is majorly cute. And majorly summery. In fact, this little box is simply full of summer, full of warmth, full of joy. And if thinking about beach, about seashore, about sand and about bright nail polish shades makes you happy, this set is by all means right up your alley. Just looking at it makes me smile.



Even at the back of the box sea and sand and summer just keep on going and keep on stretching. ‘Summer forever’ is what I want to say looking at this bright blue box and seashells and palm tree leaves. And the two shades proper are vibrant and have a piece of summer wrapped in them, so that you can wear them in fall or in any other season and still feel like you’re vacationing and partying and getting all those things we usually get at this time of year when life is a beach. This pink and this blue are bright and hot and radiant. They are simply… well, fun. A lot of fun.



The last nail colour set of the kind by Deborah Lippmann with two fashion size – that’s what Deborah Lippmann calls mini size – bottles I told you about was the opposite of this hot summer set, that is, it was a holiday set called Roses in the Snow. You can see my post about it here Deborah Lippmann Roses in the Snow swatched. These two sets are as different as it gets. While Roses in the Snow is full of snow and cool chic and holiday surprises, Life’s a Beach is full of sunshine, warm breeze and adventures. I’ll tell you what, both sets are great 🙂



Now that we’ve seen all this beauty and all this gorgeous design and before we talk shades in detail, I’d like to talk quality. As great as Deborah Lippmann nail colour formula is, I sometimes have issues with their fashion size bottles because the brush is just so small. Well, in this set I didn’t have any issues of the kind. I got by pretty good with the small little brush. Blue nail colour applied easily and in two coats got to full cover easily. While pink nail colour in two coats was kind of sheer, not quite sheer, but not full on cover either. Which puzzled me a little, to tell you the truth.



To avoid any kind of sheerness in it, which doesn’t make any sense to me in such bright nail shades, I had to apply three coats of it. But once I went to three coats, the nail polish got clumpy on my nails, not radically clumpy, still pretty clumpy, I’d say. This situation kind of upset me. I would so like this nail polish to be full on colour in two coats. And I really don’t like it, when nail colour gets clumpy on my nails. So, my question is – can it be that the whole two-three coats clumpy commotion was due to the small brush? Maybe, if the brush were full size, I could get to the desired result in two coats, and then there would be no clumps? It’s possible, I can’t confirm it though, because I haven’t tried full size brush with this shade 🙂



Now let’s talk about each and every one of those shades more thoroughly.


Pink first.



Break 4 Love



This name is such a great name for this shade in particular. And a nice concept in itself. It’s always nice to take a break. It’s even nicer, when what you break for is love.



Anyway, pink nail colour is nothing new, when we’re talking summer collections. Bright pink candy like shades trend every summer. And there’s a reason for that.



Vibrant and radiant pinks are happy in their core and their essence. They have all possible and impossible summer, party and fun connotations in them. They are active and optimistic. And they make total sense in this colourful season.



If we come to think of it though, most pinks we get in summer are cooler pinks, pinks with a good deal of purple in them, fuchsia pinks, more or less.



Well, the best thing about Break 4 Love is that this pink is so warm and still so bright. The fact that it’s so warm makes it stand out, makes it interesting, exciting, makes it not fuchsia 🙂 and even more fun.



So, let’s go for it and ‘dip’ our nails in this wonderful Barbie like nail colour.

IMG_7095IMG_7282 2


And the blue.



The Tide Is High



The Tide Is High is another great summer nail colour name. Water is definitely a big part of summer. Because that’s the season when we spend a lot of time around water. It makes sense, because being around water is most pleasant in warm weather.



And water smoothly and easily brings us to the fact that this shade is blue. There’s only one thing that indicates blue as fast and sure as water does, this thing being sky 🙂



Just as pink, blue is a classically summer nail colour. We always get all the blue shades in summer collections.



But… those shades are usually aqua or turquoise, that is, they usually have a portion of green in them, bigger or smaller portion, it depends. The first thing you need to know about The Tide Is High is that is doesn’t. It’s a clear blue. So, if you don’t like the green element in blue, you might like it.



When we do get bright blues in manicure world, they are cool blues most of the time. And I’m happy to report this blue isn’t.



It’s out of the common run. Because it’s warm. You never thought it possible in blue colour? Prepare to be surprised 🙂

IMG_7129IMG_7339 2


Well? Life’s a Beach? Can we agree on that, when it comes to this set by Deborah Lippmann? 🙂 I’m extremely pleased and I like it a lot. Both shades are nice. There’s a good twist to both of them. I do enjoy this warm take on two traditional summer nail colours. And that packaging with sand and seashells is stunning. So, how can we use these two beauties here? The first and obvious way to go is manicure/pedicure. If you bring the two colours together in some way in your outfit, your look will be completed. The other way is nail art. You can mix, mash and clash these two shades any way you want. And there are a lot of ways to go there. Dare to imagine 🙂 Also, if you like the two or any of the two, keep in mind that Deborah Lippmann usually releases full size versions of those shades from the sets at some point. Which means you can probably stash enough of your favourite colour sooner or later. Ok, so, here we are, the beautiful nail colour set in hand, two sprightly shades all ready to go, about to enjoy our summer to the full and make it last. Ready? Let’s go then and just skip the ‘steady’ part.

IMG_7087IMG_7282 2IMG_7122IMG_7339 2





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