Dior Milky Dots summer 2016 swatched

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Milky Dots? Sounds interesting. When I look at this summer collection promo photos, it becomes pretty clear where the dot part of it is coming from. Manicure. Ok 🙂 Where’s the milky stuff though? From Milky lip tints. What’s milky about them? I’ll have to wait and see, once I swatch and wear them all. So, I’ll know by the end of this post, I guess 🙂 Speaking about promo photos, I can’t say I love the look, or else, makeup in those. It’s not that I don’t like bright eye makeup. I do. Very much so 🙂 But the whole makeup somehow doesn’t come together for me. Although, obviously, it’s a matter of taste. Also, who said I should do makeup from the promo photos? Dior summer collection is as big as their collections usually are, so I can do a bunch of looks, a bunch of makeups with these products that will be to my liking and will suit my taste. Let’s roll and see those Milky Dots. At the first glance, the colours that seem to dominate this collection are blue, bronze, pink, brown, coral, purple and nude beige that’s almost whitish. This collection fits into the summer trend of deeper shades than the usual summer shades, at the same time it manages to stay true to Dior DNA and their makeup range and limited editions concept. I like that 🙂


As usual, it all starts with face products. This summer season Dior released two. One is a compact powder. The other one is a loose powder. Summer complexion is a nice thing to have all throughout the year, so I’m hoping these products are going to be good.


First we have Diorskin Nude Air   Glow Powder   Healthy Glow Radiance Powder With Kabuki Brush



It’s a limited edition of Nude Air with a Glow element to it. It’s always nice to have some healthy glow, so the idea sounds good enough to me. Further on, I like that this powder comes in four shades, even though it’s a limited edition, which means, most of us will be able to find our perfect shade.



You know my strategy, when it comes to picking base and powder products. It’s can’t be too dark or too light, it can’t be too yellow or too orange and it should preferably have some pink in it. Most of the time I wind up going for number two in the range 🙂 Well, guess what, of the four shades by Dior I went for number… 4. Here’s why.



When I saw those shades first, I was like – ugh, dark. More bronzer like than healthy glow like. Given Dior does have a permanent Nude Tan powder range, I was kind of puzzled to see these four limited editions being so dark. Anyway, I took a closer look, and here’s where I came out and why I got number four, eventually.


001 Fresh Tan Believe it or not, number 001 is pretty dark. Too dark for me. Tan like. Bronzer like almost for pale skin beauties. And has a little bit of an orange twist to it.


002 Fresh Light The lightest of the batch and… probably, too light for me. The shade is nice though. Light beige and a little darker beige, but still light with, maybe, just a touch of pale pink.


003 Warm Tan The darkest of the four. Definitely too dark for me. But it can be a great bronzer shade, if you wound up accumulating a lot of tan over the summer. Definitely has some orange in it.


004 Warm Light Finally, we’re getting to the one I got. It’s not much darker, still darker than 002, and it has some pink to it. What it is, in essence, is a medium beige shade leaning to lighter beige with a pink undertone to it.


Keep in mind though everything said above to be able to navigate these shades efficiently. It’s a tough range to grasp.


Ok, so back to 004 Warm Light.



What we have here are four squares, or else, they aren’t really squares because of the round edges, but you know what I mean   🙂



One is a matt warm medium beige. The other one is a matt cool medium beige. And then we have the two glowy or pearly ones. One is a glowy warm medium to lighter beige. The other one is a glowy cooler medium to lighter beige.

IMG_4477 2


All in all, when you swipe all over and across those you get a very appealing and not too glowy pinkish beige shade with a random handful of sparkle here and there. This shade is a truly ‘healthy complexion’ kind of shade. You only should be careful with it, if your skin is very pale, then it might be too pinkish for you to use it all over. I do like this shade and despite Dior trying to get me all mixed up by making this not too dark shade number 004 in the range, I picked right, and I hope you will too 🙂

IMG_4477 3IMG_4881


Looking at all four shades, I’ve got to say, they look to me like the kind of shades that would be great for contouring/highlighting/strobing/blushing rather than all over shades. Maybe, that’s just me, but that’s what I’m seeing here. So, think about them from this angle. This might help you warm up to them more than you thought you possibly could.


The texture of this powder is nice and Dior like. It’s solid and good and soft. But I lack in it this lush and easy feel about base and powder products I’m always looking for. It’s a matter of personal preference. I like powder products by Dior, but unless something changes in their formula, they can never be my favourites. I do love Diorskin base though 🙂


The second face product is the one I’m ever so interested to see, because it’s a loose powder, and I have a thing for loose powder. I don’t know why, I just do. And it comes in just one shade and is by all means a limited edition.


Here it is. Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow Shimmering Loose Powder



Shimmering, huh? I’m even more excited now 🙂



I do like a loose version of Diorskin Nude. It’s nice in its texture. I wonder what the shimmering shade is going to be like, given it’s only one shade.



Speaking about the shade, it’s called simply Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow 001.



When I look at it, it turns out, I’ve picked compact Diorskin Nude Air Glow shade that will be a perfect match for this glowy loose finishing touch right here. I wasn’t really planning on it, it’s just my whole rosy beige face products strategy I’ve already mentioned that happened to work this way in this particular case 🙂



Because that’s what the shade here is like. It’s a medium to lighter pink beige. Only with more shimmer to it than in 003 Warm Tan. They are a great couple 🙂 So, everything said above about Warm Tan applies here. It’s a great healthy glow, healthy complexion, healthy blush shade. You can wear just a touch of it on your cheek bones to instantly illuminate you face. Or you can mix some of it in your perfect powder shade to add this glow to it. And just as pale faced beauties should be careful with Warm Tan, they should be careful with this pinkish shade too.

IMG_4690 2IMG_4881


I like this limited edition. It’s very summer like. And very nice. And it’s shimmery without being too shimmery, just as Nude Air Glow is glowy without being too glowy, and that’s a key to perfect face products of this kind, as far as I’m concerned. Now let’s talk brushes/sponges/applicators here, shall we?


Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder (a compact) comes with a kabuki brush. You know, this small stem kabuki brush. Ok, that works.



Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow (loose powder) comes with a sponge. Huh? Loose powder applied with a sponge? That’s weird.



Before this loose powder by Dior got relauched, it came with a mini kabuki which made sense to me. Sponge doesn’t make sense to me in loose powder. So, kabuki it is. Kabuki applies to both. Summer kabuki go go. And when I say that, by the way, I mean not this tiny portable kabuki, I mean a full size kabuki with a long enough stem, so I can actually hold onto it 🙂


These are the two face products by Dior for this summer. And I like them. They are right up my alley in terms of shade. That is, they are pink beige. They are good quality. They do have glow to them, but this glow is understated and chic. Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder in 004 Warm Light is on the left here in the picture. Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow  Shimmering Loose Powder 001 is on the right.



And the two darker shades and the one lighter compact shades can be used for contouring or whatever variations of it are out there. I’d say, we’re all good here. Moving on. Eyes next.


Here we have a lot of stuff: two eye liner shades, one mascara shade, two liquid eyeshadow colours, eye reviver palette and two 5 couleurs palettes.


Let’s start with mascara.



It’s becoming a tradition, sort of, for Dior to release Diorshow Iconic Overcurl in their summer collections. The only thing that surprised me though this season is that it’s not waterproof. Which it usually is. It makes no difference to me, personally. I’ve told you already more than once that mascara almost never smudges on me. Even when it’s raining it doesn’t. I don’t know why, it just doesn’t 🙂 But I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that this edition of Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is not waterproof, because a lot of people would probably like it to be waterproof in summer, when we get as close to water as we possibly do in the course of the year.


Ok, so, that said, let’s see the shade and the brush and then talk about application.


The shade of this year is called 662 Over Bronze.



Over Broze? That sounds… different. I like that.


But before we get to talk about the shade, let’s talk about the brush. The brush here is this curly thing that’s supposed to curl your lashes and make them all nice and doll like without lash curlers.



Well, the idea is a good one but… those mascara brushes never seem to work for me. While, say, Diorshow proper brush that’s even all along and is not curly in any way does for me what Diorshow Iconic Overcurl just promises to do. Maybe, it’s just me, and maybe, someone will release a complex mascara brush that would blow my mind, for now though I say – the more complex mascara brush is, the more trouble it is to use it, and it’s not like there’s anything so awesome about the result, that I’m ready to go through the motions for the sake of it. So, remember I told you, Dior releasing Diorshow Iconic Overcurl in their summer collections is becoming a tradition? Well, I don’t like this tradition. I wish different kinds of mascara were released in summer. I’m always for variety in makeup, remember? 🙂


Done with the brush discussion and on to the shade discussion. So, how’s over bronze different from just bronze, I wonder? Oh, here’s how. It’s darker and sultrier and richer. I love it. If you read my review of Chanel summer collection Dans la Lumiere, you might remember that stunning darker greige shade of Le Volume Waterproof called Mirage. Chanel Dans la Lumiere de l’ete summer 2016 swatched      Well, this here is a warmer version of that. If Mirage by Chanel is greige taken to the extreme and rendered as vampy as it might possibly be, Over Bronze by Dior is bronze made darker and so much hotter you never thought it could be that. I don’t even like bronze that much, generally speaking, but this shade is really something. It’s so much more than just bronze. It’ sexy and becoming, it will bring out the very best of your eye colour. Whatever your eye colour is. The smallest nuances of your eye colour. Talk about eye opening result in mascara 🙂 It turns out, you can achieve that by means of mascara SHADE. Not texture, not brush, but shade. Wow. Forget about the curly brush, this shade alone is worth the effort to get it on and wear it now and on any other day of the year. Yes, this languid tan bronze or brownish bronze shade will look spectacular in summer. But it will also look great in fall and on holiday season with all its gold and… well, you got my idea here.

IMG_4543 2IMG_4881


Boy, this mascara proved to be a surprise and an ever so pleasant one. I don’t remember being this impressed by mascara shade in a while already. Which proves my point I’m always trying to make. Anything can be a limited edition, if enough work and thinking goes into it. Dior proves it yet again. And they get my respect for doing so.


Now, before we see all those eyeshadow colours, let’s see the eyeliner shades. As there are only two of them. While in eyeshadow department we have seventeen – did you hear that? SEVENTEEN – shades.


The eyeliner from this collection is the newest addition to Dior eyeliner product range, although it’s not that new anymore 🙂 Or else, it’s the newest version of this eyeliner texture by this brand. Dior Addict It-line is a liquid eyeliner.



You know, that typical thing with a very thin brush. Where you’re supposed to paint a line along your lids, and then it dries and stays on. Well, as far as I’m concerned, those thin brushes aren’t the most comfortable and handy things in the world. Your hand has to be super steady to make this line straight. I’ll tell you what, my hand definitely is not. It’s not that I can’t draw this line. I can. But it will take more time and effort than I’d like to spend on eyeliner application. All said above aside, if you do like liquid eyeliner, I think this formula by Dior is pretty good.


And the shades… the shades are both thrilling and puzzling. I’ll tell you why in a minute.


First, I’ll say this. Even though liquid eyeliner is not my favourite eyeliner formula, those thin sleek tubes it comes in – especially when we’re talking Dior It-line – are awesome. I just love them. Love looking at them, holding them in my hand, just don’t love to use them that much. Pity 🙂



The first shade in this collection is called Dior Addict It-line Eyeliner 359 It-Jade



Jade? Really?? Green??? How does that fit in with the rest of the collection? I don’t know. We have to see the whole collection first. Still…



Anyway, this is the shade, and it’s a very unusual green. It’s not shiny. It’s matt. And it matters, because this matt texture works together with green colour to create a special kind of look. The shade is cool, greyish in a way. Still, it’s green, it’s bold, it’s out of the common run. Which means it won’t become just everyone. You’ll have to work and build your look and your makeup carefully to make this shade work. The fact that it’s pretty rare might actually mean it’s worth it 🙂 It’s your choice. I’ll give you a hint. If your eyes are blue, grey or green, but not yellow green, rather blue green or grey green, then this shade will really rock, when you wear it. To make this shade match your brown eyes, you probably should wear a green outfit. The bottom line is this shade is fresh, not overused, but not universal by a long shot.



We’re going to move on here. The second shade. 969 It- Lilac



Lilac? No kidding?? Almost as weird as green in the context of the rest of the collection. Ok, let’s see it. Bring it on, Dior.



Huh. This shade and that green shade are a collection of their own. Seriously 🙂 If It-Jade is a greyish sort of green, It-Lilac is a greyish sort of lilac. It’s matt too. And it’s not a romantic spring little lilac shade. It’s a moody fall like almost lilac. Subdued. Understated. Rare, just like Jade is rare. This kind of lilac doesn’t get released too often. It’s not part of any permanent luxury makeup range. Maybe, it shows up as a limited edition now and again. If Jade covers blue and green eyes, this Lilac shade will look good on you, if your eyes are brown or violet, the latter means, by the way, that you have a very rare eye colour. You can try it, if your eyes are grey too. Blue or green eyes – you’ve got to be careful there and match your clothes and accessories to make this shade work for you. My feelings here are as mixed as with that green. I like it because it’s so unusual, but I realize it’s tough to pull it off.



These two eyeliner shades are majorly confusing to me. I mean, seriously, they just don’t seem to fit in with the big picture of the collection, no matter how hard or how long I try to put this puzzle together. The rest of the shades just seem to go in a different direction. So, more or less, these two shades are cool, but you’ll have to find makeup shades to wear with them on your own, because I’ll tell you what, they ain’t part of this collection here 🙂



Next. Eyeshadow. A lot of eyeshadow. A whole lot.


First let’s talk Eye Reviver.


Eye Reviver is part of Dior Backstage Pros range. I have to say right away here, I’m not a fan of this professional range. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that consumer ranges and needs and professional ranges and needs are totally different. What’s also different about these two kind of ranges are two different sets of skills. Consumer skills and professional skills. As a result, when the two get mixed up, it’s hard to navigate and hard to find the products you need and use them to your satisfaction. Good news is this range in Dior makeup range is separate, so, if you’re a consumer, you can just not go there at all 🙂 Or go there, if you like professional products, but, at least, you’re forewarned. I’m glad Dior differentiated so clearly here. Still, I, personally, find that me being a consumer, using professional makeup products is usually not a good idea. Once again, my skills are different, my techniques are different than those of professional makeup artists’. But… and it’s one big but. I do dip into professional ranges from time to time because their colour ranges are so much wider and they have some crazy shades there, bright shades, shades that don’t usually get released in consumer ranges, because they are too out there, you know 🙂


To round up all said above, I’m usually careful when it comes to Dior Backstage Pros products. Still, I’m always hoping for the best.


So, here’s eye reviver palette. All silvery. Photographer’s nightmare I call that 🙂



This palette is a limited edition, that is, the shades in it are different than the shades in permanent range Eye Reviver. This one is called Eye Reviver Backstage Pros 002.



The design and packaging is the same as in permanent range palette. There’s nothing limited edition like about it.


We have the same black velvet case here.



And the same silvery boxing. Silvery – again 🙂



And the two little brushes.



Eyeshadow brush and sponge. Dual ended.



And eyeliner brush.



I’d say, pretty efficient.

IMG_5028 3IMG_5028 2IMG_5056


Ok, so, I look at the shades, and I almost forget everything I said above about how I’m not ecstatic about these palettes 🙂



These shades are nice. Elegant and chic. I like them. Soft and womanly. Pretty and easy.


Before we talk shades though, what are eye reviver palettes from Backstage Pros range by Dior for? What is eye revival? My vision is, these palettes are pretty much the ultimate nudes. They are for well groomed and not made up look. They are designed to bring out the best in you. Ok, maybe, not in you but your eyes. But your eyes reflect a lot of what you are so… Well, you know what I’m driving at here. These palettes are going to show the world what your eye colour, your lash colour, your eyebrow colour is all about, what you eyes, you lashes and eyebrows are all about, what’s special about you. How you’re different from the rest of people on the planet. These palettes are not about makeup, they are basically about you.


Shall we see those shades now?



This first yellowish beige shade is ever so appealing.



It looked so nice in the palette I couldn’t believe it. I almost never see such yellowish shades anywhere. And I want them. There’s something sophisticated about them. Something that makes me crave them. Unfortunately, this shade proved to be a little bit of a disappointment. It’s ever so pale and it’s a base shade, more or less, or primer shade, according to Dior. Whitish. There’s too little colour in it to speak of. Still, even with so little colour, if there’s any sallow in your skin tone, do not use this shade as an all over eyeshadow.


Just look at this pretty princess like satiny shy little pink. It’s awesome. I love it.



This shade is a winner. It’s a great highlighting shade. Eyeshadow shade. Eyeliner shade. It’s so well balanced. Not too light, not too dark. Not too bright, not too pale. Lighter rather than darker and brighter rather than paler. Very simply, this shade is just right. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t be afraid to look too baby doll like. This shade is appealing and becoming. If you’re apprehensive, mix and match it with other shades, your absolute favourites.


Pearly golden beige.



Warm and very pearly and very golden like. Another great one. It’s like the opposite of the cool and crispy pink. This pearly golden beige is all warm and all lush. Languid. Relaxed. Special occasion like. Going out like. Even though it’s nude. This shade is full of understated chic wrapped and packed and stuffed in it. It’s the kind of shade where one swipe across your lids can help you look stunning in your jeans, sharp business outfit or elegant dress. There’s a great balance of just, well, everything in this shade.


Satiny golden khaki.



This khaki is not as golden as that golden beige. It’s a well grounded khaki with a nice greenish edge to it with a golden sheen about it rather than golden pearl. This green khaki shade is spectacular. And this golden touch is nice. It warms the whole thing without making it too glowy and too golden like and too shiny. If your eyes are green, not blue green, but yellow green, you’ll love this shade so much. If your eyes are brown, you’ll feel comfortable wearing this shade. Everyone else, please, feel free to join in 🙂


Matt chocolate brown.



Very nice. Very dark. Very hot. You could use this shade as an eyeliner, actually. On the second thought, why would you, as long as we have an eyeliner shade proper coming up here? So, back to eyeshadow. This shade is not too deep. It’s more of milk chocolate brown than bitter chocolate brown. And I like it. There’s some colour and some light hidden in this brown shade. It’s not an off black or dark brown tipping into black. To my mind, it’s the best kind of brown. It’s more wearable. Even if your eyes aren’t brown, you can try it.


Eyeliner shade. Deep brown. Matt.



It’s kind of like that matt chocolate brown eyeshadow colour. It’s a little deeper, a little darker. There’s some light in it, but actually less than in that eyeshadow colour. And it makes sense. It’s an eyeliner, so it’s the darkest in the palette. This shade will be a good match for brown and green eyes. I’m not sure you want to wear this deep brown shade, if your eyes are blue. It’s a good and solid brown eyeliner shade to wear with that golden beige, green khaki and brown eyeshadow.


That’s Eye Reviver palette.

IMG_5102 2


My first impression is confirmed. It’s a great palette. There’s something truly exquisite about it and about this selection of shades. Although, seems to me, it’s angled more towards green and brown eyes than blue and grey eyes. You can wear it with blue and grey eyes too, only then this neutral palette will turn into an artsy one. I, personally, see no problem there. Artsy is good, when done right 🙂




Ok, we’ve seen nude or neutral eye shades, as Dior calls them, now let’s see what we have in liquid eyeshadow texture for this season.


Formula first. Dior Addict Fluid Shadow is a classic liquid eyeshadow formula. It’s quite good. It’s not like the application is perfect here. As far as I’m concerned, it just can’t possible be that in liquid texture 🙂 But it’s easy and good enough, where you can do it at your leisure. The texture is not clumpy and gets distributed over your lid in a thin shiny veil.


What’s almost as important as liquid eyeshadow texture, when it comes to smooth application, is… liquid eyeshadow brush. Dior Fluid Shadow brush is fine. It’s not a sponge, which most liquid eyeshadow applicators are. It’s a brush proper with a narrowed tip to allow precision, if that’s what you’re looking for. I think, this brush doesn’t hinder application.


Now let’s talk shades. There are two.


Here’s the first one.



Dior Addict Fluid Shadow 555 Eccentric



Eccentric? Is it going to be some crazy in a good way shade? I hope so 🙂





This shade is not that eccentric. It’s golden, or else, it’s not this shiny golden holiday like shade. It’s vintage golden like instead. It’s deeper and darker than just golden. It’s like antique gold that’s ever so posh. In fact, it’s such a dark golden shade you could say it’s bronze like almost. Or else, it’s somewhere in between the two. It’s in tune with more sultry shades in makeup that are in vogue this season. Will this shade look at its best in summer, when air is full of sun and light? Yes, it would. And then in fall and winter and spring it can be a going out kind of shade for you.



And the second shade.



Dior Addict Fluid Shadow 775 Ecstatic



I hope I’ll get ecstatic about it.





Oh. This shade is nice. It’s warmish, brownish, shiny and splendid. Very lush. Very flattering. What I like most about this shade is that it’s not dark. It’s full of sun, light and glow. It’s light brown. That’s what it is. And it’s great. Because brown shades often slide right into dark chocolate brown territory. This shade is pearly. It has this wet shine to it that liquid eyeshadow is supposed to provide and that I’m looking for in liquid eyeshadow formula. This shade can be a nice special occasion shade to wear with golden hue dresses. Also, it will definitely look good with tan.



I do like both Dior Addict Fluid Shadow colours. They are so… calm and soothing and hot in a way. In their essence. In fact, they are so beautiful and so shiny I want to combine them in one eye makeup. It’s going to be one hell of a look. Glowy and warm and womanly. Superb. It’s almost too good to be wasted on just a day. Maybe, I should wait for some very special occasion to do it. I’ll give it a test run first though.



Finally, we get to two 5 couleurs eye palettes.


First of all, look at this polka dot design. I love it. Navy blue and white dots. Finally, we get something that tells us why this collection is called Milky Dots 🙂 This boxing is beautiful. I’m very happy just looking at it.



The first palette is called 5 couleurs Polka Dots 366 Bain de Mer



Given it’s called Swimming in the Sea I expect to see some blue here.



We’ll see.



Both brushes in these palettes are dual ended.



One brush has an eyeshadow sponge on one end and eyeshadow brush on the other end.



The other brush has an eyeshadow sponge on one end and a narrow tip sponge on the other end.



These brushes are good enough to fix your makeup on the run. I prefer full length stem brushes though to apply eyeshadow. It’s a matter of choice though and a matter of habit 🙂

IMG_5196 3IMG_5196 2secondIMG_5198 2


Yep, I was right. Here’s blue. A bunch of blue. And coral… Ok. Let’s get to know these shades better.



Bright pink coral



I’d say, people will probably be split fifty fifty in terms of whether this shade is pink or coral. Whatever you see in it, pink or coral, it’s bright. Which makes this shade very artsy. I mean, if it were a lip shade, it would be quite generic. As an eye shade, it’s vibrant, edgy, modern and bold. Not everyone can wear it and like it. It’s a true splash of colour washing all over you. If you like it, but can’t bring yourself to wear it on your lids, try it in the corner of your eyes, then you’ll know for sure whether you can handle it or not 🙂


Yellowish beige



Just like that pink coral (or coral pink), this shade has yellow and beige in it in equal shares. To me, this is the pale yellow I’ve been looking for in Eye Reviver palette (remember?) and couldn’t find because it proved to be a whitish base shade instead. What makes this shade even better is that it has a satiny glow about it, not too much of a glow, just a sheen, but this sheen becomes this shade big time. Whatever you call this shade, beige or yellow, it’s a very chic nude shade to wear.


In the centre of this palette we have this warm and glowy beige shade.



I like the fact that it’s so warm. There might be a touch of pink to it too. It being so warm, it perfectly fits in this palette working marvelously with the rest of the shades in it. This shade in the diamond in the middle is always the shade that’s supposed to carry us from one side of the palette to the other. Here it carries us from coral and yellow to… blues. You’ll ask how blues can work with this warm beige and the two other shades in the palette? Here’s how.


Crispy and cooler blue.



This shade is fresh and Barbie like. Even though it’s so crisp, there’s a warmer feel about it than the kind of feel I usually get from blue eyeshadow. Seeing this shade next to that warm beige helps me realize that the two can be combined in one look efficiently. This blue shade is nothing like all the aquas and turquoises we usually get in summer collections. This blue is light, but it’s also clear. There’s no green in it, or very little, if any. It’s proudly blue, even if a warmer blue, and it’s more becoming that aqua, in fact. Aqua and turquoise can be tough to pull, while anyone can try on this blue here and look good.


Here we go with the bright blue.



It’s no surprise. Still, when I take a really good look at it, I realize it’s not just blue, it’s the blue of this summer, just like that other blue. Yes, it’s bright and vibrant and radiant but… again, it doesn’t have any green in it. No hint of turquoise or aqua. It’s just blue. And that’s great. As much as I like aqua and turquoise and a mix of blue and green, I know that this clear bright blue will actually look better on me. It’s very bright, but it’s more universal than aqua, believe it or not 🙂 Also, isn’t it great to get a summer blue shade we’ve been waiting for and still get something new and different at the same time? I think it is. Love it.


This palette is very colourful, vibrant, full of summer. The kind of thing that can bring summer in your life at any given day of the year.

this one bigger


Although some of the shades are bright enough where they can scare some people away. I do like those blues a lot though. And that crispy blue is very wearable. Pink coral? I don’t know. Not everyone will dare, and it’s too bright to be universally becoming. This palette is surely something new though, and I do like new.


this one


Next palette. Cute white polka dots all over. They weren’t kidding when they called those palettes 5 couleurs Polka Dots 🙂



The palette is called 536 Escapade.



Let’s see this escapade.



Summer is an adventurous time, so, escapades belong in this season.



My guess is, this palette will be less artsy and more bronze brownish like. We’ll see if I prove right here.




Yep. The palette is more neutral. Although it still has this brighter twist to it in some of the shades.



Warm lighter beige.



This shade gives off little colour. It looks way too dark for a base shade, but that’s what it proves to be, pretty much. Well, Ok, it’s a little darker than base shade. It can be either a starting point in your makeup, or it can be that well groomed look one swipe over the lid kind of thing. You decide 🙂 My take on it is that it’s designed to work together with other colours in this palette. There’s something comfy about this shade.


Lighter pink.



The second great pink eyeshadow colour in one collection. Dior managed to steer somewhere in the middle between a way too bright pink and a way too light whitish pink. The result is very flattering. This shade is not shiny at all. It’s understated and elegant. This collection redefines pink in a way changing it from romantic colour to exquisite and womanly one. It can also be used as a fun touch in between all those warm beiges and brownish hues 🙂


Whitish pale yellow.



Oh, no. It’s the second time in this collection where Dior lures me with this pale yellow shade and then disappoints me by it not being yellow, more or less. The shade in the middle looks yellow but proves to be more of a base or under brow and corner of the eye highlighting shade, whitish in a way. I so wish it were more yellow, just a little bit. If not because I happen to like yellow, then simply because yellow would be a better match for the rest of the warm shades in the palette 🙂


Medium coral.



I just don’t like coral shades on my lids. But… Dior managed to nail the only kind of coral I actually like. Coral that’s somewhere in the middle, not too light, not too dark. There’s something very pretty about this shade. Very becoming. It’s brighter than corals that usually get released in eyeshadow world. And I think some people will think it’s too bright for the lids. But I also think that this shade will look good on most people who will actually dare and wear it 🙂





What shade can be more summery than tan? This tan here is done right. It’s darker, brownish almost. The key to making tan work in summer is that it can’t be too dark and, if you are tanned, it can’t be the colour of your tan 🙂 , because then it will all just blur into one colour spot and lose its power to stand out and create the right contrast and nuance. A good and clever tan shade like this one here though can work with your tan by playing along and making it look even better.


Pretty palette.



It doesn’t look anything like escapades though. It looks like an edgy take on nudes. Like summery nudes that got a little bolder and had a little twist to them. This palette is probably more wearable than the first one with that pink coral and blue in it. Because it’s more reserved. It will compliment your tan, by all means. And it’s in tune with the whole a little brighter, a little darker summer 2016 trend. These classically summer shades that are tuned up just a notch give you a chance to try something new, if nudes happen to be within your comfort zone.


IMG_5258 2


The two 5 couleurs Polka Dots palettes are good ones and make sense in summer. And the polka dot boxing design is so cute. Which brings me to my next question. Where’s the limited edition polka dots – or something – pattern on that eyeshadow in the palettes? I want it. I mean, it’s a limited edition. So, I want some pattern. C’mon, Dior. Anything? 🙂



Here’s the product that’s kind of new and that gave half of the name to the collection. Dior Addict Milky Tint. We know what Dior Addict Tint is. It’s tint product for lips. I just can’t say that tints are my thing. To me they feel like the most chemical lip product on the market. They just do 🙂 Dior Addict Tint is fine within its category. I’d say, it’s not the best but it’s solid in terms of texture and quality. It has this little bit of a chemical whiff up front though, the way a lot of tints do, almost all of them, in fact 🙂


Now before we get to the shades, what makes these tints milky? Their texture? No. Their colour? Maybe. I guess, the concept here is that these shades are subdued in a way, that their colour is even more diluted than colour usually is in lip tints. There are several shades here that are very nude like, almost nude to the extreme. But then again, there are some shades that look pretty classic. That are not really subdued. So, I’d say, I can’t fully see Milky Tint concept realized in all the colours in this collection. Speaking about the colours, there are six of them. Let’s take a look.


Before we do though, let me tell you that the brush here is spongy, looks like lip gloss sponges, only it’s more round and wider and shorter in a way. I think, it’s efficient enough to apply lip tint.

Копия IMG_5354


Dior Addict Milky Tint comes in the same silvery packaging that Dior Addict non-Milky Tint comes in. Silvery 🙂



The first, the lightest and the most milky shade of all is called 026 Milky Pearl.



The tubing is the same as in permanent range Dior lip tints. It looks kind of like Dior Addict lipstick tubing, only it has a transparent plastic tip showing off the shade. I can’t say I love this packaging. It doesn’t look like luxury market level packaging to me. But some people can find these shades showing tips fun. And it’s definitely convenient to see the shade right away.





As for the shade, there’s very little to speak of here 🙂 It’s the ultimate nude. In a way that there’s almost no colour to it. Well, there is some, and this tiny little portion of colour is a very light and cool beige shade. It’s almost… sheer. If that’s possible in a tint. I’ll tell you what though, this shade makes sense if we think about some of those bright and intense eye shades. They are calling for very nude lip, and here it is. So, in terms of rounding up the collection, this shade is just right.

IMG_5348 2IMG_5334 2IMG_5354IMG_5925 2


Next shade of Dior Addict Milky Tint.



126 Milky Pure



Sounds like it’s going to be another sheer like shade, nude like shade.





Well, this shade is nude, but it’s not sheer. It has more colour to it than Milky Pearl. This colour is beige too. Only this beige here is warmer and brighter. It’s a very flattering nude with, maybe, just a touch of pink to it. The best nude shade ever, in my opinion. This kind of nude looks fabulous when paired up with warmer eye shades. So, it can be worn with that other 5 couleurs eye palette. With all those brownish and orange eye shades in it. Another colour that will bring out the best in your tan.

IMG_5448IMG_5406 2IMG_5442IMG_5925


The third shade.



156 Milky Pastel



Pastel, huh?





Pink. Warm and nude like. This is the third shade that perfectly matches the whole milky tint concept. Because it’s so understated. So subdued. So delicate. Another great nude lip shade. If you like nudes, you’ll probably like all three of these shades here. This warm nude pink is chic. It’s just a touch of colour on your lips. You know how I like pink nudes. I think that these blushing shades for lips are very flattering almost across the board. And once again, if we’re going to wear bright eye shades, this nude pink for lips can come in handy.

IMG_5469IMG_5488 2IMG_5462IMG_5925


Next shade of Dior Addict Milky Tint.



286 Milky Plum



Plum in summer?





This shade doesn’t strike me as that milky. It’s kind of a transition from milky shades to the shades that aren’t really that milky. I wouldn’t call Milky Plum actually plum. It’s more purple than plum. I don’t see any pink mixed into this purple that would make it plum. Instead it’s this very cool and moody kind of purple. Fall like almost. Interesting. Although it swatches a little warmer than it looks in the tube. Ok, maybe, there’s some plum there. Milky plum 🙂

IMG_5574IMG_5550 2IMG_5568IMG_5925


And one but last shade.



356 Milky Peach



Peach is summery, no question about that 🙂





Ok, this doesn’t look peach at all. Or milky at all. Peach is a mix of orange and pink in my world. This here is really not even coral. It’s a pretty bright orange, that’s what it is. That’s what it looks in the tube. And that’s how it swatches. It’s a happy and active summer lip shade. We almost always get it in summer collections. It being a tint softens it up a little, because tints are designed to work with your lip colour a little bit. If you shun bright oranges, this here is a good way to try them and get on terms with them.

IMG_5638IMG_5620 2IMG_5632IMG_5925


And the last shade.



376 Milky Pop



Pop? Pop of what colour, I wonder?





Oh, Ok, it’s pink. It was bound to show up 🙂 How can we have a summer collection without this radiant colour? It’s bright and cool. It swatches a little warmer than the fuchsia like shade we see at the tip of that tube. But only a little bit. This bright shade, once again, is not too milky. But very summery. Very intense in a way. At the same time it’s not red, it’s pink, so, it’s not too intense 🙂 This pink is a good one, and the chances are you’ll like it, if you happen to favour pinks in general.

IMG_5704IMG_5677 2IMG_5698IMG_5925


Dior Addict Milky Tints are a good thing to have if you like lip tint formula. I don’t like this formula, but I do like those understated milky shades. They are modern nudes, that’s what they are. Orange and pink and purple are a more traditional way to go, so they don’t stir my imagination as much. But those three nude like shades are something… fresh. If you like nude lips shades, do check them out.  Here are all six shades of Milky Tint swatched side by side. Left to right: 026 Milky Pearl, 126 Milky Pure, 156 Milky Pastel, 286 Milky Plum, 356 Milky Peach, 376 Milky Pop.



Four lip shades still left to go.


They aren’t tints. They are shades of Dior Addict Lipstick. This formula got relaunched not too long ago. I told you about it already in my post called Dior Addict new formula and 4 new nail shades swatched.  It got to be lighter and gel like, but remained shiny and glossy. If I had to summarize, I’d say there got to be even less colour in it and even more shine. That is, the colour in this new Dior Addict formula, the formula that was sheer to begin with, is even more diluted. And although this new formula lacks that comforting enveloping feel on the lips, it’s still good. And some people can really appreciate this lightness.


Oh, and this new holographic packaging is just marvelous. I love it.


Ok, Ok, I am getting to the shades here 🙂


Dior Addict Lipstick



533 Appeal



The tube itself also changed but only slightly.



It’s still sleek, sheer and silvery.



The shade is coral.



It looks pretty bright in the tube. By the way, all Dior Addict lipstick shades have Dior logo on their tip that disappears pretty soon, once you start using it 🙂



But as I said already, the coral shade is very sheer. It looks much brighter and darker in the tube than it appears to be once swatched and when it winds up on the lips 🙂 What we get as a result is this cute, light and almost romantic and spring like coral shade. As opposed to a bright orange summery shade. We’ve seen those romantic pale corals in Dior Addict permanent range and limited editions before. And this one happens to be quite good, because it’s not too pale. When coral is too pale, it can be hard to pull.



Next shade.



581 Beat



Pink. Of course 🙂



Well, if Appeal is a romantic light and shiny coral, Beat is undoubtedly a romantic light and shiny pink. Once again, I feel like I’m in a spring collection here, and not a summer one. To tell you the truth, while these shades look overused in spring, they happen to actually look refreshing and nice in summer. I like seeing them. And looking at them makes me wanna wear them. There’s something about this wet finish and this rosy pink colour combo that looks like it’s going to work perfectly in summer.



The third shade of Dior Addict Lipstick.



613 Pause



Here we go. We’re back in summer here.



Warm beige. Beige, bronzers, tan, nudes. It all screams summer. The difference is that this beige is warmer and more intense than summer nudes usually are. If the first two shy pale shades could easily match the bright blue palette, this one would look good with that second beige coral pink palette. All in all, it’s a nice warm shiny nude, if you’re a fan. And although I don’t see it in the tube, I think I see a lingering pink undertone in it when I swatch it. Good 🙂



And the last shade.



773 Play



Oh, I like this pink.



It looks very bright and very intense. But given it’s sheer lip colour formula, I’m excited to see what it would look like once swatched and diluted with all the shine. It looks a little cooler and more wearable. And I love it. If you’re fed up with all the fuchsia out there, but want to wear pink that’s not nude and does have colour to it, this is the shade to go with. It’s right in between a grounded medium pink and a bright fun pink. This is one of the most exciting pinks I’ve seen of late.



That’s Dior Addict. And I love it. Although to tell you the truth, I do love sheer lipstick formula as is. But I think this is one really good batch of shades. They look trendy and stand out in summer. But they are a take on classic, so you’ll be able to wear them any time you want, if you come to love them. Say, that warm beige can easily transition into fall. And, well, coral and pinks especially are universal and timeless. And all this shine will look equally superb in summer and in Indian summer. Here they all are. Left to right: 533 Appeal, 581 Beat, 613 Pause, 773 Play.



The last thing left to see in this huge 🙂 collection is nail colour.


Here we’re back to Dots. Milky Dots. Because what we got in nail colour department this season by Dior are three manicure kits that are meant to create what they sometimes call doticure 🙂


I do love the fact that Dior is back to their navy blue and white polka dot boxing design. It’s majorly cute.



Here’s Colours & Dots Manicure Kit 001 Pastilles.



Pastilles? Yummy. Desserty. Love it.



Inside we get the guide telling us how to actually do dotted manicure.



Ok, it always helps to have a guide.



Once you pull the kit out of the box though, you realize you don’t need the guide 🙂



Two shades, one is lighter than the other.



And then there’s this tool.



The tip is round and telltale in terms of what it’s for. It’s for painting dots.



Before we get to the shades, let me tell you something. To do this kind of manicure, to paint anything on your nails, even dots with this thing here, you need a steady hand. And hopefully a lot of practice. I can’t say I have any of those. I’m usually just too impatient to paint dots on my nails. If that’s your case too, you can always get professionals to do your doticure for you. Here’s the good news though. Those dots don’t have to look super even for this kind of manicure to be fun and look funky in a good way. Here, let me show you.


For starters, let’s see the shades here.


First we have a bright blue.



Just as in that blue eyeshadow, there’s no green in this blue here. It’s not aqua and not turquoise.



It’s just a bold and intense blue. So intense it’s a little darker even, maybe.



I’ll tell you what, I don’t know about the whole dot business, but I like this shade. It’s a pity it doesn’t have a name. Only number 795. Well, hello, 795, you’re looking good.



I like blue nail shades a lot. And this one is a good blue nail colour shade. Warmer blue.



You know, if you don’t want to go through the pains of painting dots on your nails, you can wear it on its own.



It’s a pity the bottles in these kits are mini size, so there’s not much nail polish there.

IMG_3172IMG_6649 2


The second shade in the kit is not white as it might seem initially.



It’s beige, warm and ever so light.



You could make a case here and say it’s off white.



This shade is not as interesting as that blue. It’s nude like. Well groomed but not painted nail look like.



It’s the kind of shade you throw on and then walk around for a week without changing it. And it matches almost everything almost across the board.



This shade number is 212.



The only way it could interest you outside of the whole dot manicure concept is if you’re crazy about nude manicure. Which you might be 🙂

IMG_3205IMG_6703 2


Ok, so these are the two shades that you can wear separately. Just as any shades in any of these kits. Now let’s see what all the dots are supposed to be about.



Naturally, and judging by the promo photos of this collection, Dior meant these two to be worn as blue background with off white/beige dots. But who said we should do it like that? I wanna try it both ways.



Well, here it is. You can see that I wasn’t trying too hard to make those dots even.



And that I intentionally went like smaller dots, bigger dots. Super small ones, super big ones.



I was just trying to show you the whole range of what this manicure can look like.



Then, of course, you can position those dots into some sort of a pattern or do them only in some parts of your nails.

IMG_3424 2IMG_3472 2


All in all, I have to say, it looks interesting. Maybe, it’s worth the trouble, after all. Once in a while 🙂


Yep, I do like this blue and off white stuff. And dots. But what I like most about it is this blue nail shade. It’s bright but in a sultry way. I couldn’t imagine bright blue manicure can look this sultry. I love this shade. And I want more of it.


Next kit. Really really love this polka dot design.



This one is called 002 Confettis. Ok, polka dots, circles, confettis. Why not? 🙂



Wow. This is bright. No nude compromise here 🙂



The first shade is a super hot coral.



It’s coral to the point where it actually gets reddish.



It’s a joyous summer shade.



Its number is 652.



The thing to know about this shade is that it’s not coral red.



It stops just before it slides all the way into red.



So, it’s coral with a strong red, or else, hot pink undertone.



This shade is a pleasant distraction from all the summer orange nail colour proper.

IMG_3138IMG_6759 2


The second shade in this kit is coral. There’s no way around it.



It’s a pale coral though.



More on the romantic side than hot summer side of things.



Although it has enough colour in it.



I’m no fan of orange nail colour, but there’s something happy about this shade. Something summery.



It’s full of sunshine. That’s what it is. And that’s why I like it 🙂



I would actually wear this coral on my nails.

IMG_3114IMG_6793 2


This shade number is 432.



Ok, now that we’ve seen the two shades, let’s mix them in a polka dot frenzy.



This looks so much brighter than blue and white.



Almost too bright for me.



See how those shades get clumpy, by the way on the nails. A little. You can even it out with a good top coat. Still, I don’t like it.



I don’t know about these colour combinations.



But if you’re after something bright on your nails, this kit is definitely worth a look.

IMG_5965 2IMG_5995 2


Confetti put together in one manicure is just too bright for me, personally. The bright reddish coral doesn’t inspire me that much. But unexpectedly I’ve come to almost love this other coral that’s light and still pretty bright. I’ll enjoy wearing it. And this kit might work better for me if I do dots of a different colour on both of these shades 🙂 I have a lot of nail polish, so I can definitely come up with something suitable here.


The third and the last one kit in the collection. Still can’t get over the polka dot boxes.



The kit is called 003 Plumetis. Now we’re into fabrics with dots, huh? Because that’s what plumetis is. Ok 🙂



The first shade is purple.



It reminds me of that Milky Tint. Remember?



Only this shade is warmer.



Still, it’s a very well balanced purple shade. Not plum but purple.



This purple is calm, soothing, not bright. It’s a medium purple and a rare purple.



You could say it’s elegant in a modern kind of way.



I usually don’t like this kind of purples, but this here is a good one. And I want to wear this shade.

IMG_6217IMG_6957 2


Its number is 582.



The second shade in the kit is pink.



It’s a nude pink.



Usually that wouldn’t get me. But this pink is just so… warm. Cozy. Like second skin.



And desserty. Like marshmallow and cotton candy.



I want to wear it. And I can’t believe I’m actually saying it.



But it’s just so nice. So chic. I love this shade.



There’s something very exquisite about it. Very elegant. Simple and elegant.

IMG_6261IMG_6927 2


It’s number 262.



Ok, both shades are great, let’s see how they look together in polka dot pattern.



Wow, this looks good.



These shades are just such a good match.



They compliment each other perfectly.



They are so serene they somehow even make polka dot pattern look… sophisticated as opposed to edgy.



I never even expected doticure to look this subdued and nice. I’m glad Dior released this kit 🙂

IMG_6350 2IMG_6395 2


I love everything about this third kit. I like both shades. Together and separately. In doticure, manicure, pedicure or whatever other forms they can be used in. I wanna wear these shades. They are exquisite.


These are the three kits and the nail looks for summer 2016 by Dior.




To me it’s a nice couple of times kind of thing. I mean, I’m not going to sit and paint those dots on my nails too often. But from time to time, when I’m in the mood – yeah, why not. It’s yet another thing in my personal manicure rotation, and I’m all for variety in manicure and makeup, as you know. I especially like the first and the third kit, but it’s a matter of taste, after all, and that pale coral in the second kit is just too nice to miss out on. Why doesn’t each nail shade in each kit has a name though, Dior? Why does it only have a number? I want shade names, c’mon 🙂


That’s Milky Dots collection by Dior. Boy, this collection is big. There’s just so much stuff. And it’s great. It means we’ll be able to dig and find something to our liking. I have to say, even though there’s this whole milky dot concept going on, and even though there’s this whole darker and more intense trend reflected in this collection, Dior stays true to itself, its signature shades, the way they put collections together, and I appreciate that. No matter what trends are hot at the moment, there are some things in our DNA, in luxury brands DNA that define who we are, and we’d better stay true to those things. Even if we do wind up having summer flings with some shades or textures or makeup products, we should get back to our true selves, eventually.


There are a lot of things I like in this collection. Shimmer powder, mascara, Eye Reviver palette, liquid eyeshadow, the blue 5 couleurs, two pink Dior Addict Lipstick shades, blue, coral, purple and pink nail colour.


Now let’s see if my picking the key shades in the collection at the first glance actually worked out that well 🙂 Here’s what I promised you up front: blue, bronze, pink, brown, coral, purple and nude beige that’s almost whitish.


So, here goes.




IMG_3168IMG_6649 2IMG_3424 2



IMG_4477 3IMG_4881

IMG_4690 2IMG_4881


IMG_5488 2IMG_5462IMG_5925

IMG_5677 2IMG_5632IMG_5925


IMG_6283IMG_6927 2IMG_6395 2


Bronze and brown


IMG_4881IMG_4543 2IMG_4881IMG_4865IMG_4881IMG_4773IMG_4881




IMG_5620 2IMG_5632IMG_5925


IMG_3133IMG_5995 2IMG_3103IMG_5965 2



IMG_5550 2IMG_5568IMG_5925

IMG_6207IMG_6350 2


Nude beige that’s almost whitish

IMG_5334 2IMG_5442IMG_5925


IMG_3197IMG_3472 2


Ok, so I’ve nailed those 🙂 Good for me. Here’s the one I did’t see up front, but there’s a lot of it here. All kind of beige. Lighter, darker, just everything.


IMG_5406 2IMG_5442IMG_5925



And here are the two eyeliner shades that are odd men out… and a golden khaki shade from Eye Reviver palette that matches the rest of the shades in that palette, still it’s green, you know 🙂



Milky Dots by Dior are traditional and trendy, simple and sophisticated, familiar and funky at the same time. It’s a good luxury brand summer collection with all the trimmings. I have only one question left for Dior, as long as we’ve just spoken about signature shades in the collection – why is eyeliner green and lilac?? 🙂

IMG_4881      IMG_4881

IMG_5102 2

IMG_5257     IMG_5891

IMG_6649     IMG_6703

IMG_3472     IMG_3424

IMG_6759     IMG_6793

IMG_5995     IMG_5965

IMG_6957     IMG_6927

IMG_6395     IMG_6350

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