Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector pink shimmer and red shimmer swatched

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This here is one cute limited edition of two shades of Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector by Clarins. You can get them separately or in a set in a makeup bag with a flowery pattern limited edition design. At first I wondered why I should even get these two shades released just like that, on their own, not within a collection. But then I saw all the flowers, and they so got me 🙂 Also, it’s always nice to have a light texture – glossy or balmy – lip product in summer. And early fall. That is, while it’s still warm outside. If it’s cold in winter, where you are, or else, colder 🙂 , glossy textures can be harsh on your lips. While thicker classic cream lipstick formula might be more sparing and more nourishing. Also, in summer sheer finish simply looks good 🙂 I don’t know why, maybe, because of all the sun there’s in the air, that gets reflected in and complimented by the shine on your lips, but it just does.


So, what’s this Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector by Clarins is all about. I’m really and truly not sure what it perfects. It has a little bit of a balmy quality to it. It’s thicker, kind of, than classic lip gloss texture, but I don’t feel much of the comfort or nourishment that lip balm is supposed to have to it. All in all, to me it’s pretty much a gloss in a tube. You know how those glosses in a tube tend to be thicker because if they aren’t you’ll squeeze them out in huge amounts 🙂 And this product by Clarins has, maybe, just a touch more colour to it than your regular lip gloss, although you can build it or dilute it as much as you want. Its texture is good this way. One more thing about the formula that stands out and that I have to tell you about is this super sweet and super strong desserty scent. To tell you the truth, it’s almost too sweet, as much as I’m a dessert person. And it’s pretty persistent in terms of lingering on your lips. If you’re scent sensitive, please, beware.


Even though Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector could never be my favourite formula, here’s what made it totally worth it for me. Just look at this design here. These red carnations against the white background. What do you say, huh? Gorgeous. This design is clean and clear and minimalistic in a way. It’s very Clarins, and it’s great. It’s so different from what, say, Chanel or Dior would do. It’s, well, so… Clarins. Love that 🙂



Now let’s see the two shades we have in this limited edition packaging we can pick from. The first one is number 10 and is called pink shimmer.



Here’s the tube, and I can’t hold back my joy on seeing that Clarins isn’t done with all the carnations and petals, they continue here in this beautiful pattern. C’mon, admit that it’s nice 🙂



The tube is plastic, thinner plastic, that’s a choice I, personally, can’t say I like that much. Although the tube feels very light in my hand, if that’s what you’re looking for, check it out.



The shade looks very warm coral pinkish. Because the tube here is a preview of the shade that’s inside.


The applicator is this spongy fluffy thing that reminds me of those fruity toy lip gloss kinds I had back when I was in my early teens 🙂 It’s soft and pleasant to the touch on the lips but…



…it being so fluffy makes it hard to precisely apply this lip perfector. Pretty much, what happens is that it goes all over the place, and it’s very tough to stay within your lip contour. At least, it’s tough for me. Maybe, you like these fluffy applicators, I don’t know. If you do, please, comment or write and say why you like those and why you’re comfortable using them. I’d be happy to hear your opinion.


Anyway, what happens is you squeeze the lip perfector right through this cushiony thing. Brace yourself, as you’ll have to squeeze pretty hard to get enough of this product out to cover your lips. On the second thought, it can be a good way to work out every time you do it. Want some arm muscles? Some biceps? Then by all means go for it 🙂



Finally, we’re getting to the shade here and will talk about it 🙂 Clarins called this shade pink shimmer. I see why they did. But given this shade name, there are two things you need to know about it. First, there’s a whole lot of coral in this pink. Second, there’s no shimmer about it whatsoever 🙂

Копия IMG_0145


So, this shade is pink loaded with coral. I’d say there’s coral and pink in it in almost even proportion. This shade is vibrant, vigorous and vivid. Summery, yes. It will look good in early fall too with all the reddish leaves around. This shade is not generally part of any permanent luxury ranges, but it gets released pretty often as limited editions in all kind of textures.


This shade is loved by a lot of people, and I can see why. It’s so optimistic, so energetic, so warm, super warm in its core, but… I have to forewarn you, as much as this shade is loved, there’s something about it where it can be not too flattering. In fact, there are only few people who can easily make it work. Say, I like this shade, but I can’t honestly say it looks good on me as it is.



So, here’s the question. What do you do, if you love love love this shade, but it’s not the most becoming shade for you? Yes, I know the rules are telling us that we should only wear shades that match out complexion, eye colour and hair colour, but let’s forget about the rules here for a minute. Sounds good, huh? 🙂 Because sometimes our emotions and desire to wear a certain shade overpowers our logic, overwhelms our senses, and we know we wanna wear it. Then what?


To make a shade work that’s not an easy one to pull, you have to work with your whole look. Hear me, not with your makeup, but with your LOOK. Your clothes, your purse, your shoes, your jewellery, just everything. You’ll be surprised how different this lip shade (or any other, for that matter) will look, if the same shade shows up in the pattern of your blouse, in your shoes and purse, your belt, etc.


Also, styles matter. If you’re trying to make a dark or bright lip shade work, go vampy and hot in your look. If you’re trying to make a cute little pink shade work, go romantic. If you’re trying to make this shade by Clarins work – we’re back 🙂 – I’d say you go for some version of casual with an artsy twist or romantic with an artsy twist. It’s up to you to decide, just keep it in mind as an idea, Ok?


Next shade. Red carnations on white are still here. Gorgeous.



The shade is called 12 red shimmer.



Ok, Clarins, I’d give you red part of the shade name 🙂 It’s red, although it’s not all that simple. We’ll talk more about it later. But it’s not shimmer. Not even close, just as the pink shimmer, it’s sheer and glossy, not shimmery 🙂



Here’s the flowery tube. See how on the boxing there are red carnations against the white background and on the tubing there are white flowers against the red background? It’s awesome 🙂



Now, see how this red is complex? How it’s not an on the nose red. Not the kind of red you picture up front when you hear red. Not quite a vampy red. Don’t shun it though, which you might do, because you are just not used to seeing red this way.



For starters, this red is not overused. Although it started showing up in limited editions here and there of late. But not too much 🙂 It’s a fresh take on red. An exciting twist on it. And it makes it an easier shade to handle and wear than the sultry and intense old Hollywood red. It’s more modern in a way. Still, it’s red, so it’s a classic. Which means, with this shade you get it both ways – you get in the moment and you get traditional.



So, what’s different about this red here? It has a touch of orange in it for sure and a touch of pink in it, maybe 🙂 The result is cherry like. Womanly, rounded. Sexy too but on a different and deeper level than matt red lip. This red is crispy and very flattering. Super flattering. For most people. It’s like the opposite of pink shimmer. If pink shimmer will become only few, and if you like it, you’ll have to work for it, red shimmer will look good almost across the board.

Копия IMG_0145


Also, you might not have worn this shade yet, and it’s always exciting to try something new. And if you like reds, this shade is a more universal take on red, it can help you wear it to places and on occasions where you wouldn’t wear red lip colour before. Because this red is not pure, it has something more to it than just red, which gives you more flexibility.



Here’s one more thing I’ll tell you about red shimmer that’s not shimmer 🙂 It’s a happy shade. There’s something upbeat and life loving about it. It’s bright inside and outside and it’s one of those rare shades that have this quality about them that helps lift your spirits instantly, once you apply them. And that’s really nice.


These are the two limited edition shades of Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.



I love the design. It’s awesome and it’s in tune with this brand DNA. The two shades are well picked in terms of one being more casual and lighter, the other one being more going out like and brighter. Both shades will look good in summer and fall. And any other season you might want to wear them. Just remember this super sweet scent is there. And be careful with that coral pink. As for the red, I think we’re all good here. Both shades are warm and pretty. And those carnations made me smile. Good job, Clarins 🙂




IMG_0145 2

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