Giorgio Armani Sepia spring/summer 2016 swatched

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This collection by Giorgio Armani is inspired by sepia colour – that is, old photo colour – as we can learn from the name of this collection. It’s spring/summer season collection, although to me it looks more like a summer collection with its rich beige, bronze and brown hues… On the second thought, I know the season when these shades are going to look their best. These beautiful natural colours will look stunning in fall and in this time in between when we’re transitioning from summer to fall. So, I’m planning on wearing some of these makeup products soon enough 🙂 There’s something languid, relaxed and moody in a very good way about the shades in this collection. They are understated and elegant and are sure to bring out the best of our natural beauty. Here’s another thing I like about Sepia collection – it’s easy. There are not too many products. So, it’s very comprehensive, you see the product, you know how to use it, where to use it, when to use it 🙂 And it’s fast. Three products, and you’re ready to go. And you look… gorgeous 🙂


Before we get to the collection proper, let me say something about quality up front. It’s really easy, when it comes to Giorgio Armani makeup. I can say it once about all the products in the collection. The quality is simply superb. In all those things. Texture, finish, pigmentation, just everything is good. To say the least 🙂 On top of that, these products have this lush feel about them. This luxury market extra bit of sweet sensation that I’m always looking for in products in this niche. Don’t you? 🙂 Anyway, as long as it’s luxury market, I just want more. I want extra special texture, extra special scent if there is any, extra special shades, etc. And I almost always get it with Armani. With this collection I definitely do. It looks laconic and beautiful in its design, it applies easily and tenderly, it lasts, it’s pleasant to the touch, it’s just so nice. So, please, welcome Sepia 🙂


We’ll start with this face palette. I mean, it’s called Sepia, so it makes sense to start with it 🙂



Giorgio Armani  Sepia

highlighting & contouring face palette



It comes in a classically Armani black and silver lettering boxing and then this elegant round black lacquer box.



I open it, and I sigh happily. I mean, isn’t it pretty? This design with these stripes is just so clean and pure. I love it.



The palette is all beige and sepia. Let’s look at the brush and then get to the shade.

IMG_1227 2


The brush is hidden on the bottom level. If you have any of Giorgio Armani palettes of the kind, you know that this glorious face product level lifts, and then there’s a face brush underneath it.



It’s small and compact, so I’ll tell you as I always do 🙂 , this brush is fine to fix my makeup on the fly, but when I apply makeup, I want a full length stem brush to make it comfortable for me to hold onto and help the application flow or precision, depending on the look I’m going for.



Off we go to the shade. When I saw those sepia stripes, I thought – oh-oh, this palette is going to be too dark for me. But no, when beige and sepia mix, when I swipe across those stripes, they form a very flattering beige, a little darker beige to give you that sun kissed complexion, you know. Also, there’s this fine sparkle in this palette that’s aimed at creating healthy glow and adding that posh touch to the whole palette. This beige shade is not yellowish, it’s warmer but not too warm, it’s not bronze in any way and it has some pink to it. All in all, this shade is very becoming and very natural and womanly looking. It’s beautiful. This palette is labeled as highlighting and contouring thing, I say though you can use it for that, or all over, or strobing or anything else you want 🙂

IMG_1227 3IMG_1489


Now, we aren’t done with face products from this collection yet.


Here’s the product called… attention! Maestro liquid summer 🙂 How’s that for a statement, huh? Ok, I’m intrigued, let’s see it.



Maestro  liquid summer  SPF 15




For starters and before I forget, it’s always nice to have SPF in a base product in summer. At the same time, this SPF is not huge, it’s only 15  🙂  The shade number is 90.



Here it is, and I can’t hold back all the glee in me 🙂 It doesn’t look too bronze, it looks darker gold with a handful of lighter golden sparkle. I’m not into bronzers at all, but I just love the way it looks. It’s so pretty, so posh, so glorious. Might be too dark, I’m not sure, will have to see when I swatch it.



Here’s the thing to get the base product out 🙂 It’s not really a brush. Maestro liquid summer is the kind of base where a little will take you a very long way, so beware, don’t get too much out. It still looks dark, darker than in the bottle. Also, this product has a little bit of a chemical whiff to it up front that goes away pretty fast.



And then I swatch it, and I sigh – just like I did with that sepia palette – relieved and contented. Yes, this shade is darker, tan like, but it’s not too bronze, not too orange, not too yellow, not too gold, not too anything. It’s actually nice. And it does have that fabulous golden sheen and golden glow to it. It’s so great. If you’re sitting there thinking it’s way too dark for you to ever go for it, here’s my suggestion. This is no highlighting & contouring palette, but… it can be used for both 🙂 This shade on your cheekbones will create that catwalk or photo shoot top model kind of look. Oh yeah 🙂 If you can’t resist using this shade as base, even though you’re afraid it’s too dark 🙂 , remember what I told you up front, when I showed you this thing you get the product out with, use just a little bit, and you’ll be all good 🙂 It is liquid summer indeed.

IMG_1296 2IMG_1489


Please, see Sepia palette (on the left) and Maestro liquid summer (on the right) swatched side by side here.

IMG_1489 2


Lips. Almost all lip colour textures by Giorgio Armani are spectacular (other than one, as far as I’m concerned 🙂 ) but this texture here is my personal favourite. Rouge d’Armani Sheers. As you can gather from the name, it’s a sheer lip colour formula. I’ve written about it more than once, and I swatched all the permanent range shades for you and a lot of limited editions. Here are two links you can check out, if you so desire 🙂

Rouge d’Armani Sheers – all shades swatched

Rouge d’Armani Sheers Lipstick – 6 new summer 2015 shades


Given this formula is so well put together, I’m very happy that there are three shades of rouge d’armani sheers in this collection.


The first shade.



rouge d’armani sheers

sepia 203



Sepia. Of course 🙂



There’s no way around it. This whole collection is built around this natural looking beige colour.



At the first glance it looks too light almost. I, personally, don’t like it when lip shades are too pale. Although what can actually save the day in this situation is this nice sheen rouge d’armani sheers formula has to it. Ok, so, this shade is not too pale, no matter what it looks like in this hot and shiny black tube. It’s beige and cool and pinkish even, or maybe, lilacish in a way. Whatever it is, it’s the most flattering nude lip shade out there, in my opinion. Almost anyone can pull it. And this pink in it opens a whole new planet in nude universe.



Next shade.



rouge d’armani sheers

far away  204



This shade name is awesome. Far away. It sounds like a dream, like traveling, like some fantasy world, like vacation, like fashion that opens new worlds to us, when it’s done right 🙂 Great 🙂



The shade is another cool beige. Only it’s darker than sepia, not pinkish, not lilacish, just beige. This shade is classically nude. If you like nudes and cool nudes in particular, you know what to do 🙂 If you aren’t that used to operating nudes on your lips, maybe, go for a lighter and glowy eyeshadow to make this lip shade work. If it looks too dark to you, remember that it’s a sheer lip colour formula, so you can dilute this shade a lot, when you apply it. Just go lighter on it, and you’ll get a very thin veil like coverage. Nice shade 🙂



And the last shade.



rouge d’armani sheers

argentina  604



Argentina? Interesting 🙂



This shade is purplish. Or mauvish. It’s a darker purplish nude shade. It’s like nude lip lover goes vampy. This nude can help you build a very sultry look. Why not? Nude makeup fans do go out and party, you know 🙂 I’ll tell you how to make this shade hotter than hot. Pair it up with purple smoky eye. Boy, that’s going to be something 🙂 If you just want to stick to nude makeup, this shade can be a very fresh way to do it. Just do you usual nude look and use this beautiful purple sheer lip shade instead of your usual beiges.



All three shades of rouge d’armani sheers are great, all three will look good – summer or fall, tan or no tan, they are more or less universal. Please, see here swatched left to right: sepia, far away, argentina.



To round up Sepia look Giorgio Armani makeup team offers three nail polish shades. Their nail colour is good quality. As for the shades…


The first one is… you want to take a wild guess here? Yep, it’s sepia 🙂



nail lacquer

sepia  200



The shade looks warm beige like.



It swatches a little darker than what I expected on seeing the shade in the bottle.



It is very warm. Like desert. Like hot sand. Like super warm climate landscapes. And like sepia tone on those old photos 🙂



This shade is great in a way that it’s nude and darker at the same time. It’s almost camel like.



So, it’s not just well groomed but not painted nail look you can get here. You can get more than that. You can get an elegant nude manicure that will look very womanly and very sophisticated.



It will match a lot of your clothes.



And this warmth that’s in it envelopes you and makes you comfy.

IMG_0733Копия IMG_0879


Moving on.



nail lacquer

new mexico  201



New Mexico. See, what did I tell you about those hot climate landscapes?  🙂



This shade is incredible.



It’s brown. But it’s not just brown. It’s a reddish brown.



And this reddish undertone that is very strong is just the right zest to make this colour different and great.



It’s a deep and dark and hot nail shade that will appeal to those of us who prefer dark manicure.



I think we all can wear this shade though, at least, at times. Say, with red clothes. Red outfits will bring out this red undertone, emphasize it and make it look even better.



New Mexico rocks. It’s a very clever shade, very well mixed 🙂

IMG_0787IMG_0993 2


And the last nail shade and – what a pity 🙂 – the last shade in this makeup collection.



nail lacquer

terra bruna  202



Terra bruna sounds nice. I like the way it rolls on my tongue.



If new mexico is red brown, this shade – terra bruna – is just warm brown.



Chocolate brown. Sexy brown.



This shade is like a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, tea or a glass of Coke 🙂 – you name it, just pick your favourite from the list 🙂



It’s as soothing, as comforting and as warm (or refreshing, I guess, if you went for Coke).



And it can be anything – from jean nail shade to evening gown nail shade. It’s good for numerous occasions.



I’ll tell you what. If you’ve never tried chocolate brown nail shade but think about doing it, this here is the right shade to start with 🙂

IMG_1027Копия IMG_1755


To help you operate the nail shades in this collection, I’ll tell you this much – sepia is the lightest, new mexico and terra bruna are equally dark, only new mexico is redder.





That’s Sepia collection by Giorgio Armani. I can’t tell you how much I love it. It’s understated, it’s chic, it’s exquisite, it’s all about emphasizing your natural beauty. And then it’s lush. Everything about it is lush. The shades are noble on a certain level and hot but not in on the nose kind of way, they are hot on a subdued and stronger kind of way. It’s one of those few collections where I immediately think high fashion, couture and gorgeous women 🙂 Summer, fall or any other season will be a good time to wear those colours. And those textures. Because not just colours are going to work for you here, but also textures and glow and the way they’ll all match and cooperate and compliment your complexion and eye colour and hair colour. And believe it or not, the way your complexion and eye colour and hair colour will compliments these products 🙂 And that’s a very rare quality in makeup. When there’s this seamless fusion of makeup and… well, us 🙂 I just wish there were some eyeshadow here 🙂 Ok, Ok, I get why there is none. In makeup in those old sepia photos the accent is on the lips, because that was the trend. And I know that the look in this collection is complete without eyeshadow. Still, I want some 🙂

IMG_1227 2IMG_1489IMG_1281IMG_1489


IMG_0733Копия IMG_0879IMG_0787IMG_0993 2

IMG_1027Копия IMG_1755



P.S. There you go, Josée. Is that the summer collection by Giorgio Armani you’ve been waiting for? 🙂

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