Darker than dark manicure fall 2016 trend

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In fall we always get rich deeper hues and shades, so it’s nothing new, and seemingly there’s almost no need to report on this trend. But… this fall this trend changed and transformed and got to be different. When we think fall manicure shades, we usually think darker reds, purples, browns, maybe, with a random deeper green or deeper blue kind of thing. This season what we got is not darker, deeper, it’s as dark as it gets. Those manicure colours, that kicked in so strong this season, are so dark they are almost off black. And they are more diverse than the usual reds and purples. This season those shades are green, blue, grey and just anything out there, anything you can think of and like to wear, can be red too, or whatever, the most important thing is that they are so-o dark, off black almost or not quite but on the verge of being that.


If you like off black or really dark manicure and wear it often, you’ll be very trendy without having to change your usual routine. If you wear dark nail shades only rarely and only when you’re tired of everything else and want some change, now is by all means the time to do it. Pull out some of those dark colours of yours and flaunt them around, they are super hot. But then what do you do, if you like wear pastels only? By the way, if you do, please, contact me, I’d love to message with you and find out why you only like pastels and how you wear them 🙂 So, if you are not a fan of darker nail colour by a long shot, what do you do every fall and especially this fall, when the nail colour trend is even darker than usual?


For starters, you don’t force yourself. It never goes well when you do, because then you feel uncomfortable. And you don’t want to feel that or look that. Why would you? You wanna be relaxed and happy. So, you don’t force yourself, instead you just pull out the darkest nail shades you’ve got. Even if you’d never wear black on your nails, you probably have deeper reds, purples, darker corals, maybe, or, maybe, you love navy blue or chocolate brown or grey nail colour. Get the darkest versions of those from your stash – not necessarily too dark or off black, but, you know, darker, as dark as you have – and you’re all up to being trendy, if that’s what you want, or if you just think darker manicure will work well with this one look you have in mind for tomorrow. Speaking about the look…


When does dark manicure work best? Basically, there are two ways to go here. First is when you wear dark nail shades, because your outfit is going to be of a darker colour. You know, like when you wear a little black dress and black cherry nail colour. Hot and vampy 🙂 Or when you paint your nails navy blue because you have a new darker blue dress that you’re going to wear tomorrow. Or tonight. Or when you are about to get out there clubbing in your torn jeans and a black top – you name your own version of this top. Lacy blouse? Tank top? Sporty black T-shirt? Depends on your style. Whatever it is, in essence it’s a darker nail shade against a darker background, that is, your clothes, your purse, your shoes and so on and so forth. Is it possible to make the looks of the kind work? Sure, they’ve been done a million times, and they do look good. But…


When I think darker than dark manicure, I just can’t help thinking that what it is, basically, is an accent shade. I mean, super bright, super dark, super light, all of those are commonly used for accentuating something. And there’s a reason for it. Say, when you paint your nails dark and wear darker clothes, it has a tendency to blend in and merge and sometimes turn more into a darker blur in other people’s perception. The result is that details of your look won’t get really seen or noticed. So, the other way to go is to wear black manicure with a white dress. And I’m liking this way a lot. It’s fresh, less done, you don’t get to look like a punk 🙂 , not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a punk, it’s cool, if that’s what you’re going for, and if that’s your style, but it’s not always the case, you know, so, instead of that you look… sophisticated. And it doesn’t have to be black and white necessarily. You can let your imagination run wild here. Blue and grey. Brown and beige. Bordeaux and dusty rose. Whatever it is, it looks good.


Now let’s talk nail length. What nail length is perfect to show off your darker manicure? To me the answer to this question presents a very big personal dilemma. Why? Because I think that darker manicure looks best on shorter nails. I can’t explain that. It just does. To me. And here’s why it’s a dilemma to me. My nails are longer most of the time for a variety of reasons. I like them longer, they grow fast, I think longer nails showcase most nail shades better… here we hit a major exclusion to the rule though. To my eye darker manicure shades, especially darker than dark colours, look better on shorter nails. So, if your nails are short, you’re all ready for this season. If your nails are long, don’t rush and cut them, think about what I suggested for lighter and pastel manicure fans, those shades you wear don’t have to be super dark, just darker, you know. And you can pull them even with longer nails. Trust me, I do all the time 🙂


One last thing before I rest my case here. Ok, two things. But they are more about detail than the whole look that we just spoke about. For one, have you ever thought that dark manicure opens a whole world of nail design possibilities? Just picture those rich hues paired up and adorned with lighter colour patterns, with strass, with stickers… Especially as embellishment and texture play in everything – shoes, purses and even clothes – is another trend of the fall season. So, think artsy, if nail design is something you like, and don’t disregard those darker shades. Two, work with accessories. When I imagine darker manicure, I immediately picture a hand with black manicured nails clasping a white clutch or a black high heeled shoe with black cherry pedicured toe nails. As long as dark manicure is an accent kind of thing, it works well in cooperation with other accent things, that is, once again, shoes, purses, jewellery, all that stuff…


I don’t know if I persuaded you, but even though I can’t say that darker than dark manicure is necessarily my favourite in the nail colour world, it’s definitely doable, wearable, and it can be fun. And as long as it’s so hot or is about to get hot once fall knocks on our door and brings in all those deeper, richer and more intense shades with it, why not, at least, try it? There’s a reason why those dark nail shades are not only still standing, but actually get so trendy from time to time. There’s something about them. And this something is not just vampy, femme fatale like and sexy. It’s something strong, something powerful, something mighty. That’s the implication these shades carry in them, and it’s nice to feel this power on your nails when the atmosphere and your mood is right. So, dark nail shades, here comes fall, and I’m about to join it.

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