Accent on the eyes fall 2016 trend and accent on the eyes versus accent on the lips big makeup clash

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This fall season is all about eyes. If you look at fall 2016 makeup collections, you’ll see that a lot of times brands didn’t even bother to come up with limited edition lip products and face products. Instead they threw in a couple of permanent range shades to round up their collections. Ok, Ok, sometimes there are limited edition shades, but only a few. And sometimes there are new additions to permanent ranges there. And that’s it, really.  Why? Because eyes rule this fall. And the product that’s most trendy and most important and most everything for eyes this fall is eyeshadow. And then we have eyeliner and mascara supporting it. That’s cool. Dramatic eye makeup in fall is a good idea. Still, I would like to see something for our lips too. Because even if we do heavy eye makeup (or not so heavy, maybe, we’ll talk about it a little later), we still need to do face makeup and lip makeup, so that it all comes together nicely, right?

Accent on the eyes as a makeup trend is actually a very loose thing, meaning, all colours, all textures fly almost, because there’s no definite enough direction of what this eye makeup should be. When I look at all the eyeshadow out there though, I see that the eyeshadow released this fall is all very classic. I don’t see sparkle or shine there. I just see lush satiny womanly texture. And then I see both deeper shades and some colour, but colour is more on the basics side, that is, I see green, blue, brown, purple. Nudes are circulating around too, even if a little more intense than usual, so if you like nudes, you’ll get by just fine by smoking up your usual eye makeup a touch.


Well, for starters, here’s a little trick to make it all very easy. When your lips are on the nude or natural side in terms of makeup, the accent almost automatically shifts to your eyes, if you’re wearing any significant enough amount of eyeshadow (paired up with eyeliner and mascara, but not necessarily). So, getting that accent on the eye kind of look will take two seconds if you swap your usual red lip colour for a more neutral pink or beige or something like that. You just do that, and bingo, you’ve hit the trend already 🙂 It’s a good thing to keep in mind for the times when you’re in a hurry but want to look extra gorgeous and extra trendy nonetheless.


So, how do you do that accent on the eyes kind of makeup? Basically, you just go kind of brighter, kind of more intense, kind of more colourful, maybe, why not, on the eyes and more subdued on the lips. At the same time, even though dramatic eye makeup is hot, it’s not really smoky eye level hot. That is, if you like nude shades, you might well get by with your usual nude eye makeup and an extra length or extra volume mascara. Speaking about mascara, it’s more about volume this season than about length. If you do venture into more intense eye makeup plane, just think in terms of those colours that came first for eyes, I’ve already mentioned some of them – grey, green, blue, purple, brown. If you love smoky eyes, just do a lighter version of what you really do, and you’ll nail the trend.


And then what do you do, if you don’t use eyeshadow much or at all? Eyeliner and mascara it is. Just get your favourite eyeliner and extra volume mascara, and you have your accent on the eyes all going for you. If you do want to add some eyeshadow, you can always go nude in terms of shades, then it won’t stand out and bother you. And then just pick a lip shade that appeals to you most and can be a good background kind of shade for your dramatic eye makeup look. You can paint your lips pink or beige or lighter coral or lilac or delicate mauve. Just anything your heart desires, as long as it’s subdued. I have to tell you, what I’m seeing are mostly classic cream lipstick textures that are traditional for fall. If you’re lip gloss fan, you’ve just gotten a good portion of sheer lip colour textures in summer 🙂 If you just don’t wear cream lip colour period, you can always go for sheer lipstick or natural look lip balm.


Now, here’s what I like about this accent on the eyes trend. We’re all different. We have green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, grey eyes, yellow eyes, violet eyes, whatever. And when we experience all kind of emotions – joy, surprise, wonder – they get reflected in our eyes. And nice and strong eye makeup brings out the best of our eye colour, of our expression, of our feelings and emotions. It’s as strong as red lip 🙂 Especially as the kind of eye makeup that’s trendy now is strong yet natural in a way, not theatrical, not exaggerated, just strong. We have so much hidden behind our eyes, we might as well show some of that beauty to the world. This season luxury brands prepared a panoply of shades and products to help us do it. So, why miss this chance? If you are not into eye makeup, generally speaking, but have always wanted to try going bolder there, do it. It’s time 🙂


Ok, now that we’ve talked about accent on the eye makeup trend, here’s something related to it that I think about every fall. Almost every fall we see two trends happening side by side that, to me, are kind of contradictory. One is what I’ve described above – made up, well defined eyes. The other trend is a bold bright lip. This fall is kind of an exclusion to the rule, because they seem to have made up their mind on the eyes and just keep going in that direction. What do you do though, if powerful lip makeup is your thing? And how do you marry the two trends – lip accent and eye accent? Something’s telling me we’ll see them competing again in fall seasons and, maybe, holiday seasons to come again and again. I have to tell you, I’ve been pondering over this dilemma in the course of more than one season. Here’s where I came out.


We have options, and each of us can decide what’s the best way to go here. The first way is to go with the bold lip because that’s your thing. And then do nude eye makeup look with a bolder eyeliner and mascara. Then you’ll keep your special lip look and curtsey politely in the direction of the whole accent on the eyes trend. If you don’t mind nude lip, you can do a very classic daring dramatic eye look and subdued lip colour – nude cream lipstick, lip balm or light lip gloss. Finally, there’s always the option on the table of diving right in and going bold on the eye AND on the lip. It’s not an easy thing to pull. To make it work the whole look should be tuned right to support it. And you have to be sure you’ll feel comfortable in your own skin doing it. Then again, there are occasions when you’re wearing fancy dresses or artsy clothes, and such bold makeup will be appropriate.


Personally, I generally feel more comfortable with stressing either lips or eyes. Doesn’t mean I can’t do both at the same time, but I don’t do it much. When I wear red lip, I almost instinctively reach for more delicate eyeshadow. And vice versa, when I’m about to do a vibrant and artsy eye look, it seems natural to me to wear a lighter lip colour. It just makes more sense to me, you know. It’s not because of rules or whatever else it is. So, pretty much, I’ve done my thinking and my experimenting and answered the question of intense eye makeup and intense lip makeup clash for myself. I just try to avoid the clash. Why let the two clash, when they can work so beautifully on their own? Where each of them can rule proudly and solely and make me happy as opposed to me trying to painfully marry the two. That’s my answer to my own question stated here. Your answer can be totally different, and it’s as good, as long as it works for you.

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