OPI Retro summer 2016 swatched

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Retro trend is really big right now. Not just in makeup. It’s big in fashion, designers keep going back to all kind of decades, centuries and epochs seeking inspiration. It’s big in TV, just think about all those shows and movies we see remade these days. Retro rules the world. The eighties were so big, now as the eighties wave is fading away, the nineties are kicking in taking place of the eighties, claiming our attention, reminding us of all those things – oversize coats, colour hair streaks, neon nail colour… Speaking about neon nail colour, here’s one of the collections that rode along with this trend creating their own vision of how nineties can be woven into the modern world and interpreted in the now. This summer season OPI released this fun collection here presenting a mix of pinks, oranges, neons, pastels and neo classic.


It’s no secret why retro is so big, why it’s always trendy, why people like it and buy retro products. When we shop for retro style clothes, makeup shades and anything else out there, it’s not just about these products we buy. It’s about the time those products remind us about. About what we were like, what our life was like or what our parents’ life was like at the time, if we were too little to remember too much from the decade that’s hot at the moment. What we miss and what we think about when we wear those oversize coats and paint our nails those vibrant shades is our ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends, parties we went to, school, college, our friends, the books we read, the places we travelled, and yes, by all means, the clothes we wore, the shoes we wore, the makeup we wore at the time.


That’s how those retro trends work. And as long as we’re aware of it, there’s nothing wrong with it, because there’s nothing wrong with looking back at the good old times, smiling and then moving on. The key to making retro trends work is simple though. If you look close enough, you’ll see that retro trends are never – or almost never – exactly retro in terms of cuts, styles, shades, etc. It’s in the area, in the family, but what it is really is a new vision, a modern interpretation, a fresh look at everything that was hot back in those decades. Retro is successful when it’s an adaptation of the old trends as opposed to just a repetition of such. And OPI Retro nail colour collection is a great example in this sense, because those shades are reminiscent of neon colours and bold pinks from the past, but they are modernized and changed, sort of, to make them wearable now, in the moment, to make them relevant and make them work in modern day world.


There are six shades in Retro collection by OPI.





602811   NL R69   SPF XXX



SPF XXX ??? What a great shade name. As usual, OPI doesn’t disappoint when it comes to shade names. SPF XXX is awesome as it is, but this name gets even better and more appropriate, when you see the shade it’s attached to. Orange.



Bright orange. As much as I’m not a fan of orange nail colour, this shade here is nice. It’s clever. Clever is good. I like clever 🙂 As bright as it is, it’s not really neon which makes it more universal and more wearable for more people out there.



This shade gets me thinking of parties, lemonade and sandals 🙂 See what it will get you thinking about. It’s orange but it’s not an exclusively beach shade, as you might think. If you do wear bolder and brighter nail colour in general, you can probably wear it anywhere you like instead of those bright pinks and reds you have in your stash.



If you come to think of it, well balanced oranges are rare in manicure world. There’s something about orange nail colour, where it tends to slide either into an ephemeral romantic coral plane or into funky neons plane. You know what I mean? 🙂 Well, SPF XXX by OPI doesn’t.



It remains proudly orange and proudly vibrant celebrating life and colour. Serving us an optimistic cocktail that easily lifts our mood, brightens the atmosphere and gets us going and moving. Sometimes we all need that little extra boost of energy that’s hidden in this nail colour bottle.



When I look at this shade though, I want to play it elegant. As long as we’re talking up-to-date retro here, why not wear orange nail colour with chocolate brown clothes, mustard clothes, red clothes, maybe? Why not? This SPF XXX by OPI is an exciting undertaking.

IMG_4226IMG_4588 2





602712   NL R71   What’s the Double Scoop?



Another fun shade name. I sure would like to know what’s the double scoop 🙂 Anyway, this shade is totally different. It’s so not like SPF XXX. It’s tender and fluffy and marshmallowey. Pastel like almost. Well, a little more than pastel, actually.



This shade is comfy. It’s cozy. It’s cute. It’s girly. It’s pretty. It’s tender. It’s everything. A whole lot of everything in a small little bottle. There’s something inherently nice about this shade. Something pleasant. Home sweet home like.



So, What’s the Double Scoop? It’s a warm light pink. Feather light like. Pink cloud like. Just a breath of colour in it. No sparkle, no pearl, just pink pink pink. Pink whisper. Pink whistle. Pink whim. Your whim, if you come to love it. I definitely have.



This pink can be played and worn several different ways. It can be natural look nail colour. Or let’s say, it can be nude. If we presume that light pink is as popular in nude manicure as white and beige – which it is – we can just wear it with any outfits and any styles and feel good.



If we look at this shade and see pink pastel in it, then it starts screaming, or else, chanting ‘romance’ in a mesmerizing way. Fluffy skirts, ballerina shoes, pastel tops or just a very romantic and girly and charming dress. All those things will work really well with this delicate pink nail colour.



Womanly, elegant and simple. Crispy and clean. That’s the third option and the one I’d go for with What’s the Double Scoop? Pinks are womanly by definition. And I think this lighter than light pink can be very womanly and very chic.

IMG_4642IMG_4907 2





604812   NL R70   Sailing & Nail-ing



Oh, those shade names OPI comes up with. Sailing & Nail-ing rolls around my tongue pleasing me and making me happy. Here’s another thing that makes me happy. This shade is blue. I love blue nail shades. I hope this will be a good one. Let’s Sail and Nail here.



This shade looks like a pastel like, light blue. I have to tell you, it swatched brighter than I expected. To me, it’s a good thing. When there’s blue in nail colour, I want all blue I can get there 🙂 Still, this warmer blue nail shade is very subdued and tender, so don’t shun it.



I don’t know if I can call this colour baby boy blue. I think baby boy blue is usually cooler and, maybe, a little lighter. While Sailing & Nail-ing is so warm it makes me feel very good about it and my manicure the same way the pink What’s the Double Scoop? does. See if it has the same effect on you.



This blue envelopes you, hugs you and makes you smile. Isn’t that great? J With all the cooler lighter blues out there, Sailing & Nail-ing stands out and makes a statement. It draws attention giving off a very sophisticated vibe and soothes you at the same time making you comfortable.



Can you say this blue is pastel and dress and build your look accordingly? Yes, I think you can. If you like pastel manicure, like romantic style in clothes, you might include this colour in your routine and your nail wardrobe and make it work for you, even if it’s a little brighter than the rest of the shades in your stash.



If you are not really into pastels and romance, you can do a sporty denim look with Sailing & Nail-ing, especially if you get those blue jeans going for you 🙂 Also, you could wear a stunning white dress/ blue dress/ grey dress – pick your favourite – and discover how elegant this blue shade can be, especially if you pair it up with blue eyeshadow or blue jewellery.

IMG_4601IMG_4804 2





603311   NL R67   Towel Me About It



Yep. I like this pun. OPI know what they are doing here naming these shades. Towel Me About It is another shade loaded with positive emotions. It’s so yellow, so joyous, so warm. Because yellow is associated with the sun, generally speaking, and the sun has all possible summery and upbeat connotations in it.



This yellow is pretty bright. But… just like SPF XXX orange it’s not neon. For starters, this yellow is pale, full of light, instead of being darker. It’s pale yellow pastel nail colour taken to a new level of brightness. It’s bright and pale at the same time, which is a little bit of an oxymoron, really.



There’s something happy about this yellow. It makes me smile just like a lot of shades in this collection do. At the same time, this yellow is not a crazy yellow, not a neon yellow, it can be processed and worn by a lot of people. It’s not quite pastel either though. There’s more colour in it than there usually is in pastel shades.



As a result, this shade can be interpreted a lot of different ways. You can go with the look you usually build to match pastel pale yellow nail colour and wear Towel Me About It as a little bit of a counterpoint and an accent thing, where it will stand out against the more muted background of the rest of your look.



Or you could say this shade is vibrant and artsy, because it’s yellow, you know 🙂 Then you can basically go with a more cutting edge look and weave your brighter yellow manicure right into it to support it and make it even more edgy than it would be without it.



Finally, can yellow – as it is or when it’s a little brighter like Towel Me About It – be elegant? I say – yep, by all means. Yellow has always been a very chic and sophisticated colour in clothes, shoes and purses world. So, if you wear something beige or brown, yellow nails can add the zest you’ve been looking for and complete the whole package to your satisfaction.

IMG_4925IMG_6283 2





606831   NL R68   I’m Getting a Tan-gerine



You know what, OPI might just nail six out of six shade names here. They’ve got five out of six so far. Tan versus tangerine pun in I’m Getting a Tan-gerine is well done and very appropriate for a shade that’s part of a summer nail colour collection. Good job, OPI.



Also, this shade name is a good guidance as to what this shade is and a good clue to help us decipher it and understand it. This shade is truly a mix of tangerine and tan. That is, it’s orange, or else, coral. It’s pretty bright. At the same time, it’s muted by something like tan colour.



What this colour is eventually, or else, the impression it makes with me, is this clever combo I’ve come to expect already from the shades in this collection. Two different concepts in one shade. It can be coral and all sweet and nice, even if a little brighter. It can be more of a neutral or nude like nail colour, if you choose to wear it this way.



So, this shade can be romantic. If you’re a romantic girl, you know how you wear all those pastel corals, right? Well, you can do just that with I’m Getting a Tan-gerine and get your usual pastel romantic groove going for you and then on top of that get a little bit of an accent manicure thing, because this shade is a touch brighter than pastel corals generally are.



And then it can be nude, a step up from nude, still it’s neutral enough where you can apply it and wear it for several days in a row with a bunch of outfits. This shade will match all of those, don’t even doubt it. Or else you can throw on something sporty, like jeans, pants, sneakers, whatever it is, and just have this brighter coral manicure as a fun finishing touch.



Any chance to make this coral shade elegant? I think there is, and it’s a good one. The shade is called I’m Getting a Tan-gerine, remember? So, here’s an idea. Why don’t you treat this shade not as tangerine, that is coral, but as tan? There are so many classic colours this shade can help bring out the best in – camel, brown, beige. You name it.

IMG_6409IMG_6699 2





602911   NL R72   Flip Flops & Crop Tops



It’s official. OPI nailed six out of six shade names. That is, they made me smile six out of six times when reading nail shade names in one and the same collection. Flip Flops & Crop Tops sounds perky and crispy and upbeat. Also, fun and summery. I know I’ll smile any time I see this name. Good 🙂



This shade is a brighter warmer shade of pink. Another happy one. And I can’t believe there’s such a concentration of happiness in one nail colour collection. Flip Flops & Crop Tops is vibrant and colourful without being neon, and then it’s, well, pink, that is the shade that always carries a big classic background in it.



The best thing about this shade is that it’s universal. You can wear it wherever you want. Work, date, hangout with friends, disco, restaurant, ball 🙂 Flip Flops & Crop Tops fits in really well with the rest of the shades here, because it has two sides to it – a fun and hip side and a good girl with a nice manicure side.



So, what’s in this shade? Pastel? No, I don’t think so, it’s too bright. Romantic? Hm. Sure, why not. I mean, pink is the most romantic of all shades. This pink is bright but it’s so warm and pretty it can be girl like, princess like. In a nutshell, it can be romantic. Very much so. With a little brightness bonus.



Here’s an obvious style option for you. Baby doll. Flip Flops & Crop Tops is not a typically baby doll nail shade which makes it… even better. The look you’ll get will be a customized, modernized and personalized baby doll style look that you’ll really own – for once, if you’re not a baby doll kind of girl 🙂



Finally, I can’t stop thinking – can this shade be elegant in any world??? I mean, it’s pink, right? So, seemingly, pink manicure is womanly and is elegant. It’s bright though. I say – so what? Modern elegance defies some of the rules and calls for new ideas and new inspiration. What I want to do here is dress with deliberate elegance and then just round up the look with this splash of warm pink on my nails. It’s going to be something 🙂

IMG_4963IMG_6347 2


That’s it. Retro by OPI. And it’s the best kind of Retro, as far as I’m concerned. It has all the right shades in it but they aren’t simply repeated from back when they were hot the first time around 🙂 They are tuned and tweaked and transformed and stuff, so they are very much in the day, very relevant and very… modern. Modern retro, huh? Yes, and guess what, that’s what the best retro is like. This collection is put together really really well. Here’s what’s in it. It has some oranges there.



And then some pinks.



And then blue.



And yellow.



That is, there’s something artsy, something classic in this collection, something romantic, something elegant, something nude, something… so that we can all, probably, find the shade that can hit just the right string in our soul. And that we can flip and play with and change to our liking.

IMG_4588    IMG_4907

IMG_4804    IMG_6283

IMG_6347    IMG_6699


Also, those shades are easy, relaxed, they are nice. And that’s a lot to ask from nail colour.




When I look at these modern retro shades by OPI, I wanna dip into them, dive into them, plunge into them, let them wash over me and enjoy them. I’ve gotta tell you, it’s a great feeling 🙂 Retro collection by OPI is not just retro. It’s retro done right.

IMG_4226IMG_4588 2IMG_4642IMG_4907 2

IMG_4601IMG_4804 2IMG_4925IMG_6283 2

IMG_4963IMG_6347 2IMG_6409IMG_6699 2


P.S. Oh, and those shade names are awesome, OPI.

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