NARS Under Cover summer 2016 swatched

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Under Cover? Why Under Cover in summer? Under Cover as in the shade, maybe? I don’t know. What I know is that this collection by NARS is designed beautifully. And that it’s not specifically summery. There are shades in it that can be worn and enjoyed all year round. Shades that are not traditionally summer like. Shades that are chic and that are fresh. But before I even get to all those shades, the boxing and design completely overwhelms me, surprises me and excites me. Talk about packaging. There’s a whole comic strip here almost laid out on those boxes. With gorgeous women vacationing and having fun. You’ll see. All in all, this collection got me interested. It’s always nice to see a different approach to a seasonal makeup collection. I mean, I don’t mind at all seeing all the aqua and coral and pink in summer, but what if… what if we you a different way? Do something special. Something with a vision. Something that has a concept and an idea behind it. That’s what NARS is doing here, pretty much. Good 🙂 I like that 🙂


When talking about Under Cover collection we just have to talk packaging before we get to anything else here. This design is stunning. I love it so much. It makes me extra happy. Every time I pick up any of those boxes and see those pictures, I can feel myself smiling. It’s just so pleasant to reach out for these boxes, have them in my stash, in my drawer, on my table, anywhere at my place, really. The simple fact is that design can do that. It’s a major power that, if used right, can give you so much more than just a makeup product inside the packaging with all the design. NARS is a professional brand, but the way the products in this collection are presented is truly luxury market level. What this design does is it makes these products and Under Cover collection as a whole stand out among all the other makeup items. And that’s great. It means, it’s not boring. It’s special. So, I say, mission accomplished here. Now we can move onto all the makeup proper in these boxes 🙂


Face first. What we have here this season by NARS are two blush duos. For starters, NARS blush quality and finish is all nice and lush and satiny. I love it. It feels good in my hand, on my fingers, on my cheeks.


Now look at this design. Huh? What did I tell you? 🙂



The first shade is called Sexual Content 5508



I’ll tell you what, it’s a fun name.



And it’s very much in tune with what NARS is. Edgy, modern, artsy.



The two shades in this duo look very nice. Pleasing. And appealing. They are calm and soothing and sophisticated. And a little bit of a contrast, which is always a good thing.



Also, those shades are satiny, they even look satiny, and they feel this way too. Satin texture in a blush is always good, as far as I’m concerned, so I can only hope the two shades swatch as nicely as they look in the box.



The first shade of the duo is this light beige coral, or else some people would probably call it just a very warm beige. There’s glow in it and coral sparkle which isn’t over the top but does show up, once you apply it to play an exciting game with light and create a thin veil of sheen on your cheeks. You know how corals are generally not my thing, but there’s something very pretty about this coral shade in particular, something very much subdued and elegant. Maybe, it’s that quality about it, where it’s such a delicate coral is almost looks beige at times, you know. That is, it’s not a fun colourful outburst of orange, it’s a gentle beige coral touch providing an elegant perspective and understated chic.



The second shade in Sexual Content duo is a pretty languid mauvish shade, mauvish not in a romantic way, but in a ladylike way. Ladylike is the key word, when it comes to this duo. This second shade adds a coquettish twist to the whole thing bringing a youthful edge to the package. It has sheen and fine sparkle in it too, and it’s definitely mauve in tone, but boy, is this mauve different than what we usually picture when we hear that in blush. It doesn’t slide into romance and baby doll universe. Instead it manages to keep its lush essence and work as more of an elegant and womanly shade that only manifest its youthful spirit in glimpses of fun and laughter and lighter mood without going overboard with it.



That’s Sexual Content duo. At first glance, it doesn’t strike you as sexy at all. It is very hot though. Not in a show off and tease way. More in a deep and natural and primeval way. As we all know, natural can be very hot, when it’s played right. I’ll say even more here. Elegance can be sexy. And this sexy element in its elegant interpretation might sometimes be even stronger. Try it with this duo, and you’ll see. As for the shades in the duo, I say, beige coral can be used for highlighting, and mauve can be used for blushing. See what your best way of wearing it is.



Next duo.



Liberation 5509  Liberation? Ok 🙂



Whatever it is, it’s so-o beautiful. I can’t get enough of this design.



Well, this duo looks brighter and warmer. Still, it doesn’t look crazy bright. Very lush. Understated. Satiny too. This duo looks like the kind of thing that can get you sun kissed complexion at any point you might want to have it. Not just in summer. I mean, what if you want to look sun kissed during holiday season? With Liberation blush duo by NARS you’ve got it.



The first shade of the two in the duo is this very warm and very shy pink. Pink has been done and beaten to the ground in the makeup world to the point where I almost feel tired on just hearing pink. If you have the same reaction, you can join me here in relaxing 🙂 Forget all you know about pink. Too romantic? No. Too baby doll like? Nope. Too girly? Nah. None of the above. This pink is just like the rest of the shades in the two blush duos, obviously. It’s elegant, it’s womanly, it’s subdued, it’s chic, it’s understated, it’s sophisticated. What saves the day here is that it’s so warm, it almost has a nude beige element to it. The result is nice and flattering with some sheen and some sparkle but not too much. Great 🙂



The second shade in Liberation duo is bronzer like, tan like. Very appealing. Just as I’m far from being into corals, I’m even further away, probably, from being into bronzers 🙂 but there’s a ‘but’ here. This bronzer like shade is not orange, not yellow, not gold, not too dark, it’s… stunning. It’s posh and high end and mysteriously dark and then it’s warm, so warm it feels like the moment you apply it, you’ll wind up on the beach at a fancy resort. This shade has a lingering golden pink undertone in it, or else, I’d say overtone 🙂 That is, it’s this darker tan like shade with a golden pink sheen over it, and this sheen will look amazing out in the sunshine or in any kind of light for that matter.



This blush duo is darker than Sexual Content, but I can’t say that it’s more sultry. I think it has the same great vibe about it. Natural, hot, elegant. If Sexual Content with its beige coral and mauve is awesome for highlighting and blushing, Liberation is awesome for sculpting and blushing. This darker tan shade combined and, maybe, even layered with warm pink can get you sky high cheekbones, if that’s what you’d like to achieve with your sculpting techniques and makeup today. And don’t forget about this bronzery sun kissed thing that this duo has wrapped in it.



These are the two blush duos by NARS, and both are gorgeous. They will work so well in summer and early fall with all the different light, reflections and shadows around. This blush – any of those – will look so good with tan. And that texture is… well, you know, splendid.



That’s all there is for face. Now let’s talk eyes. In Under Cover collection NARS has four shades out and ready to go.


Here’s the first one.



Topless 1942



Isn’t this packaging cool? And each time on each box there’s a new pattern. Wow.



This mono eye shadow by NARS comes in tiny little black velvet boxes that I love to hold in my hand.



Ok, I see why they called this shade Topless. The name makes perfect shade.



The shade is topless indeed.



This beige is so light I’d call it off white. It’s satiny. But, personally, I lack pearl in this shade. Such lighter eyeshadow colours are very flattering when they are pearly, metallic, I think this shade comes just short of pearl in it to be that. As a result, it won’t become everyone out there, so be careful and make absolutely sure it’s your shade. Although, it’s a matter of taste, obviously, and maybe, to you, the fact that this shade is not pearly is rather good news 🙂 The thing you do want to know about this shade is that there’s really very little colour in it. I mean, seriously, if you like brighter shades, there’s definitely not enough shade here for you. You might even say it’s a base shade. On the other hand, in summer and early fall when it’s hot we could use some very light, very subdued and well groomed rather than made up shades. Because heavy makeup in the heat might be too much. Also, such pale shades are very elegant and sophisticated. They are about you, really, not about makeup 🙂



Next shade.



Pool Shark 1943



Oh, this is blue and nice.



A classic with an edge to it.



This shade is a pearly and sparkly cool and crisp sky blue. Love it. Love it so much. It’s gorgeous. If your eyes are blue, forget it, you’ll rule the world. My eyes aren’t blue, but this shade being such a cool blue makes it very wearable for me. Don’t be afraid to wear it, if your eyes are brown or green or grey, go right ahead, it will look good 🙂 What’s so wonderful about this shade is that it’s a sparkly metallic, that is, it’s a blue classic with a modern twist to it that makes it up-to-date and relevant. It’s like a refreshing splash of water in the summer heat and then Indian summer heat still to come. Given the amount of blue eyeshadow we get in makeup world again and again, the fact that I’m so impressed with it means it’s special. Try it with a blue outfit, it will get even better 🙂



The third shade.



Deep End 1944



Green. It’s green. Yay.



Green and pretty.



This shade is a heavily pearly, but not really sparkly, cool green. It’s bright, it shines, it glows, it’s beautiful. Although you have to like pearly textures in eye colour not to think it’s too much. If you do think it’s too much, you can always use it as an eyeliner. This green is pretty and upbeat and summery, although not in a traditional way. Just like that blue it reminds me of water. Water, water and more water. Green. Blue. And more green and blue. This green is very flattering. Universally flattering. Brown, blue green eyes – we can all wear it. The pearl in this eyeshadow will add this very exciting glow to the whole cool green colour in it. This kind of glow in eye colour is very flattering, whether you use it as an eyeliner or eyeshadow.



And the last eye shade in Under Cover collection by NARS.



Tan Lines 1945



Boy, this packaging is so beautiful.



And this shade is darker than the rest of them. Hm.



Tan Lines is a deep and languid satiny greige kind of shade. Although this greige is very warm and definitely leaning to beige rather than grey. This shade is a going out kind of shade, it’s a night out kind of shade, it’s super hot. Steaming hot. It’s a beautiful eyeshadow colour. Not really something we generally see in summer, but a lot of brands did a version of it this 2016 summer season. And it’s a good thing they did, because this shade will look awesome in summer and then easily transition into early and later fall. It has this mysterious satiny sheen to it with just a handful of bronze sparkle that adds depth there that makes this shade even hotter. Looking at this eyeshadow, I want to do smoky eyes with it. It will be warm and enveloping and lush smoky eye look that I’ll enjoy a lot.



NARS mono eyeshadow quality is good. Professional. Easy to apply, to distribute on your lids, to layer or thin out to your liking. There are no texture and formula issues here whatsoever, as far as I can see.


I do like eye shades in Under Cover collection. They are a well put together batch. We have a light nude like shade. Then we have a sultry shade. And then we have two colourful spots – blue and green. And I love those. So it feels like there’s something to suit any taste in this collection. At the same time, the eye shades are in tune with what those blush duos were. They aren’t too artsy. They are more elegant and womanly. I’m quite happy with the shades. But… out of the four spring eyeshadow colours by NARS two were blue and green, so it seems to me, the eye shades in this collection are a little bit too similar to the eye shades in spring 2016 collection. I wish they weren’t. I want variety.



We’re going to move onto lips, that is, lip colour now.


Before we talk shades, we have to figure out what lip cover that we get in this collection is, actually. When I heard ‘lip cover’ initially, I presumed it’s going to be a full on thing rather than a sheer glossy thing. I can’t say it’s my personal summer choice. Something about summer with all its light makes me want to wear lip gloss. Among other reasons, I want to wear lip gloss because it’s hot, and I prefer the lightest possible texture on my lips in the heat. Well, at least, this lip cover has shine to it, even if it’s not quite sheer, and that’s something already 🙂 Anyway, those were my presumptions, and here’s what it really is.


It’s this intense kind of lip gloss formula, where you can go really easy on it and get the sort of – not quite – sheer and sort of – not quite – shiny lip gloss result, or you can really layer it and get full on colour with a wet sheen – not quite shine – on top of it. This formula is quite good. It’s versatile in a way that you can wear it as lip gloss, that is sheer lip colour, or as lipstick almost, that is full cover lip colour. And there’s not too much shine there, especially when it’s layered, so it looks like your good and solid cream lip colour with a little bit of sheen. That’s how it’s intended to be worn, by the way. As full on colour with sheen.


Lip Cover feels quite comfortable, light and soothing on the lips. There’s almost no scent there, just a chemical distant whiff from time to time. But… there’s something very chemical about this formula. You know, chemical the way tints are. And I can’t say it’s pleasant. It depends, if you are not sensitive this way, it probably won’t bother you. If you are scent sensitive and chemical stuff sensitive, there might be an issue here for you. Try before you buy.


In Under Cover collection – see the pun here? Lip cover – Under cover – NARS released three Lip Cover shades.


One. Exciting packaging. Amazing patterns. It’s all good in terms of design.



Do Not Disturb 5680



Classically NARS black velvet tubing.



Wow. This shade is red. Blazing red. Hot and womanly and vampy and everything. Is this a summer shade? Not really. That is, I think it can look great in summer, especially if you’re going to a party 🙂 , but it’s not a traditionally summer lip shade. Here’s a really good thing though, this red is not too dark. It’s on the brighter red side and not on the intense and deep red side, because it has a touch of orange in it. It makes it more universal and better suited for summer, actually. Ok, maybe, this shade is a summery shade after all. A summery night club shade   🙂 Told ya, party is where this shade belongs.






Overheated 5681



I look at this shade, and I wanna say it’s greige. Greige for lips? Are you scared yet? 🙂 Ok, it’s not really greige, but it’s this very cool beige. A full on and well defined nude. I think you have to be really careful with it and know for a fact that you can pull cool nude beiges that are full cover like on your lips. If it’s your first encounter with this shade, by all means, go to a store and try it on your lips before you get it. Because this shade can either work really well and look very special or not work at all. If it were sheer all the way, it would be more wearable and more universally flattering. It being full on colour means you have to take effort, probably, to make it work for you, build you look accordingly and stuff.



And three.



Get Dirty 5682



Get Dirty is a bold and becoming name for this shade. A warmer nude beige. Well, the good news is this shade is more flattering than Overheated, more common too, yes, maybe, Ok, even probably so, but guess what, more people can wear it and enjoy it. Nude for summer? Not typical. More of a fall thing. That is, we can easily wear this nude lip shade in fall and look trendy, if we pair it up with intense eye makeup. It being nude, it won’t make everyone look the same and won’t look the same on everyone. It’s warm and nice and summery and there’s probably just a touch of pink and mauve mixed in it. If you have to do nude lip in this texture, start with this shade and then work your way up to that greige 🙂



These are the three Lip Cover shades by NARS for summer 2016. What I like about them is that they are not too summery. Instead they are chic and womanly. I mean, red and nude – what can be more womanly than that? I love that lighter brighter red colour. It has a fun element to it on top of a vampy element that reds always have in them. And then we have two nudes – cool and warm. Take your pick. You know which is more flattering for you personally. I’d say, warm beige is more universally becoming, cool beige is a tough nut to crack, but you can do it, if you really want to.



That’s that for Under Cover by NARS. You’ve seen all the shades now and know what it’s like. I have to say the packaging design is spectacular. Design alone is almost enough to get me 🙂






You can create a variety of looks with these products that will be totally different. With Under Cover by NARS you can easily go from nude day makeup





to artsy makeup







to super hot evening makeup.







These products have a very wide range wrapped in them. Any time, any season, any occasion.


The bigger concept of this collection is truly impressive. Instead of going for vibrant summery colours NARS went for sophistication, grace, understatement. Under Cover has this womanly quality about it that’s rare in modern day world. This season NARS woman is stylish and chic. The key words to understanding this collection are timeless elegance. Because that’s what it’s all about.





img_7383-2    img_7630






P.S. There’s actually one more shade of Lip Cover called Members Only out there. It’s a deeper darker and more sultry red than Do Not Disturb. But this one shade is NARS website exclusive. I so don’t like it. When one item is pulled out of the collection and made exclusive to any specific outlet. I do understand that there can be separate standing limited editions that can be exclusive to certain online stores or department stores or whatever. That’s marketing, I get it. But breaking the collection, snapping a piece of it away like that, making only one thing exclusive to one place… To me, that ruins the concept. Any collection has – or should have – a concept, an idea behind it. And all items in a makeup collection should be united by this concept. So, in my world, it doesn’t make any sense taking one item away from the whole. Because it’s equivalent to undermining this whole collection concept. And why do it? I don’t get it. So, naughty naughty, NARS.

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