Chanel Eyes Speak Volumes: Dimensions de Chanel mascara + 3 eye palettes swatched

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Under the category of – summer is usually vivid and colourful and stuff, and fall is usually more subdued and more traditional – and, yes, I’m talking makeup here 🙂 – I’d like to talk about three eye palettes today that Chanel released to support their new Dimensions de Chanel mascara launch. All three palettes look very fall like, or else, they are universal in terms of seasons, occasions, styles. They are sophisticated, understated and nice. Have I stirred your imagination yet? 🙂 Before we get to the palettes though, let’s see the reason why they got released, that is, let’s see the new mascara by Chanel.



Dimensions de Chanel is a little bit of a roll back in terms of form and design. You know how le Volume de Chanel comes in a round tube. Here.



Well, Dimensions de Chanel tubing looks more like Chanel Inimitable tubing. Although not quite. It’s only reminiscent of Inimitable. Dimensions de Chanel is packaged in a full on square tubing, a very graphic tubing, so to say. With all the right angles.



One thing holds true. Chanel mascara package is black 🙂


The brush is different than le Volume brush. In le Volume de Chanel the brush is shorter, not too thick, round all throughout, the bristles are very short and close to the stem.



In Dimensions de Chanel the brush is longer, narrowed towards the tip, it’s thicker too, and the bristles are longer, the longest in the existing Chanel mascara range.



It’s a bigger mascara brush, compared to what mascara brushes generally are in average. It reminds me a little of Diorshow brush, although it’s not as big. All in all, I’d say Dimensions de Chanel brush is fine, if you don’t mind the narrowed tip. I, for one, generally prefer mascara brushes even all over without much narrowing or widening anywhere in them.


The shade I’m swatching is black. It’s called 10 Noir.



It’s a classic mascara shade that most of us wear or have worn in our life. This shade is just like any other black mascara shades out there.



Chanel promises to give us everything in their new Dimensions de Chanel mascara. It promises to make our lashes longer, get them more volume, make them better defined and even better nourished. Also, Chanel promises that it will last on the lashes. Well, it’s a lot to achieve in one mascara. If they could pull it, then it would be like a dreamboat of a mascara 🙂


Ok, so, here’s where I came out after experimenting with Dimensions de Chanel, applying it and wearing it. It does make your lashes longer, although I can’t say it makes them super long. It does add volume, although not too much. I’d say I got more length than volume from it. As for definition, in my opinion and in all honesty, pretty much any modern luxury market mascara gives you at least some definition 🙂 So, yeah, your lashes would get better defined with Dimensions de Chanel. I’m not sure about nourishment, maybe, there’s some attached to this formula. I wouldn’t expect much though. If you’re looking for nourishment, go for a mascara primer that expressly claims to do that. And, yes, Dimensions de Chanel lasts long enough on your lashes, although it’s not waterproof and it doesn’t have any super lasting quality to it.


My conclusion in terms of everything promised here is that we get all that but not too much of all that. It’s like – yeah, there’s some length, some volume, some definition, and then, maybe, some nourishment and lasting power. To me, this formula is a typical case of trying to achieve too much in one run. You know how I feel about multi purpose makeup products in general. When you try to do more than one thing, it doesn’t always happen. It’s tough enough to do one thing really great. If you go for two, your chances of nailing both get slimmer. And when you try to do like five… well, good luck with that 🙂 That’s what Dimensions de Chanel kind of is. Le Volume de Chanel actually gives me more length, more volume, so I’m sticking with it in Chanel range 🙂 It’s like in Dimensions de Chanel they tried to do everything, and everything in it is only average. While in le Volume de Chanel they only tried to do volume and nailed length too somehow 🙂 Maybe, that’s just me, but that’s what it feels like.


Here’s something that’s not just my feeling but a fact of life though. Dimensions de Chanel was hard to apply in a way that it smudged majorly during application. That is, it stained my lids and the area around my eyes, sort of. Ugh. I don’t like that. Although I have to tell you that when I use mascara, I really really use it. That is, I go pretty heavy on it and even like to layer it, because I like longer lashes. But here’s the thing. If you go lighter on it, the effect you’ll get will be very mild and probably not enough. Where I came out with this mascara is that it’s fine, although it could never be my favourite, and I so don’t appreciate the whole smudging business. In fact, it scared me to the point, where I’ll be apprehensive to try it again, and will only do it, when a stunning limited edition shade of this mascara is released.


Let’s see the eyeshadow palettes now. There are three that were released together with Dimensions de Chanel mascara. This mini collection is called Eyes Speak Volumes. Yes, they do, so do. I’m going to get back to this mini collection name and concept behind it, once we’ve seen all three eye quads, so bear with me.


Here’s the first one.



272 Tisse Dimensions



Ok, so the mascara is called Dimensions de Chanel, and the eye palette is called Tisse Dimensions 🙂



The packaging is all traditionally Chanel.



The sponge applicators are traditional too. There’s not much you can do with those. Maybe, fix your makeup a little bit on the run, not more than that.



Hm. Interesting shades. Very chic.



First, we have this gorgeous cooler pearly and sparkly sophisticated green. This green is very specific, you can’t see it that often in makeup palettes. Chanel does this green often though. My favourite version of it is 84 Epatant from the initial Illusion d’Ombre range. This shade is not too cool, it’s somewhere in between cool and warm leaning to cooler. Also, it’s a metallic. Not just metallic, it’s very pearly and very sparkly. You need to know that if you’re going to wear it 🙂 This green shade is a very good way to make friends with green eyeshadow. It’s a very wearable green that will look good with eyes of almost any colour.



Then here’s something that looked like a pretty pale yellow shade in the palette but proved to be a satiny off white, once swatched. It’s such a pity. I keep looking for my perfect pale yellow, and it just keeps slipping away from me. I always suffer such huge disappointment, when it comes to yellow eyeshadow colours. Ugh. Anyway, this shade is matt, there’s no shine, no sparkle there, maybe, a touch of sheen, and there’s very little colour in it, actually. It’s a base shade, more or less, there’s nothing much and, probably, nothing more there. If it were pearly, it would be a nice fresh look kind of shade. As it is, it’s a supporting shade for the rest of the shades in the palette.



Next. We have here a kind of satiny delicate cooler pink with a distant lilac touch to it. It’s matt or almost matt with just a handful of sparkle in it. This shade is nice, becoming, romantic. It’s not too cool. In fact, it’s almost in between in terms of being cool and warm. And how you see it will depend on your own and personal colour perception. It’s a shy little pink shade which can be interpreted as nude. I would like it to be pearly instead of matt. It seems to me, such tender pinks look better when they are metallic. But we do have this green metallic in this palette already, and it’s the king of the ball 🙂



Finally, there’s this glorious dark and vampy purple shade. Femme fatale like. Steaming hot. Absolutely stunning. Remember I told you how somehow purple works with green eyes, even though I can’t tell you why? 🙂 Well, obviously, Chanel knows this trick too 🙂 Try it, if your eyes are green, it will bring out the best of your eye colour. Just looking at this shade makes me want to do purple smoky eyes. I think colour smoky eyes look good, generally speaking. This languid dark plum shade here was made for smoky eyes. If you think it’s too much plum for you, use it as an eyeliner. Maybe, you’ll love it so much you’ll get into it enough to wear it all over your lids.



These are the four shades in the palette. Now that I’ve seen them all I’ve got to tell you it’s obviously angled towards green eyes. All those shades – green, pink, plum will look spectacular on green eyed beauties. This palette is very clever though. Which means, if you like it, you can wear it, if your eyes are brown or blue too, although I have two more palettes to show you here. Maybe, you’ll like them better 🙂 As for Tisse Dimensions, I love that green shade and I’m excited about the whole purple smoky eye thing.




Here’s the second palette.



264 Tisse Particulier



Wow. Just look at this blue. And look at the other shades in this palette. Not what you’d typically expect to see with that kind of blue.



Most tender crispy and romantic pale satiny pink. Love it. It has just a touch of pearl and a bunch of sparkle in it, but not too much. This shade is cute, pretty and fairy like. It’s a light shade done right. So that it will reflect light and create just the right sheen around your eyes emphasizing their colour and expression in them. This shade is great to just do a swipe across the lids and get on the road looking well groomed and well rested. Well, with a little bonus of this sparkle that can also help your eyes look ‘dressed up’, if that’s what you’re going for.



Here we go again. Yellow? Pale yellow? Please. Nope. It looks yellow, proves to be distantly satiny white though. No pearl, no sparkle, just matt. All there is in it is a base shade to prime your lids for more colours to go on them. This shade can be a magic wand though when you’re tired and need to perk up your look in a sec. Pearly white works better for that purpose, but what if you don’t like pearly eyeshadow? Then this shade can kind of do the job for you. Why oh why should this shade look yellow in the palette? If it looked white, I would expect it to be just white and won’t have all the hopes, you know 🙂



Moving on. And getting to this very warm pearly medium pink beige. This shade is very rare. Very pretty. Very elegant and still kind of artsy. It’s more than nude. It’s gorgeous. It’s lush. It’s warm. It’s nice. This shade can be a step up from nude. It’s like nude gets all dolled up to go out and rock the town. Also, this shade can withstand the high end occasion test and look elevated and noble and special occasion like enough for you to wear it to any reception you might be attending. What I like about this warm beige is that it’s a rare shade. Chanel does it pretty often though in their palettes. Good choice 🙂



And, finally, we have here this matt blue. It’s not really navy blue, it’s brighter than that, still it’s on the darker side. Which makes it great. If it were navy blue, it would be too dark for most and… well, boring. Because navy blue gets done a lot in eyeshadow. It being a brighter blue makes it more universal and more wearable for more of us than just blue eyed beauties. We can all try it. Given that if you eyes aren’t blue, this blue shade will provide for an artsy makeup for you. This blue can be a good eyeliner or smoky eye shade. Edgy smoky eyes, I might say 🙂 If you think this blue it too bright, try it as an eyeliner first.



If Tisse Dimensions is meant for green eyes, first and foremost, Tisse Particulier is meant for blue eyes initially. I’ve always known somehow that delicate pinks work well with blue eyes. Here’s my confirmation from Chanel 🙂 But… the shades in this palette are so well picked and so well matched and so interesting, anyone can try it. To make it work for you, you can always wear something blue. Or just go for the more muted shades – that pink and beige – and add a touch of blue here and there.




And the last palette.



266 Tisse Essentiel



Nudy nude and more nude here.



Matt grege. It does crumble, unfortunately, complicating the application. But the shade is nice and elegant. This shade was a big surprise. It looks pretty light and cute beige like in the palette and then – boom, it swatches like this lush and moody and darker, sort of, greige. It’s like the opposite of what you expect on seeing it in the palette. Greige is one of the few shades where matt texture actually works for me. Also, matt texture makes this eye colour hot. Which isn’t what greige usually is. As a result, you get it all. You get nude, if you like nude eye makeup. Or you can go heavy on it, layer it and create a very luring look.



Oh, good. Finally. Here we have an off white matt shade, light beige like, sort of. There’s no hint of yellow here. Hurray. Unlike the other two versions of this shade that had a distant sheen to them, this off white is full on matt. It’s a classic base shade. Highlighting shade. Supporting shade for other shades in the palette. The shade that can be used to dilute other shades and transform them and make them merge easily. Also, this white can be a transition kind of thing between its darker counterparts in the palette.



And then we have a matt darker grey that somehow almost feels – not looks – but feels like it has a beige undertone to it. I can’t explain how it works, I can just report on what I see here 🙂 This grey with a beige sensation about it is stunning and weird in a good way. Unusual due to this beige touch that’s so light, delicate, almost shadow like. There’s a chance you won’t see this beige stuff in it, then you can just say it’s charcoal grey and use it for smoky eye look, use it as an eyeliner, use it the way you usually use dark eyeshadow. I think this grey and the first matt greige shade were meant to be though 🙂



And, finally, there’s a matt light cooler beige shade with a hint of greige in it and a whisper of pink. It’s very delicate, very tender, very relaxed, very nice and very appealing. There’s not much colour there. If you like lighter shades, nudes, well groomed without being made up looks, this shade is a winner due to that greige and pink touch in it. If you think this shade is too light, once again, it’s the kind of shade that can communicate well with other shades in the palette and help other shades communicate better. It will provide a good background for those and can be used on top of them to mute them.



This palette being nude like makes it the most universal of the three. It was probably meant initially for brown eyes though. But nudes are worn so much and liked so much a lot of people might like these shades and try them, even if their eyes aren’t brown. I love the fact that it’s not just beige. Instead it’s greige and exciting. This palette is spectacular, really. Anyone can try it.




Unfortunately, I have to tell you that some matt shades across the three palettes, but especially in the last greige one proved to be so soft in terms of texture they tend to crumble, sort of, and hinder application. Ugh. Pity. I’ve always thought that when it comes to eyeshadow texture, too soft is a bad thing, and here we go.


That’s our trio. See how those palettes are made – green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, pretty much 🙂 But you can go across the board here easily, because those shades are sophisticated. You can wear the shades from the palette with that green, if your eyes are grey or brown or yellow. You can wear the shades from the palette with the bright blue, if your eyes are grey or violet. And you can definitely wear the greige palette shades whatever colour your eyes are. If you aren’t sure that these shades will look good on you, support them with your outfit and accessories, and you’ll be fine and able to enjoy the shades you like.











Ok, so I’m back to the beginning here. To the collection name. This mini collection supporting Dimensions de Chanel mascara launch is called Eyes Speak Volumes. Even though I’m not overly impressed with the mascara, I think the three palettes definitely reflect that concept. All those palettes are about your eyes and what they speak and not about makeup. It’s ironic but the three eye palettes impressed me much more than the mascara they are supposed to frame. I just wish some of those shades wouldn’t crumble. Although they are great and elegant to the point where I’ll put up with it and take some extra effort to make friends with them. All three palettes – or any of them – are going to work with your eye colour creating a customized and personalized look. The way those shades will look will depend on how you play them, what kind of mood you’re going for, what you wear, where you go and what exactly your eyes speak at that particular point of time.




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