Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl 06 Rose Sulfureux swatched

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Here’s new lipstick by Givenchy. Or is it a new reincarnation of Rouge Interdit Shine? We’ll see 🙂 If Rouge Interdit Shine was labeled as Ultra-Shiny Lipstick, Rouge Interdit Vinyl is said to be Extreme Shine Lipstick Illicit Color. Illicit, huh? Interesting 🙂 Ok, so to me it sounds like Rouge Interdit Shine was sheer, which it was, a classic sheer lip colour formula with all the wet shine to it, while Rouge Interdit Vinyl is going to be all colour and shine, that is, not as sheer. That’s what I gather from what it says on the packaging. I’ll draw my final conclusions after I swatch it and wear it though.


I’m pretty happy we got this new formula here, because I, personally, had some issues with Rouge Interdit Shine. It’s not that it’s bad, I think, actually, that it’s a good and solid sheer lip colour formula, but not everything in it was in tune with my taste 🙂 And as I love sheer lip colour, as you might already know 🙂 , I’m always looking for new good ones to include into my rotation, which is big enough as it is, to tell you the truth, still I want more, always, and I’m excited…


The packaging looks very Givenchy like. All black with red label and white lettering.



Is it very much different from Rouge Interdit Shine packaging? Not really. Not by the look of it. Although… Are you ready for lipstick to take up more space in that purse of yours? You’d better be, because Rouge Interdit Vinyl is bigger. Markedly so.



To me, it’s a flaw, because I like clutches, bigger clutches, but, to be fair, how big a clutch can be, really? 🙂



The tubing changed too. I think the sparkly Rouge Interdit Shine tubing cap was cute.




Rouge Interdit Vinyl tubing cap is more elegant, probably. With this metal design with word ‘Givenchy’ woven into it. I can’t complain about this new design. It’s exquisite and luxury like. Love it.





The tubing itself is different too. In Rouge Interdite Shine it was all silvery with Givenchy pattern etched on it. And it was done well, I must say. It was pleasant to hold in my hand.



In Rouge Interdite Vinyl the tubing is all black and sleek. Darker. Hotter. Edgier. With the pattern etched at the bottom that corresponds with the pattern on the cap. I can say the same here I said about the cap. I like both the silvery design in Rouge Interdit Shine and the black tube in Rouge Interdit Vinyl. This black tubing is truly awesome. No question about that.





The taily thing is still here. Yes, I’m talking about that fabric loop at the tip of the tube 🙂



Only in Rouge Interdit Vinyl it got to be black like the rest of the tube.



The tube here is bigger than Rouge Interdit Shine tube, just like the boxing is bigger. So, keep in mind, even if you drop the box, still it’s going to be a tough fit in your handbag.



Before we get to the shade, we are going to talk texture. But before we talk texture we’re going to talk something that comes before it. Scent. I didn’t appreciate much the scent in Givenchy Interdit Shine, it was chemical sort of, what saved the day was that it was pretty light and didn’t linger on the lips for too long. So, I was like – please-please, a better scent in Rouge Interdit Vinyl. Well, it didn’t work out 🙂 The old Rouge Interdit Shine scent is gone, instead there’s a lighter version of Le Rouge scent in Rouge Interdit Vinyl. And Le Rouge scent is too heavy and is really a problem for me. I can only bear it on my lips for a couple of hours, not longer than that. Alas. If you’re scent sensitive and you don’t know Le Rouge scent that well, then try Rouge Interdit Vinyl carefully before you buy.



Ok. Texture now. Rouge Interdit Shine was looser, balmier texturewise and, seems to me, more sheer. It’s a classically sheer lip colour formula. Rouge Interdit Vinyl is thicker in terms of feel on the lips, you have to press it pretty hard to your lips to get colour. I don’t appreciate having to press pretty hard on the lipstick when applying it, but it’s a matter of taste too. Also, maybe, it’s only my impression, but it’s like Rouge Interdit Vinyl is not quite as sheer as Rouge Interdit Shine. Both formulae are shiny though, so, nothing changed there 🙂 All in all, what I gathered up front from what it says on the packaging of the two different lipstick kinds holds true. Rouge Interdit Shine is all sheer and shiny. Rouge Interdit Vinyl is more like colour and shine, so the colour here is not diluted.



Let’s see the shade, shall we? It’s called 06 Rose Sulfureux.



It’s a cooler bright pink.



Here’s the good news – to me it is – it’s not fuchsia. It’s not like I mind fuchsia. I like it and wear it. But there’s so much of it on the market, I feel like it’s been overpowering lip colour ranges of late, which creates a lack of just pinks, you know, that are more wearable, more universal in terms of where you can go having painted your lips pink, more relaxed and loved by more people, probably. Although fuchsia is so big it can probably compete with other pinks for our attention now 🙂 This shade – Rose Sulfureux by Givenchy – is romantic, it’s cute, it’s nice, it’s fresh, it’s girly, it’s perky, it’s spring time like, it’s easy. And then you can layer it and turn it into a hotter and brighter and more vibrant pink. So, you can go from day to night with no problem whatsoever. Office to night club in a couple of swipes over the lips kind of thing. I really like this pink. Seeing it makes me want to wear it. I just wish it didn’t have that scent about it 🙂



Here’s layered finish on the left and one swipe kind of finish on the right.



As long as I was comparing Rouge Interdit Vinyl here to Rouge Interdit Shine, I have to show you Rouge Interdit Shine shade too. Especially as it’s another pink 🙂



33 Charming Pink



Isn’t it cute? Charming pink.



It’s warmer. More of a classic. Rose Sulfureux is more modern and more artsy. Charming Pink is even more of an any time any day any occasion kind of thing. More grown up, probably. More womanly than girly. More elegant. More of a classic. Can easily be your everyday shade. Can be a red carpet shade too, if you build your makeup and your look right. No sign of fuchsia here. So, I get a little bit of a break from it. I’ll tell you one thing. Charming Pink is the kind of pink you want to try, at least, once in your life. If you don’t like it, it’s cool, you can drop it. But you’ll know where all the pinks started, sort of. And what pink was. And what it can be. Rouge Interdit Shine can be layered just as Rouge Interdit Vinyl. And you can get more colour from it, if you run it more than once over your lips. It’s going to be all shiny though, sparkly, saturated with light. More so that Rouge Interdit Vinyl.



Layered on the left. One swipe on the right.



Now, please, see the two side by side in all their glory. Rouge Interdit Vinyl 06 Rose Sulfureux is on the left here. Rouge Interdit Shine 33 Charming Pink is on the right.



Here’s my own and very personal conclusion about Rouge Interdit Vinyl. It’s a pity it’s bigger now. The packaging is all cool and sexy though. Both the tubing cap and the black tube itself are. I wish it didn’t have Le Rouge like scent about it, even though it’s Le Rouge light scent. The texture is fine, if you keep in mind it’s more of colour and shine than a classically sheer lipstick formula. My personal preference is lighter texture. Doesn’t mean it’s yours though 🙂 So, I can wear Rouge Interdit Vinyl and I will. Is it going to be my favourite – or let’s say, one of my favourite 🙂 – sheer lipstick formulae out there? No, it won’t be. But it’s Ok. Maybe, it’s your favourite but you don’t know even know it yet. I sure hope so 🙂










img_8290    img_8438-2



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