NARS Orgasm limited edition 2016 swatched

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NARS Orgasm is an iconic blush. Everything about it is legendary or just short of that. The name. The shade. The history. Even those who know little about NARS makeup and who haven’t tried it might have heard something about Orgasm blush. I’ve meant to talk about it for a while already. What’s so special about it? Is it worth the hype? Who can wear it? Well, there’s more reason to talk about it now that NARS came up with this gorgeous limited edition version of it. Before we do though, let me quickly say something you probably know already. NARS Orgasm range is bigger than just blush. There’s also Orgasm foundation, lip gloss, nail colour. So, if you come to love Orgasm, there’s so much more to explore there 🙂


First I’ll tell you what I hoped to get from Orgasm blush. From what I saw I thought it would be more or less a natural finish, natural colour and natural look blush. We’ll see how close I came to what it is and how my perception of it matches or doesn’t match that of NARS.


One more thing. Quality and texture. Orgasm blush by NARS is professional quality. It’s soft in terms of texture and easy enough to use. You can have just a veil of it on your cheeks or you can build it to as intense colour as you like and get a big statement kind of look with very conspicuous cheekbones.


You know what comes before the shade, don’t you? Design. In this case it comes before just everything. For starters, this Orgasm edition is bigger. The biggest edition of this blush shade ever. It’s significantly bigger than you standard Orgasm blush. If you like it, you might as well have a lot of it. So, it’s good news. The boxing… oh, this boxing, it’s not just boxing… it’s all pinkish and nice. And it has a picture of top model Mariacarla Boscono on it who is the face of NARS. And her look in the photo is a striking one with this big hat and round sunglasses. This is what makeup packaging design should be. I’m in awe.



NARS Orgasm is easy enough to find, if you want it, but just in case, its number is 5192.



The black velvet casing is traditionally NARS and has white lettering on it, only this white lettering says NARS Orgasm and not just NARS.



Ok, so then I open this case and see this stunning plastic thing covering the blush with the same photo of Mariacarla Boscono etched on it, the same as the one on the box.



Wow. Really? Limited edition plastic thing, NARS? I didn’t expect that. That’s cool. Love it. I’ve always said that if one sets out to do a truly limited edition design, one will find a way. Here’s one way. And it’s great.



Finally, this is what Orgasm is like. Hm. I have to tell you, it’s brighter than I thought it would be. This looks not just a natural finish blush, this looks like a blushy blush shade. Although I’ll reserve my judgement till I swatch it.



Hm. Interesting. Exciting. Amazing. This shade is very clever, really. A cooler tender pink with a light golden sheen over it. So that depending on the light you’re in and your complexion you get a customized cooler or warmer pink shade. Sometimes you see more of a cooler pink colour and less of a golden sheen, at other times you see more of a golden sheen that makes the blush warmer and almost peachy like. This golden sheen it surprising to me and – I know – to a lot of people. It kind of goes against the natural feel and finish concept. So, you just need to know that it’s there. Now let’s talk about why it’s there. I’ve already kind of started discussing it with you. The best thing about Orgasm blush shade by NARS is that it’s not just one blush shade, there’s like a hundred blush shades wrapped in it, because it will work and communicate and, hopefully, merge and have one big affair with our complexion. So, this shade will look cooler on pale faced beauties, warmer if you’re tanned, pinker if pink is your natural blush shade, peachier if your skin tone is calling for peachy blush. That is, it will try to please you and flatter your unique skin tone. Isn’t that awesome? I think it is.


Look. Here it’s warmer.



And here it’s cooler.



Well, here’s where we are, and I’m happy to say NARS Orgasm proved to be my favourite kind of blush shade. Mind you, not the shade, but the kind, the idea, the concept of blush shade. What it is and what I like, in a nutshell, is a natural rosy cheek kind of thing, where you look naturally blushed as opposed to looking made up blushed. And Orgasm by NARS is almost a perfect hit this way. I love that it’s so versatile too. That we’ll all look different with it. I mean, why look the same? The same as everyone else, the same every day, the same, period. It’s too boring. While Orgasm blush by NARS gives us one of the biggest gifts it can possibly give us. The gift of being, looking and feeling ourselves. And at the same time using makeup. To me, both are equally important. I want to be myself. I want to use makeup too though 🙂 Well, and this limited edition packaging design is amazing. This is definitely a catch and a great edition to my makeup collection. This design has this power to it to make me smile every time I have this blush in my hand, every time I open that case, every time… well, you know. And as there’s so much blush there – more than usual – this pleasure and this joy and happiness is going to last. Yay.

img_8563    img_8615

img_8601    img_8628

img_8671   lighter-widerlighter-thinnerwarmer


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