Urban Decay Vice Ltd Reloaded palette swatched

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Urban Decay Vice Ltd Reloaded palette is one of those Urban Decay palettes where we get a bunch of shades helping us to create all kind of looks. When it’s about Urban Decay, I always expect something unusual, something artsy, some colours that I won’t really see in other ranges. And I want to have those shades. The kind of shades where I will go – wow – and, maybe, even have to work to make them click, you know. I think it’s totally worth it though. I always welcome something new, something I haven’t seen, haven’t tried, haven’t worn yet. To me, that’s the whole excitement of professional makeup brands. Their ranges are so much bigger and sometimes so out there. And it’s a good thing. It stirs imagination, calls for creativity and widens my own and very personal makeup range. Fresh and original are two very good qualities in almost anything, makeup included. And that’s what Urban Decay is, generally speaking.


The boxing of this palette looks striking, beautiful and… purple. This purple pattern looks awesome and sets you in the right mood for what’s coming.



Urban Decay eyeshadow quality is usually good, solid and professional. I like it when I can rely on a brand in terms of product performance.



On the back of the box we get several things.



Shades preview.



Palette description.



And what all this eyeshadow contains, which might really matter to you, if you’re sensitive to any of those components.



O-oh. What a great job, Urban Decay. Just look at this palette design. It’s like it’s jeweled or something. Spectacular. Love it.



Also, in this palette you have to hit this button here where it says ‘Urban Decay’ to open it. So, be prepared and be forewarned 🙂



The brush is what we’ve come to expect from Vice palettes by Urban Decay. It’s purple and dual ended.



One end is a classically eyeshadow brush.



The other end is a longer and narrower brush and can give you more precision, probably.



This brush is fine for what it is. Although to do a more complex makeup you’ll need more brushes than that.



Here are the shades. A lot of shades. Looking good. And funky – some of them. Awesome.



Suspend is a matt greige shade with a whole bunch of grey in it. Some people would say it’s grey with just a touch of beige lingering somewhere in the background. It’s very dramatic, languid, smoky eyeish. Smoky eyes with this shade will be something special. I love greige smoky eyes, actually. And given there’s so much grey in this shade those eyes are going to be very very smoky, even more so than with black and charcoal, you know 🙂 In fact, this shade is surprisingly flattering, generally speaking, even though not everyone likes it. Suspend is a great combination of artsy, because this shade is not too common, and elegant and kind of classic, really, because, obviously, grey and beige and their mix is one of the most basic eye shades. So, this shade has it all in it – hang outs with friends, work meetings and fancy dinners. It’s up to you to decide what you want it to be.



Oil Slick is a matt charcoal grey loaded with silver glitter. Matt charcoal grey colour is matt and then it in there’s all the silver sparkle in the world. I love to use such shades for smoky eyes looks or as eyeliner. It adds this artsy edge to the good old classic and gives it a fun twist. If you’re bored with black smoky eyes but do love them, this is a good option to keep your routine going and make it fresh and new at the same time. Oil Slick is a very becoming name for this shade, it describes well what the shade is like. Dark, moody, sultry, and then exploding from inside with a burst of sparkle. Here’s why you want to try this shade as eyeliner. You’re used to black eyeliner defining your eyes, emphasizing them, turning your look dramatic and hot. If you use this sparkly charcoal black shade instead, you’ll get all of the above plus this glimpse and sparkle that will reflect the shine in your eyes. Pretty cool, huh? Just be sure to have a makeup removal wipe or a Q-tip at hand with your favourite makeup remover to run it around your arrows to get rid of the excess of sparkle.



Roadstripe looked whitish in the palette. So, I was like – oh no, it’s a white base shade. Boring. Don’t do that. And they didn’t. When swatched, this shade proves to be an iridescent lilac shade. Ethereal, ephemeral, unearthly almost. Satiny, pretty, special. Interesting. Amazing. Rare. Love it. It’s one of those shades that you have to try to see what it’s all about and whether it’s your kind of thing. Because it’s definitely more about these lilac glimpses and reflections and flecks of glow in it than colour. It can light up your look like very few shades can. It can be edgy if you pair it up with other purple shades or go really heavy on it. Or it can be romantic – modern romantic – if you go easy on it and just touch your lids a little with it to have this lilac glow to them. Actually, it can be a very modern and kind of artsy way to do nude makeup too. If you aren’t that keen on bright eyeshadow, this can be your way to do just a little colour, a hint of colour, in fact, that will be just enough for you.



Gash looks red brown in the palette. When I swatched it, there showed up some bronze pearly undertone in it. Both are fine with me. Red brown is interesting. Red brown with bronze undertone to it is exciting. This shade is very warm and very lush thanks to this bronze or, you could say, darker golden sheen to it. Going out and about and stopping by on the red carpet kind of shade. It’s exquisite and has this easy relaxed chic about it that’s even more awesome than this rich and heavy kind of chic with a lot of stuff and trimmings going into creating it. This shade is womanly and hot. You could easily build a special occasion makeup around it. Accent on the eyes, glowing red brown with bronze, languid look about you, and you’re all ready to go. There’s something high end about this shade where I want to wear it to not just a disco or a restaurant but to a big celebration and with an evening gown.



Midnight Cowboy sounds hot but turns out to be a very shy and delicate cooler beige. Very satiny in its finish. The kind of shade that can illuminate your look, your eyes, everything about you in just one swipe. I love such shades. First of all, I don’t have to work hard for their sake. Still they look gorgeous. We all need it sometimes, when we have to get on the run quickly, and we’re pressed for time, still the occasion is important enough, where we want to look extra good. This shade is the kind of shade where you don’t have to think too hard about your look and about match or no match. You can easily wear Midnight Cowboy with anything from your favourite jeans to a very fancy dress. This shade can be romantic too. Only it will be more sophisticated romance than all the pinks and lilacs romance. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Also, it can be a bolder way to go for nude eye makeup fans. Just a little sheen, a little glow, a little shine on top of that beige, you know.



501 is a brighter blue with the finest possible golden sparkle in it that almost doesn’t show, when you apply this shade. Instead the sparkle adds texture, depth, character to this great blue shade that doesn’t slide into darker off black midnight blue, which a lot of sultry blues do. Instead it stands proudly bright calling for an artsy look. Although it doesn’t have to be too artsy. Because blue is one of the first and basic eyeshadow colours, and it has a classic feel about it, especially if your eyes are blue. If this blue is too bright for you to handle and even try wearing it on your lids, you can wear it as eyeliner. Maybe, you’ll warm up to it, get used to it and come to like it. This blue is womanly and elegant, and I do think that not just blue eyed beauties can wear it. This blue is dark enough for more people to process it. What makes it even more universal is this golden sparkle in it. It helps it be a better match for green eyes and brown eyes.



Shallow looked to me like a very pale grey shade which usually isn’t that exciting. At least, to me it’s not. It’s kind of boring to me. Although there are situations when it can come in handy. Urban Decay surprised me yet again though. Pleasantly so. This shade has this metallic satiny finish to it. Which changes everything. Lighter silver metallic shades are one of my favourites. They can help you look fresh and well rested. They can help you look dressed up and gorgeous without going over the top. They can help you add a very special touch to your usual makeup routine. Any look will get to be very different in a good way, if you use this shade in the corner of your eyes or under your brow or… you name it. This shade is not shallow at all. It has all possible layers in it. If you do like silver but haven’t tried lighter silver yet, this is your chance. I think you’ll like it.



Laced boy, what a great name for this shade. It’s such a light pastel like matt cool beige. Beautiful. Sophisticated. Elegant. Romantic. Womanly. Girly. Nude. I dare say we all can wear it and make it our own as opposed to it trying to change us and make us all look the same. There’s something inherently nice about this shade. Something pretty. Laced. It even sounds pretty 🙂 Maybe, what’s so appealing about this shade is that it’s distantly pinkish. And it’s always nice to have pink in beige. It somehow completes beige and makes it better. Always. When I look at ‘Laced’, I think ballet, I think ribbons, I think satin. It’s universal or almost universal. We can all try it. Any day any way kind of thing. You can interpret it any way you want. You can wear anything with it. Any outfit. Any lip colour. Any hair style. One of the greats, really. I Love Laced. Do you?



Hot Pants Hot Pants? Hot Pants?? Really??? This shade is nothing like hot pants. It’s a cooler satiny metallic nice and cute and shy and romantic little pink. Rosebud like. Flower like. Fairy like. Another done in one swipe kind of thing. Beautiful. Interesting. Not too common. You know why this pink is so stunning? Because it’s so cool. It being cool makes it more wearable and more flattering for more people. While one has to be really careful with warm pinks. And this metallic satiny delicate finish in Hot Pants is superb. There’s something about pinks and satiny finish where they work really well together. When we see pink eyeshadow, we almost automatically think romantic. Although this eyeshadow is probably brighter than traditionally romantic pink colours. On the other hand, it being brighter is softened up by it being glowy and satiny. So, this shade can be romantic, if you so choose. Or it can be an edgier and bolder shade, because brighter pinks are not the most common eyeshadow colours.



Mildew Ugh, Ok, that’s something that really shouldn’t be a shade name in makeup 🙂 On the second thought, just picture all those eye colour and nail colour shades called moss, moss something, something moss 🙂 So, I guess, it’s Ok. Once I get over the name, I can tell you this much, finally – this shade is amazing. It’s green. Oh, the glee. Green. I love green. There’s more to it though. It’s metallic. That is, it’s pearly, kind of. Also, it’s a warmer green. A version of lime green and khaki green mixed together to make the first one more wearable and traditional and give a little edge to the latter. The result is awesome. Out of the common run. Off the beaten track. Artsy. And this shine and glow there is in it makes it even better. Don’t be afraid of this shade. Go for it. It’s a very becoming one. Green eyes, brown eyes, and, yes, blue eyes – it will look good on you, so-o good.



Smog Ok, where’s smog? There’s nothing grey here, nothing black, nothing dark, nothing cold. Instead there’s this super warm and wonderfully nice lighter brown infused with gold and topped with golden sparkle. It’s some kind of fairyland smog. Maybe, they have such smog there. We don’t. Not on this planet. But this fantasy world smog proves to be an amazing eye shade in our world. Talk about special occasion makeup. This is posh, that’s what it is. Such browns that are done and mixed and designed and balanced and created so well are rare in makeup world. This shade will add warmth to any look and any eye colour. Also, it will make the look in your eyes hot. There’s no way around it. This shade is a customized languid look in a box. And it’s one of those elevated shades, elevated as it is and in itself, that will help you look exquisite in any setting. It’s lush, it definitely is.



Misdemeanor looks like a moody darker aqua with all the green in the world in it. It swatches more blue than green, still it remains aqua. And as much as I’m tired of aqua and turquoise after summer season, this here is a totally different story and a totally different shade. This aqua is what aqua was designed to be, what it used to be before it got all brightened, heightened and lightened to make a summer accent shade. Misdemeanor is amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s everything you want in an eye shade. But… it won’t look good on anyone just like that. You have to work for it, work with your eye colour, hair colour, outfit colour, accessories colour to make it work for you. If your eyes are that very special shade of blue green leaning to blue though, you’re lucky and you might pull it easily. Everyone else – me included – it’s worth working for. If you can tame it, you won’t be sorry you’ve taken the effort.



Freakshow is a lovely clear bluebell like cool darker purple. Wow. Finally, not plum, not reddish purple, not warm purple. Just purple. I love it. I’m a little tired of all the plums, to tell you the truth. Also, Freakshow has this satiny finish to it that makes it even better, more wearable, more universal, more flattering. Mysterious in a good way. Elegant. Whatever your eye colour is, it will work for you. If you think it won’t, try it as eyeliner first, you’ll see 🙂 This shade can be a great smoky eye shade. A great dramatic eye makeup shade. And this satiny finish about it makes it glowy and gorgeous. If you use it as eyeliner, you’ll see that it will bring out the best in your brown, green or blue eyes. There’s something very sophisticated about this cooler darker shiny purple. I like it so much because it’s so clear. There are a lot of purples in makeup world, but they usually have something mixed in them. Freakshow doesn’t. So, don’t freak out, it’s not freaky at all.



Asphyxia is a satiny and super delicate lilac shade. It’s so not like Freakshow. It doesn’t strike me as Asphyxia either, actually 🙂 It’s just a touch, just a whisper, just an echo of colour. So cute. So romantic. So sophisticated, if you use it right and build it into your look properly. The best thing about this lilac is that it’s so cool. No warmth here whatsoever which makes for a great shade. When purple goes cool and becomes lilac, it acquires the kind of elegance that we never get in warmer purples. Also, cooler lilacs become everyone, any eye colour, any hair colour, they work just fine. While warmer purples are not as easy to pull and not as universally flattering. This shy little lilac here makes you think of romance and romantic style when you see it. I, for one, will enjoy wearing it as a casual relaxed shade. Where I’ll just apply it and go and don’t dress up for it. It’s just so nice.



Acid Rain is another green which makes my heart, basically, sing 🙂 The more greens there are in a palette, the happier I become. Acid Rain is metallic and very warm and limish. I was actually expecting to see something like it here after seeing the makeup in the promo photo of this palette. It’s a bold and artsy shade that not everyone would like. I like it though. And guess what, this kind of pearly light and bright and yellowish green works really well with all the cute metallic satiny pinks and lilacs we’ve seen in this palette. Yes, believe it or not. I’ve tried it. More than once 🙂 Acid Rain is a good name for this edgy and modern shade. Although it’s not neon. The pearl softens it up, so that it’s easier to process. This shade can be great for highlighting and defining eye corners and under your brows. Actually, it will also look good if you use it as eyeliner. It will light up your eyes and bring out all the shine there is in them.



Moonflower is a warm coral beige. It’s metallic and it has so much gold in it you could almost say it’s a darker vintage golden shade. You know, it’s not this yellow shiny gold we see so much everywhere, especially in winter. It’s exquisite antique gold. Although, the coral undertone in this eye colour makes it stand out in the row of vintage gold shades. What coral does to it is it turns it really really warm. Warm and hot and sophisticated. Moonflower is a wonderful name. I’m not sure I picture Moonflower as something of this colour, I’d say moonflower is more tender, probably, the way I see it, still the shade name is great. This is one of those rare shades that can be very high end and very special occasion like, if you wear it with an evening gown or a golden hue cocktail dress. Or it can be easy and casual elegance like, if you wear it with, say, camel colour pants and a brown shirt or whatever.



UV-B is a satiny blue. It’s a lighter blue, a pretty blue, an interesting blue. This kind of blue doesn’t get released often in makeup world, so look closely at it. Maybe, it’s just the kind of blue you’re missing in your collection. Then you can grab it, and, hopefully, feel happy doing so. This blue is a modern classic. It’s pretty bright, at the same time it’s not too artsy. It’s a great way to do that blue eyes blue eyeshadow kind of look without any of that old fashioned feel about it. Think about how exquisite it is sometimes to go back to basics and go back to classic. At the same time there should be some modern elements woven into such look to make it relevant. This here is just the kind of eyeshadow to help you with this neoclassic makeup thing, if that’s what you’re going for. Also, this is the kind of blue that will look good on almost everyone whatever your eye colour is. If you’re hesitant, wear a blue outfit to support it.



Goldmine is a goldmine. That’s for sure. Seriously, no doubt, this eye shade is not just gold, it’s a whole goldmine. For starters, it’s a super pearly metallic shade. It’s like they made it pearly and then stuffed as much pearl in it on top of all that initial pearl. Which makes this shade very artsy. Edgy. Edgier. What saves the day here and helps it to avoid being traditionally gold, which would kind of go against Urban Decay feel and style and concept, is that this shade is darker too. It’s not the holiday season lighter shiny gold stuff. Remember Moonflower with its antique gold? Goldmine is in the area, only it doesn’t have any coral undertone to it. It’s just boldly gold, even if dark. If this shade is too much for you to take, too goldenmine like, try it as eyeliner on your upper lid. Yep. Try. You’ll see what I’m talking about. You might not even expect it from such a golden shade, but this shade is very flattering.



Twice Baked I love this shade name. Twice Baked. It’s fun. And yummy. And so not common. Good 🙂 The shade is a great satiny brown. It’s as hard to do browns in eyeshadow as it is to do darker blues. Browns usually somehow tend to slide into too dark, too golden, too warm, too something. Well, luckily, Twice Baked doesn’t. This brown is not warm enough to get to be chocolate brown. And as much as I like nice chocolate brown eye shades, there are too many of them on the market. This brown doesn’t have golden pearl in it. Instead it has this ever so fine golden sparkle in it, just a handful of sparkle, to provide texture, which it so does. As a result, this shade is hot and womanly and elegant and lush and has a little bit of a secret in it, to it. A zest. This brown is a success. And it’s a rare thing, as I’ve already mentioned. So, don’t miss out.



Anonymous Ok, Ok, this one here is a matt off white base shade. Remember I was afraid to see one here up front? But guess what, after all the exciting and superb shades I’ve already swatched in this palette, I don’t bear a grudge. I mean, we all need a base shade sometimes, right? To combine, to dilute, to mix and match, to grade, to highlight. So, why not have it in the same palette as opposed to having to go into a different palette for it? And, yes, this shade is very anonymous. Especially compared to its colourful counterparts in the palette. Anonymous it is. I fully agree, Urban Decay. Keep in mind though, that this shade doesn’t have to be just base. It can be part of smoky eye package, it can go under the brow, in the eye corners, in between the shades. In fact, I bet if we rack our brain a little, we’ll come up with like a dozen ways to use this shade. Wanna bet?



That’s Vice Ltd Reloaded. Urban Decay doesn’t disappoint. It provides that panoply of colour, that explosion of colour, that special twist in colour that I’m looking for in this palette. I’m going to have a lot of fun with these shades. And, maybe, learn something new about myself. And about makeup. Looking at these shades I’m basically looking for inspiration. And I find it. Urban Decay is a great cutting edge brand this way. Pushing the borders. Crossing the borders. Eliminating the borders. When traditional makeup colours and colour combinations get trite, artsier things come into play. I mean, we should keep in mind that the things in makeup that are most traditional now didn’t exist a couple of decades ago. So, who knows what’s going to become a new classic? Professional brands, Urban Decay included, are a way to keep posted and keep up-to-date and even be ahead of time and trends a little bit. I want that. Don’t you? 🙂














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