Estee Lauder Envy Red Extrovert Gloss & Wicked Apple Lacquer swatched

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Now that Estee Lauder are done – I think 🙂 – with their big Envy lipstick launches, they, finally, got to lipgloss texture that a lot of people love even more than they love lipstick. I, for one, like lipgloss a lot, almost as much as sheer lipstick 🙂 There’s just something about this mirror shine and gloss on my lips. Lipgloss is easy, it doesn’t take much time or effort to apply, and just a touch of this shine on the lips makes us look dressed up, well groomed, pretty and ready to face a new day/shop/date/job or whatever else life might have in store for us. Estee Lauder Envy is much more than just lipgloss, according to the promises made on the packaging. It’s sculpting, that is, there must be some care element in it on top of colour. Also, there are two variations of this gloss, and I have a feeling one of those is not quite gloss. We’ll have to wait and see though. Let’s see and learn all about it.


We’ll start with gloss proper. Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss. The packaging is all Estee Lauder. Navy blue with golden lettering.



The shade is called Envy Gloss 330 Red Extrovert



Red Extrovert. This shade name is pretty cool. I like it. Here’s the gloss tube. It’s different that just Pure Color gloss by Estee Lauder tube, but only slightly so. It’s even more square, or else rectangular, and the cap is navy blue. Well, this Red Extrovert shade looks red but not quite red.



Before I tell you about the shade though, there’s so much more to tell you about Pure Color Envy Gloss. For starters, there’s a very strong scent to it. Much stronger than a pretty strong makeupey scent that Pure Color Gloss by Estee Lauder has. The scent changed too. It’s sweet now, desserty with a fruit note to it. Sweet, ever so sweet and then some with a lingering sour streak. The scent is pleasant enough but… it’s absolutely and utterly overpowering. If you’re scent sensitive or anywhere near that, please be careful and get a really good sniff in a store before you buy. Now let’s talk sculpting or no sculpting. I haven’t felt anything there. Any care at all. Any sculpting. Any of that. It feels like lipgloss. And that’s not enough, because there must be some sculpting there. Where is it? I don’t know. Unless you only feel it if you wear this lipgloss like every day for a month, which is not going to happen in my case, I can tell you that 🙂 As for texture, it’s lipgloss, and a very classic one, I might say. It’s sheer and shiny. And you can layer it, and even then you won’t get full on colour, because it’s going to be diluted by all the shine in it. In terms of lasting power it’s a typical lipgloss where it comes off, gets wiped off and melts and evaporates ever so easily. To me, it’s not really a flaw. See if it is to you.  The brush is a common lipgloss sponge. I do love the fact that the stem of this brush is transparent though. It looks awesome.



Red Extrovert as a shade proved to be a mix of red and pink with just a drop of orange, maybe, somewhere there at the bottom, and a bunch of golden sparkle. It’s a very clever red shade, there’s more to it than just red, so that a lot of people who like brighter glossy lip shades might like it. Say, people who like elegant bright pinks. This pink red is in between warm and cool, kind of closer to cool. It’s nice and womanly. High end. Sophisticated. An intelligent red. Not a vampy red. A very wearable red. And a very becoming one. This shade is a great way to get into brighter lip colour. You know how if you only wear nudes or lighter gloss shades on your lips every time you try red or fuchsia or something like that, you think it’s way too bright and kind of crazy? Red Extrovert is different. It’s an easy bright lip shade that will adjust to your skin tone, your eye colour and hair colour, your style and your look. So, don’t be afraid of it. Go ahead and try it.



The second variation of gloss by Estee Lauder is called Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lacquer. It comes in the same navy blue boxing with golden lettering, so be careful and don’t mix up the two kinds, as they are nothing like each other, and as some websites list them all in one place.



The shade is called 360 Wicked Apple. I’m loving those shade names, Estee Lauder.



The tube is still square and has a navy blue cap. Wicked Apple. Isn’t it great? It’s going to be red, it must be red. I mean, it’s Wicked Apple, right?



Before we take a closer look at this apple though, I have to tell you how this one is different from the gloss variation. First and foremost, it has the strongest possible scent to it too. But this scent is not like classic Pure Color Gloss scent or Pure Color Envy Gloss scent for that matter. The scent in Pure Color Envy Lacquer is desserty and sweet. And that’s all it is. No fruity sourness in it. Just sweet, sweet and more sweet. I like sweet, I love dessert, but this scent is absolutely too strong and too sweet and too everything for me. It’s overpowering and is just too much. Further on, the texture here is not sheer. In any way. It’s full on colour with shine. It’s like liquid lip colour or something. You know, this thing where you want to get cream lipstick finish like colour and shine all in one as opposed to topping your cream lipstick with lipgloss. Well, you do get it all here. I’m getting to the point now where I should be talking about sculpting, but yet again there’s none as far as I can see. It’s liquid lip colour, that’s what it is, nothing less, nothing more. I don’t feel any sculpting, any care, anything like that. The texture is thicker than that of Pure Colour Envy Gloss. You feel it more on your lips. And even if it doesn’t come off as easily as Envy Gloss, still is gets wiped off easily enough, easier than cream colour lipstick formulae, so the chances are you’ll have to fix it in the course of the day or evening. The brush is the same as in Envy Gloss. It’s a sponge.



Back to Wicked Apple. No red compromise here. Instead we have a clear and powerful red with all the trimmings. Vampy. Hot. Dangerous. Darker. A classic. It’s not an upbeat orange red. It’s a femme fatale like red that can overcome any obstacle on its way to its goal. Whatever this goal might be. It’s the kind of lip colour that gives you assurance and makes you feel stronger. Makes you feel like you own the world, which you probably do, when you wear Wicked Apple on your lips. This is a pretty classic red on the darker side. It’s not the kind of red to start with, probably. Because on top of just red it has all the shine in it. But this red is enough of a classic where we all can wear it, if we want, blondes and brunettes, green eyed, blue eyed, grey eyed, brown eyed beauties. This red is not going to make us look like each other, it’s just going to make each and every one of us look hotter. As to where we can wear it… it depends on you and what you are. Some would say it’s night club bright. Third date bright. While red lip colour fans would wear it to the office tomorrow morning without blinking 🙂 So, you decide. The call is yours.



It’s amazing how two red lip shades in different textures and finishes can be so different. Here.  Red Extrovert on top and Wicked Apple on the bottom.



And the two swatched side by side: Red Extrovert on the left and Wicked Apple on the right.



Now that I’ve seen and tried and worn both Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss and Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lacquer I can say they are both fine. And different. Gloss is sheer and shiny. Lacquer is full cover like and shiny. The overpowering lingering scent in both kind of bothers me making it nearly impossible for me to wear those. If this scent is no problem to you though, both textures are solid quality and nice. Although I can’t say there’s any sculpting there for me. The two red shades are pretty cool though. Red Extrovert is a modern classic. It’s milder. Wicked Apple is a classic. It’s more vigorous. Both are beautiful reds worthy of attention. If there are more shades like that in those two ranges – be sure not to mix those up, by the way, look closely, whether it’s gloss or lacquer – they might be worth trying and wearing and getting into.

img_1538 img_1611

img_1554 img_1646






P.S. I just wonder whether there are going to be any more kinds of Envy Sculpting liquid shiny textures released? And maybe, just maybe, they won’t have any scent to them? 🙂


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